Quebec Is Canada’s Mar-a-Largo so Legault Must Be Canada’s Trump

Justin Trudeau, Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh have fallen all over themselves to kiss the ring and the proverbial ass of a man who not only supports but is the creator and enforcer of Quebec’s most divisive, racist and non constitutional laws in all of Canada. The only leader with a spine and found the courage to call out Yves-Francois Blanchet for supporting Quebec’s racist and divisive laws was Annamie Paul.

Justin Trudeau, Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh have no right to be critical of Donald Trump’s willingness to do and say anything to stay in power. (Be it the leader of the country, or the controlling force of their respective political party) Donald Trump has been criticized for not caring about his country or his people and his willingness to  sacrifice them both for the greater good of Donald Trump…I submit to you that Justin Trudeau, Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh are guilty of the same thing when it comes to sacrificing the rights of the  English Canadians, religious, and visible minorities living in the province of Quebec.

All these leaders have stated publicly that Quebec Bills 101,21,and 96 are divisive, not constitutional and are in themselves racist, but have all also said in one way or another that they will  allow the voters of Quebec to decide the issue. This is a nice way of saying that we are sorry that your rights are being denied you, but you must be sacrificed so that I can win the election and do good for most Canadians.

I was not surprised as a Canadian living in the province of Quebec to watch English and minority rights being sold for separatist’s votes in Quebec, because this type of political pandering has been going on for years. What surprised me was how quick it was for Justin Trudeau, Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh to throw the moderator of the English debate under the bus for asking an honest question of an arrogant, willfully ignorant Yves-Francois Blanchet.

After watching the debate and then listening to the cringe worthy bootlicking of Justin Trudeau, Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh I concluded that none of the three deserved the right and honor to be the Prime Minister of Canada, because none of the three were willing to stand up for all Canadians rights as written. The Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms no matter what province they lived in. It is the primary function of the Prime Minster of Canada to protect all Canadians; to promote and assist in the maintaining and creation of laws that promote equality, justice, and freedom for all Canadians. Using the English, religious and visible minorities of Quebec as a bargaining chip to get the majority separatist vote in Quebec I submit is a dereliction of a Prime Minister’s obligation and duty to all Canadians.

Let us get a few more facts on the table since those we elected to protect us, and Canadian values seem unwilling to do so:

  1. The statement being thrown around by Legault, Blanchet and reaffirmed by, Trudeau, Singh, and O’Toole that, “Quebec is a nation,” is a big lie. This lie is as big and as dangerous to Canadians and the fabric of Canadian democracy, values and global image as Donald Trump’s, big lie that the election was stolen from him was to the USA. Quebec is not a nation no matter how many federal politicians stand up in parliament and say that it is. This is simply the truth. To watch Blanchet, stand on a stage and point to all the other party leaders and say that they all agree that Quebec is a nation and to watch as they said nothing was something to behold. There are two official languages of Canada, English and French and it is the federal government’s duty to protect the guaranteed rights of all Canadians whether it is convenient for the governing party or not. What Trudeau’s failure to act and Singh’s, and O’Toole’s silence said is that they were willing to allow Quebec to become an apartheid state to get elected Prime Minister of Canada. A Canada with no morals, honor and no equality and justice for all its citizen’s. A Canada where each province gets to determine at the whim of it’s premier who is entitled to what rights and when, because they declare themselves independent nations within Canada.
  2. Not all Quebeckers are racist, but most of them are and that makes Quebec a racist province. Legault is very popular in Quebec according to the press and the polls because of bill 21. An Ipsos poll found that nearly two-thirds of the province’s inhabitants do support the bill. Racist bill makes politician popular with two-thirds of population makes for a racist province, people, or nation…after all what is in a name.
  3. The moderator of the English debate never said or implied all Quebecers were racist, what she asked was why Blanchet supported the racist laws of Quebec such as bill 21. The sad part about this is that the press helped if not pushed the false story that allowed Blanchet and Legault to spin the story into a Quebec bashing lie.
  4. Trudeau is a disgrace to his father’s memory.  Trudeau is constantly saying that he is a Quebecer and that it is wrong to label Quebec and all Quebecers as racist and we all know why. To admit that Bill 21 is racist might make certain people remind him that throughout his life Trudeau has seen nothing wrong with supposedly good people doing racist things. Like dressing up in Black Face which two-thirds of Quebeckers think is part of their national heritage and alright.
  5. Erin O’Toole is a smiling, lying Harper loyalist. O’Toole is the same guy that voted in favor of all of Harper’s anti union, anti help the poor, anti immigration policies. O’Toole like his party and former leader Stephen Harper has always been an anti climate change and pro fossil fuel supporter. Do not forget that the Quebecois nation motion was put forward by Harper on November 22, 2006, and approved by the House of commons on Monday, November 27, 2006.  Although O’Toole wasn’t a politician at the time it is clear from the debate and the cozying up and support from Legault that he sees no problem with Quebec being a nation within Canada if he gets the separatist seats in Quebec. Erin O’Toole was not there at the beginning of the MV Sun Sea tragedy that saw 492 innocent Tamil men women and children seeking asylum in Canada were transferred to jails in the lower mainland in BC, but he was sure there the following years to lend his support.
  6. Jagmeet Singh is the surprise for me. The leader of the NDP himself a visual and religious minority seems to think that it is wrong to out Quebec for the racist province that it is. Singh says and I believe him that bins for certain jobs faced discrimination growing up on a regular basis and it is this that makes his refusal to stand up to Legault and state the obvious that Bill 101, Bill 21, Bill 96, and all Bills like them are divisive, and racist pieces of legislation and has no business becoming law in any part of Canada. Sikhs are now allowed to wear their kirpans in the House of Commons and in the Supreme Court of Canada, but not in Quebec.  Yet still he says nothing to see in Quebec where racism and prejudice runs rampant, and ethnocide is a priority of the politics of Quebec.

