The Greatest Threat to Canada And the World Is Our Southern Neighbour

The greatest unspoken, always denied, truth is now being realised and spoken out loud.  The United States of America is finally being realised as the most selfish, dangerous, country in the world.

The world needed a hero: The story that made the USA a hero after the 2nd world war was based on a lie. Everyone told the lie and kept right on telling it, because the world needed a hero. This lie like all lies had consequences.

The Truth:

  •  The USA did not enter the 2nd world war as some heroic gesture to save the nations of Europe from Nazi led domination, or because millions of European Jews were being rounded up and shipped off to concentration camps, where they would die in gas chambers in places like Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, like their allies had being doing for two years already. None of that mattered and if they would have not been attacked, they would never have entered the war… Some heroes.
  • The USA made the decision to make profit off the war instead of helping their allies. It is common knowledge that although their allies were dying the USA took the position that, because the war did not pose a threat to their territory, citizens or any other American interests, the war was not in the USA’s interest and not its problem.  As their ally’s infrastructure was decimated by the Nazis and their ability to supply themselves with clothing, medical supplies, weapons and ammunition were realised, the USA was right there to sell them all that they needed.  From 1939 tothe end of 1941 the USA watched and profited as thousands of Canadian, British, Australian and other of its allies fought and died in the fight to stop Hitler from realising his dream of an Arian race that would rule the world…Hardly the actions of a hero, but the beginning of a reality. The USA has always and will always have an America first agenda and has no real allies except those that it uses to further its agenda.
  • The USA did help to end the 2nd world war’s “Pacific War.”  The problem is with how they chose to do it. Instead of targeting military targets, the USA chose to show the Japanese just how far they were willing to go to win the war. They chose to do the unthinkable, illegal and immoral thing and knowingly dropped atomic bombs on Japanese civilians. In retaliation for Japan’s bombing of American military installations in Pearl Harbor, Japan’s victories in Guam and General MacArthur being driven out of the  Philippines and the impending threat to Midway, the Americans intentionally killed maimed and injured millions of innocent civilians on the Japanese Islands of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Japanese surrender, Pacific War over…Not heroic in my book.

Note: The USA has never faced any sanction, or penalty for this cowardly action even though they committed crimes against  humanity against the Japanese that were equal to those inflicted of the Jews of Europe, by the Nazis. Ironically, the American lawyers prosecuted Nazis accused of war crimes and American  judges sat on war crimes tribunals that sentenced Nazi leaders to be imprisoned and put to death for their war crimes.

It was the lie that the Americans were heroes of the 2nd world war and the lack of consequences for their intentional killing of Japanese civilians, that made the USA feel that they can rage war for profit, ignore civilian death and do whatever it takes to win without having to answer for their actions, no matter how vile, or contrary to human decency, and the rule of law those actions are. It is this lie that made the USA the greatest threat to Canada and the whole world.

Todays USA is not standing idly by while its allies do the fighting. That is because the USA, along with their sycophant allies are the main cause of war, starvation and massed forced migration the planet has ever seen.   the USA is directly responsible for the hardships and loss of innocent life attributed to the destabilizing military conflicts in Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq,  and those of the Arab Spring, because they caused war for profit, interfered in the internal affairs of sovereign states, and tried to inflict regime change in Islamic ruled nations by encouraging and backing their citizens financially and militarily to civil war.

The USA today:

  • mocks its ally’s contribution and willingness to support them in past wars;
  • has declared nations like Canada, Great Britain and a host of European allies a threat to their national security and levied tariffs on them as retaliation;
  • insults and belittles any allied leader who it has a disagreement with, like Teresa May of Great Britain, Justin Trudeau of Canada and Angela Merkel of Germany;
  • threatens to ruin the economies of any allied nation that does not give in to all its demands.
  • is removing itself from any international forum, institution, or body that has the authority to hold it accountable for international crimes…even those that it helped to create…placing itself above international law, while maintaining that all other nations must adhere to them;
  • heaps praise, uplifts and emboldens leaders and dictators like Russia’s Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jon Un and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Where we are today:

  • At the brink of nuclear disaster and possibly the end of the world as we know it, because the USA is a super power without a conscience, or morality.
  • Listening to the USA assert its position that they are above the rule of law internationally, because they are the police, judge jury and executioner, when it comes to holding  all other nations accountable for what it deems as violations of the same international laws that they reject the authority of and therefore should not and cannot be expect to live with the constraints of  international law.
  • Starting of a new Cold War Era…Russian Navy firing on three Ukrainian ships, seizing them and the sailors.
  • Russian nuclear strategic bombers landing in Venezuela.
  • Watching the USA unilaterally dismantle every global trading treaty it entered with its allied states, for the sole reason of its America First policy, which means, 95% of all profit and benefit for the USA and little or nothing for anyone it trades with…Take it or leave it and face tariffs.
  • The USA walking away from, withholding funds, belittling and undermining every global humanitarian institution and treaty it helped to create and encouraged its allies to join since the end of World War Two.
  • The USA separating refugee parents from their children at their Southern Border and confining them in holding camps…much like the Nazis did to the European Jews during World War Two.

The conventions of war, climate change, refugee rights, Vienna Convention and all the rest of the treaties that they have agreed to be a party to, they now opt out of, using their military and economic might to bully other nations to do as they wish… participating in the bombing, starving and causing forced migrations and displacement of millions of innocent people. Refusing to allow legitimate refugees into the  country and imposing a travel ban on several predominantly Muslim countries. The use of military might, tariffs, embargos and threats, are not the actions used by heroes, but are bullying tactics used by cowards and illiterates, in capable of articulating and convincing others to their way of thinking. These are the actions of the biggest threat to Canada and the rest of the world…The United States of America.

