Notre Dame Cathedral Burns In Paris…Sign From God?

First let me say that I am glad to hear that nobody was killed by the burning of this building. The building itself has no special significance for me…but maybe God is trying to say something.

I am stunned as the world laments the loss of what is a building that represents all that is wrong with religion. A building from which one religion preached and taught that it was the only religion that mattered and that all other religions and the people who refused to convert to Christianity should be purged.  Notre Dame Cathedral, and all others, symbolizes  Christianity gone wrong.  These are reminders of how the very words of God as preached by Jesus Christ were pushed aside for carnal pleasures, riches and vanity.  This building with its opulence flaunts the will of popes, priests and followers in the face of Jesus Christ himself and defies his teachings according to the bible…the holy book of Christianity.

Did not a former and still living pope just days before the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris blame the sexual revolution and the clothing that kids wore at the time for a history of the church’s sexual abuse of God’s children and the protection of the clergy responsible? Did the sitting pope, cardinals, bishops and followers say anything to contradict this supposed man of God or did they once again just sit quiet? Is not the sitting pope’s silence a signal that nothing has changed and that something needed to be done? Maybe God thought that it was time for divine intervention?

  • Luke 18: 15-17
  • 15  And they brought unto him also infants, that he would touch them: but when his disciples saw it, they rebuked them.
  • 16  But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.
  • 17  Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who is of Islamic faith and Muslim heritage gave a speech calling out the need to stop treating Muslim Americans as 2nd class citizens, which they have been since 9/11…Americans of Christian and Jewish faith went ballistic from the president of the USA to Wolf Blitzer of CNN.  They both agreed that the congresswoman should have spoken more reverently about 9/11. These two people a Christian and a Jew do not agree on many things, but what they both could agree on was that the congresswoman should not have allowed her concern for the suffering, eroding rights and loss of freedoms that Muslim Americans post 9/11 of Muslim’s living in the USA have been subjected to since some people did something horrific that killed thousands of people in the USA.

I was saddened by the loss of lives caused by the events of 9/11, but not for the buildings. To me they were a symbol and represented White America’s arrogance and White supremacist ideology.  People of all colors, religions, cultures and walks of life died on that horrific day and yet White people claim it to be and event that affected them.  The attack was an attack on all Americans not just American Jews and Christians. Is Christian America acting in a way that would please their God, or are they encouraging his wrath?

Gone from the headlines are talks about the great forced migration of Muslims and Africans into Christian Europe. Has the crisis been solved, and I missed it? Are countries of Christian Europe no longer denying those families that make it to their shore’s entry? Are they no longer putting them in jail, or death camps? Are these people not more important than a burning building from which inside the fanatical ideology of converting the world to Christianity at any and all costs was taught and the germ that caused such a deadly vicious slaughtering of people was launched?  Must not God be angry to see what Christianity and those who practice it have done using his name?

Is God trying to tell Christians something? I mean Catholics and Christians of all denominations have been using their so-called religious beliefs and their God to condone and promote things such as slavery, war, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, child pedophilia, and all the heart-break and suffering that all of those ungodly things create. Perhaps God is making an example of this so-called house of worship.  All of these supposedly holy places are more market place and museum then a place of God according to the scriptures. This place of worship was a market place and a blatant disregard for his words about building  holy places that sell things. Did not Jesus turn over the selling tables and call out the priest for defiling the holy place of his father?

I believe these cathedrals to be the idols that God has spoken about in the 10 commandments. They have become more important than God himself to those who pray in them, visit them and claim they can’t visualize a world without them.  God warned that he is a jealous God.  Jesus also said that the only way to enter heaven was by praying to him directly for the redemption of your sins. Not through a priest or a nun, or a figurine of Mary…just to him. Does not the church even violate this rule of God in order to exert power over God’s people? Perhaps God is trying to tell Christians something?

Perhaps now that France has lost what it claims it cannot bear to live without it may understand the loss and feeling of hopelessness that Muslim women feel when they are denied the right to practice their religion freely.  Maybe the people of France may begin to understand the loss historical, cultural and religiously what happens when a part of who you are religiously is ripped from you. The Christians of France can rebuild their church, but who will rebuild the live that they the Christians have ruined.

Worldwide coverage for what is the accidental burning  of  a building in Paris. Yet these same people and news agencies stand by quietly and give minimal coverage as Muslim women and Muslims are thrown in refugee camps for daring to try to escape, starvation, falling bombs and plagues brought on by the ravages of war as the western Christian world tries to force it s political, religious and culture on the Islamic nations of the world.