At the end of the day the minorities of Quebec are left waiting for a party leader who will stand up for Canadian values. A Party leader willing to fight for the rights of all Canadians. It is time to decide whether the federal government’s priority is to be the protector and deliverer of equality in all things to all Canadians no matter what part of Canada they live in, or simply to use some Canadian’s rights as bargaining chips depending on where they reside.
I will say it one more time, what Trudeau’s failure to act, along with Singh’s, and O’Toole’s silence said is that they were willing to allow Quebec to become an apartheid state to get elected Prime Minister of Canada. A Canada with no morals, honor and no equality and justice for all its citizen’s. A Canada where each province gets to determine at the whim of it’s premier who is entitled to what rights and when, because they declare themselves independent nations within Canada.

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America Militarily Strong! Morally Weak! Legally Corrupt! Politically Un-Democratic

The United States of America is militarily strong when it comes to weapons of mass destruction but can’t win a war against their enemies because its strength in weapons of mass destruction is not unique to the USA.

  1. The USA relies on and uses its bluff of using their WMA to such and extent that other countries rushed to get them and now have them nullifying the potential threat of their use without causing Armageddon.
  2. The USA is basically a coward when it comes to war and the USA doesn’t mind dropping bombs and launching missiles on sleeping men, women and children cries outrageously when one of their paid army personnel is killed in battle.
  3. Being afraid to die and depending on weapons that allow one to fight and kill from hundreds if not thousands of miles away or using un-manned drones to do the bulk of the in close fighting has weakened the USA’s capability and will to defeat an enemy that is not afraid to die, or spill blood in up close and personal.

War was never supposed to be neat and clean. It is the ugliness of war the loss of life that is supposed to cause political leaders and people to seek its end and return to diplomacy.

The USA has proven itself to be morally weak in every sense of the word not only domestically, but in its involvement on the international stage. I believe when USA puts in place policies that demand that American interests must be the main priority on everything both foreign and domestic, including trade, health, and war, it says that the USA is a, greedy, selfish, dangerous, unreliable nation.  The USA has proven in recent years that it is:

  1. Trade: The American position in trade agreements such as the UMCA proved that the USA demands that the USA’s negotiating position is that the USA can be the only winner, legally, financially, and politically, or they will start trade wars, by illegally applying tariffs to any country who opposes them. They do this in a hope to force foreign governments to give in as their economies are crushed.
  2. Health: During a worldwide pandemic the USA’s official position was that not one drop of vaccine would be shipped before every American who wanted a shot got one. Not one but 2 presidents refused to allow the vaccine to ship going as far to make it illegal for American drug companies to ship pre-ordered and paid for vaccine medication. Even before the vaccine policy the USA hijacked PPE and ventilators destined for Canada that made stop over in American airports…redirecting them and repurposing them for American use.
  3.  War: The USA has withheld financial support to the United Nations, ignored its decisions and gone to war creating its own coalitions. Refused to be held accountable to the ICC for war crimes and crimes against humanity either as a nation or by justice being sought against individual members of its military or government. The way the USA decided unilaterally to pull out of Afghanistan by first Trump and the Biden proved that as a ally in the time of war because they are not reliable, only care about their own agenda and safety, will leave allies behind and in danger, will abandon allies on the battlefield to meet their political or economic agenda.

The USA is always bragging that its way of life, its very reason to exist is based on an experiment and I agree. I would also suggest that is a failed experiment. The USA experiment was destined to fail because it started wrong and continued to be wrong up to this day.

The USA:

  • committed genocide of the indigenous people inhabiting the land when they arrived?
  • used slavery of Blacks as an economic engine?
  • still allows for the ideology of white supremacy.
  • still seeks to deny or make hard the right to vote for Black and Brown people?
  • politicized the Supreme Court of the United States so that is no longer the nonpartisan guardian of the constitution of the USA it is supposed to be according to article 3 in the constitution of the USA?
  • allowed politicians and out going President Donald Trump to lie about the fairness of an election to the point where Trump follows stormed the capital with intent to overthrow the government and commit insurrection?

The United States of America is a stain on the fabric of democracy and all that it stands for. It is a perfect example of what happens when a nation starts to lead by military might instead of diplomacy…threatens instead of convinces and sees no value in honoring its word, showing compassion to others, and dealing fairly and ethically in negotiating with others.

Let me reiterate, ” In my opinion the United States of America I believe when USA demands that American interests must be the main priority on everything they do, both foreign and domestic, including trade, health, and war, it says that the USA is a, greedy, selfish, dangerous, unreliable nation.”

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The Real Joe Biden Rears It’s Ugly Head with His Afghanistan Decision/Where Is Kamala Harris?

Maybe Biden thought this decision would get his communion rights back.

Where is Mr. Compassionate? Where has Mr. Empathy gone? Where is the campaigner, the president who said to the allies of the USA that the USA is back? All I see is a slicker version of Donald Trump. President Joe Biden has started to use and support Trumpian talking points and policies. His position on southern border control, gun control, free trade, and America first are all versions, if not the same as that of the Trump Administrations.

Joe Biden said the buck stops at him, so I ask him this question:

  1. Why was there no plan for getting people to the airport so they could be evacuated?
  2. Why did the USA pull the plug on Afghanistan unilaterally?
  3. Why did the USA leave their NATO and Afghan allies on the battlefield?
  4. Why is the USA blaming the Afghan government for this crushing defeat if the buck stops with Joe Biden?


