Why Is Priority Given To The Opioid Crisis While Other Canadians Asked To Wait Patiently For Help?

There is a debate going on in Canada about how the government prioritizes which Canadians get to have their medicine, medical treatments and operations covered by a government plan.  People are taking issue with the fact that while the government keeps saying that they cannot find money to give medications to those who caught Hepatitis C while being at a government hospital, the government was able to find money to help drug addicts with lifesaving injections free of charge.

Some Canadians would argue that drug addicts for the most part have made the personal choice to take illegal drugs and should not be helped, if it means that others in need are left behind. Others would say that we must help drug addicts no matter the cost, because drug addiction is not a choice and they are Canadians too.  I question why there is not money to help them both. I do not think that the cost of hosting the Olympics, erecting statues, or holding nation wide 150th birthday parties to commemorate the confederation of Canada is worth one Canadian’s suffering, or life.

From teenager to adult everyone in Canada has heard about the opioid crisis. Drug addicts know that their drug of choice could be laced with a deadly substance like Fentanyl.   Some, would argue that it is the drug addict’s awareness of the danger, that makes the spending of millions of tax payer dollars to save drug addicts from themselves, a bad deal for the rest of Canadians, who through no fault of their own:

  • are suffering and dying from diseases not of their choosing, who cannot get from any level of government;
  • who must foot the bill for these drug addicts help, an unfair way to priorities who gets help and who does not;

I believe that the only criteria used to determine who gets help and in what time frame with lifesaving medical treatments, medicines and operations, is how much media attention a medical issue gets. For the politician, media attention translates into votes and getting votes is all politicians care about.

Jurisdiction:  One must take into consideration under whose jurisdiction healthcare falls. In Canada unfortunately healthcare is clearly within the jurisdiction of the provinces and territories.  Canada’s provincial governments are quick to claim jurisdiction over healthcare and even quicker to blame their mishandling of healthcare on the federal government.  Every time the federal government tries to get accountability for Canadians on how the provinces are spending health care dollars, the provincial government demands more money and tells them to keep their nose out of what is clearly their jurisdiction. 

All province and territorial governments are responsible for the things that are  covered or not covered by Medicare, in their respective provinces. This includes which prescription drugs are covered by them.  The only help, or input they will accept from the federal government is money.    It is your premiere and his government that are responsible for the long waits in emergency rooms, people dying while waiting for operations, and people not being able to afford to buy their prescription drugs.

It is the jurisdictional issue that also prevents Canadians from benefiting from buying drugs in a way that brings the cost of drugs down and a lot more affordable. 

Canadians die waiting for operations or medical treatments that could save their lives, because the provincial government funnels money earmarked for healthcare to other things. It is these things that are making universal Medicare and PharmaCare unsustainable; not the drug addict, Canadians with Hepatitis C , or even Canadians living too long.  That Canada has the only universal health system in the developed world that doesn’t have universal coverage of medicines, is also the fault of the provincial government.

Provincial government needs to stop using its jurisdiction over things like health and education as a way to raise funds to funnel into other things it wishes to support. Taking money for healthcare and erecting French only signs in Quebec hospitals, may get the government political points, but does nothing to improve the medical care of Quebecers. 

The ‘opioid crisis’ is just another example of  the federal government ignoring serious problems, until it is too late.  Drug addicts have been dying from bad drugs being sold to them by greedy unscrupulous, illegal drug dealers for years. There is nothing new about it.  This ‘opioid crisis’ represents a failure of the federal government to crack down and put an end to the illegal drug business in this country.  I have not heard of one major drug dealer arrested, charged, successfully prosecuted and jailed since this, ‘opioid crisis’ was declared. Most politicians seem to be trying to use this tragedy as political talking point, which is a tragedy.