I believe God is trying to tell Christians something with the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in France. The size of the cathedral, the art work displayed inside it, or any of the other materialistic stuff that counts, but it is the way you treat others and the way that you honor God by your good works that matters?

Think about what Christians have done in the world in the name of their God and then look in the bible and tell me that they are following the teaching of their faith.  They rejoice in the streets of America when an Islamic leader is murdered by their armed forces, but this is not God’s way.  These same Christians bomb and destroy Islamic mosques. They enter sovereign lands uninvited and destroy, rape and pillage, but cry foul when the same is done to them. Is this the way of their God? is this the proud heritage that they are so afraid of losing?

Christians do not even face their foes on a battle field with honor any more… preferring to bomb and use missiles to kill civilian men women and children by the thousands everyday in their sleep, calling them collateral damages, but whimper when the enemy kills 40 soldiers in 10 years of battle.  This is not the way of God.

In Canada the federal government sits silent as Quebec Christian separatists take away the rights of Muslims to follow their religious beliefs and take away the rights of the English minority in Quebec.  This is Christianity at its best, I guess? The almost total annihilation of North America’s Indigenous people, the stealing of their lands, the forced assimilation of these people must also be a shining example to highlight when talking about the historic importance of cathedrals?

How fast countries fill up after there is no more need for Christian refugees and mostly refugees of Muslims heritage are the one’s fleeing persecution seeking safety in Christian lands. Maybe God is trying to say something?

Perhaps the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in France was God’s way of telling Christians what is really important, but as I listen to the reporting and all the hysteria about the treasures and art work that could be lost, I think that his actions and words are falling on deaf ears and the tone-deaf.  Isn’t it sad that millions die all over this world from starvation, disease, no fresh water to drink and the world’s richest nations says there is just no money either in the private sector or in government to save them, but within hours of the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in France over 700 million dollars was pledged by France’s richest families and private businesses to help renovate the cathedral and over a billion dollars pledged to date… 5 million pledged by the Walt Disney Company alone. I really think that God is trying to tell Christians something.

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Learning About Canada’s History Not Found in Our History Books By Learning About Our Communities’ Old Buildings 2

The Odelltown Methodist Church

If you only read about the Odelltown Methodist Church you will learn of its part in the war of 1812, but I think that it has more historical significance than that. You will learn that:

  •  it was a battle site during the War of 1812 . A battle between Americans and Canadians in which the Americans were routed;
  • 26 years later During the Patriot rebellion, the Odelltown church was the site of the most decisive battle of the year;
  • November 9th, 1838, 500 Patriots attacked the church where 200 loyalists were barricaded;
  • the arrival of reinforcements forced the Patriots to flee to the United States;
  • Lewis Odell was one of the Loyalist leaders who overwhelmed the rebels at the church;   I have put a picture in this post of the monument commemorating the loyalists who died in that battle;
  • the church was erected on land given to Joseph Odell as compensation from the British in the form of land grant and title and settled as Odelltown, which is now a part of Lacolle, Quebec, Canada.





















Canada’s old buildings, offer anyone who visits them a different and equally important take of Canadian history. Standing in front of and going inside of one of these buildings, is like traveling back in time. The visitor becomes aware of another history. A history that demonstrates the ingenuity and capability of the early settlers to build structures and, provide for their families without destroying the air water and land that supported their very existence. Structures back then were constructed mainly from things found naturally in the area, such as field stone and lumber.  Many of these buildings and structures are still standing today and are over 100-200 years old.  Unlike today, early settlers built their churches, schools and communities in harmony with nature, a testament to their love and respect for the land and all other life around them.

The Odelltown Methodist Church is a wonderful example of what I have been talking about.  It is a beautiful old stone church. From what I could see the stables where the horses and wagons were left to await the  return of their owners are still standing and appear to be in great condition.  Today the church is only used for a once a year service.  I was disheartened to learn that the funds to restore the interior of this historical treasure ran out in the 1970s and the work was never completed.  To this day, the church has no electricity. 




















We should  be taking greater care when it comes to preserving those buildings and structures that represent the fight to make and keep Canada a sovereign nation and those that sacrificed so much and even gave the ultimate sacrifice.

We should also do it, because sometimes an old building represents more than can be understood by simply looking at the chipped paint, the cracking mortar and the boarded-up windows.

In closing: I am saddened and disheartened when I look at how progress has taken us away from living in harmony with nature. No longer do we even attempt to build our structures in harmony with nature. Man’s greed and lust for wealth has instead created an environment where:

  • the air is becoming too toxic to breath;
  •  great forests are burned into ash, by conditions created by climate change, or totally cut down by humans;
  • the water that is needed to sustain all living things is so polluted that it is killing everything that is in it;
  • what was once beautiful wetlands and jungles, have been replaced with prefab, brick and mortar jungles… only inhabitable by humans.