Joe Biden doesn’t and never cared about those Brown Muslims. Joe Biden has often questioned the cost and value of helping Afghanistan and keeping American boots on the ground. Joe Biden was warned that this would happen, but he could not get by the notion that these brown Muslims didn’t matter. Imagine agreeing to let the Taliban oversee the vetting who gets to leave the country when they are the ones the Afghan helpers of the USA are fleeing from. It is as if Joe Biden didn’t think that the American people; the American veterans who the Afghan people helped would be outraged by the betrayal of our Afghan allies. Perhaps Biden saw this as a quick, easy political win that he needed. Whatever his reasoning, the truth is obvious, Biden knew that what he was doing was going to put the lives of Afghanistan people who helped the USA for the last 20 years in peril and he did it the way he wanted anyway.

Both Trump and Biden are both very old white men with old white ideas about how the USA should function domestically and in the rest world. Biden and Trumps view on what constitutes an equal partnership seems to be the same in everything.

Free Trade policy:

  • Trump/Biden the same: America First in everything and in everyway. Biden said of building back America better that “all work would be done by all American companies.” What do you think Americans would do if Canada or Mexico said that no government contract was open to USA companies in Canada or Mexico?

Southern Border Control:

  • Trump administration invoked a public health authority known as Title 42 that allowed border officials to turn back migrants encountered at the US-Mexico border, a move that in effect sealed off the border. Despite concerns over the legitimacy of the policy to protect public health, the Biden administration kept it in place and defended its use. “The only people we’re not going to let sitting there on the other side of the Rio Grande by themselves with no help are children,” Biden said in his first news conference.

Afghan War:

  • Donald Trump decided that the USA would abandon its allies on the battlefield without notifying American allies including the Afghan people that had risked their lives to help the USA. Joe Biden decided to keep Trumps negotiated deal to withdraw of American troops and personnel. If that was not bad enough he has made it clear that his only concern is the removal of Americans to safety and would only remain in Afghanistan as long as it took to accomplish that mission. Too bad for the Afghanistan people and their families who helped them for 20 years.

Voting Right’s:

  • Donald Trump started the big lie that the election was stolen from him and his followers through voter fraud and he week voting laws that allowed for it. This has caused republican governors to try to enact voting legislation that would make it very difficult for people of color to vote, based on Trumps big lie. Biden’s position is to do nothing. Biden is not interested in voting rights and his refusal to call for changes to the filibuster, or even to promise greater personal involvement proves this. If he were interested in the passing of and not just his in passing his economic plans, particularly a bipartisan infrastructure deal, he would be more personally involved in countering the red-state offensive against voter access.


In my opinion Joe Biden never really lied about who he was. He told and showed the American people through his actions, words and voting record throughout his political career. Joe Biden is driven by his ego and his main ambition was not to do good for the American people, but to be the president of the USA by any means necessary. By this I mean that Joe Biden:

  • 1972 Joe Biden switched positions on school integration by bussing and joined with the segregationist bloc of the Democratic caucus and actively worked to oppose school busing. Biden’s legislation passed the Senate on a 50-43 vote, and Biden championed his anti-busing legislation throughout the 1970s.
  • 1977, he co-authored a bill that dramatically limited the ability of federal courts to order busing. To get it passed, he actively sought the support of leading southern segregationists.
  • 1977, Joe Biden said during a Senate hearing that what he feared the most if his legislation failed was his children growing up in what he called a “racial jungle” if busing led to rapid and massive school integration.
  • 1984, Biden championed the Comprehensive Control Act, expanding federal drug trafficking penalties and civil asset forfeiture. Allowing for the police to seize and absorb someone’s property, whether it be cash, cars, guns, or something else, without having to prove if the person is guilty of a crime.
  • 1986, Joe Biden cowrites the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, creating a big sentencing difference between crack and powder cocaine. the law made it so someone would need to possess 100 times the amount of powder cocaine to be eligible for the same mandatory minimum sentence for crack.  Since crack is more commonly used by black Americans, this sentencing disparity helped fuel big racial disparities in incarceration.
  • 1989, President George H.W. Bush pledged to escalate that war and gave a nationally televised speech outlining what he called a National Drug Control Strategy. It called for “more prisons, more jails, more courts, more prosecutors,” and tougher sentences for drug dealers and users alike. Biden delivered the Democrats’ response to that speech…and said Bush wasn’t going far enough.

1993, when Democrats and Republicans try to reverse this trend, Biden gives a famous speech in which he used thinly veiled racist language to describe who he called “predators on our streets.

  • 2006 Joe Biden tells a man of Indian heritage that in his home state of Delaware, “one can’t go into a 7/11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts without having a slight Indian accent.” A reference to the stereotype of East Indian Americans as convenience store owners.
  • 2006, Biden said that schools in Iowa perform far better than schools in Washington D.C. because D.C. schools have far more Black students.
  • 2012 Joe Biden seeks re-election and tells his Black audience that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, wanted to enslave them. this comment drew the condemnation by Black members of his own party like Congressman Artur Davis.
  • 2019 Joe Biden orders the withdrawal of all American troops, all diplomates by August 31st, 2021. When asked if he would extend the timeline to make sure all the Afghan people who helped the USA in their mission for the last 20 years he replies, “We will be there until as long as it is possible to get all Americans out.  Understandable for a racist old man who has displayed little respect for the plight of Black and Brown people.

The history of Joe Biden from the time he entered politics in 1972 to today, shows that Joe Biden through words, actions and deeds has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a racist liar. Joe Biden through his bigoted comments as well as in the racist policies he creates and supports that he is not very good at hiding his racism. While his campaign people cover up and try to make him appear as a champion for racial justice, he has in fact stood for and supported obvious racisms for six decades. Kamala Harris, pegged him right during the debate and he because she did she is now the vice president of the USA. What a way to shut her up and make points with her supporters. When she accepted his offer she became a trophy on his mantel. He lets her stand behind him, but rarely does she get to speak. Kamala Harris is never front stage and is not even considered prime time news worthy.