There are those who say that the answer to the opioid crisis would be to give drug addicts who do not want to quit safe access to their drug of choice and a safe place to do the drug.  They claim that the government’s choice to take over just the illegal marijuana business, when it claims Canada is in the middle of an opioid crisis, makes no sense.  No one was dying in alleyways, or in their suburban bedrooms from illegally smoking marijuana, and yet the government chose to protect children from its use over other things. Taking over all the illegal drug business, from producing to selling would ensure that when a drug addict buys their drug of choice, they can be certain that what they are taking will be free of any additives that will cause them to lethally overdose.

I have had to wait over a year to get an MRI and have had to watch loved ones get sick, suffer and die waiting for treatments, operations, and medications due to a lack of government funding. The spending of millions of dollars to provide on the scene personnel and medication for drug addicts, shown on television, leaving the hospital and saying that they are going to take the same drug bothers me, but in reality I know that my waiting and suffering is not their fault.  We are both victims of what happens when you need the 10 provinces and 3 territories to agree on something important to all Canadians, that requires them to work with the federal government.

I understand the parents of drug addicts fighting for the lives of their loved ones, but feel that they must also understand how those who watch their loved ones suffer and die due to causes that are no fault of their own, feel.  It is not the fault of a child born with a life-threatening disease, or a person who contracted Hepatitis C while in the hospital. They wonder why they are being made to suffer, because a supposed lack of money?

Canadians need to get out and make some noise. Let their voices be heard in Ottawa, every provincial legislature and every city hall. Remember this politicking at election time and vote out those who would let you suffer and die.

As Canada spends billions of dollars celebrating Canada’s confederation I wonder how many lives could have been saved with just a fraction of that money.  If there is no money to sustain Medicare, why is their money for Canada wide celebrations?

Whether provincial, territorial, or federal, politicians need to be held to account. Canadians need to start saying no to elaborate parties that cost billions of dollars, when our Medicare system is unsustainable and we do not have universal PharmaCare.

Canadians need to remember that when a politician says there is no money to fund something, what they are really saying is that there is no political value in helping you.   The “Opioid Crisis”, has been picked up by the news and every politician wants to look as if they are trying to do something to end it.  The government will  try to pit the needs of one group of Canadians against another, because that is how they do things. 

There will always be a debate about priorities when it comes to who should be saved first the drug addict, or the person dying from a disease not of their own choice, until the government makes saving all Canadians in need of medical attention its number one priority. There is no such thing as people who cannot be saved and no such thing as wasted money when it comes to the life of a loved one.


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In A World Without Honor, No Nation Can Claim The Moral High Ground

I do not support the torturing, oppressing, terrorising, degrading, or killing of any person. A person’s country of origin, culture, religion, or language, does not make them a better human being. What a person chooses to do with all of those things, are what make a person a better human being.  It is not the making of promises, the signing of deals, or the successful negotiation of treaties, that makes for the sustainability of nation to nation trust.  It is the honoring of them, that makes for the sustainability of nation to nation trust.  In a world without honor, no nation can claim the moral high ground.

Unfortunately military might and the use of violence has replaced honor in modern times. Without honor, promises, trade deals and treaties are a waste of time, ink and breath.  Sadly trust, acceptance and religious tolerance all too often depend upon how willing a person is to give up their freedom of religion and conform to things like the dress code of the masses. Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Chad, The Netherlands, and Switzerland have all made it illegal for Muslim women to wear a Burka or Niqab in public.

These European nations have signed international treaties and are a party to United Nation agreements that denounce such religious intolerance, but none of that seems to matter. They justify their racism and intolerance by insisting that saving Muslim women from a male-imposed doctrine, must be put before liberty itself.  It is indeed a crazy world. Europe taking part in wars so that Muslims citizens in predominately Muslim countries can have the same civil and human rights enjoyed by the citizens of the west, while openly denying liberty to Muslims living in the west.

