Fake News Is My Choice For Biggest Story Of The Year

The biggest story of the year for me must be that Donald Trump has got it right about the news being fake. What is being referred to as honest, straight forward, unbiased, objective and unaltered news is not true.  What the public reads in newspapers, listen to on the radio and watches on television, or interacts with on their computer, for the most part is staged, choreographed, reported out of context, and broken down into minute sound bites, to create the story and the narrative that the news agency, or paper wants you to believe.

News is big business. When you factor in, that on top of all the other costs of getting the news to an audience, some news show anchors are getting multi million dollar salaries, just to read out the news and ask prepared questions to their guest or panels, it is no surprise that news agencies worry more about market share and making money, then about providing the audience with the accurate facts.

It is impossible to be the first out of the box with stories of interest now that information travels in seconds, so news agencies rely on sensationalism to attract audiences, rather than the big scoop.

News papers, television news shows, and radio news refer to themselves, or are being referred to by others, as right-wing, left-wing, or centrist? How is this possible when there is only one set of facts that can be true, and what you believe in does not alter what is truth? News agencies call out Donald Trump and his staff for using alternate facts, but they are guilty of the same thing.

Good news reporting/journalism is supposed to provide viewers, listeners and readers with only the facts of a story which allows their audience to make informed decisions about what is going on in the world and what is important to them.

It is not the job of those reporting the news to:

  • promote their opinion on a story to sway the opinion of their audiences;
  • advance the agenda of corporations, and political machines that buy ads onto their audience;
  • create the news instead of reporting it;
  • become the judge jury and executioner of those being accused of something;
  • pretend that they are politicians, activists, judges, or members of a jury.
  • advance theories on what happened, or what a person was thinking, but to report what they know to be factually true

The job of those in the news business from the top to of the company, to those who work in it is simply to deliver the facts of a story honestly without taking a side, so that the audience can make well-informed decision based on the facts.

Reporting of the news has gotten to a point where news agencies have become political machines and activists, using their ability to reach millions of people to:

  • make, or break careers;
  • ruin reputations;
  • elect politicians and topple governments, by getting personally involved in the news, instead of just reporting it as it happens in its entirety.

News agencies have done, an end run around good journalism by making shows like Power and Politics and Power Play. These shows allow for news agencies to:

  • steer the conversation by having hosts pose questions designed to get a certain response from so-called political pendants;
  • dodge responsibility for the accuracy of what is being said, by making the disclaimer, that the views being aired are not necessarily theirs;

When those delivering the news alter the facts by omitting, stretching and in some cases intentionally lying to make the story more interesting, or persuasive, they do their audience a great disservice.

Interviews used to be done in an open honest way that allowed for a person to be questioned and the response to the question seen it its entirety. Now we hear the question and only get to hear the part of the answer that supports the agenda of the host, or news agency.  Unless it is a special interview, I cannot remember when I have last heard or seen an interview in its entirety. There is a combative approach to interviews these days that should not be there, if delivering the news is supposed to be neutral.  Trying to trick the person being interviewed is not good reporting in my book.

I personally do not care what the news show hosts thinks about the stories they are supposed to be covering impersonally and honestly. What I care about are the facts being reliable and credible, so that I can make my own decisions based on reliable facts.

There is no room in the news business for alternative facts, spinning the story, and the taking of sides.  When this happens the people of the world like Donald Trump win, because they can truthfully say that most of what comes out of main stream news is fake news.

In Canada job creation is up, the economy is booming, Justin Trudeau has kept his promise to First Nations and apologised not only to them but to the LGBT community for the suffering and mistreatment they have had to endure in the past, and yet every day I turn on the television news anchors and reporters are trying to diminish his record.

The outgoing ethics commissioners calling Justin Trudeau’s visit to the Aga Khan’s private island unethical was important and very telling about how news is covered? The ethics commissioner, based her decision that the trip was unethical solely on her belief, that the Aga Khan was not what she would consider a friend of Justin Trudeau.

The ethics Commissioner made the taking of  a vacation to the private island of the Aga Khan by Justin Trudeau a breach of ethics, because she did not think that the Aga Khan was as good enough friend of Justin Trudeau’s, in spite of the fact that the Aga Khan was a close enough friend of the family to be a pall bearer for Justin Trudeau’s father’s funeral. When I heard a host on a news program say that since the Prime Minister was found guilty of unethical behaviour based on the ethics commissioner’s views on what constitutes a friend, that the truth of the matter was just water under the bridge now…I knew that she was trying to spin the story for maximum effect rather than getting at the truth. In my opinion she was guilty of sensationalism and being a participant in promoting a fake narrative, or participating and partaking in the delivery of fake news.

I have only found myself able to agree with Donald Trump on one thing, and that is that most of the news put out for their viewing and listening audiences is indeed fake, incomplete and delivered in a way that is biased, meant to curry favor with one side instead of just a deliverance of all the facts.

With so much going on in the world today everyone in the world relies on news delivers to be honest, open and transparent and stick to the basic rules of good journalism. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for a long time now and fake news has become the normal and is one reason that a mentally deranged person now is in control of the deadliest, most powerful nation in the world.

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Does ‘#Me Too’, Mean Justice For All, Just For Us, Or Just Revenge?

When a person’s right to due process of law:

  • is not  made accessible to them;
  • is sidestepped for political gain, corporate profit, or expediency: can it be said that justice has been served?

When a person is punished without having received the benefit of due process of law:

  • to placate the angry masses;
  • to make politicians appear to be doing something;
  • to make politicians and corporate heads appear sensitive to a certain group of individuals: can it be said that justice has been served?

There can be no equality, or fairness of justice if there is no due process of law.  Sadly, this is the situation that all men find themselves in, as politicians, women’s activists and angry women from all walks of life struggle with how best to put an end to the sexual harassment and sexual assault women have had to endure, at the hands of some men, in the workplace.

Anyone accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault, physical abuse, and or mental abuse of another human being, should always be:

  • arrested;
  • charged;
  • tried in a court of law;
  • if convicted in a court of law, punished to fullest extent of the law.

This is due process.