We should all stop telling the lie that allowed the USA to be the hero of the 2nd world war and start telling the truth. I believe in this way we can better understand why the world should not put so much faith in the USA’s assertions that their priority as a nation is to protect the weak, promote and protect the human rights of all and be a positive, selfless, influence for all nations to look up to and emulate. Perhaps then the nations like Canada would start to see that the greatest threat to world peace and everything else in between is the United States of America…A nation Canadians refer to as our greatest ally and trading partner.

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Quebec Election Results No Surpeise to Me/ Ethnocide and Racism Are A Way of Life in Quebec

It is no surprise to me that the Coalition Avenir Quebec has won a governing majority in Quebec.  I am thrilled by the result. Once again, this election result allows the truth about Quebec’s racist, right-wing, Nazi like attitudes and desires to emerge from the shadows into the light of day. The results of this election will dispel any notion that what politicians in Quebec are after is respectful, coexistence with the minority citizenry of Quebec. It will also confirm how far the Francophone majority of Quebec are willing to allow their politicians to go in the quest to limit, if not eliminate racial, linguistic and religious minorities from residing in Quebec, or immigrating to Quebec.

As I have said in past posts, it is time for the minorities of Quebec to stop believing that they can live in peaceful co-existence with the Francophone majority, of this province. The Francophone majority for the most part, do not want them in Quebec. Making all signage in Quebec French, reducing English schools, school boards and hospitals, are not representative of inclusion, or a desire for peaceful coexistence based on fairness and mutual respect. These are tactics designed and used by Quebec politicians to insult, shame and force its English citizenry out of Quebec, or be assimilated.

As a nation we constantly apologize for the disgusting attempts to assimilate First Nations Peoples, but Canadians need to see that these apologies are attempts to quiet voices, not bring change. What other conclusion can be drawn, if all levels of government are fine with the modern-day version of these policies being applied to the minorities of Quebec, right now. Minorities of Quebec are being forced by the majority to give up their language, religious traditions, culture and values. The federal government afraid of the threat of Quebec separation, or the loss of political seats, refuses to act…Suggesting in some cases that anyone not happy with the political atmosphere in Quebec, should move to another province.

The minorities of Quebec need to stop trusting Francophone politicians promising to protect their rights, because politicians in Quebec honestly believe that the rights of minorities can never take priority over French identity issues.  The English, religious and visible minorities of Quebec are as valued as citizens in Quebec, as the Jews of Europe were valued as citizens in World War Two Germany.

The minorities of Quebec need to face the fact that those in power or looking to be in power in the province will always be forced to give in to the Francophone majority. Politicians have conned the French majority into thinking that their language, culture, religion and very existence has been put in danger by even the use of the word “hello”, when being served in a store. Is it any wonder that the Francophone majority in Quebec is only interested in preserving their French, White, Catholic majority at almost any cost? The willingness to use the “Notwithstanding clause” as a tool to override federal laws that protect the rights of all Canadians, is proof of how low Quebec politicians are willing to stoop to keep Quebec French, White and Catholic.

The White, Francophone, majority of Quebec claim to have good reason to live in constant fear of losing their heritage, language and culture, because they almost had it taken from them in Quebec, when they were defeated by the British.  Unfortunately, these people have learned nothing about the oppressed becoming the oppressor. Instead of ending oppression they decide to become the oppressor. Having been given the opportunity to regain all that was taken from them, they have systematically and willfully turned the minorities of the province into citizens without equal fights to themselves. The continuing mission of Quebec politicians to strip the English, religious and visible minorities of their fundamental rights, is proof of their failure to learn from their own past.

Isn’t it ironic that a citizen of Quebec can cross into the bordering provinces of either New Brunswick or Ontario and be served with a smile in either of the official languages and no one is worried about the loss of English? Quebec’s political parties have justified ethnocide as being necessary to preserve Quebec’s identity for so long, that most of its citizenry is willing to accept any government measure, short of murdering innocent people in the streets to protect them from the threat of cultural, religious and linguistic annihilation.

It does not surprise me that a political party promising to reduce the amount of  non-French-speaking people allowed to immigrate to Quebec, with a promise to deport them if they cannot pass a language and values test after three years, got itself elected. Ethnocide and racism are a way of life for Quebec’s minorities.

Quebec’s, White skin, French-speaking, Catholic citizenry, has been recognized by international groups that monitor human rights, as one of the most racist, anti multicultural places to live in the world.

The French took more than the land from the First nations people of Quebec. They also took away their religion, way of life, culture and language…This was their first attempt at forced ethnocide of others.

The French in more recent times have taken away the rights of their English citizens to speak and be served in English…One of the two official languages in Canada. A right that the French claim and receive in all other provinces in Canada by law.

The French have taken away the right of religious freedom for Muslim women with their band on face covering headwear.

The French cling to Black Face as a cultural right and the right to use the word Nigger in the description of their landmarks.  Why would any government commission officially recognize the name of Nigger Rapids in 1983?

In a world that has been increasingly protectionist and anti-immigration, it is no surprise to me that a leader such as Francois Legault led his party of the same ilk to a majority in Quebec yesterday.  Francis Legault speaks for the majority of Quebec citizenry, who happen to believe that anyone who is not Francophone, White and Catholic has no business living in Quebec.

At least now it is out in the open and not being done by a political party such as the Liberal Party of Quebec who promised to be fair to all its citizenry and then stabbed the minorities of Quebec in the back with its policies.

I believe that the Francophone majority in Quebec have every right to be afraid to lose everything that they have gained, but for a different reason. History proves that nothing remains the same forever. Those who take the rights of others today are in constant danger of losing theirs tomorrow.

Ask the Germans and those European nations forced into the Soviet Union after what they did to the Jews of Europe. They used the same reasoning as the government of Quebec is using today…Self-preservation.