Why governments of the west think that bombing  an enemy from high in the sky, or from far out to sea, constitutes acts of bravery and not acts of cowardly terrorism, remains a mystery to me. Causing the deaths of innocent civilians and calling it acceptable collateral damage, is barbaric.  The leaders of western governments who order such actions, are just as cowardly and barbaric as the leaders of ISIS, who order their followers to ram cars into innocent people walking on a bridge, or live stream the beheading of  helpless captives.  Both are examples of brutal military tactics showing little or no regard for innocent lives.   They are Military tactics designed to kill, instill fear in, and terrorize the civilian population of your enemy: no matter the spin, or side of the conflict one finds themselves on.

I guess what irritates me the most is that the members of the Western Alliance insist that they are  justified, in their actions, and hold the moral high ground in these never-ending wars.  It never fails to make me wonder at the arrogance of western leaders and their people, who expect and demand that the people of foreign lands give up all that is theirs without a fight, and calling all actions of self-defense, terrorism.

It is not the Muslim’s of modern times who:

  • have roamed the world, colonizing, raping and pillaging in the name of God and progress;
  • are guilty of making promises, deals and treaties that they have no intention of keeping;
  • have forced refugees fleeing from countries ravaged by war to live camps sometimes for forty years, in deplorable conditions;
  • religiously persecute all Muslims in their countries for attacks perpetrated by a few Muslim extremists. Trying to appease the far right anti-Muslim/anti-immigration portion of their populations.

Western Military Interventions 

The Americans and the Western Alliance are  involved in a minimum of 134 military actions around the world. This means that they are claiming they are right from a moral standpoint to interfere in the business of 134 sovereign states.  They insist that their only motive in all of these interventions is to ensure that all of the people of the world get to enjoy  peace, prosperity, and freedom from oppression.


Political stability and justice for all, and a safe place in their own land for their children to grow up in, are the promises made from the west before and during every military intervention.   What these people have received thus far out of western military interventions have been, forced mass migrations, far too many dead civilians and the distinction of being a people without a country, that no Western Alliance government really wants settling in their country.

The result of these military interventions for the west have been, world instability, acts of terrorism perpetrated against their people both domestically and abroad, and a world literally on the brink of Armageddon.

The nations of the west can never claim the moral high ground as long as they continue to justify their deliberate withholding of basic human and civil rights guaranteed under international law to any human beings. These basic human rights include:

  • liberty;
  • justice;
  • religious freedom;
  • equality;
  • freedom of expression.

The nations of the west can never claim the moral high ground as long as they continue to run refugee camps where refugees live sometimes for as long as 40 years in conditions so bad that:

  • After visiting the Idomeni camp on Greece’s border with Macedonia, Greek interior minister, Panagiotis Kouroublis  said, “I do not hesitate to say that this is a modern-day Dachau, a result of the logic of closed borders.”  “Whoever comes here takes several blows to the stomach.”
  • At a ceremony in memory of modern-day Christian martyrs, Pope Francis said, “These refugee camps – so many are concentration camps, crowded with people … because international accords seem more important than human rights.” “We live in a civilization that is not having children but also closes its door to migrants: This is called suicide.” “Let us think about the cruelty afflicting so many people, about the exploitation of those arriving on boats.” “Italy and Greece are providing a welcome, but then international agreements mean they cannot move on.”  “If every municipality in Italy took in just two migrants there would be a place for everyone.”

Finally the nations of the west can never claim the moral high ground as long as groups like the American Jewish Committee espouse views such as:

  • We are asking the pontiff to reconsider his “regrettable” choice of words. CEO, of the AJC David Harris, said, “The conditions in which migrants are currently living in some European countries may well be difficult, and deserve still greater international attention, but concentration camps they certainly are not.”

Note: In Canada last year, hate crime against Muslims rose by 60%.  This included 6 deaths of Muslim men kneeling in prayer in a mosque, hate speech painted on mosques, Muslim women physically and verbally abused in public, and threats of  violence including rape and death made by phone.  These crimes are always followed by a promise to do their best from the police.  These types of crimes all too often end up without arrest and prosecution of the criminals.  The police are always quick to say that they just do not have the resources to deal with hate crimes. 