Unfortunately, what is going on in today’s world, are men being:

  • accused of crimes by women who claim they have been abused in their past and by  women coming forward stating that their only intention in doing so, is to show their support for others.
  • charged by police based on the information given by their accusers;
  • tried in the news media, and the court of public opinion;
  • pronounced guilty, sentenced, and punished, on the word of the accusing women alone.

For these men the only due process of law that they are going to get will be when they are charged by police based on the information given by their accusers.

Interestingly, the ‘#Me Too’ movement and the women who claim to have been violated, seem unwilling to take on the institutions, businesses, owners, managers, that have supported their abusers. The, ‘#Me Too’ movement and its supporters, seem content to allow the people and companies that:

  • hired these men;
  • allowed them to continue working even after they knew of their wrong doing;
  • even went as far as made pay offs to victim to keep them quiet, to get a free pass, when it comes criminal, ethical and moral responsibility.

If nothing else these companies and their upper management are guilty of looking the other way while the crimes were being committed and often duplicitous. Could it be that the reason that only the men are under attack, is that the women are afraid that if they attack the institutions and businesses that they could cause harm to their careers?

Is what we are seeing really a push for change for all women, or is this a push for a long anticipated and up until now denied revenge by women in the entertainment industry? How will any of this benefit the secretary, waitress and all the ordinary women who do not have star status? I do not think at the end of the day that it will have any positive impact.

Honest, respecting men, in positions of authority are now vulnerable to disgruntled female employees. A disgruntled female employee in the present climate, need only suggest that there was inappropriate behaviour by their male boss, to put them in trouble and get revenge for justifiable critic, or dismissal.

When the dust begins to settle, and the news media loses its interest in this cause, as it does with every cause after 2 weeks, when no new fresh accusations are brought against those deemed to be news worthy, life is going to get tougher on the average women looking for work.

The work place is still dominated by males, especially in upper management.  Men in high positions could just quietly stop hiring women and avoid the problem all together. The excuse for not hiring women in the first place, were the consequences of mixing men and women in the work place. Unfortunately, for many employers this will be seen as proof, that having men and women sharing the same work space  poses too much of a risk, to workplace productivity, safety, and moral.

There can be no doubt that the powers that be, will do what they think is best for their financial bottom line. I will suggest that they will not remove most of their top male management and start over with women at the top. They will simply remove the minority of women workers from the work place to remove all possibility of male, female interaction in the work place.

I understand and believe in the need to make women feel they can feel safe and secure coming forward with complaints of sexual harassment and sexual assault.  I have two daughters and two granddaughters.

I do not believe that justice is served, when a man accused of sexual misconduct, does not have access to due process of law, or that right is sidestepped for the sake of expediency, or the profit sheet?

What we have now it seems, are some men who admit that they indeed were guilty of what they have been accused of, and have been rightfully fired from their positions…I have no problem with that and those who deny the charges against them.

I have a problem with:

  • how it is a crime in the publics eye to even question a women’s version of accounts, raising women to a level of saint hood; above lying for revenge, or other reasons;
  • men who have denied the allegations of sexual harassment, and sexual assault having their careers, personal lives and reputations ruined, before they are proved guilty in a court of law.
  • Companies firing people to minimize public relations fallout, rather than on actual proved guilt;
  • news agencies reporting allegations as though they were proved facts, and when the man is found not to be guilty of anything, acting like a retraction  gives him back all that he has lost;
  • innocent men falsely accused, tried, sentenced and punished in the court of public opinion, considered acceptable collateral damage.

Movements like the online movement using the hashtag, ‘#Me Too’ may encourage silenced women to come forward with their stories, but they have a down side.  They give a forum and a licence to women who are looking to pile on for revenge.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

I find it disturbing that:

  • the minute anyone attempts to question the motivation of women only coming forward after the group using the hash tag, ‘#Me Too’ , was created by someone else, (some over 40 years after the alleged crime took place), that they are shamed and automatically considered as being part of the problem.
  • no one wants to consider that some women’s motivation could be satisfying a need to feel a part of something, to connect and tat they have created a plausible story, using a false narrative to become part of a spotlighted group that requires no proof before posting a women’s story of alleged sexual abuse.

Of course all of the women’s stories could be true, with all of the men guilty of what they are being accused of.  That is why we have due process of law. No one is guilty simply because they have been accused of something.  Only a court of law should be determining who is telling the truth, between accuser and the accused.  It is only through the courts that both parties can hope to be heard without prejudice, by an impartial judge and in some cases jury.  This ensures that the case will be heard on its merits and judged by the evidence.  If people are not content with the way the law is being interrupted by judges, then they must fight to have the politicians who represent them, change the law.

I have always maintained that it is not enough to just punish people, to quiet the crowd, or appease those that feel they are victims. I truly believe that laws need to be enacted to protect people, to make lasting, meaningful changes.  I am heartened that sexual offenders who preyed on the stars and would be stars are being prosecuted and they can feel better and safer about coming out and outing their abusers. However, for the average woman these actions will get them nothing. What the average woman needs before she will see change, or feel safe to out her abuser, is a change in law and the prosecution of these crimes done within the confines of the law, affording and making assessable, due process of law, to everyone.

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Federal Government Allowing Quebec To Get Away With Islamophobic Laws

As a former French colony, Quebec has made it clear that it intends to follow in the footsteps of its colonial racist forefathers. With the passage of Bill 62, Quebec politicians have proven just how far they will go to keep Muslim women and girls from wearing a veil.  The practice of forcing Muslim females to reveal themselves is nothing new to the French. This practice is a throw back to French colonialism. Bigoted politicians such as Premier Philippe Couillard and Quebec Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee claim that this bill is about “religious neutrality”, but access to public services or work in government jobs are not denied to:

  • Jews  wearing a Yarmulke;
  • Christians wearing crosses;
  • Sikhs wearing religious head wear.

Politicians and people like Premier Philippe Couillard and Quebec Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee  hold on to the old racist colonial belief that forcing Muslim females to remove their veils and reveal themselves makes the Muslim female more like Western females…making them less Barbaric…more civilized looking: more like them.

Politicians and people like Premier Philippe Couillard and Quebec Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee are of the belief that veils worn by Muslim females  threaten Quebec’s reputation as a modern, civilized society.