Ask the English minority of Quebec what happens when a people rise up, because they feel that they are not represented by their government. The English once held the balance of power in Quebec and ignored the rights of the Francophone majority. English at one time was the official language of Quebec.

Just a thought: The children and grandchildren of the English, visible and religious minorities in Quebec now speak French, but they have not adopted the right-wing values and ideologies of the old Francophone guard, for obvious reasons. They will soon become the majority in Quebec and with that majority, control the balance of power. Unfortunately, they have grown up and are growing up watching the ethnocide their parents have been forced to endure. They have grown up watching their grandparents being treated as second class citizens and forced to give up their right to wear religious attire.  What do you think they will do with the power once they have it, and who do you think that they will be looking to do it to?

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Is A Vote For Phillipe Couillard A Vote For A Backstabbing Liar?

Phillipe Couillard, promised a lot of things during his last run for office. Unfortunately for Quebec voters, Couillard’s election promises were bold-faced lies. They were lies told by him to make English-speaking Quebecers, visible minorities, the elderly, the sick, the poor and religious minorities feel that he was different the other separatist parties.

Phillipe Couillard talked and swore that the English for example were not second class citizens in Quebec and promised to stand up for all citizens rights and be the protector of minority rights in the province of Quebec. Premier Couillard, has spent most of his time as Premier of Quebec acting more like the Parti Québécois he ran against.

Life for the English, the sick and visible minorities under a Couillard majority government, has not improved one iota. I believe it has gotten worse.

The Parti Québécois put forward a motion in the legislature inviting shop staff to only greet customers with a warm “bonjour” , it was passed unanimously with the Liberal Party of Quebec not only in power but sitting with a majority.  This is because Couillard only took exception with the original word “irritant,”  included in the original wording. Once the word, “irritant,” was removed, Premier, Phillip Couillard, voted in favour of the Parti Québécois motion, that once again was trying to eliminate even the smallest and insignificant usage of English being used in Quebec.

Couillard says in a speech, in English, “Although French is our official language, the English language is not a foreign language in Quebec.,” He later added in French that he had underestimated the reaction from English-speaking Quebecers.

In January, after six men were gunned down as they knelt praying in a mosque in the province of Quebec Couillard said in  speech that he chooses “confidence, openness, a citizenship that is truly and fully shared for all, regardless of the colour of our skin, regardless of our beliefs or of who we love.”

On June 22, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, made an  Islamophobic comment while commenting on  the stabbing of a Flint, Mich. security officer on June 21 by a Montrealer named Amor Ftouhi  who allegedly yelled “Allahu akbar!”   Couillard said, “(We cannot) disconnect these types of events — terrorism — from Islam in general.”

“Bill 62”, Quebec’s racist, bill and anti religion bill. Phillipe Couillard and his ministers speak about this bill as though they are trying to help Islamic women out of an oppressive practice forced upon them by over bearing men…The truth is that politicians like Premiere Couillard, are targeting a Muslim woman’s right to wear the religious garments mandatory to the practices of her faith, or denying her the religious freedoms guaranteed her in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Why do other religious bodies not have to seek religious accommodation to comply with Quebec’s, Bill 62, like:

  • Christians visibly wearing crosses and rosary beads?
  • Jewish men wearing Yarmulkes, or Jewish or orthodox women wearing shawls over their heads when they leave their homes?
  • Sikhs wearing turbans?

When it came to the health of the people of Quebec this one-time medical professional cut services to the poor and middle class in Quebec in away that deprived many of access to life saving medical treatment and medications. Premier, Phillipe Couillard’s, constant flip-flopping on important issues, makes me long for the days when the Parti Québécois was in power and non-francophone Quebecers and visible minorities at least knew that no political party had their backs. There is a kind of stability and a sense of independence, that gives way to self-reliance in a people, when they are honestly told by politicians that no political party gives a damn about what they want or need. To give hope to people knowing that you have no intention of honoring them, in my opinion makes you a backstabbing liar, unworthy of my vote..

I consider language rights and the rights of minorities extremely important issues, but it is Premier Couillard’s, and Minister of Health, Gaetan Barrett’s  actions in the health file, that deliberately and willfully  endangered and caused the senseless suffering and deaths of  poor and elderly Quebec patients, that I find to be the most reprehensible and cannot forgive.  Premiere Couillard cut back on medical services, and treatments prescribed and ordered by their doctors. Overnight life saving medications once covered by RAMQ were no longer covered, or covered for shorter periods of time, leaving the poor and elderly without access to medications they required the government’s assistance to get.

Whether it is the cutting back on how many  blood strips are covered in a year by RAMQ (300), leaving patients not able to check their blood at least once a day, or  the forcing of people to get special codes from their doctors to get needed medications like, Sandoz Omeprazole 20 mpg Capsule for debilitating heartburn, the premier’s actions on the health file confirmed to me that Couillard does not care whether the sick, live or die, or whether the dying do so with dignity or  in the most comfort that is possible.

Sadly, I have concluded that as an English, visible minority, sickly senior, I have a choice to make in the upcoming Quebec provincial election. I can elect a politician that says up front that he or she intends to go right on treating me as a second-class citizen or vote for a politician that will lie about changing things for the better for me to get my vote and will continue to try to kill me with his changes to RAMQ and medical services.

Is it better to be a live second-class citizen, or a dead citizen killed by the practices of a backstabbing liar that I voted into office? This is the choice that some of us will have to make if we vote in the Quebec provincial election this October. Why should anyone have to make this choice in a democratic country? Is Premier Couillard a backstabbing liar? I think so.


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Canada and Her Allies Keep Falling For The American Good Cop Bad Cop Routine

Make no mistake Donald Trump and his administration are not alone in this unprecedented attack on Canada and what used to be the USA’s closest allies. Why else would the American Congress and Senate stand by and do nothing but voice verbal and written complaints as one elected official attempts to weaken its most staunchest allies?