This too is part of Canada’s history that one can not truly appreciate by simply reading a history book, listening to politicians or watching the wild fires on television. To truly experience the beauty of nature and how easy it is to live in harmony with it, one must get out of the house and look at how it was done.














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Learning About Canada’s History By Going To Towns, Visiting Old Buildings and Talking To People

News coverage is all about 15 second sound bites. Sound bites that do not accurately relay or in put into context a single whole point. Instead news coverage offers news clips of speeches, events and interviews so reduced that they are completely out of context and no longer represents the whole truth.

News agencies do this for many reasons such as:

  • making a profit; (Saving space for inserting as many ads as they can squeeze in during a program.)
  •  promote whatever view-point the station as an institution has chosen to support; (Changing how the viewer perceives historical information, making a countries founders and leaders look good…often softening a nation’s short comings and rationalizing its intentionally cruel, immoral, sadistic past.)

People are too easy to accept as gospel what is seen and heard in the news or learned in school from teachers and school books .  People are no longer willing to challenge, or question what they hear or read. People we need to stop being so reliant on what they are told and read and start fact checking. I believe that occasionally, we all need to get up off our butts, turn the televisions off, put the school books down and explore our countries cities and towns. Once there we need to talk to the older inhabitants, look at old buildings and historical sites and learn about the untaught, all too often forgotten history of the nation we live in.

Child molestation and historical wrongs committed by members of the clergy…the cover ups of those crimes by the leaders of some churches, have over the years made me cynical  view of all churches and all religions. I have openly criticized religion’s influence over people, and its purpose, because of what I thought I knew to be the lack of the church’s commitment to the those in the community it was supposed to serve and it’s non-compliance to the tenets of the religion they would have followers embrace.

The molestation, the cover ups were and are deplorable and God will have to forgive these sinners, because I cannot. I have learned however that these horrible acts, were not and are not representative of all that the church was or is.

On a recent visit to Ormstown, Quebec I learned a couple of things I did not know  about small town churches, the work that they do and the people they serve, just by stopping to take a few pictures of some old churches and a few old buildings, reading the plaques donated by parishioners and talking to the local people.

I learned these things about  St-Paul’s Presbyterian Church shown in the picture below:

  • St-Paul’s Presbyterian Church  was added to this  community in 1831.
  • St-Paul’s Presbyterian and St-John’s Methodist churches in Ormstown merged to form St-Paul’s United Church and became a part of the United Church of Canada
  • This was not done with unanimous support. Some Presbyterians voted against the merger and built a new church down the street which is the present day Ormstown Presbyterian Church.
  • The church gave the community moral support, strength of conviction and a place to gather and socialize.
  • The good deeds and monies raised by volunteer groups within the church like the  Men’s Brotherhood, the Young People’s Guild and the Christian Endeavor Society, helped the less fortunate and the most vulnerable of the community, throughout the town’s history.










What is so often not covered in the news is the good that the church and religion do for the communities they serve, because the women’s guild bake sale raising $300.00 for sick children isn’t considered newsworthy. Consider though that just about every church has a women’s guild and they all selflessly raise money, looking for no reward, satisfied with knowledge that they have helped someone in need and the smile on the faces of those they have helped…is this not newsworthy? Should we not consider these things when we consider the value of the church in our communities?

As I was standing there taking a picture of  MacDougall Hall shown below and reading the plaque dedicated by some of its parishioners, I began to understand just how important the church was to the Ormstown community, and its raison d’etre.  I did some research on MacDougall Hall and other organizations like it. I began to understand that churches in small communities across Canada have dedicated and are still dedicated to:

  • leading their community into fellowship with Christ and His church;
  • making the world a better place for all people;
  • giving all men, especially in times of need, the help of Christian comradeship.











This is the part of  our rich Canadian history that is lost when the only history that we learn about and promote are the battles this country has taken part in, or the disgusting acts of some and not the good deeds of others.  Canadians are more than the battles that we have fought and the bad deeds of a few.  Our values as people can also be found in the workings of our churches and the services that they have historically provided in areas of  moral, social and religious support.

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When Is Enough-Enough In a Nation to Nation Friendship?

Politicians, community leaders and everyday Canadians, when is enough, enough in a nation to nation friendship?

American politicians as well as the citizens they represent have always thought of Canada as a breakaway state…a part of the USA, a state gone rogue.  In the past American politicians have tried unsuccessfully taking Canada by force.  Canadian history clearly has documented the many attempts and failures of the American government to invade Canada.