I believe that Joe Biden should step down because he is incompetent and no longer worthy of leading the USA. Joe Biden is solely responsible for every Americans and Afghan person’s death that ends up trapped and killed by the Taliban, because of this withdrawal, ordered and being executed by his order. For the love of the country you have shamed, Joe Biden step down…This job is too much for you and you are killing people!

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American Presidents Never Cared About Afghanistan or Its People!

Biden and Trump only differ in the tone and methods they use to sell the same policies to the voting public

After 9/11 the USA went into Afghanistan to get Al Kida and Osama Bin Laden.  Ten years later Osama Bin Laden was found hiding in Pakistan, the USA’s number 1 ally and friend in the region. The purpose of the mission was simply to stop another 9/11, period. This was always about keeping Americans safe in the USA and nothing to do with making a better life for the Afghani people. If the Afghani people got something out of ‘the hunt for Osama Bin Laden’ as the operation was called and Afghan government could be turned from tribal Islamic to western democratic in the end this would justify the invasion and occupation of the Americans.

Just look at what the USA did starting with Trump and ending with Biden and tell me that either president cared about the Afghans who have helped them over the past 20 years.  Everyone knew that Trump was a noncaring, Islamophobic racist, but considered Biden to be of a different ilk. Biden proved and showed his Islamophobic, racist side which for now shows his lack of empathy and will to help Afghanistan defend itself in the same manner the USA helps Israel.

Why would a people out gunned, and faced with total anhelation and inevitable defeat dare to strike the USA on its’ own soil?


  • In addition to financial and military aid, the United States also provides large political support to Israel, having used its United Nations Security Council veto power 42 times against resolutions condemning Israel, out of a total 83 times in which its veto has ever been used. Between 1991 and 2011, out of the 24 vetoes invoked by the United States, 15 were used to protect Israel.
  • The reason for 9/11 lies in the USA’s unconditional support of Israel and the lengths to which it goes to undermine the legitimate attempts of the Muslim world to get Israel held accountable for the genocide and crimes against humanity it commits. If the Muslims cannot get justice in the courts, is it not to be expected that they will seek the accountability for such atrocities elsewhere, by any means necessary?

The USA and its allies renamed and rebranded colonialism and called it, ‘nation building’. All the Afghanis needed to do was give up who they were and adopt social and political policies and practices that conformed to western ideals and beliefs, by this I mean:

  • Allow women to go to work.
  • Allow girls to be formally educated the same as boys.
  • Allow women to be a part of Afghani governance.
  • Allow for free and fair elections to determine the governance of Afghan people taking the power from local chieftains and warlords.

Now some in the west and not devout Muslim may say great stuff, but this was not and never was the way of the Afghan people. If the Afghani Muslims were to invade the USA or another western nation and demand that its people,

  • deny women the right to work.
  • deny girls the right to education.
  • deny women to take part in government.
  • adopt governance by local chieftains and warlords and forget about free and fair elections, what do you think that the response would be?

Joe Biden is a devout Catholic who has consistently through his actions and words proven that he does not see Muslims, Black and Brown people as equal to White people. From his stance on forced bussing in the past to abandonment of the Afghanistan people today Joe Biden’s whole political carefully and skillfully made on the backs of American people. Pretending to care on campaigns and siding with the other side once elected.

Joe Biden complains about the amount of money and American deaths it has taken to prop up the Afghani government and a Muslim state, but how much has money and American lives has it cost to prop up the government and nation of Israel?


  • Since 1985, the United States has provided nearly US$3 billion in annual grants to Israel, which has been the largest recipient of annual American aid from 1976 to 2004 and the largest cumulative recipient of aid ($146 billion, not inflation-adjusted) since World War II
  • in fiscal year 2019, the United States provided Israel with $3.8 billion in military aid
  • Israel benefits from around $8 billion in American loan guarantees
  • the primary form of American aid for Israel at present is military-oriented

I could go on but that would just be redundant.

The American invasion and occupation of Afghanistan has ended the same way as all previous invasions and occupations of this nation…defeat.  Every country that has tried change, reform, bring culturally and morally up to date by western standards has found out the hard way that no matter how much advanced weaponry they use, no matter how many boots they put on the ground, how long the occupation lasts, or how much money they spend, their defeat is inevitable.

e.g.: The Soviet Union became just Russia after its failed occupation of Afghanistan. The amount of money and resources needed to maintain its occupation of Afghanistan in the end just could not be sustained, and in the end, Russia could not afford to pay its soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan, or anywhere else and so began the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. This went on in the 1980’s.

My point is that democracy cannot be rammed down another nation’s throat by another nation no matter how well intentioned the act is.

  • People of a nation must fight for the rights and freedoms that democracy often offers for themselves if it is to last. Unfortunately, sometimes the price to be paid for such freedom is a people willing to fight and die for it
  • Democracy should not be used as an excuse to invade an occupy sovereign nations such as Afghanistan by the USA was, for strategic military purposes.

I believe that the USA:

  • no longer needed the security that an expensive occupation afforded since 9/11 and feeling nothing for them as a people or nation simply walked away from all of it.
  • When the USA’s overwhelming military force and weaponry fail to win victory, they run like cowards from the battlefield with their tail between their legs, abandoning allies on the battlefield.

If the purpose for the occupation of Afghanistan ever changed focus making the mission to be about making life better for the people of Afghanistan especially for women and girls what changed? Why did the price tag become too much?

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What Does Innocent Until Proven Guilty Mean In The Me Too Era?

Is it time to take the finger of me-too off of the scale?

As a father of 2 girls now women who have given me 5 grandchildren of both sexes, I often wonder what is to become of my 3 grandsons who are growing up in the “me too era”. I understood and understand that women’s complaints of abuse were not taken seriously and often not believed and this needed to be addressed and rectified, but have the scales of justice become too unbalanced?