Donald Trump is:

  • weakening the economies of its staunchest allies;
  • abandoning every defense alliance, the USA created to protect and foster liberal democracy;
  • walking away from treaties and alliances which took decades to cultivate;
  • making the USA the most untrustworthy and most unreliable nation to do business with and form an alliance of any kind with in the world.

I believe that Donald Trump, his administration along with the American Congress and Senate,  are having a great time playing good cop bad cop with the people of the United States of America, Canada and the rest of their closest allies.

Donald Trump is a bold-faced liar whose inability to tell the truth has turned everyone that works for him directly or indirectly into a liar. Trump like a terminal, highly contagious disease has infected people without prejudice.  Americans from every walk of life, career background, ethnicity, and religious persuasion, have had their credibility and moral integrity questioned and their futures ruined. In some cases his associates and employees have been charged with crimes that could see them do jail time. Could Donald Trump be a Russian sleeper agent posing as the leader of the free world?

This is:

  • the liar and egomaniac that the American Republican Party chose to be their candidate in the last presidential election;
  • the presidential candidate and the political party the American electorate voted into office with a majority in both the Congress and the Senate;
  • the president that the Republican Congress and Senate complain about, but refuse to do anything about;
  • a Republican Party that is as guilty as the president, because they have stood and backed what they knew to be morally and legally wrong, for the sole purpose of holding on to governing power;
  • a president, a legislative body and a political base of people who should never have been trusted in the first place to govern one of the most powerful nation in the world;
  • a president guilty of trying to destroy every alliance, liberal democratic institution, group and organization that dares to speak out against its racist, protectionist, America first agenda;
  • a president and administration that has threaten to make Canada and Canadians suffer economically if it does go along with Trumps ill-conceived and hurtful foreign policy and agree to all his demands concerning NAFTA.
  • the lying, scheming, bullying, anti Muslim, anti poor, anti-immigration, protectionist president and administration, that Canadian politicians and the Canadian media insists that, the rest of the democratic world including Canada, must flatter and pretend to trust for fear of angering the bully and having to face the consequences of his wrath.
  • is a president who put minor children, some still in diapers in detention camps separated from their parents in an attempt to force democrats to give him money for a border wall.

No matter what your political stripe or whether you have ties to the USA or not, if you are a Canadian, or another ally of the USA, you must be saying enough is enough when it comes to Donald Trump and the USA’s, America First agenda.

The first rule of good business is that those entering into business together must trust each other to honor the terms of whatever agreement is reached. This is not possible when dealing with president Donald J Trump, whose word means nothing.

Donald Trump before becoming president had a history of not living up to the terms of contracts that he entered with contractors…refusing to pay or trying to lower the payment after the work was completed. It makes me wonder as to the sanity of other world leaders who thought and still think that he would or could be different after becoming president.

It is time for Canada and the other allies’ of the USA to wake up to the fact that under Donald Trump’s presidency the USA is no longer their ally. President Trump by his own definition of what is a national threat has openly threatened Canada’s and other American allies national security by attacking their economies with unwarranted and illegal tariffs.  When Trump threatened to put tariffs on Canada’s automotive industry, he said that, he knew he will be hurting Canada where it economically hurts the most.  This is not the actions of a friend or ally. These are the actions of a leader that cannot and should not be trusted.

Canada is at the mercy of any American President’s definition of the term, “National security threat”. Canada’s economic survival has been openly threatened by President Trump’s definition of the term. and must raise the question of whether on a whim our very sovereignty could be considered a risk to this president’s definition of national security threat.

Since January 2017, Donald Trump and his administration has:

  • withdrawn from the Paris climate accord;
  • left the U.N. educational and cultural organization;
  • pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal;
  • most recently left the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The USA has also slapped tariffs on steel and aluminum against key trading partners and allies under the guise of national security and recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the U.S. Embassy there from Tel Aviv.

Since World War II, the United States has proved itself to be the most frequent quitter of international organizations that were created to stabilize the world, for domestic political reasons.

The United States withdrew from:

  • Interpol between 1950-1958; 
  • the International Labor Organization between 1977-1980; 
  • the International Criminal Court in 2002.

The USA has also threatened to withdraw from NATO and NAFTA.

It is time for the nations who still believe in the laws and values of liberal democracy to speak out against Trump and his administration, who with the support of the Republican party who control both houses of the legislature have turned against their allies and are no longer worthy of their trust.

It is time to give the USA a taste of their own medicine. By this I mean avoid trading with the USA, get what is needed trade wise from countries that honor trade deals and respect treaties and agreements. Canada’s drug of choice is products from the USA. Canadians are addicted to American culture, but there is hope. All addictions can be eradicated through tough love and an organised system of withdrawal.  Canada and its allies need not play the tariff game with the USA. Instead they need to halt all trade and refuse to import anything made in the USA, until the USA realizes that it cannot stand alone and is not in charge of anything but is an important part of an alliance that shares common values, goals and interests.

It is time to stop relying on the USA to protect and guarantee Canada’s sovereignty, because this president has proved that the USA is only interested in aligning themselves with leaders, ideologies and values that are incompatible with that of Canada.

The Trump administration:

  • praises dictators while calling who follow the rule of law, and the rules of liberal democratic governance weak and liars;
  • unconditionally supports killers of innocent men women and children;
  • pulled out of just about every liberal democratic international group that it helped to create;

If the president of the USA can state openly that he likes and supports the methods and actions of Km Jung Un and thinks that Russia should be let back into the G7 while still annexing Crimea from the Ukraine illegally, why should Canada not think that if the circumstance presented itself and his base wished for it, that Trump would not promise them to annex a part of Canada, to make America great again?