American politicians and leaders did however realize that they could control Canada if they could find a way influence if not control the Canadian economy.  To this end American politicians encouraged American businesses to buy up as much of Canada’s natural resources as the Canadian government would allow, thus positioning themselves as Canada’s greatest trading partner and Canada’s greatest economic threat.  Canada has been selling the USA, Canadian natural resources for cheap with the USA selling them back to us as finished products for gross profits, ever since.  This they say is just good business. I find it ironic how the USA insists that it is Canada that is taking advantage of them and poses a threat to their national security.

Over the years, Canadian governments have been duped into giving up Canada’s sovereignty to the USA one bilateral and multilateral trade agreement at a time and one joint military treaty and American led coalition at a time. There was a time when Canada could protect itself from invasion by land, air or sea and help our allies fight tyranny using boots on the ground and our own military weaponry. Unfortunately, that Canada no longer exists. Canada has seen her military capability and readiness severely reduced.  Todays Canada can often only able to deploy 40 soldiers, a few advisors a few planes and a helicopter to help her allies… a far cry from World War One and World War Two.  Canada has no armed forces to speak of.

The Canadian government has left Canada dependent on the willingness and mercy of the USA for our sovereignties’ defense, even though the:

  • USA happens to be greatest threat to Canada’s sovereignty;
  • American generals, presidents, politicians continue to publicly say that the USA is not bound by any legal or moral obligation to protect Canada should Canada be threatened;
  • George Bush said, “If the USA was attacked with missiles, he would order them to be shot down over Canada;
  • Under the leadership of, President Trump and his America First Policy, the USA has walked away from every global organization that it was responsible for starting and getting other nations to commit to. They are now getting ready to abandon allies on the battlefield and opt out of NATO.

If a country cannot defend its own sovereignty, is it truly sovereign?

Donald Trump has brought clarity to the American position as it pertains to trade, defense and partnership. I say this because:

  • although he is president Donald Trump is only one man and could not remain in power if enough politicians took a stand against him;
  • no meaningful objection came from American politicians and people when Donald Trump slapped tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum, calling Canada a threat to American security;
  • the new democratic house majority led by Nancy Pelosi, claims that it is the USA’s northern border it shares with Canada that is the real security threat to the USA, not the southern it shares with Mexico.

Donald Trump’s demand for a southern border wall is a racist farce. Donald Trump insists that without a wall the USA cannot protect its southern border properly and yet there is no wall or demand to build a wall between Canada and the USA, which share the largest unmanned, unwalled, land border in the world. I think that there is no push for a northern border wall, because of ethnic, and religious demographics.

Donald Trumps policies threatened thousands of refuges from Haiti and Africa with deportation, caravans of those refugees fled the USA into Canada. What did the American government do to stop the illegal crossings? Why does the American government do nothing to stop the illegal immigration from their country into Canada, like they expect Mexico to do on the American-Mexican southern border?


American values are no longer aligned with Canada’s. With every passing day the American government shows it does not consider Canada a nation due their respect. Donald Trump’s ability to get away with what he is doing and saying proves that the majority of American citizenry and politicians believe that Americans are superior to everyone on the planet and are above having to be a moral, decent, law-abiding nation.

Americans are no longer an ally that can be trusted. They have allowed for an environment where Donald Trump:

  • placed the USA above international law;
  • is allowed to push an American superiority doctrine;
  • feels it is okay to leave allies on the battlefield fighting wars the USA started and asked other nations to support;
  •  unapologetically misuses their allies, (Meng Wanzhou incident)
  • is cheered for belittling ally leaders, (Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, Elisabeth May);
  • threatens to ruin the economies of so-called allies, because he can’t get his way in a trade deal;
  • tries to force American allies to pay more financial support into international coalitions that the Americans need to help pay for its foreign policy position;
  • gets support for a Muslim ban, a border wall to keep brown people and Muslims out of the USA;
  • felt safe to publicly say that he and Kim Jong un fell in love. A ruthless dictator who kills his people and others for opposing him.

The United States government, its business leaders and its people have declared that they only care about what is in the USA’s best interest and has put into action an America First Policy. There can be no win-win when it comes to American trade deals and other treaties, because Americans now only see a win as Americans winning and everyone else losing. 

If we would not keep a friend who behaved like an enemy, why does the Canadian government continue to refer to the USA as Canada’s closest ally and closest friend?

  1. The American government no longer shares values like those of Canada and the rest of her allies.
  2. The American government has reverted to pre-World War Two isolationism. and have placed themselves above the law.
  3. The American government does not practice what they preach. The American government is a fraud and a hypocrite. Bombing, sanctioning and punishing sovereign nations under the guise of human rights and freedoms, while mistreating their own citizens, using them like disposable pawns on a chessboard. e.g. The latest government shutdown.