I have watched patiently as man after man has been accused of sexually abusing a woman and been forced to resign from his position shortly after the story of him being accused is broadcasted on television. No trial, no due process. All that is needed for the accused to lose job, position, marriage, reputation and life as he knew it is a guilty verdict in the court of public opinion.
Even worse is that there seems to be no defense allowed. If a man says that he is innocent, then he is deemed not to be taking responsibility for his actions and somehow accused of his defense as reoffending his accuser.
Society in this me-too era has decided that if you are accused of abusing a woman your only choice of action is to say I’m sorry and accept responsibility whether you are innocent or not.

When and where did it happen that women became incapable of lying on a man out of spite or vengeance? Is that what the courts are supposed to decide? If so, why are men accused of abusing women forced to resign from their jobs or positions before they are found guilty in a court of law?

Wake up call! Women lie just as much as men and are as vindictive as men are. What happens to a woman when she accuses a man of abuse and is found to be lying? What is the punishment for her ruining a man’s career, marriage, and character?
What I have witnessed happening to men is the same as deciding a person’s innocence based on torture. Keep torturing the accused until a confession is attained, or he is dead.
It would seem that the new approach to justice in this matter is that it really doesn’t matter if the accused man is guilty or not…what is important is that women who might have a valid case know that they will never have their story questioned or any denial by the man they are accusing taken seriously so that they will have no reason to fear bringing their case forward. I s that equal justice under the law? Is that innocence until proven guilty?

I would agree that all cases of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and mental abuse of women should be heard in a court of law. I also contend that the only trial where the verdict of guilty or not guilty should be handed down is in a court of law, after the evidence of the accuser and the defense is weighed and measured according to the law. A man who is forced from his position by a boss, purely because of an accusation not proven in a court of law should be able to seek retribution in the form of financial compensation from that boss and his employer, if it turns out that he is exonerated. If a woman is found to be lying she should be held accountable and put on trial herself with an option for the man to seek finical damages from her.

I think that the time has come to let the law decide once again the innocence or guilt of men accused of abuse of women as it does and can do in all crimes. If the law is to be considered equal then it is supposed to be blind to gender, religion, color, sexual preference etc. and determine one’s guilt or innocence base solely on the evidence before the court and based in law.

Would the end justify the means, if the defendant being denied due process was a their son or another person they knew was innocent? What if the person being denied to the right to defend themselves against unproven allegations was a person they knew was innocent? What if they knew that the defendant was either mistaken or lying about someone they loved?  Would this make those who benefit from this type of lack of due process reconsider what innocent until guilty means in the me-too era?

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Biden and Trump Two Old White Men Only Difference is Their Style

Biden and Trump only differ in the tone and methods they use to sell the same policies to the voting public

Biden and Trump are two old white men who are supposed to be different, but to me seem to be very much the same. Besides just being old and White, they are similar in many ways. Biden and Trump are both old White arrogant, American men, overflowing with a lifetime of pent up old White ideas of superiority, values, and prejudices. All of these similarities are clearly visible in their actions and policy choices.

My belief is that power does not corrupt an individual; power brings to the surface what lies dormant and buried. Power is simply the vehicle a person uses to impose their desires, beliefs, and values on others.

Power is neither bad, or good: power is simply a magnifying glass/microscope, showing everyone what is truly in a person’s heart, mind, and soul. The more powerful one becomes the more of one’s true self is exposed, be it good or bad.

Trump and Biden have proven that the USA under their leadership could not and cannot be trusted to follow through, with the nation’s commitments to its people, allies, and those nations the USA call threats for one reason or another. Trump and Biden have proven that under his leadership the USA could not even be trusted to respect the authority of world organizations set up to mediate and settle disputes regarding war, trade, crime against humanity and climate change that it agreed to acknowledge, if the judgement rendered by these organizations and courts was not in the USA’s favor, or did not promote the USA’s agenda. Examples of this are:

  • Climate Change: Trump pulled out of The Paris Accord (climate change) calling it not fair and not in line with American interests. Biden smiles and re-enters the Paris Accord, but takes baby steps to bring USA up to snuff.
  • Commitment to allies in war time: Trump started abandoning allies by withdrawing American troops out of Afghanistan, without consultation with American allies’ stake holders: leaving Afghanizes who helped the USA to die and abandoning USA allies on the battlefield. . Biden after being elected sped up the process against the advice of military advisors and currently has Afghani interpreters, guides and others who helped the Americans in fear of being murdered along with their families.
  • Commitment to other nations during worldwide pandemic: The hijacking of shipments of ventilators and PPE, destined for Canada to help in the fight against Covid 19 virus.
  • Commitment to other nations during worldwide pandemic: The refusal to grant shipping approval for shipments Covid 19 vaccine to Canada produced by American companies until there was enough vaccine to give a shot to every American that wanted one.
  • Commitment to trade agreements: Trump started a trade war with all the USA’s allies including Canada. Forced a rewriting and renaming of NAFTA to the USMCA. Biden has not withdrawn the tariffs and has plans to try and double the tariffs on Canadian softwood judged illegal by the world court.
  • Commitment to world institutions and organizations the USA is a member of: Trump pulls back from NATO claiming other member states not paying their fair share. Ties to sell American troops like they are mercenaries to nations willing or able to pay. e.g., reassign troops from Germany to Poland. Biden rejoins NATO but upholds all of Trump’s policies.
  • Commitment to people of the world who are dying:  Trump and Biden told people fleeing crimes against humanity, starvation and death and disease not to come to the USA. Both have put unaccompanied minors in places that are both unfit and unsanitary rather than place them with family members residing in the USA.