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Is It A Waste of Time for The Canadian Government to Try to Negotiate and Sign Agreements with First Nations?

Justin Trudeau has allowed himself to fall into a never-ending cycle of trying to make a deal where none is possible when trying to deal with First Nations on a nation to nation basis.  The makings of any deal between the Canadian government and First Nations must include both sides understanding and agreeing on what “Nation to Nation” means, in this circumstance.

First Nations’ leaders are blowing a real opportunity to improve their relations with the rest of Canada and get a realistic deal with real teeth in the areas of self-determination and self governance. Justin Trudeau has championed their cause in a way no other prime minister has before and will ever due again for some time. First Nations have failed to agree on anything as a nation besides the fact that they are not being treated fairly by the Canadian government. This fact diminishes their ability to be taken seriously and makes them a political ticking bomb for any political leader to deal with.

First Nations’ leaders who cling hopelessly to a past and look to a future that has their people owning once again the land air and sea that is now Canada, are leading their people down a path that leads to endless battles, needless suffering and a hopeless future.  Saying that their land was never ceded to the European colonizers repeatedly will not make everything that was once theirs, belong to them once more. This dream that First Nations’ leaders sell to their people is cruel, because it is a dream, that can never be realized…like the carrot placed strategically in front of the mule working a grinding stone. These leaders need to face reality and acknowledge that:

  • there was a war fought;
  • in one way or another, First Nations lost that war;
  • colonization whether through treaty, or war cost First Nations their right to self governance and autonomy;
  • no Canadian government will give them back control and allow them to make decisions for Canada based on their being the guardians of the air, land, or sea;
  • no government in Canada will give them total autonomy, or total self governance, giving First Nations equal power to that of the Canadian government;
  • depending on the United Nations resolutions, or the British Crown to help them in their fight, is ludicrous and proves how naïve some of these leaders are.

First Nations are in no position to take any of what was taken from them back, through war like it was taken from them, so putting up road blocks to more autonomy and some aspects of self governance, through negotiation is counter productive. Sit ins, demonstrations, marches, boycotts and other forms of protest, make great news stories, gets the people riled up for a couple of weeks, but do nothing to improve the lives of those living in poverty on reserves, or improving the future and empowering young First Nations people. Unfortunately, the types of tactics being utilized by First Nation’s leaders, only serve to keep the talking and negotiating going on endlessly, while any chance of meaningful action slips through their fingers, and out of reach.

As horrible as what happened to First Nations was, they were not the only people in the world to experience European, or foreign forced colonization. Most of the world was colonized by the Europeans or other peoples, at one point or another. First nations were not the only genocide of that time, and certainly, not the last. Everyone knows it was wrong, but it is time to state clearly what it is they want as one group, pick leaders that will represent them, negotiate in good faith and accept agreements signed between both sides as binding.  My fear for them is if they lose or waste this opportunity presented to them by the first and only prime minister willing to risk and stake his political future on trying to right the wrongs of the past in their case, they may never get such an opportunity again.

What is becoming increasingly clear to Canadian politicians is that it is a waste of time and very dangerous politically to consult, negotiate and sign agreements with First Nations. Too often after months and years of consultations and negotiations that end with a signing of an agreement, turns out to be nothing more than a waste of time, energy and money.  The only guarantee that any Canadian government can count on when trying to negotiate, consult or settle disputes with First Nations, is that one First Nation group or another will say that the First Nations group that negotiated the agreement did not represent them and declare the process flawed and demand a do over, starting yet another round to the increasing costly court battles.

Kinder Morgan Pipeline is such an example.

  • After years of protesting the pipeline now 10 First Nations leaders representing First Nations and Metis have signed a letter stating, “As the indigenous communities surrounded by Alberta’s oil sands development, we agree that this project is in the national interest.”
  • The Cheam Indian Band is a First Nations band government of the Stó:lō people in the Upper Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada, located near the community of Rosedale. Their chief who has been a vocal supporter of the project, says his Nation is talking about trying to buy a stake in the pipeline.

Settlement for the Sixty Scoop, the enquiry into lost and murdered indigenous women and girls are other examples of months and years of consultations, court battles and negotiations that have led to settlements, only to have those settlements challenged as mentioned earlier in this post.

It is hypocritical of First Nations’ leaders to tell anyone who will listen that they are the guardians of Mother Earth when they and their people:

  • arrive and leave anti-pipeline sit ins and rallies in campers, cars and other motorized vehicles that run on gasoline, instead of  on environmental friendly and pollution free horse back;
  • take to the water to fish in gasoline fueled motor boats instead of the traditional canoes, knowing the damage that gasoline residue does to the water, the wildlife that lives in it and around it;
  • hunt with high-powered weapons to hunt instead of their traditional bow and arrows, showing to the hunted respect with their skill.
  • use nets  made for maximum capture instead of best for preserving the resource;
  • have not converted their housing and business to green energy, like wind and solar energy;

The hypocrisy does not stop there though. In almost everything both in the past and present First Nations’ leaders blame everything on the white man and European colonization. First Nations’ leaders act as though it is okay and their people are not impacted negatively when they:

  • take huge salaries, live in big houses, while they watch their people live in sub standard housing;
  • do not ensure that their children receive the same quality of education as children living off the reserve, because of inadequate funding from the federal government;
  • do nothing to stop the sexual abuse and murder of women and young girls, by male members of their own bands, preferring instead to keep blaming such atrocities being committed by their own male band members on the horrors of  European colonization.
  • do nothing other than to demand more money to increase the good life for themselves and their 1%;
  • block every effort to make money of Canada’s natural resources that could go towards helping to better the lives.