Bill 62 does not represent “religious neutrality.” Bill 62 is an attempt to use secularism as a means for prejudiced ends.

Bigotry, white supremacy and ethnocide are being pushed from the highest level of government in Quebec.  No type of intolerance, or racism should be seen, or tolerated in a country that declares itself to be a  functioning Liberal Democracy. Yet Canada’s federal government takes no action when the Liberal government of Quebec passes a law that clearly violates the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Bill 62, no matter the reason for its passing into law by the Quebec Liberal Party is a perfect example of a provincial government chipping away at the guaranteed rights and freedoms of Canadian citizens. The federal government’s continued refusal to protect, or even stand up for the rights of its own marginalised oppressed citizens, while sending troops, equipment , and providing financial aid to support the marginalized citizens of foreign nations hypocritical.

Prime Minister Trudeau through his unwillingness to stand up for the rights of all Canadians regardless of what province they live in is:

  • breaking of the campaign promise that he made to ensure that all Canadians no matter race, ethnicity, religious choice, sexual preference, or gender, would be viewed and treated equally under the laws of Canada and within Canada’s borders, because we were all Canadians;
  • an admission that the province of Quebec is not only a “distinct society”, but is in reality a separate sovereign nation and as such is under no obligation to abide by the laws of Canada;
  • that being willing to sacrifice the linguistic, religious, cultural, and sexual rights of minorities, is the price the federal government is willing to pay to keep Canada a unified nation.

It is like the federal government is saying to Canadians:

  • When in Quebec, the Quebec Charter dictates the rights and freedoms that you are entitled to;
  • When in Quebec the laws of Quebec only the laws of Quebec matter.
  • When in Quebec all rights guaranteed you under the Canadian Constitution, or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are subject to Quebec government approval.
  • When within the borders of Quebec, your Canadian rights and freedoms are suspended, your Canadian citizenship is suspended and you are considered a citizen of Quebec and subject solely to their laws.

The government of Quebec even despite protests from its citizenry has decided to impose its anti Muslim bill. I say anti Muslim bill because it will for the most part target and deny Muslim veil wearing women and girls the use of public services offered within its borders to freely and without conditions to its other citizenry.

Premiere, Philippe Couillard and Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee have sworn that they will stand by the law and use the “Not Withstanding Clause” if necessary to ignore court decisions that go against them. In other words in Quebec one has the right to practice their religion freely as long as you are not a scarf wearing Muslim woman, or girl.

The Canadian federal government’s position is that it is not within their jurisdiction to fight for the rights guaranteed all Canadians in Canada found in the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of rights and Freedoms.  Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau said, “Bill 62 is a Quebec internal problem, but the federal government will keep an eye on things.”   Muslim women and girls are being forced to decide between following the tenets of their religion, or having access to services provide by the province such as, riding the bus, going to school, the hospital, or trying to use social services such as welfare and unemployment insurance, and the Prime Minister responsible for the well-being of all Canadians, says he will not fight for their guaranteed fundamental rights.

Historically facts:

  • Islamophobia, the racial and religious prejudice directed toward the Muslim “Other,” has had deep roots in French colonialism for centuries.
  • Colonial powers, particularly the French under la mission civilisatrice, viewed women’s bodies as symbols of modernity.
  • Colonizers believed that by symbolically ripping the veils off women’s bodies, thereby making them visibly Western, they could strip away the “backward” culture of the colonized.
  • For Western imperialist powers, the status of women was and still is associated with whether or not women chose to adopt Western dress.
  • In colonial Algeria, the French military often carried out mass unveiling ceremonies. These ceremonies had symbolic value as they demonstrated the subjugation of women, as well as the overall French subjugation of Algeria.
  • The majority-Muslim Republic of Turkey discouraged veiling.  They saw veiled women as an impediment to Turkey being recognized and accepted as a civilized nation.
  • American politicians, celebrities and media justified American actions in Afghanistan by citing the urgent need to “liberate” Afghan women from the burqa, a traditional veil that became a symbol of Otherness.

Double standards and hypocrisy of Bill 62’s “religious neutrality.”

  • In Quebec,  someone will be able to wear sunglasses and a scarf on a metro, but a woman won’t be able to express her religious freedoms by donning a veil.
  • In Quebec a crucifix hangs in the National Assembly, considered by the creators of Bill 62 to be an “intrinsic part of Quebec history.”
  • Catholic Quebecers religious traditions are protected by the province, while Muslim Women and girls will be forced to recognize that the terms of their citizenship are dependent on the abandonment of their prior cultural and religious practices.

Bill 62 is a symbol of French colonialism that Quebec politicians are still clinging to. In the name of religious neutrality, Quebec is appropriating women’s bodies to reinforce a right-wing ideology, hoping to attract the Islamophobic Quebecers to vote for them.

The Quebec government is able to get away with creating laws like Bill 62, because of Canada’s refusal to recognize:

  • its own colonial failures.
  • the colonial failures of other global powers around the world.

Canada needs to:

  • Do a lot better job of putting aside its colonial practices as a nation, before continuing to brag to the rest of the world about how great and welcoming a place it is for all.
  •  be honest and state that Canada, is only welcoming to people of  the Christian faith, White, English, French, and are of European decent, that make up the majority of it citizenry.
  • be fair and make all other nationalities know that they too are welcome to immigrate to Canada, as long as they leave their religion and cultural practices behind.

Democratic governance means very little without what are considered the rights and freedoms of  a Liberal Democracy.

A liberal democracy is supposed to include elements such as political pluralism; equality before the law; the right to petition elected officials for redress of grievances; due process; civil liberties; human rights; and elements of civil society outside the government. Canada professes to be Liberal Democracy. Unfortunately Canada has been chipping away at the spirit and the principles mentioned above at the federal, provincial and civic levels of governance for so long, that all that is left to our democracy is the right for every eligible Canadian to vote for the liar that appeals their personal values.

What good is a constitution that enshrines the rights of its citizens,  such as:

  • freedom of speech and expression;
  • the right to protest and strike;
  • the right to practice one’s religion and be treated equally under the law, can be altered, watered down and even taken away by politicians’ pandering to political voting blocs?