Professing to be a champion of human rights, voting rights, LGBTQ rights are important tools for all politicians who wish to garner votes from a broad base of the voting population, but the enthusiasm and political will for anything but the economy and military spending usual dwindles post election, because most old White men have been taught all their lives to believe the total opposite. I believe that Biden like Trump wants to be known for a president who made money for the country rather than peace within it for its people.

Power did not corrupt these two men it just illuminated and showed the public their inner hidden selves. How could these men be fundamentally different value wise both having raised and nurtured in the same era of White superiority. An era that genuinely believed that the poorest, uneducated White man was inherently superior to any other man?  These two men were spoon fed the same revisionist history. They were also taught it was God’s will for them to rule and run the world. Finally, they were taught that their God and their religion was the true and only God and that the tenets of their religion were the right ones for everyone. Biden’s own choice for Vice President called him out on his choice of bills he supported and senators he chose to work with and his comments on forced bussing.

These two old White men are the same because they cannot be anything else. Being kind slave master or a bad slave master does not change the fact that you are a slave master. Nice words and smiles do not make you better than the person who uses abusive words and sneers, if both of you are doing the same bad things

One is not born with political power. In a democracy, political power is given to a politician by eligible voters in and election and that power can be taken back from any politician from the voters in the next election. 

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Are You Kidding Me French People of Quebec/Canada, Trudeau?

The French people of Quebec/Canada, who would claim that they are disappointed in Trudeau’s pick for Governor General of Canada because she doesn’t speak one of the official languages of Canada, “French”, are a joke and I laugh openly in their two faced faces. These are the hypocrites who see nothing wrong in:

  • Claiming that Quebec is distinct society apart from the rest of Canada.
  • Passing laws that make it difficult for the minority English to communicate with the Quebec government and its institutions in English, one of the two official languages of Canada.
  • Passing discriminatory laws that would deny the freedom of expression and religion to all but those who practices Christianity in Quebec.
  • Making public signs in public places paid for all by all tax paying citizens in Quebec bigger and easier to read in French and smaller and harder to read in English, even though English is on of the two official languages of Canada.

Where are theses hypocrites who claim that both languages need to be represented equally as official languages in all that a government does for Canada as  the government of Quebec commits acts of genocide and ethnocide against its minority non francophone population?

Quebec has long been referred to as on of the most racist places in the world by anti racism groups and activists for it’s treatment of its indigenous population and it’s visible minorities and yet it is coddled by the rest of Canada like it is a spoiled child that doesn’t know any better…excuses made for its bullying and treating the English minority population like second class citizens.

French are the minority of Canada not the majority. If the French of Quebec feel that they have the right to defecate all over the guaranteed rights granted to their minority population under the Canadian Charter of Rights, why is unreasonable for Canada’s English speaking majority defecate all over the rights of their French speaking minority?

The French who would decry how unfair they are being treated and would complain about not being equally represented by a Governor General of Canada that doesn’t speak French should take a long look in the mirror.

Go anywhere in Canada and you will find that:

  • English is being taught in schools.
  • The next generation has a minimum a working knowledge of Canada’s two official languages (French and English).
  • There are no racist laws denying the rights to freedom of expression, or the rights to wear the symbols of your faith for any reason.
  • There is no counting of linguistic heads to determine the right of a city borough to qualify legally as bilingual and the rights hat come with such a designation.
  • There is no difference to the size of lettering on public signage based on the language on them.
  • There has been no petty law enacted anywhere else with the sole purpose of making it difficult if not impossible for Canadians to participate in Canada Day festivities, other than Quebec, which enacted a law making Canada Day the legally official moving day of the province.

It is not helpful when the Prime minister of Canada, makes statements like

  • “Enough of the Quebec bashing,”  because  law professor Amir Attaran, claims that the province is led by “a white supremacist government” and too tolerant of racism.

Can the Prime Minister of Canada deny that:

  • Only in Quebec will you find that a government hospital advertised that when looking for workers they asked for ‘white women only?
  • White people are treated as supreme, making the government of Quebec in fact White supremist?

I must say that looking back to Trudeau’s choice of Black Face for a costume along with Quebec’s defending of such costumes as part of the culture, it is a no surprise really that Trudeau would side with Legault, when Legault said, “This is unacceptable,” Legault added in French, stating he was “disappointed” the university’s president opted not to condemn Attaran’s posts more vehemently. “Enough of the Quebec bashing,” Trudeau said in French.

Maybe the French should extend the same rights and privileges’ and courtesies to the English citizens of Canada living and working in their province, before whining and complaining about lack of equal representation in the appointment in a Governor General of Canada, who has every qualification for the job albeit she doesn’t speak one of the official languages of Canada.

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Israel Is More Than Just an Apartheid State It Is an Oxymoron

This is what the nations of the west support. This is western democracy and rule of law on full display.

The State of Israel is much more than just an apartheid state. If you dare to risk being labeled anti-Semitic for telling the truth it is easy to see that the state of Israel is also:

  • an Oxymoron.
  • an act of colonialism.
  • an insult to the memory of what the 2nd world war European Jews had to endure.
  • an exact Replica of Nazi Germany, Nazi like policies and restrictions.

Indeed, the Jews of Europe now the Israelis of Israel have never forgot. The Israeli’s have learned their lessons well from the Nazi’s and are now implementing those same policies and atrocities against Muslims, but it is the Palestinians who have suffered the most at their hands.

Why would I write such a thing? The answer is a simple one…I looked up the accepted definition of apartheid and if you change non-white for Palestinians and South Africa for Israel the definition fits like the proverbial glove.