In a world without honor, no nation can claim the moral high ground.




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LGBT Community to Get An Official Apology from The Federal Government! Still No Official Apology for Canadian Black Citizens

I applaud the Canadian government for officially apologizing and in some cases compensating groups of people that they have wronged in the past.  Persons of Chinese, Japanese, Sikh, Jewish, First Nations, are examples of groups of people that the Canadian government found it necessary to either officially apologize to, or apologize to and compensate, for wrongs done to them by the government of Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau has said that he will honor a campaign promise an officially apologize and possible offer a compensation package to the LGBT community before this winter.  It is this new promise that has reopened and old wound. I agree an official apology is due the LGBT community, but what about the Black community?

Every time the government officially apologizes to another group of people without officially apologizing to Black Canadians the scab is ripped from the unhealed wound of all Canadian Black people. Black Canadians cannot heal, because no matter which federal party holds the power in Ottawa, none has apologized, or promised to apologize to the survivors or descendants of those they have so horrifically wronged.

Does the Canadian government really believe that:

  • Canada has done nothing wrong to Black people?
  • To apologize would be admitting something that they wish to stay officially in Canada’s closet?
  • Black people of do not care if they get an official apology or not?
  • That the suffering of Blacks in this country was not bad enough to warrant an official apology?

I do not which one, or combination of reasons accounts for the lack of an official apology. I do know that Black Canadians are the only Canadians that have been damaged by the Canadian government’s action, or in-action that has not been officially apologised to.

The Canadian government has always insisted that:

  • Black people faced no discrimination in the immigration process when seeking to immigrate to Canada. The truth is that when Black Oklahoman farmers developed an interest in moving to Canada to flee increased racism at home, several boards of trade and the Edmonton Municipal Council called on Ottawa to prevent black immigration. In 1911, an order in council was drafted prohibiting the landing of “any immigrant belonging to the Negro race, which race is deemed unsuitable to the climate and requirements of Canada”;
  • Canada’s only role in the slavery business, was to provide refuge and a fresh start for freed American slaves. The truth is that Canada provided lumber and food for the slave ships and received rum, tobacco, sugar, and enslaved Africans in return;
  • Black immigrants were given the opportunity to become successful members of Canadian society. The truth is that African-Canadians were excluded from most employment except domestic work or as railroad porters;
  • Black Canadians should praise Canada for all the love and support that their ancestors received at the hands of the government of Canada and all Canadians. The truth is that the provincial government of Nova Scotia bulldozed down an African-Canadian village located just north of Halifax that was founded in the mid-18th century.   Promises to replace the evicted families’ houses were never kept, monetary compensation for the for many of the evicted was never received.   The victims of the racist government action now have a park dedicated to the memory of their loss.

The truth is that the ancestors of Black Canadians ran to a country where slaves were bought and sold and where even after the abolition of slavery they were hated and treated as inferior.

One only need read the story of Marie Joseph Angelique. For the full story of Marie Joseph Angelique follow this link, it is where I got the info for the short version used in this post.  http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/marie-joseph-angelique

Marie Joseph Angelique, born circa 1705 in Madeira, Portugal died June 21, 1734 in Montreal Canada.  Angelique was an enslaved Black woman. In 1734, she was charged with arson after a fire leveled Montreal’s merchants quarter. It was alleged that Angelique committed the act while attempting to flee her bondage. This accusation was never proven. (The only confession from her came because of her torture.) Marie Joseph Angelique would be tortured, hanged, and then her body burned.

Well that is an example of what Black people had to endure during the birth of Canada.  After slavery was abolished in Canada things did not go any better for Black Canadians in Canada’s infancy. Canada did not officially abolish slavery until August 1st, 1834. That is 100 years after the murder of Marie Joseph Angelique, and 30 years before Canada as a nation is born.

Montreal just celebrated its 375th birthday and it was no surprise to me that role of Black people in the success of the city was not directly mentioned in the Mayors speech.