If tomorrow the Canadian government said you are sovereign nations within the borders of Canada, what is it that First Nation’s leaders see as providing their nation’s’ GDP, if the cultivating and selling of Canada’s natural resources are off the table? I ask this, because if they are suggesting that they and they alone should be able to determine which, how and when Canada’s natural resources can be cultivated and sold, they will have proved themselves guardians of nothing and just plain greedy and naïve.

Houses, schools, water filtration systems, hospitals, and roads will not be built for free. These things and all the things that determine a nations quality of life need to be paid for and the money needs to come from somewhere.

Any deal takes opposing sides to first want it. It is impossible to make a deal with someone or a group who cannot even agree amongst themselves what it is they want and who represents them at the negotiating table. This is the story unfortunately for the First Nations and why nothing will change for the better for them.

Instead of throwing up road blocks to the reconciliation process, First Nations’ leaders need to get their act together and agree amongst themselves, what the term, “Nation to Nation” means in away that can be brought to the table and through negotiation put into law that binds all First Nations and the government of Canada to the term.

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Is Premier Philippe Couillard, Guilty of Manslaughter, And Political Opportunism?

This is what the dictionary says about the words and what they mean. I guess it is up to every individual to decide whether the words can be used to describe and charge, Philippe Couillard with any crime.

  • Manslaughter: the crime of killing someone unintentionally or without having planned to do it.
  • Political Opportunism: the attempt to maintain political support, or increase political influence, in a way which disregards relevant ethical or political principles.

Philippe Couillard is guilty of manslaughter and political opportunism, if:

  • Philippe Couillard, by word and deed has personally endangered and caused the needless suffering and deaths of some of the most fragile of Quebec society and continues to do so.
  • Philippe Couillard’s actions fits the definitions of manslaughter and political opportunism, as defined above.

I believe Philippe Couillard is guilty of both manslaughter and political opportunism, because:

  • under his leadership, services to Quebec’s English, religious, and people of color, have been compromised;
  • his government’s dismantling of health care affects the poor and most vulnerable of Quebec’s population and put their health and lives at risk;
  • he has done what he has done knowing those affected the most by his policies are not in the financial position to seek help somewhere else or pay for medications on their own.

The poor, aged, and often visible minorities have been forced to endure the worst of the suffering caused by the lack of help and declining services in the health care system.  With no money, nowhere else to go, Philippe Couillard, is endangering their lives, causing them to suffer needlessly, and in some cases, causing their deaths. Couillard’s denying people access to life saving medications, operations and medical treatments, are resulting in needless suffering, and in some cases death. While murder might be hard to prove, I think that the charge of manslaughter could be sought and won, and here is why:

  • Couillard, is a surgeon and knows the danger to people if they do not take the medication prescribed to them;
  • Knowing what he knows, he personally continues to make laws that put medications, medical treatment and life saving operations out of the price range and therefore reach of the most fragile of Quebec’s citizenry.

The electorate should:

  • consider what is obvious;
  • decide if this is the type of person they want governing them;
  • cast their vote accordingly in the next Quebec provincial election.

I am one of the people that the Premiere’s attack on the health care system is hurting. I have no choice, but to rely on RAMQ. In the last 5 years, I have had operations to:

  • remove a cancerous prostate, 5 years ago;
  • fix an inguinal hernia with a mesh, 3 years ago;
  • have a spinal surgery procedure done, called Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion, because of spinal stenosis. I had to fix the compression on my C3 and C4 discs, because I was becoming paralyzed very quickly. I had the procedure done July 18, 2017. I now have a plate, screws and a bone graft.

I am also a type 2 diabetic and need medication to treat my thyroid condition.

All these things have limited my ability to work full-time, limiting my ability to pay for all the medications and life saving test and treatment that I need.

  • Being a type 2 diabetic, I should be testing my blood at the very least once a day according to medical studies and best practices. Unfortunately, the premiere does not see it that way. Philippe Couillard has allowed Gaetan Barrette, his minister of health, to cut the number of test strips covered by RAMQ to 300 strips a year, which is 55 strips less than needed to cover one test a day.  To test once a day now it would cost me $96.00, if I do not have any days that require me to test more often.
  • Suffering from very painful heartburn I must take Sandoz Omeprazole 20 mpg Capsule. Without this medication prescribed by my family doctor the pain from my acid reflux can be so intense that it feels as though I am having a heart attack. The pain is so bad at night that I can only sleep when I am totally exhausted, which amounts to about 2 to 3 hours per night. Now when you Google this medication it says, “Do not stop taking without talking to your doctor.” Unfortunately, the premiere has allowed Gaetan Barrette to stop covering the medication under RAMQ without a special code from your doctor.
  • I have a thyroid condition which of course means that the lack of sleep caused by the acid reflux could cause my thyroid to malfunction and this could kill me.

This premiere has worked in the medical field and knows the dangers to patients who stop taking their medication, so why would he decide, or agree that I and others like me need only have our medication paid for by RAMQ 3 times a year leaving us to pay for it for 9 months a year at a cost of $47.00 per month, or $423.00 per year, or not take it and suffer and possibly die.

Problems caused by the methods used by Philippe Couillard include:

  • No doctor seems to know what is covered, or not. In most cases patients do not know that there is a limitation on their prescribed medication by RAMQ until their pharmacy makes them aware of the restriction at renewal time that they need to back to their doctor and get a special code before their prescription can be filled or pay for it out-of-pocket.
  • Most doctors resent having to write the government for permission to write prescriptions.
  • Pharmacies will not give patients the medications without the required code from the doctor, because without it there is no guarantee that the government will pay pharmacies for providing the prescribed medications.
  • When patients do not take their medication they get sicker, get complications that could result in more frequent and visits to the emergency room, more hospital stays, and operations. which all put more financially and operating stress on an already maxed out system.
  • The justification for the cuts to medicine and treatment they are enforcing have everything to do about saving money and nothing to about creating a system in which all residents of Quebec can receive equal and affordable life saving medications and health services.
  • When all or any of the afore-mentioned things happen, patient’s health becomes forfeit and patients are at greater risk of dying.
  • The time, energy and costs of the premier’s policies are driving up the cost of  healthcare instead of bringing it down.