Definition of Apartheid found in the dictionary is: specifically: a former policy of segregation and political, social, and economic discrimination against the non-white majority in the Republic of South Africa

Apply definition of apartheid to the State Israel form its beginning to today, A policy of segregation and political, social, and economic discrimination against the Palestinian majority of Gaza and the West Bank,

Tell me the definition is wrong and the moniker “Apartheid State” does not fit, if you can. Please base case on more than just one-sided rhetoric or what God supposedly told and gave to the Israelites that no one can prove and I am sure the Muslim faith does not back up.

The State of Israel is an oxymoron and an insult to the memory of all the innocent Jews, because it employs the same methods and practices used by the Nazi’s. Methods and practices used on their ancestors that suffered and died at the hands of Nazi Germany.

Let us never forget that in Nazi Germany, Jews:

  • needed special passes to travel or work.
  • were evicted from their homes and places of business and their belongings given to Germans.
  • innocent men, women and children were murdered by the Nazis.
  • before, during and after the war, got no help from the so called democratic western nations.
  • when no other nation would have them, they were given the land of another people…The land belonging to the Palestinians. A land which Jewish leaders claimed was theirs, because in their scriptures God gave it to them. None seemed interested in what the god of the Palestinians had told them.

Flash forward to today:

  • Palestinians need special passes to travel and work.
  • Palestinians have been under Israeli military occupation for 51 years.
  • From 1948-2014 63,543 Palestinians were killed because they were evil enough to fight for their land, their homes, and their future.
  • Before during and throughout the illegal occupation and expansion of Israel into their lands the Palestinians have received no help from the western democratic nations of the world. The sad truth is that the democratic nations of the west have continued to assist Israel and block every legal avenue that the Palestinians have to seek justice on from the international courts.

Does it really matter the count of unnecessary innocent deaths is 6 million or is one innocent death too many? I ask this because all of the western support for Israel is supposed to come from the horrors that Nazi Germany inflicted on the Jews of Europe. Horrors so horrific that the name Holocaust was used to identify what happened. The very mention of the word Holocaust to describe other horrific events of like evil, will get you called and accused of being an anti Semite.

  1. The institution of Slavery could be called a tragic event, but not a Holocaust, even though the estimated death toll was over 8 million.
  2. In jus 100 days about 800,00 people were slaughtered by Hutu extremists in Rwanda, but could be called genocide, but not a Holocaust.
  3. As we speak Israeli’s are dropping bombs and starving innocent Palestinian men , women and children while they sleep and pray, but of course this can’t be called a Holocaust either, because the word Holocaust can only refer to what the Jews suffered during the 2nd world war, or the name would lose its shock value and become simply what it was, “jus another tragic unnecessary ethnic cleaning, series of murders on a massive scale of innocent men, women and children that the rest of the world watched happen and did nothing.

The State of Israel was created by an act of colonialism pure and simple. The powers that be gave a territory that belonged to other people… colonized by force by the Europeans to the Jews of Europe. Jews that had no ties to the land except for a belief that their God gave it to them. Many of the European Jews had never even visited the land they now took possession of and defended with the help of the Europeans.

Throughout history the Jews were the back door through which European invaders gained access to the Middle East on their quest to force Christianity on the Muslims and they are still fulfilling that role, but not for Christianity’s sake, but for strategic military purposes. For this and this alone was the State of Israel created and protected and allowed to create an apartheid state, commit genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Israel may last as long as it gets support from the Western Alliance, but it will never know peace. As seen in South Africa, Nazi Germany and Bosnia, nothing good happens for nations and states that commit atrocities against the innocent.

Does any culture, religion, language, people, or nation deserve to exist if the cost of that existance is the extinction of another’s? If not, then what is wrong with this picture?

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Premier Francois Legault: The Willfully Ignorant Premier of Quebec

Francois Legault is a prime example of a politician who is willfully ignorant. The type of politician that has grown up in a place, has seen and heard the evidence, but refuses to see, hear or believe any of it, because it does not fit in with the image, he/she has made up in his/her head.

Sadly Legault has also proven himself to be a liar and willing to do and say anything not only to gain political power, but to keep it.

Legault did not have a snowballs chance in hell of winning the election without winning the vote of Quebecers who were tired of:

  • all the energy directed towards Quebec independence which only a minority of Quebecers were interested in.
  • endless effort being wasted attempting to force a mostly bilingual population to speak only French under the guise of the French language being in peril. On its face Bill 96 seems to try to force the French youth of Quebec to speak and educate themselves in French. What most of Quebec’s population wanted was a political leader and party that would work to lift Quebec out of its economic slump and work to unite Quebecers as one people.
  • Legault understands no politician running in Quebec who wants more than one term in office can lie about their position on the language issue, English rights, or sovereignty when campaigning. Legault knew this; lied anyway; believes that he will get away with it, and sees himself being be re-elected. Willfully ignorant.

Legault won because he promised the people of Quebec that he was that leader and the CAQ was that political party to unite the province and move on from the divisive, never ending, economy draining language and referendum debates. Legault lied. Legault has done everything that he said he would not and then some. Legault’s inability to tell the truth is like that of Donald Trump.

When it was suggested to both Legault and Jolin-Barrette that Bill 96 was just another attempt to marginalize and take away the rights of English-speaking Quebecers, both Legault and Jolin-Barrette insisted the rights of Quebec’s minorities are respected on every page of Bill 96, “an act respecting French, the official and common language of Quebec.”

“It’s nothing against the English Quebecers,” Legault told reporters. “It’s about protecting French. And all the rights of English Quebecers will be protected.” (The latest lie out of the mouth of the biggest liar in Quebec.)

Quebec was given the unwanted title of one of the most openly racist places in the world today. Quebec of course like all racist governments and societies denies this unwanted title with great bluster. The problem with the denial is that the proof is evident by the actions it takes against its minorities, the things that it defends as its cultural heritage and in the government’s denial of systemic racism in Quebec itself.