The Mayor: “I think it’s a great moment that we are living today, because we always put forward the idea of living together,” Mayor Denis Coderre said Wednesday.  “We started with the French, with the Indigenous people. We have our flag that represents the English, the Irish and the Scottish, then all that wonderful diversity that sends a strong message that living together is part of our DNA.”

I am with the First Nations people, who point out that Montreal was founded on land stolen from the Mohawks. Expecting First Nations people and other non white, non-Christian to find a lot to celebrate about is in my opinion both insensitive and unrealistic. This was a celebration for White, Christian people of European descent. This is a flaunting and celebration of the historical wrong doing, associated with European colonialism.

Unfortunately not too much has changed for Blacks living in a supposedly more civilized, open and proud to be richly diverse, Canada.

For example:

  • forced relocation of an entire ethnic community such as Africville in Nova Scotia?  The relocation of the Africville residents occurred between 1964 and 1967. The last house was bulldozed January 2, 1970.
  • In the province of Quebec, Canadian Black people cannot get the Quebec government to stop using the word “Nigger” when officially naming government landmarks. The Quebec government has used the excuse that removing the word “Nigger” from existing government landmarks, would diminish the historical accuracy of said sites.
  • In Quebec, Canada, Black face performances are still considered an acceptable form of entertainment and part of Quebec’s cultural heritage.  An art form to be proud of and passed on from one generation to another; no matter how offensive to Black people it is;
  • From the West Coast to the East Coast Black have been murdered by white police officers. Officers are charged, but always found not guilty of abusing their duty. When they are found guilty of being racist, they are not removed from the force, but rather protected and given what amounts to being slapped on the wrist.

A good place for the government to begin to consider whether Black Canadians deserve an apology from them or not, would be their involvement in:

  • the African slave trade for a minimum of 100 years.
  • the forcefully stripping of African slaves of their cultural, language and religion. (this is a definition of genocide)

All that the Afro-Canadian Black once was, was forcefully taken from them: replaced even in freedom by those of the White masters. It is historical fact that the Canadian government took an active role in what was going on.

Canada will celebrate its 150th birthday on July 1st, and with no apology in sight for its Black citizens, it is my guess that the Canadian government will be asking their Black citizens to once again put on a happy face, pretend that everything is okay, and keep Canada’s abuse of them in the closet… a conversation best not had in public. The non-conversation making an official apology from the government, not necessary.

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I Stand For Freedom Of Expression And Cultural Sharing / I Stand With Amanda PL

“The thing about the type of work that she is creating is it is heavily rooted in traditional ideals and different teachings and it is considered sacred, so it wasn’t always even considered artwork in the way that we think about art now.”  Could not this be said of all art in all cultures?  Are we not all in some way guilty of cultural appropriation? Continue reading

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Sorry Justin, Canada Needs A Prime Minister That Does Good For Them!

When I think of Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, an old Star-Kist tuna commercial pops into my head. The one that tells Charlie, “Sorry Charlie we want tuna that tastes good, not tuna with good taste”.  Trudeau keeps saying things and doing things that make him look good.  The problem is that his looking good is doing very little when it comes to making the lives of the average Canadian, economically, environmentally, or socially better.

Many Canadians found it entertaining when women gushed over what they saw as Justin Trudeau’s physical good looks and charm. Canadians felt important and included when he said that he cared and valued what we thought. Canadians, felt they could trust Justin Trudeau, because he walked among them, talked directly to them and promised them “Sunny Ways”.  Justin Trudeau, looked and sounded so good after ten years of Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper:

  • was distant and unapproachable;
  • did not seem to value, or want the opinions of anyone who had opinions that did not promote, or support his agenda: governing Canada like it was a dictatorship rather than a democracy;
  • appeared to be uncomfortable when in direct contact with ordinary Canadians, or in public settings. dictatorship style of governance.

After over a year of broken campaign promises, many Canadians are beginning to think Justin Trudeau is all talk and no walk.