Core values and the spirit of democracy are what should set Canada’s governance apart from other forms of government.

Can Canada be considered a function “Liberal “Democracy”, when the provinces and territories ability ignore court rulings that find them in violation of the Canadian Constitution, or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, using the “Not Withstanding Clause”,  is the only glue holding the country together politically?

Quebec gets away with racist activity, that is a throw back to the times of colonialism, because the federal government of Canada, allows it.

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What Will It Take?

What will it take for the people of the United States of America and their allies to understand that the words terrorist and terrorism are words used by their politicians to install fear in their own populations. A fear that will allow peaceful ordinary citizens to fear a group of people or a religious belief enough, that they will stand by and look the other way, or support crimes against humanity and mass murder in the name of survival, or the preservation of their way of life.

Hitler used the same tactics against the Jews of Europe.  The world vowed never again, but the Muslims of the world now face the same type of genocide.  The concentration camps/death camps are now called refugee camps. Instead of a quick death by firing squad, or in a gas chamber however the people are left to die generation after generation, from malnutrition, disease and broken hearts. The average waiting time in these death camps just to have your case for immigration to a western country heard by officials, is ten years.  Some families have been waiting for over forty years, watching family and love ones die. What will it take for the people of the USA and its allies to understand that they are supporting genocide? 

War is big business.  The USA and its allies have come to rely on the profits of war to keep their economies and people working. Politicians of the Western Alliance much like Hitler have convinced their people that they must do what they do to keep their citizens and the rest of the world safe. Unfortunately, the citizens of the USA and their allies do not get, or do not care that what is happening against those of the Islamic faith has nothing to do with safety, or their safety, but is being done for the love of money and power.

If the definition of a terrorist is:

  •   a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims;
  •   a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.

If these definitions are true, then how can the USA and its allies not be considered terrorists committing acts of terrorism?

What will it take and how many of their citizens must die, before the USA and its allies get it…nuclear missiles, nuclear defense systems, navies, air forces and armies armed with the most modern and deadly weapons will not keep their people safe from the relatives, friends and leaders of those they kill in sovereign Islamic states? Those forced into mass migration and left in refugee/death camps to die have families who are citizens of the USA and in the USA’s Western Alliance, and they are not happy with the treatment of their loved ones.  There is no amount of pro patriotic rhetoric that will convince a family member that it is okay for the government to be a part of the mass murder of their loved one’s in other countries.

Everyone asks where do home-grown terrorists come from? Why do they seek to bite the hand that feeds them? Non-Muslim American citizens and their allies should ask themselves what would they would do if it was their family and loved ones who were the recipients of such hatred, persecution, oppression and mass murder? What would they do, if they were met with accusations of non-patriotism, mistrust and threats of jail, or deportation, when they protested what was happening to their loved ones?  What would they do if going to fight for their loved ones was deem illegal?

Ideology cannot be killed with political rhetoric of your own, guns, bombs, starvation, or deprivation. The only weapon that will work against ideology is proving that it has no basis in fact.

Tougher immigration laws that target certain nations, or people based on race or religion, only serve to:

  • help to alienate already marginalized visual and religious minorities;
  • radicalize Muslim or other visual and religious minorities through unfair isolation and the promote the idea that there is something inherently and systemically evil with those the tougher immigration laws unfairly target;
  • make it easier for agents of radicalization to radicalize visual and religious minority citizens of the USA and their allies.

How many innocent people must die on the street by car attack, and other random acts of violence by those authorities call home-grown terrorists before the Americans and their allies understand that those who live by the sword will die by the sword? When people are willing to kill themselves to stop you from hurting them, no amount of superior weaponry, or political rhetoric will keep them from avenging their dead and dying.

Up to now the politicians, law enforcement, news media and ordinary people of the United States and its allies seem content to delude themselves that they and those acting in their behalf are somehow making the world a safer and better place.  All I can see from the news is that the USA and its allies have destabilized the world and brought the wars that they got involved in or started in foreign lands back to their home soil.

I do not believe that the citizens of the USA and their allies feel safe in their beds, walking in the street, or anything else they used to take for granted…do you?  If the citizens of the USA and their allies do not feel safe going about their daily lives in their own countries… what a price they and the world have been made to pay, so that the top one percent of the world’s population can make more money in order to buy more influence and power.

Think about this: According to one estimate, from 1956 to 2016, a total of forty-three genocides have taken place which caused the death of about 50 million people, while an additional 50 million were resettled or displaced by such conflicts.


On December 9, 1948 the United Nations approved the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. This convention establishes “genocide” as an international crime, which signatory nations “undertake to prevent and punish.” It defines genocide as:

Genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

  • Killing members of the group;
  • Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
  • Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
  • Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
  • Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
  • What role has the USA and their allies really played in the conflicts being deemed as acts of genocide?
  • Did companies in the USA and their allies make a profit from selling weapons, defense systems, or other forms of support to either side of the conflict?
  • How many more innocent people need to die before the senseless killing stops?

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Children Fall Through the Cracks Because Those Responsible for Their Safety and Care Fail Them

Social work, child phycology, and other tools currently utilised to help children stop being juvenile delinquents and become healthy contributing members of society for the most part do not work, because they do not address the root causes of the pain and suffering of the children in question.  For the most part children who break the law, or resist authority are punished for their offenses first and their reasons for their acting out an after thought, if raised at all. Politicians, judges, lawyers, police, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, etc., all are part of a vicious circle of adult authority figures that hurt children.

There has been a lot of talk about the need for change in the way the system deals with all aspects of child abuse, but for the most nothing gets changed, because most adults believe that children:

  • are their property to do with as they please;
  • are born liars and will try to lie their way out of punishment even if it means falsely accusing an authority figure of abuse;
  • have over zealous imaginations making their alleged abuse mere fantasy and not reality;
  • should be seen and not heard;
  • should be forced to obey their elders;
  • will forget and get over in time the abuse they are subjected to;
  • being protected from abuse is not worth the reputation of a politician, priest, teacher, coach, government, church, school, or even sports team.