As most leaders in Canada acknowledged that Canada is systemically racist and must change, Legault merely stated that racism exists and called for a “quiet evolution” on the matter to deal with it. Legault said, “I don’t understand why people are trying to stick on one word. I think what is important is to say and all agree that there is some racism in Quebec, and we don’t want that anymore,”

This is a province:

  • whose political leaders refuse to remove racist names like Nigger Rapids from provincial landmarks.
  • boasts that black face/brown face is part of their cultural heritage and therefore when preformed is not an act of racism.
  • banned all religious symbols from its workplace just to stop Muslim women for wearing religious head scarfs at work.
  • just stated that it only wanted new immigrants who could earn a minimum of $56,000 a year.

Obviously Legault does not feel that:

  • the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the first Nations people who were here when the White European settlers arrived, and the revisionist history that is taught in schools making the invading European settlers as the victims constitutes systemic racism.
  • the ongoing debate happening in Quebec led by him on whether the teachers of this country have the right to use racial slurs (apart from those that refer to Jews) as learning tools…are evidence of systemic racism.
  • the idea that it is ok to use “brown face” in Quebec because the government views it as part of Quebec’s cultural heritage, is evidence of Quebec’s and Canada’s systemic racism.
  • the fact that we are even debating whether racist slurs are to be considered as free speech, is evidence of this country’s systemic racism.

I will end with the fact that when asked if he thought that there was a shortage of affordable housing in Quebec, he said that he did not think that the situation rose to the level of a “crisis”. This even though:

  • units with rents below $925 per month — are increasingly difficult to find.
  • of the 46,300 new units were built between 2017 and 2020, only 7.3 per cent of the units were devoted to social housing.
  • in Montreal, the average monthly rent for an occupied unit is $882. The average monthly rent sought for an unoccupied unit is $1,202, a 36-per cent difference.
  • rents in Montreal, and the surrounding area, jumped by more than four per cent between 2019 and 2020, the highest annual increase in nearly two decades, according to a new report.

These are just a few of the things that make Legault in my opinion the most willfully ignorant premier of Quebec of all time.

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The USA Has No Friends Because It Is A Bully











It is easy to understand why the world is whispering that the USA is a friend to no one.  The people who follow bullies cannot be considered true friends, because loyalty, trust, and respect cannot be acquired through fear. Friendship of nations requires the same principles, effort, and mutual respect as person-to-person relationships.

The unmatched arrogance of the USA as a nation has infected just about all its citizens regardless of race, religion, culture or ethnicity. From the rich to the poor, the uneducated to the highly educated, the politicians to the voting public, Americans believe that the USA has the right to enforce their will on other nations of the world, because the USA has the strongest military in the world.

The USA has chosen to:

  • demand respect rather than earn it.
  • enforce a ban on the export of urgently needed medical supplies, vaccines in the middle of a pandemic and defy any nation to say that it is the same thing as stealing from them, instead of doing the right thing.
  • break all of its international commitments, climate change, human rights, trade deals the answer is always the same, “we do not care what we agreed to or what any court says, we will not comply, and you cannot make us.” while forcing nations of the world to tell them what a trusted, ally they are under threat of penalty for those who refuse to knuckle under.

These are the actions of an international bully. These are not the actions of a trusted friend who respects and values the nations it refers to as allies and trading partners. What sovereign nation wants to be used like a pawn in on a chess board…sacrificed if necessary, to save the king nation. Over the years the USA has decided that the rules and restraints of international law does not apply to it, because its role in the world is too important to be impeded by the rules all other nations and it has sign onto adhere to.

The USA seems to be saying to the world, “You will believe me and not your lying eyes, or else you will be punished.  The arrogance of the USA is on full display when it tries to tell its supposed friends and allies to, “Do as we say, not as we do”.

  1. The USA leads all coalition member states, sovereign nation friends, allies, and trading partners in mass killings by civilians using firearms. The American government’s thinking is deranged. From the top on down the government watches daily as its citizenry kills each other daily with gun violence and does nothing. Rather than act to make it safe for its citizenry insists on using the talking point that guns do not kill people…people kill people. It does not matter if you talk to the president, speaker of the Senate and House governor of a state, all American politicians claim to the world that the USA is one of the safest law-abiding countries in the world.
  2. Police murder citizens of color daily using abusive force and the government looks on refusing to make any real changes to the rules governing the police, preferring to leave them as a shadow military force which views the people it is supposed to serve and respect as an enemy of the state.
  3. The USA, GOP told and continues to tell what is now called “The Big Lie”, that the election was stolen from him and them. This lie is responsible for causing the June 6th USA citizens stormed the capital looking to overthrow the government to stop the final certification and confirmation as the new president of the USA. Trump supporters called for the shooting in the head of the Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, and the hanging of Vice President Mike Pence. Despite all of this the “Big Lie” is still being pushed by the GOP and republicans like Liz Chaney, are losing positions of power for refusing to follow the party line/lie. The worst thing though is that the “Big Lie” is being used as a reason to make changes to voting laws in Republican held states that restrict access to the ballot for people of color who as a rule vote Democratic and are seen as the reason Trump lost in states that were considered Republican strongholds.
  4. Ex-governor. Chris Christy showed his arrogance and bully mentality when whining to Chris Como on CNN how Canada needed to open its boarder with the USA, if it wanted the USA to allow it to give it help with vaccines. What Christy forgot to mention that Canada would have been vaccinated and the boarder back open if the USA had not instituted its ban on vaccine exports until as Biden said every American had been vaccinated holding up the shipping of vaccines bought and paid for buy the Canadian government.

It is this type of breaking of the rules of law, trade agreements, and unrealistic belief that what USA does wrong to other nations will have no consequences, makes it a bully and in reality, a frightened coward like all bullies are deep inside.


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