There seem to be many reasons for what appears to be his inability to get things done, such as:

  • he seems not to understand, or appreciate the mechanics of Canadian politics;
  • appears to be naïve, talking of sunny ways and ignoring the complexities and intricacies of dealing effectively with opposition parties, arm’s-length government agencies, and the senate, in order to get its agenda accomplished.

Justin Trudeau made several mistakes before the campaign, during the campaign and after winning the election that have put the Liberal Party at disadvantage when it comes to governing, even though they have a majority government.

Before the campaign: Justin Trudeau’s biggest mistake was to make the Liberal appointed senators independent, without getting the Conservatives to do the same.  The decision to do so looked good, but put his party at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to getting bills through the Senate.

The unofficial  campaign: Justin Trudeau’s unofficial campaign started shortly after he became the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Trudeau’s inability to open his mouth without putting his foot in it, forced him to take to the road and sell himself and his party as the more accessible, empathetic, inclusive, democratic party. Trudeau did a great job of convincing the majority of Canadians that the Liberal Party of Canada was the political party that would guarantee that all Canadians would get a voice, and guaranteed that would not only be heard, but what was heard would be transformed into meaningful action. The problem is that he had promised himself and his party to be all things to all people. This is an impossible task.  This mistake set himself, his party to look like hypocrites and lying just to get votes.

The official campaign: Justin Trudeau painted himself and his party into a corner by stating that his party saying that he would not do whatever it took to get accomplished the things that he promised Canadians he would do for them.

It will be slow going for the Trudeau government as they try to get legislation passed, because:

  • once Liberal Senators now independent can no longer be counted on to vote along party lines;
  • the opposition party’s belief that they were elected to vote against every motion, or bill that the government puts forward;
  • of the promise, not use the power of the majority government that Canadians gave him.

Unfortunately, the Liberals are in a self-inflicted no win situation. They will either look bad when they finally try to use their majority to get legislation passed, or be considered ineffective as a government if they stick to their campaign promise and do not get their legislation passed.

Justin Trudeau sold himself as:

  • a feminist;
  • an environmentalist;
  • a leader who wanted a better relationship with First Nations;
  • a leader that guaranteed democratic reform, starting with the end of first past the post elections.

Listed below are some of the reasons that I feel that all the above things that Justin Trudeau sold himself as during the campaign have since the election been proved to be false. Justin Trudeau:

  • promised to be a “global leader” on climate change.  After the election was won, Federal Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, only six days on the job, while in Paris preparing for the United Nations climate-change summit gave the green light for Montreal to dump billions of liters of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River so the city can make critical repairs to its waste-water system. (a billion liters of raw sewage into the river a day for five days.);
  • promoted himself as a feminist. After the election agreed to a joint  initiative to empower women with American President Donald Trump, who is a self-admitted violator of women,(In 2017, this seems like giving a convicted sex offender, community service in a women shelter instead of going to jail.);
  • promised to repeal parts of the controversial Bill C-24, which gave Ottawa the power to strip Canadian citizenship from dual nationals. After the election, Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, made it her priority to clean up Canada’s Criminal Code by stripping so-called “zombie laws” from the books instead;
  • promised to create a new relationship with Indigenous nations. After the election he okayed two controversial pipeline projects despite the vigorous objection of many of the First Nations communities who are in the direct path of the projects…causing a spokesperson for the Tsleil-Waututh Nation to call the Prime Minister a “serial liar”.
  • Promised democratic reform. On June 16  2015 while campaigning Justin Trudeau said,”We are committed to ensuring that the 2015 election will be the last federal election using first-past-the-post”  On Dec. 4, 2015 , his Throne speech pledges to boot first-past-the-post. Justin Trudeau abandoned this campaign promise. Feb. 1, 2017  Justin Trudeau bails on promise to change Canada’s voting system;
  • promised to legalize marijuana in part so young adults would stop getting criminal records for simple procession of recreational pot. After the election was won, he introduced legislation to let adults possess 30 grams of marijuana in public, while at the same time ordering the police to “enforce the law” and criminally charge illegal marijuana dispensaries and those who use marijuana recreationally. The Prime Minister said,”Until the new law is enacted some time in 2017, the current prohibition stands.” “So, I don’t know how much clearer we can be that we’re not legalizing marijuana to please recreational users.”