Until those charged with ensuring the well-being of children start hearing, believing and doing more to make children safe from adults who physically, mentally and sexually abuse them, children will keep falling through the cracks.  It is hard extremely turn a kid around in an hour a week session, who has been abused since they were old enough to remember, punished repeatedly for acting out by authority figures, and feels alone and betrayed by every adult in their life.

Betrayal: Children are often too embarrassed, or too afraid to tell anyone about the mental cruelty, beatings or daily sexual assaults, so when they do come forward and no one believes them, or fails to act, they feel betrayed, go deeper into their protective shell, and become angry.

The vicious cycle of child abuse: Angry children if not turned around become angry, anti social, young adults, most likely to get into trouble with the law and be punished for it. These young adults will rightfully blame society for their problems and become angry adults. Some will become child abusers, some rapists, some drug addicts, some career criminals. The sad truth is that very few will make it to become healthy contributing members of society. Pimps, drug addicts, alcoholics, pedophiles, rapists, homeless people, etc., are not born that way. They are the bi-product of a society that does not care about their children enough to take meaningful steps to protect them from those who would prey on them.

Children are not safe in Canada, because:

  • Teachers, doctors and other such professional continue not to report suspected child abuse;
  • the reluctance of police to arrest suspected child abusers;
  • the almost impossible task of getting prosecutors to charge and aggressively seek conviction and real punishment for cases of suspected child abuse;
  • judges failing to give maximum penalties to those convicted of child abuse.
  • politicians refusing to protect children from child abuse under the law, choosing instead to write laws that see young offenders treated like adults for breaking the law.

If I had a dime for every teacher, parent, etc. told me that they either knew or suspected that children were being abused, by a co-worker, family member, or religious leader, and did nothing about it, I would be a rich man today.

A sitting Canadian Senator was suspected of inappropriate sexual relations with a minor girl and force to resign.  The problem was and still is that he had broken no Canadian law. Apparently, their image and not what did or did not happen.  Young girls will continue to be abused that do not make the front page of the news, because in most provinces girls are considered old enough to be pursued and consent to sexual activity at the age of fourteen.

A comparison: In the USA, former Penn State football coach and serial child molester – Jerry Sandusky, received a 30 to 60-year prison sentence.  In Canada, Graham James, who coached the Swift Current Broncos, has now been convicted of sexually assaulting six boys received a seven-year sentence.

Canadian Cases and sentences:

  • 1982, Clifford Olson, convicted of killing 11 children was eligible for parole.
  • 1988, Maple Leaf Gardens equipment manager Gordon Stuckless admitted to molesting 24 boys he had lured into the storied arena – and was handed a sentence of only two years less a day.
  • 2011, sixty-six-year-old Newfoundlander Cyril Keats received a two-year sentence for a string of child sexual assault cases stretching back to 1979.
  • 2017, Justice Robert Maranger sentenced the father of an elven year-old boy, (his son), to fifteen years in prison for what he called a “horrific” case involving “the worst kind of abuse.” Problem is that after time already served, the 45-year-old faces 13 years and two months in prison. But he could be paroled sooner.

Sadly: There are still those who believe that the survivors of child abuse are not qualified to advise other victims, unless they have a degree.  A young lady who had read a post about my surviving child abuse, told me about her abuse and her attempt to put it all behind her and try to live a life without the recurring nightmares. The young lady also asked if I had any advice.  When in a discussion with a friend I mentioned the conversation and that I intended to respond to the young lady, the friend said, “You are not qualified to help her.” “The girl might think that you can save her, but you can’t.” “Do not write this post.” “Best leave her to seek help from those trained to save her.”

 In Conclusion: Society seems incapable of protecting children simply because it is the right thing to do, so perhaps looking at the problem in another way, that adults can understand, is what is required? Consider the cost in terms of medical treatment, crime, financial support, legal support, and loss of life, every time a child slips through the cracks and becomes an angry adult: unwilling, or incapable, of conducting themselves as a responsible, contributing member of society. In other words, make it not about helping the child, but helping the adults in society protect what they seem to value the most! Their money!




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My Fight To Remain Self-Reliant / My Ongoing Battle With Cervical Stenosis With Myelopathy

Since I have turned fort-years-old, I have had to deal with one serious health issue after another.  Hyperthyroidism, diabetes, prostate cancer, inguinal hernia, and now herniated discs in the lumbar and cervical areas of my spine.   Although the hyperthyroidism (Graves Disease), diabetes, prostate cancer, were life altering, and had the potential to kill me if not taken care of, nothing prepared me or could have prepared me for the fight I am going through now with my spine.  Cervical stenosis is affecting my ability to walk properly and is adversely affecting my motor control. I have always feared being forced to live and be dependent on other people to take care of and assist me with the basic things in life. Having to have someone feed me, wash and dress me, help me on and off the toilette and wipe my butt after.) I have always said that I would rather die than live this way, as the norm.  This fight has become a fight for my life: a fight for the quality of life that makes my life worth living. My fight to remain self-reliant: This is the battle I am fighting with Cervical Stenosis With Myelopathy.


My walk has always been characterized as being very self-assured, perhaps a little cocky. I have always loved to walk and run for the pure pleasure of being able to do it.   I would walk ten kilometers along the St. Lawrence River and then turn around and walk the ten kilometers back home, because it relaxed me.  I have earned a living in the moving industry for most of my adult life. It is impossible to move furniture and not experience temporary back pain, muscle aches, torn ligaments and joint hyperextended injuries. Having said that, if anyone would have told me that I would not be able to walk properly, or carry a ten pound bag of potatoes, I would have called them a liar.  Well they would have been right, because this is where I find myself these days and this is my journey, thus far.

Something Is Wrong

I remember one day about five months ago someone saying to me that I was walking funny; not limping, but almost ready to trip myself. I had not noticed anything, or felt anything was wrong with my walk. Although concerned, I kind of laughed it off, until a couple of days later when I almost tripped myself. It was then that I realized that my left foot was landing directly in front of my right foot when I finished my step. This caused my right toe to come very close to hitting my left heel.  My attempts to correct my step set off another chain of involuntary actions.

Within weeks of the miss-stepping, new symptoms began to show up.  I began to develop a slight limp, a little ache in my left hip and across the lower back.  I thought that I had hurt myself working, or working out, so I put on some A535-Rub and tried to exercise it away. Within days, the limp was pronounced. It was time to see my family doctor.  At this point I had no numbness anywhere and I am not in serious pain.