  1. The American form of democratic governance is so screwed up that it is being argued that a sitting president is above the law.
  2. Allows for the shutdown of the federal government, if the president does not get his way, e.g. a vanity project such as a border wall, regardless of how much damage the shutdown is doing to:
  • 800 thousand federal workers. e.g. (reduced to standing in lines at food banks, are unable to pay their copay insurance premiums, or unable to pay their mortgages);
  • the American economy, e.g. (mom and pop businesses failing, because workers are furloughed without pay, those working without a paycheck have no money to spend);
  • the security of the USA e.g. (coast guard, prison security, border security)
  • the most vulnerable American citizens who depend on government agencies for the necessities of life e.g. (food stamps, welfare checks;
  • the safety of Americans as thousands of workers at airports call in sick so they can get temporary paying jobs. e.g. (air traffic controllers, airport safety personnel)

It is time for Canadian politicians to stop lying about Americans being Canada’s most valued trading partner and ally. The Canadian government needs to invest in Canada’s armed forces and border security, so that Canada is able to protect and ensure its own sovereignty. Canada can do this by rapidly building its military capability and perhaps building a wall on Canada’s borders with her worst neighbor, greediest trading partner and the only enemy at her doorstep…the USA.


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The Greatest Threat to Canada And the World Is Our Southern Neighbour

The greatest unspoken, always denied, truth is now being realised and spoken out loud.  The United States of America is finally being realised as the most selfish, dangerous, country in the world.

The world needed a hero: The story that made the USA a hero after the 2nd world war was based on a lie. Everyone told the lie and kept right on telling it, because the world needed a hero. This lie like all lies had consequences.

The Truth:

  •  The USA did not enter the 2nd world war as some heroic gesture to save the nations of Europe from Nazi led domination, or because millions of European Jews were being rounded up and shipped off to concentration camps, where they would die in gas chambers in places like Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, like their allies had being doing for two years already. None of that mattered and if they would have not been attacked, they would never have entered the war… Some heroes.
  • The USA made the decision to make profit off the war instead of helping their allies. It is common knowledge that although their allies were dying the USA took the position that, because the war did not pose a threat to their territory, citizens or any other American interests, the war was not in the USA’s interest and not its problem.  As their ally’s infrastructure was decimated by the Nazis and their ability to supply themselves with clothing, medical supplies, weapons and ammunition were realised, the USA was right there to sell them all that they needed.  From 1939 tothe end of 1941 the USA watched and profited as thousands of Canadian, British, Australian and other of its allies fought and died in the fight to stop Hitler from realising his dream of an Arian race that would rule the world…Hardly the actions of a hero, but the beginning of a reality. The USA has always and will always have an America first agenda and has no real allies except those that it uses to further its agenda.
  • The USA did help to end the 2nd world war’s “Pacific War.”  The problem is with how they chose to do it. Instead of targeting military targets, the USA chose to show the Japanese just how far they were willing to go to win the war. They chose to do the unthinkable, illegal and immoral thing and knowingly dropped atomic bombs on Japanese civilians. In retaliation for Japan’s bombing of American military installations in Pearl Harbor, Japan’s victories in Guam and General MacArthur being driven out of the  Philippines and the impending threat to Midway, the Americans intentionally killed maimed and injured millions of innocent civilians on the Japanese Islands of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Japanese surrender, Pacific War over…Not heroic in my book.

Note: The USA has never faced any sanction, or penalty for this cowardly action even though they committed crimes against  humanity against the Japanese that were equal to those inflicted of the Jews of Europe, by the Nazis. Ironically, the American lawyers prosecuted Nazis accused of war crimes and American  judges sat on war crimes tribunals that sentenced Nazi leaders to be imprisoned and put to death for their war crimes.

It was the lie that the Americans were heroes of the 2nd world war and the lack of consequences for their intentional killing of Japanese civilians, that made the USA feel that they can rage war for profit, ignore civilian death and do whatever it takes to win without having to answer for their actions, no matter how vile, or contrary to human decency, and the rule of law those actions are. It is this lie that made the USA the greatest threat to Canada and the whole world.

Todays USA is not standing idly by while its allies do the fighting. That is because the USA, along with their sycophant allies are the main cause of war, starvation and massed forced migration the planet has ever seen.   the USA is directly responsible for the hardships and loss of innocent life attributed to the destabilizing military conflicts in Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq,  and those of the Arab Spring, because they caused war for profit, interfered in the internal affairs of sovereign states, and tried to inflict regime change in Islamic ruled nations by encouraging and backing their citizens financially and militarily to civil war.