Philippe Couillard’s cutbacks and cancellations of medications covered in RAMQ, have created a 2-tier medical system in Quebec, which denies certain citizens equal access to healthcare. I am talking about citizens who:

  • are on welfare;
  • are temporarily out of work;
  • cannot afford private medical insurance;
  • are referred to as the working poor, access to the best medical treatment possible.

Making whether a citizen is entitled to the best treatment and medication available, depend on how much money that citizen has and what kind of private medical insurance that citizen can afford, rather than the right of every Quebecer to have access to the best equally regardless of personal wealth.

The council which decides which medicines are covered by RAMQ are supposed to be made up of doctors and other qualified people, so why are they wilfully putting people’s lives in danger for the sake of saving money for the premiere?

This council, because of its medical background knows full well the health risk it is forcing on patients when they force patients not to take their medications as prescribed by their doctors. They are intentionally making decisions that they know are going to cause patients to suffer needlessly, putting their life’s in danger senselessly.  This advanced knowledge of what they are doing, seems to make this council at the very least duplicitous in the suffering of the affected patients, and at the worst guilty of the premeditated murder, of every patient in Quebec that dies due to not being able to get their medications due to:

  • the unnecessary extra red tape that causes delays in the afore-mentioned patients getting their medications;
  • the medications and treatments not being on the accepted list;
  • the lack of medications causing other ailments that were under control to get worse due to complications…like the thyroid worsening by lack of sleep for not taking acid reflux medicine no longer covered by RAMQ, simply to save money.

In closing, I have put down below for all to see the education and medical background of Philippe Couillard and some of his executive council. To me it is obvious that neither the premiere, nor certain members of his executive council can claim they did not know the harm that their policies, cuts and senseless regulations would and are having on the most fragile of Quebec’s society. This to me justifies my accusing Philippe Couillard of manslaughter and political opportunism. I would add that those mentioned below have not only betrayed the people of Quebec but have also betrayed their medical oaths of office.

Premiere of Quebec, Philippe Couillard:

  • holds a medical degree and a certification in neurosurgery from the University of Montreal;
  • was the head of the department of neurosurgery at Saint-Luc Hospital, from 1989 to 1992 and at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke from 1996 to 2003;
  • from 1992 to 1996, he practised in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia;
  • left the medical profession in 2003, to run for the Montreal-area seat of Mont-Royal in the National Assembly representing the Quebec Liberal Party.

Quebec’s Minister of Health and Social Services, Gaétan Barrette. Prior to his election to the legislature, was:

  • a radiologist at Montreal’s Hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont;
  • served as president of the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec;
  • served on the board of directors of the Financière des professionnels;
  • was a member of the board of directors of Sogemec Assurances; was a member of board of directors of the Régie de l’assurance maladies du Québec.

Quebec’s Minister of Higher Education and Status of Women, Hélène David:

  • holds a PhD in clinical psychology from the University de Montréal;
  • worked as an instructor in psychopathology and women’s and maternal issues;
  • is a member of various University of Montreal committees, (overseer of psychology graduate programs, deputy director of the Department of Psychology, and vice-rector of academic affairs, international relations, and the Francophonie at the university);
  • received the Simone Chouinard Award from the Montreal Heart Institute Research Centre;
  • received the International Cesare Sacerdoti Award from the International Psychoanalytical Association;
  • is a member of the Quebec College of Psychologists;
  • served for many years on the board of the Montreal Heart Institute.

​Quebec’s, Minister of Health and Social Services, Yves Bolduc:

  • holds a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), a master’s degree from the École nationale d’administration publique and a bachelor’s degree in bioethics from the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. He started his studies at the Université Laval where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in health sciences;
  • has worked as a general practitioner;
  • has worked as a coroner;
  • was the general manager of the Health and Social services center of the Vallée-de-l’Or in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region;
  • ran the professional services department of the Lac Saint-Jean Health and Social Services Center for fourteen years;
  • held the position of president of the Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists of Quebec.

Quebec’s Minister responsible for Access to Information and the Reform of Democratic Institutions, Kathleen Weil, was involved in the health and social services sector as;

  • an administrative member for the Montreal Children’s Hospital;
  • an administrative member for the Régie régionale des services de la santé et des services sociaux à Montréal.

Healthcare is not the only way Couillard and his government are hurting Quebecers. Language rights, Islamophobia and the environment, are other important issues where Phillip Couillard has flip-flopped and even out-and-out lied to Quebecers about where he truly stands. Phillip Couillard is a perfect example of political opportunism at its best. Premier Philippe Couillard in my opinion, is a merciless little man, guilty of manslaughter at best and murder at worst.

I think that it is time that politicians in Canada and Quebec are held accountable legally for the crimes they commit while in office…At this moment, they are getting away with murder.

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Political Apologies Mean Little Without Concrete Action to Prevent Injustices

Until the Canadian government decides to do something in real-time to address Canada’s failure to protect, insure and uphold the rights and freedoms guaranteed all Canadians regardless of where they live in Canada, where they came from originally, what religion they choose to practice, as well as provide services to Canadians in the citizens choice, between French and English, the Prime Minister, can stand up in the House of Commons or in town halls and make all the heart filled tearful apologies he likes, and they will be seen as political gamesmanship, appreciated only by the targeted voting block it is intended to appease. A way to garner the support of a minority voting block without really doing anything for them or their children in real-time.