My Family Doctor:

I have had my family doctor for over 25 years. Together along with specialists we have diagnosed, treated and fought hyperthyroidism, diabetes, prostate cancer, and everything in between.  I trust his opinion, so it was with a sense of confidence in his diagnostic abilities that I began the journey to discovery what exactly was wrong with me this time around.  He like I thought that I probably hurt myself working or working out. I was ordered to get a MRI of the lumbar area of the spine, told me to ease back on the heavy stuff and lose some weight. I had a bit of a belly and he said that the extra weight probably was not helping. I thanked him for his help booked another appointment for three months from then and limped away.

I was back at my family doctor’s office within a month not having had the MRI: Getting an appointment can take up to three months in Quebec.  I was now walking with a spastic gait, no control of my left foot and my toes on the left foot would not bend when I required them to.  I had numbness to my total left side. Taking a shower was to experience shock until my skin got used to the water touching it. This happened no matter how hot nor cold the water was. My left hand trembled when it got tired and I could no longer count on it to hold even the lightest of things. I was beginning to experience what is referred to as poor rectal tone. My family doctor now knew that something was very wrong and asked me if my family had a history of Parkinson’s Disease. I didn’t think so, but the question scared me, more than being diagnosed with cancer. Now that the problem became a neurology issue I was ordered to take given a referral to a neurologist.

Emotionally everything was getting worse and I was getting nervous.  I am only going to work and back and I am walking with a cane. I am feeling less confident and I am avoiding going out at times when I might meet someone I might know.  I am starting to feel vulnerable. It is time for me to do research on my computer. It was time to Google all of my symptoms and the could be Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis and see what popped up on the screen. After much reading, I decided that the symptoms of the spinal problem Myelomalacia, best described what was happening to me. I was wrong.

Family doctor ordered MRI of Lumbar Spine done June 7th, 2017 and CT  Head done June 9th, 2017. Finally, just before I was due to see the neurologist, I got the call to have the MRI of my lower back done and the CT scan of my head. The MRI of my lower back showed that I had a small bit of arthritis in the left hip and a bit of compression in the L4 and L5 discs. The CT head showed that there was nothing wrong with my brain.

Neurologist Appointment: July 04, 2017.  My neurologist only had to see me walk a short distance to her office to know that the problem was not in my lower spine.  She looked very worried and ordered a MRI of my Thoracic and Cervical spine, STAT.

Neurologist ordered MRI of Thoracic and Cervical spine done on July 5th, 2017. 

July 6th, 2017, I get a call from the neurologist. The results of the Thoracic and Cervical MRI are confusing her.  There is evidence of compression, but not enough in her opinion to be causing my symptoms…she would like me to have a head MRI-gado (MRI with Gadolinium-based contrast agents).

Neurologist ordered head MRI-gado done on July 10th, 2017

While the testing was being done, my neurologist:

  • called me twice on my cellphone to keep me abreast of what she is doing and what she wants me to do;
  • told me that the brain MRI revealed all was okay;
  • informed me that there was some compression of the C3 and C4 discs in the cervical spine;
  • said she did not see enough damage to be causing my symptoms.
  • referred my case to a spinal surgeon.

Appointment for spinal surgeon July 17th, 2017

After three MRIs and an CT scan, every doctor was concerned about the compression in the cervical area of my spine. The spinal surgeon watched very carefully as I walk from the waiting room to his office, a distance of maybe 100 feet.  He closed the door flicked on his computer and brought up the images of my cervical spine.

Spine Surgeons Words

I do not even need to look at the images of your spine to know what is wrong with you, after seeing you walk.”  “You have a narrowing of the spinal canal in the cervical region caused by a bulging disc.  “The compression of the spinal cord, (cervical spinal stenosis) is the cause for your rapidly increasing mobility issues.” “I will give you 2 options.” “Option one, have the surgery I will offer you, or option two, do not take the operation, and be paralyzed.” 

At this point he zooms in on the area around the discs that are compressed and shows me exactly where the blockage of spinal fluid is happening.  Pointing at the line he says, “See that white line?” “That white is spinal fluid.” “See that gap where there is no white?” “That is where there is no spinal fluid.” “This is happening, because your C3 and C4 are compressed.” “This blockage of spinal fluid is the cause of your involuntary nerve action, muscle weakness and spastic gait.”

Your symptoms are getting worse rapidly and in a brief time without the operation you will be paralyzed, and risk the possibility of death when and if, your symptoms begin to interfere with the functioning of your respiratory system.”


Mr. Davis, I just want to advise you against building your hopes up that this procedure will be a quick return you to your former self. The progress will be slow and you should see improvement, but there is no guarantee.  This procedure is preventative, not curative.

My Decision

It was not a hard decision to make, because I was not willing to be crippled by my symptoms without a fight, and I mercifully, not given the slightest of hope of recovering without the operation.

Preparation for Operation Began Immediately

My doctor went through all the pros and cons of the operation, using the imaging from the cervical spine MRI to show me not only what was wrong, but what he intended to do.  He also named the surgical procedure for the first time.  I was to have a surgical procedure called, Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion.  I signed the paper work giving him permission to operate and all other appropriate paper work and was sent to get more x-rays of my cervical spine.  It was the middle of July, my surgeon was scheduled to go on vacation for three weeks the first week of August, and wanted me operated on before September.

July 17th,2017, The surgeon tells me that if he cannot fit me into his schedule before the end of August he will have a colleague do the operation, but he will try his best to do it himself. I am told to go home, not to do anything strenuous and wait for the call to do my pre-operation testing.

Pre-operation testing done on July 27th.


  • receiving of information booklet; contact numbers and things that one should know about operation and follow-up, etc.)
  • blood test;
  • height and weight measurements;
  • blood pressure test;
  • heart Echogram
  • explanation of why the surgery is needed;
  • detailed explanation of procedure I am to have;
  • pros and cons of the operation;
  • how long the operation will take;
  • recovery time in the hospital;
  • cervical collar fitting.
  • receiving of cervical collar to bring on day of operation.