The USA today:

  • mocks its ally’s contribution and willingness to support them in past wars;
  • has declared nations like Canada, Great Britain and a host of European allies a threat to their national security and levied tariffs on them as retaliation;
  • insults and belittles any allied leader who it has a disagreement with, like Teresa May of Great Britain, Justin Trudeau of Canada and Angela Merkel of Germany;
  • threatens to ruin the economies of any allied nation that does not give in to all its demands.
  • is removing itself from any international forum, institution, or body that has the authority to hold it accountable for international crimes…even those that it helped to create…placing itself above international law, while maintaining that all other nations must adhere to them;
  • heaps praise, uplifts and emboldens leaders and dictators like Russia’s Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jon Un and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Where we are today:

  • At the brink of nuclear disaster and possibly the end of the world as we know it, because the USA is a super power without a conscience, or morality.
  • Listening to the USA assert its position that they are above the rule of law internationally, because they are the police, judge jury and executioner, when it comes to holding  all other nations accountable for what it deems as violations of the same international laws that they reject the authority of and therefore should not and cannot be expect to live with the constraints of  international law.
  • Starting of a new Cold War Era…Russian Navy firing on three Ukrainian ships, seizing them and the sailors.
  • Russian nuclear strategic bombers landing in Venezuela.
  • Watching the USA unilaterally dismantle every global trading treaty it entered with its allied states, for the sole reason of its America First policy, which means, 95% of all profit and benefit for the USA and little or nothing for anyone it trades with…Take it or leave it and face tariffs.
  • The USA walking away from, withholding funds, belittling and undermining every global humanitarian institution and treaty it helped to create and encouraged its allies to join since the end of World War Two.
  • The USA separating refugee parents from their children at their Southern Border and confining them in holding camps…much like the Nazis did to the European Jews during World War Two.

The conventions of war, climate change, refugee rights, Vienna Convention and all the rest of the treaties that they have agreed to be a party to, they now opt out of, using their military and economic might to bully other nations to do as they wish… participating in the bombing, starving and causing forced migrations and displacement of millions of innocent people. Refusing to allow legitimate refugees into the  country and imposing a travel ban on several predominantly Muslim countries. The use of military might, tariffs, embargos and threats, are not the actions used by heroes, but are bullying tactics used by cowards and illiterates, in capable of articulating and convincing others to their way of thinking. These are the actions of the biggest threat to Canada and the rest of the world…The United States of America.

We should all stop telling the lie that allowed the USA to be the hero of the 2nd world war and start telling the truth. I believe in this way we can better understand why the world should not put so much faith in the USA’s assertions that their priority as a nation is to protect the weak, promote and protect the human rights of all and be a positive, selfless, influence for all nations to look up to and emulate. Perhaps then the nations like Canada would start to see that the greatest threat to world peace and everything else in between is the United States of America…A nation Canadians refer to as our greatest ally and trading partner.

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Quebec Election Results No Surpeise to Me/ Ethnocide and Racism Are A Way of Life in Quebec

It is no surprise to me that the Coalition Avenir Quebec has won a governing majority in Quebec.  I am thrilled by the result. Once again, this election result allows the truth about Quebec’s racist, right-wing, Nazi like attitudes and desires to emerge from the shadows into the light of day. The results of this election will dispel any notion that what politicians in Quebec are after is respectful, coexistence with the minority citizenry of Quebec. It will also confirm how far the Francophone majority of Quebec are willing to allow their politicians to go in the quest to limit, if not eliminate racial, linguistic and religious minorities from residing in Quebec, or immigrating to Quebec.

As I have said in past posts, it is time for the minorities of Quebec to stop believing that they can live in peaceful co-existence with the Francophone majority, of this province. The Francophone majority for the most part, do not want them in Quebec. Making all signage in Quebec French, reducing English schools, school boards and hospitals, are not representative of inclusion, or a desire for peaceful coexistence based on fairness and mutual respect. These are tactics designed and used by Quebec politicians to insult, shame and force its English citizenry out of Quebec, or be assimilated.

As a nation we constantly apologize for the disgusting attempts to assimilate First Nations Peoples, but Canadians need to see that these apologies are attempts to quiet voices, not bring change. What other conclusion can be drawn, if all levels of government are fine with the modern-day version of these policies being applied to the minorities of Quebec, right now. Minorities of Quebec are being forced by the majority to give up their language, religious traditions, culture and values. The federal government afraid of the threat of Quebec separation, or the loss of political seats, refuses to act…Suggesting in some cases that anyone not happy with the political atmosphere in Quebec, should move to another province.