Quebec politicians have been emboldened by the refusal of the Canadian government to protect the rights of Canadian citizens living in the province of Quebec. The federal government has consistently offered up all of Quebec’s minority citizenry as sacrificial lambs… choosing rather not to alienate itself from French politicians and voters, who they fear would once again seek to separate from the rest of Canada, should the government of Canada intervene, in what Quebec feels is its right to do as a sovereign nation.

Quebec has decided that its laws trump the laws of Canada and has proved so in every case where language has become an issue declaring that they do not care if and action violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms…Quebec has its own Charter and those are the rights that anyone living in Quebec will have to live with.  The province of Quebec has been called one of the most racist places in to live in North America and the only advice the federal government will offer to its Canadian citizens living working and paying taxes in Quebec is, “If life is too tough in Quebec, then the English and other minority groups should consider moving to another province.”

When Canada’s leaders abandon Quebec’s Muslims, English and other visible minorities to the racist unfounded fears of Quebec’s provincial politicians and white supremest, it does little to counter Quebec’s assertions that:

  • the federal government has zero authority over what happens in Quebec;
  • Quebec is an independent nation and as such those living in Quebec are subject to its laws and Charter, no matter how racist they are;
  • That the federal government only cares about Quebec’s minority citizenry at election time.

Recently the Quebec Liberal’s passed Bill 62. This bill claimed to be needed to protect and uphold the provinces religious neutrality position, but everyone knows that it is a prime example of Quebec politicians instituting laws that target the religious freedom of Muslim women. Where was the federal government on this one? They were where they usually are: sitting back and doing nothing; releasing statements saying that they are watching the situation closely.

The problem with all this watching and doing nothing is that it does nothing to help the Muslim women who will:

  • continue to be harassed and abused on public transit and other public places in Quebec e.g. being spit on while taking public transit;
  • soon be denied the right to take books from a library;
  • have to take off their religious headwear to ride on public transit;
  • have to take off their religious headwear to talk or interact with hospital staff.

The fear of the English language, Muslims and escape from those who desire ethnic purity cannot be escaped in Quebec at the government level. There is not a provincial party in Quebec that believes that all Canadians residing in Quebec are entitled to the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Canadian Constitution or the Canadian Charter of rights and Freedoms. The proof is found that the only opposition to Bill 62 was from MPPs who thought that the bill did not go far enough.  This means that no matter who the English, or Muslims vote for they will always be treated as second class citizens, losing right after right at every turn and the right to services in one of the 2 recognised languages of Canada denied them. Is Quebec the shining example of how Canada deals with what it claims to be, proud and welcomed diversity? If not, why has the federal government  not stepped in with action instead of words to halt the ethnocide going on in Quebec at so many levels?

In January, after six men were gunned down as they knelt in prayer in a mosque in the province of Quebec, provincial Liberal Party leader, Phillip Couillard said in speech that he chooses “confidence, openness, a citizenship that is truly and fully shared for all, regardless of the colour of our skin, regardless of our beliefs or of who we love.”

On June 22, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, made an Islamophobic comment while commenting on the stabbing of a Flint, Mich. security officer on June 21 by a Montrealer named Amor Ftouhi who allegedly yelled “Allahu akbar!”   Couillard said, “(We cannot) disconnect these types of events — terrorism — from Islam in general.”

Mr. Bissonnette was motivated by hatred and fear of Muslims and migrants. His actions clearly satisfied the Criminal Code’s legal definition of terrorist activity. (intentionally caused death for a “political … or ideological objective or cause” with the intent to intimidate “a segment of the public”, namely Muslims and perhaps all migrants, “regarding its security.”)

Quebec prosecutors not only chose not to charge Bissonnette with one of 15 specific terrorism offences but presented a doctor to give expert testimony under oath that although the killing of the six praying Muslim men was racist, it was not a terrorist act. This proves that in Canada and Quebec, white, Christian people do not commit terrorist acts, because to qualify for this charge you must be Muslim.  Where was the federal government on this? They put out another statement saying, “We are observing the situation and will take the appropriate action when and if need be.”

Phillip Couillard is also responsible for “Bill 62”, Quebec’s racist, anti religion and anti-Muslim women bill. This bill has nothing to do with maintaining religious neutrality in Quebec, but everything to do with Quebec politicians targeting approximately 100 Muslim women’s right to wear the religious garments mandatory to the practices of their faith. If this were not true other religious bodies would also have to seek religious accommodation to comply with Quebec’s, Bill 62, like:

  • Christians visibly wearing crosses and rosary beads?
  • Jewish men wearing Yarmulkes, or Jewish or orthodox women wearing shawls over their heads when they leave their homes?
  • Sikhs wearing turbans?

Why has the federal government stepped in to protect the rights of these 100 Muslim Canadians?

What is the Canadian government waiting to see in Quebec before they act? I guess in a few years one prime minister or another can apologise for the treatment that the English, Muslim women and other visible minorities were forced to endure in Quebec, while the federal government ignored their plight.

Quebec is not the only place where you find racism, but it is the only place in Canada where politicians get away with making laws that are obviously racist and are immune to federal government intervention.  The video that showed a drunken white woman verbally and racially abusing 2 Muslim men proved that.

After causing a scene telling the men that they were not Canadians and go back to their country, the Denny’s waitress told the Muslim men that they would have to pack up their food and leave, while she apologised to the offensive White woman.  After the video was uploaded, there were the usual apologies and recrimination from local and federal politicians, but interestingly, not one charge filed against the woman and not one politician promising to make it tougher on people who engage in such behavior.

Racism is alive and well in Canada. All provincial politicians in Quebec, some federal MPs, and White supremacists found all over Canada, have been emboldened by the federal governments unwillingness to take divisive action to stop it.

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