Professionals Report:

Mr. Davis is a 61- year-old gentleman that has been suffering with left arm numbness and loss of fine motor control of his left hand.  In addition, he has problems with gait and equilibrium. This has been rapidly progressive over 3 months.  He suffers with diabetes and graves disease.  He currently takes omeprazole, synthroid, atorvastatin, coversyl, and pregabalin. He has NKDA. (No Known Drug Allergies)

He is hyrreflexic and has slowing in both hands. I identified weakness in his left FA and FF. His gait was unsteady. His MRI revealed a C3-C4 disc herniation resulting in myelopathy.  Due to the rapid onset of his symptoms, I’ve advised for early surgical decompression.   I have conveyed the risks of single level Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion(ACDF), which include a rare chance of esophageal perforation or paralyses, 1% chance of infection, 25% 10- year risk of adjacent level degeneration, 2% chance of RLN palsy, 5% chance of dysphagia.

Operation done on July 28th, 2017 at approximately 8:30 in the morning. Out of operating room by 12:30 pm. Out of recovery room and in room on floor by 2:30 pm. First puree food at 6:30 pm.   Released from hospital on July 29, 2017.

I am at home now recovering. For pain I had to take only Tylenol. I do go to work, but do very little. It will take six weeks for the bones to fuse, but I will have to take it easy for three to six months, avoiding heavy lifting.  I can now take a shower without my nerves going crazy. I still have a limp, but my walking is more normal. Rectal tone is back to normal.  Muscle strength is coming back slowly and I can type with both hands again with ease of motion.  I know that I have a long way to go, and that this could be where I will remain, but I will remain self-reliant, and this was my priority. I still feel that this has been success story the extent of which still remains to be seen.

It does not matter what happens from here. I will always be thankful to those who took care of me. The secretaries, PBAs, technicians nurses, doctors and all the staff in between whose official job titles and job descriptions I do not know made this journey as easy for me as possible. Throughout this entire process they were wonderful. From beginning to end I was treated with professionalism, honesty and compassion.  This allowed me to relax, keep my dignity and feel like I was indeed part of the team that was deciding my future. I will be forever grateful for being allowed to keep my dignity throughout this very difficult process.  My sincere and deepest thanks to all that were involved with my care!



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The Truth In Truth And Reconciliation Is A Hard Pill To Swallow For Everyone

The definition of truth is a hard one. In ancient Greece truth meant: the bringing out into the light that which was once hidden. The definition of reconciliation is: an act of reconciling, as when former enemies agree to an amicable truce.  With both parties agreeing to put truth and reconciliation together to form the title of a process  tasked with creating a better relationship between the federal government and the indigenous people of Canada, one could mistakenly assume that both the Federal government and indigenous leaders were trying to bring out into the light the hidden history of European contact with this land’s indigenous people, while reaching an amicable truce.  I believe that this was never the case, and this is why.

If the definition of these words are to be taken literally, Truth and Reconciliation was achieved many years ago.  What appears to be happening under the vail of truth and reconciliation this time around, is an attempt to renegotiate the terms of a not so amicable truce.

Indigenous people were never happy with the treaties and agreements that their leaders signed. Ancestors of those chiefs who signed the agreements wish to renegotiate, because the truth is that the treaties and deals were signed to prevent the unnecessary deaths of their people. To stop fighting a war that they had no hope of winning. This accurate accounting of historical facts makes it understandable why the indigenous people, seek to make updated terms to the treaties and agreements that their ancestral chiefs signed.

Indigenous leaders however cling to the fabrication that their ancestral leaders signed treaties and agreements that gave Canada’s forefathers paternalistic power over all indigenous people, without coercion, and of their own free will.  If this is to be taken as truth, then by what reason should the Canadian government even consider renegotiating the terms, other than, on compassionate grounds and to demonstrate moral conscience?

Is it possible for two former enemies, whose ancestors signed treaties and agreements to sit at a negotiation table many years later and expect to agree to new terms, if one or both are saying, “I only want to keep what is good for me from the original treaties and agreements, and replace everything from the original deal that does not sit well with me, with things that suit me better?” This is part of what has been happening between the indigenous people of Canada and the Canadian government, and therefore this fight will go on and on, without the possibility of a negotiated end.

Truth and reconciliation at best, is a way for indigenous leaders to show their people that they are not afraid to shame the Canadian government. This is good politicking and will get indigenous leaders re-elected, but does little to improve the lives of their people. Truth and reconciliation at its worse, allows for the federal government to use money to buy absolution for Canada’s founding fathers.

If Canadians are going to be forced to re-visit this process again and again, can both sides at least try to stick to the facts?

The Facts:

  • European colonization was barbaric, cruel and unjust, but there is no turning back the clock. 
  • The present-day situation between Canada’s indigenous people and the government is a horrific mess.
  • Indigenous people believe that Canada has not lived up to what they say are their treaty rights as found in signed treaties and agreements.
  • The Canadian government’s position is that indigenous leaders are misinterpreting and over-stating what was signed and agreed upon. 
  • The Canadian government will never acknowledge nor adopt what First Nations People understand as their right to nation to nation sharing of this land.
  • The Canadian government will not allow itself to be surrounded by 360-364 independent nations, because it would mean the end of Canada, and would be political suicide. 
  • The federal government cannot deal effectively with the province of Quebec. Why would the federal government willingly encourage and help to make 364 volatile, hard to deal with, quasi nations?
  • No indigenous chief walked up to the European colonizers and said, “Welcome to my land, let us not fight.” Let us live together in peace and share this land, nation to nation.” 
  • Indigenous people lost the fight to keep their land, as many an indigenous people have done historically the world over, as other nations sought to carve out empires. 
  • Surrendering to the enemy through treaties and concessions does not negate the fact that a war was fought and one side lost; it is proof of  the war and the loss.
  • That indigenous leaders were not happy to have signed such deals before the ink was dry, is normal. The terms were rarely fair in these types of treaties and agreements, because the victor usually dictated the terms. 
  • History proves, that treaties between indigenous people and colonizers, by design, were not meant to be fair.
  • The purpose of such treaties was to humble the enemy; to subjugate the enemy, and to ensure that the enemy could not become a future threat.  The aim was no different in Canada.
  • Even if it were possible, there is no political will to achieve Truth and Reconciliation on either side.
  • There is still too much money to be made and too much power to be won by the respective leaders.
  • There is not enough time in an eternity, money in the world, or words in the dictionary to make indigenous people forgive and forget and never again mention the horrors of colonization, which include, Residential Schooling.
  • Residential Schooling was a dark place in time where the Canadian government attempted to strip indigenous children of their language, culture, religion and heritage and replace them with the ways of Europeans. It was a time when The Canadian government was guilty of attempted genocide and ethnocide.
  • Canada’s indigenous leaders are partial responsible for the deplorable state their communities are in.
  • Unclean drinking water, substandard housing, child abuse, drug addiction and alcoholism, are in part a direct result of indigenous leader’s mismanagement of monies.  All that is wrong with life on the reserve cannot and should not be blamed on the government of Canada.
  • Indigenous people of Canada must stop letting the horrors of the residential schooling system be used as an excuse for abusing their own, becoming alcoholics, drug addicts and under achieving in school. 
  • The reality for Canada’s indigenous people is that there is no going back to the way things used to be.
  • Indigenous people must never forget, but they must move forward and stop allowing what was to pull them down, like crabs in a bucket.
  • Most non-indigenous Canadians care about indigenous people’s past, present, or future, and want to do the right thing, until what needs to be done affects them.  No non-indigenous Canadian is willing to give up the land they now consider theirs to make things right. 
  • Non- indigenous Canadians who once cared and thought that truth and reconciliation was attainable are now growing desensitized and tired of the ongoing argument.
  • Most non-indigenous Canadians worry more about the financial cost as one case after another, from every individual indigenous group is fought up to the Supreme Court of Canada. This is because unless shown on television the non-indigenous Canadian will never see the suffering up close and personal.
  • Non-indigenous people are denied free and clear access indigenous land.
  • Most non-indigenous Canadians only get to see indigenous leaders on television and band members who work on the perimeter of the reserve.
  • The average non-indigenous person only gets to see and interact with the indigenous drug addicts, alcoholics and homeless, on a daily basis.
  • This is indigenous people denying non-indigenous Canadians access into their communities, and nothing to do with the government of Canada.
  • Non-indigenous people are welcome to spend their money in the smoke shops, casinos and other shops that circle the reserve; march in solidarity with indigenous people, but access to indigenous communities and community life is barred to them. 
  • Indigenous people are guilty of practicing exclusion, while trying to prove how sharing and inclusive they have always been and still are.
  • Causing professional harm to non-indigenous artists like Amanda PL.  Artists who dare to learn and create art using bright colors and bold outlines often associated with an indigenous art style, is so wrong and not worthy of anyone, including indigenous people.
  • This type of action does little to show the sharing people indigenous people claim to have been, and claim to still be.
  • Adopting laws that ban non-natives from living on reserve is not nice. There would be such push back, if the rest of Canada demanded that all indigenous people wanting to live off reserve must first give up any claim to their indigenous heritage.
  • Forcing band members to move off reserve for marrying a non-native, is mean-spirited and does not show a willingness to be inclusive. The policy of, “marry out, move out,” is reverse discrimination, racist and exclusivist. 
  • Everyone knows about the damage done to the indigenous people of Canada by European colonialism.
  • The things that were not taught in school have in recent years been exposed and brought into the homes of every person, who listens to the radio, watches television, or has a digital device. 
  • The international world knows of Canada’s dark past and of its inability or lack of political will to meaningfully change its relationship with its indigenous people. 
  • Racism, reverse discrimination and fear have become the face of the Truth and Reconciliation process, instead of hope, equality, dignity and justice for all.
  • Violence is not an option for indigenous people.
  • Indigenous people will need the support of every non-indigenous person they can muster, if a negotiated settlement is truly what is being sought.
  • Indigenous leaders must present their wishes/demands clearly and succinctly. Too often all that is heard are slogans, talking points and a lot of rhetoric about reaching unattainable goals.
  • Shaming politicians and non-indigenous Canadians is not enough.  This tactic will work to further their cause in the short-term, but it will most assuredly turn non-indigenous people against their cause in the long run.
  • Indigenous people, must decide before sitting down at the negotiating table who represents them and come to the table as a unified force.  
  • It is frustrating and counterproductive for a government to negotiate with an organization made up of Grand chiefs and other indigenous leaders, come to a deal, sign off on it, only to find out that local band members will not accept it, claiming that the leaders at the negotiating table did not represent them.  This renders the entire process moot, a waste of time and effort.
  • Indigenous leaders need to be at the negotiation table and every other table where politicians gather and discuss the rights and freedoms of indigenous people.
  • Boycotting First Ministers conferences that they are invited to should never be a part of their strategy, because it is counterproductive. First Ministers who invited them to attend, can now say without lying, “We reached out and tried to consult with indigenous leaders, but the indigenous leaders were too busy trying to look good and prove a point, to even listen to what we had to say.”
  • If indigenous people decide that a financial compensation package is what they want, then they must take money from the government with the understanding that they cannot seek any further recompense from the Canadian government for the historical wrong doings of Canada’s forefathers. 
  • Indigenous people suffering under third world conditions on the reserve never knew that their chiefs were making salaries in some cases higher than parliamentarians.  While water filtration broke down, housing began to crumble and children started to commit suicide because they lost all sense of hope, some indigenous leaders continued and still continue to draw huge salaries, instead of using what monies were and are available to fix what was and is still wrong.

Truth can be a very hard thing to practice and even harder to accept when you are trying to explain the history of one’s ancestors. Both sides of this debate have proved not to be any good at it, or even willing to try.

Note: As a Black person, I know what it is to lose my language, culture, heritage, religion and homeland. My ancestors were taken by force and sold into slavery.  The reality for us and Canada’s indigenous people is that there is no going back to the way things used to be. 

My ancestors had to deal with racial discrimination and public segregation in some parts of the USA until 1964. In 1964 The Civil Rights Act, officially ended this sort of practice.  I would and could not continue to support any government, or people who adopted such racist, segregationist policies and laws.

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