The minorities of Quebec need to stop trusting Francophone politicians promising to protect their rights, because politicians in Quebec honestly believe that the rights of minorities can never take priority over French identity issues.  The English, religious and visible minorities of Quebec are as valued as citizens in Quebec, as the Jews of Europe were valued as citizens in World War Two Germany.

The minorities of Quebec need to face the fact that those in power or looking to be in power in the province will always be forced to give in to the Francophone majority. Politicians have conned the French majority into thinking that their language, culture, religion and very existence has been put in danger by even the use of the word “hello”, when being served in a store. Is it any wonder that the Francophone majority in Quebec is only interested in preserving their French, White, Catholic majority at almost any cost? The willingness to use the “Notwithstanding clause” as a tool to override federal laws that protect the rights of all Canadians, is proof of how low Quebec politicians are willing to stoop to keep Quebec French, White and Catholic.

The White, Francophone, majority of Quebec claim to have good reason to live in constant fear of losing their heritage, language and culture, because they almost had it taken from them in Quebec, when they were defeated by the British.  Unfortunately, these people have learned nothing about the oppressed becoming the oppressor. Instead of ending oppression they decide to become the oppressor. Having been given the opportunity to regain all that was taken from them, they have systematically and willfully turned the minorities of the province into citizens without equal fights to themselves. The continuing mission of Quebec politicians to strip the English, religious and visible minorities of their fundamental rights, is proof of their failure to learn from their own past.

Isn’t it ironic that a citizen of Quebec can cross into the bordering provinces of either New Brunswick or Ontario and be served with a smile in either of the official languages and no one is worried about the loss of English? Quebec’s political parties have justified ethnocide as being necessary to preserve Quebec’s identity for so long, that most of its citizenry is willing to accept any government measure, short of murdering innocent people in the streets to protect them from the threat of cultural, religious and linguistic annihilation.

It does not surprise me that a political party promising to reduce the amount of  non-French-speaking people allowed to immigrate to Quebec, with a promise to deport them if they cannot pass a language and values test after three years, got itself elected. Ethnocide and racism are a way of life for Quebec’s minorities.

Quebec’s, White skin, French-speaking, Catholic citizenry, has been recognized by international groups that monitor human rights, as one of the most racist, anti multicultural places to live in the world.

The French took more than the land from the First nations people of Quebec. They also took away their religion, way of life, culture and language…This was their first attempt at forced ethnocide of others.

The French in more recent times have taken away the rights of their English citizens to speak and be served in English…One of the two official languages in Canada. A right that the French claim and receive in all other provinces in Canada by law.

The French have taken away the right of religious freedom for Muslim women with their band on face covering headwear.

The French cling to Black Face as a cultural right and the right to use the word Nigger in the description of their landmarks.  Why would any government commission officially recognize the name of Nigger Rapids in 1983?

In a world that has been increasingly protectionist and anti-immigration, it is no surprise to me that a leader such as Francois Legault led his party of the same ilk to a majority in Quebec yesterday.  Francis Legault speaks for the majority of Quebec citizenry, who happen to believe that anyone who is not Francophone, White and Catholic has no business living in Quebec.

At least now it is out in the open and not being done by a political party such as the Liberal Party of Quebec who promised to be fair to all its citizenry and then stabbed the minorities of Quebec in the back with its policies.

I believe that the Francophone majority in Quebec have every right to be afraid to lose everything that they have gained, but for a different reason. History proves that nothing remains the same forever. Those who take the rights of others today are in constant danger of losing theirs tomorrow.

Ask the Germans and those European nations forced into the Soviet Union after what they did to the Jews of Europe. They used the same reasoning as the government of Quebec is using today…Self-preservation.

Ask the English minority of Quebec what happens when a people rise up, because they feel that they are not represented by their government. The English once held the balance of power in Quebec and ignored the rights of the Francophone majority. English at one time was the official language of Quebec.

Just a thought: The children and grandchildren of the English, visible and religious minorities in Quebec now speak French, but they have not adopted the right-wing values and ideologies of the old Francophone guard, for obvious reasons. They will soon become the majority in Quebec and with that majority, control the balance of power. Unfortunately, they have grown up and are growing up watching the ethnocide their parents have been forced to endure. They have grown up watching their grandparents being treated as second class citizens and forced to give up their right to wear religious attire.  What do you think they will do with the power once they have it, and who do you think that they will be looking to do it to?

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Is A Vote For Phillipe Couillard A Vote For A Backstabbing Liar?

Phillipe Couillard, promised a lot of things during his last run for office. Unfortunately for Quebec voters, Couillard’s election promises were bold-faced lies. They were lies told by him to make English-speaking Quebecers, visible minorities, the elderly, the sick, the poor and religious minorities feel that he was different the other separatist parties.

Phillipe Couillard talked and swore that the English for example were not second class citizens in Quebec and promised to stand up for all citizens rights and be the protector of minority rights in the province of Quebec. Premier Couillard, has spent most of his time as Premier of Quebec acting more like the Parti Québécois he ran against.

Life for the English, the sick and visible minorities under a Couillard majority government, has not improved one iota. I believe it has gotten worse.

The Parti Québécois put forward a motion in the legislature inviting shop staff to only greet customers with a warm “bonjour” , it was passed unanimously with the Liberal Party of Quebec not only in power but sitting with a majority.  This is because Couillard only took exception with the original word “irritant,”  included in the original wording. Once the word, “irritant,” was removed, Premier, Phillip Couillard, voted in favour of the Parti Québécois motion, that once again was trying to eliminate even the smallest and insignificant usage of English being used in Quebec.

Couillard says in a speech, in English, “Although French is our official language, the English language is not a foreign language in Quebec.,” He later added in French that he had underestimated the reaction from English-speaking Quebecers.

In January, after six men were gunned down as they knelt praying in a mosque in the province of Quebec Couillard said in  speech that he chooses “confidence, openness, a citizenship that is truly and fully shared for all, regardless of the colour of our skin, regardless of our beliefs or of who we love.”

On June 22, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, made an  Islamophobic comment while commenting on  the stabbing of a Flint, Mich. security officer on June 21 by a Montrealer named Amor Ftouhi  who allegedly yelled “Allahu akbar!”   Couillard said, “(We cannot) disconnect these types of events — terrorism — from Islam in general.”

“Bill 62”, Quebec’s racist, bill and anti religion bill. Phillipe Couillard and his ministers speak about this bill as though they are trying to help Islamic women out of an oppressive practice forced upon them by over bearing men…The truth is that politicians like Premiere Couillard, are targeting a Muslim woman’s right to wear the religious garments mandatory to the practices of her faith, or denying her the religious freedoms guaranteed her in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Why do other religious bodies not have to seek religious accommodation to comply with Quebec’s, Bill 62, like:

  • Christians visibly wearing crosses and rosary beads?
  • Jewish men wearing Yarmulkes, or Jewish or orthodox women wearing shawls over their heads when they leave their homes?
  • Sikhs wearing turbans?

When it came to the health of the people of Quebec this one-time medical professional cut services to the poor and middle class in Quebec in away that deprived many of access to life saving medical treatment and medications. Premier, Phillipe Couillard’s, constant flip-flopping on important issues, makes me long for the days when the Parti Québécois was in power and non-francophone Quebecers and visible minorities at least knew that no political party had their backs. There is a kind of stability and a sense of independence, that gives way to self-reliance in a people, when they are honestly told by politicians that no political party gives a damn about what they want or need. To give hope to people knowing that you have no intention of honoring them, in my opinion makes you a backstabbing liar, unworthy of my vote..

I consider language rights and the rights of minorities extremely important issues, but it is Premier Couillard’s, and Minister of Health, Gaetan Barrett’s  actions in the health file, that deliberately and willfully  endangered and caused the senseless suffering and deaths of  poor and elderly Quebec patients, that I find to be the most reprehensible and cannot forgive.  Premiere Couillard cut back on medical services, and treatments prescribed and ordered by their doctors. Overnight life saving medications once covered by RAMQ were no longer covered, or covered for shorter periods of time, leaving the poor and elderly without access to medications they required the government’s assistance to get.

Whether it is the cutting back on how many  blood strips are covered in a year by RAMQ (300), leaving patients not able to check their blood at least once a day, or  the forcing of people to get special codes from their doctors to get needed medications like, Sandoz Omeprazole 20 mpg Capsule for debilitating heartburn, the premier’s actions on the health file confirmed to me that Couillard does not care whether the sick, live or die, or whether the dying do so with dignity or  in the most comfort that is possible.

Sadly, I have concluded that as an English, visible minority, sickly senior, I have a choice to make in the upcoming Quebec provincial election. I can elect a politician that says up front that he or she intends to go right on treating me as a second-class citizen or vote for a politician that will lie about changing things for the better for me to get my vote and will continue to try to kill me with his changes to RAMQ and medical services.

Is it better to be a live second-class citizen, or a dead citizen killed by the practices of a backstabbing liar that I voted into office? This is the choice that some of us will have to make if we vote in the Quebec provincial election this October. Why should anyone have to make this choice in a democratic country? Is Premier Couillard a backstabbing liar? I think so.


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