The people of Canada were promised a voice in their governance, meaningful action, and transparency in exchange for their vote.  We were promised sunny ways, but all that I have seen so far is broken promises and his admission that on most issues he has no idea what Canadians want, and on the issues he feels he knows  what we want, he has no clue on how to give it to us.

Canada and Canadians need and deserve more out of their Prime Minister, then a self-promoting, camera hog, who cannot help thrusting himself in front of a camera for a photo opt at every available opportunity, like he did when he:

  • took to the stage to give a speech at a Canadian play on Broadway, written by Canadians to honor and remember Canada and Canadian’s willingness to help others in time of crisis;
  • made a cameo appearance in the opening skit of the Juno Awards.

Sorry Justin, Canadians need a Prime Minister that does good things for them, rather than looks good for them!

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada’s King Of Marijuana In Waiting

This post is not about whether the legalization of medical marijuana was a good thing to do, although I did write in 2014 in which I argued against its legalization, which I considered and still consider a huge mistake. For the sake of argument in this post, I will not challenge the assertions that some people with certain medical problems can and do find relief by taking medical marijuana, and that the relief they get is worth whatever other damage they are doing to themselves by ingesting carcinogens from the smoke of burning cigarette papers…because that is not what this post is about. 

This post is about the tabling of legislation by the Liberal government on Thursday, April 13th 2017. The Trudeau government hopes that by Canada Day, Canadians will be able to grow, buy and use recreational marijuana legally.  I knew that those in the business of illegally trafficking marijuana, would use the legalization of medical marijuana to push for the Government to legalize the production, sale and use of recreational marijuana. I hoped that those responsible for the health, safety and welfare of all Canadians, would display better sense.  It seems however that MP’s from all political stripes and at all levels of government have admitted to having indulged in their past and cannot envision a Canada that does allow its citizens to legally smoke marijuana.

Marijuana has become falsely referred to and accepted as the cool drug; the safe drug, and the non-addicting drug.  Marijuana is a drug with a very seductive reputation, caused partially, by our politicians and community leaders continued assertions that it is a non-addictive recreational drug.   To say that marijuana is not addictive is a lie. 

I know of people right now who:

  • cannot go a day without smoking marijuana without experiencing the same type of symptoms as a heroin addict going cold turkey;
  • say that smoking marijuana is no longer getting them high, but helps to make them feel normal;
  • are on welfare and fixed incomes, doing without food, or not paying bills… unable to resist spending at least $100 a month, or $25 a week to buy what amounts 3 joints.

Science based evidence and years of study have proven that:

  • ingesting carcinogens from the smoke of burning cigarette papers causes all sorts of serious medical problems such as cancer. Taking care of these sick people will be the provinces problem, since healthcare falls under the jurisdiction of the provinces;
  •   marijuana is the drug youngsters usually experiment with first. The only thing that stopped some youngsters from experimenting with marijuana in the first place was that it was illegal. As a result, they did not move on to other drugs like cocaine, or heroin. The cost of providing healthcare and all the other cost in dealing with the increase of addicts due to the legalization of marijuana will fall on the provinces;
  • people high on marijuana drive high and endanger the lives of others. Their reflexes and sense of reality distorted for up to four hours after smoking just one joint;
  • that very few people can admit that they are addicts. Even when they lose everything most addicts will tell you that they can quit whenever they want;
  • that irresponsible people take marijuana as well as responsible people.

Despite all that Justin Trudeau knows about the harm that marijuana can do, Justin Trudeau has decided through the legalization of marijuana to:

  • remove the only effective deterrent that stopped some youngsters from getting involved;
  • take over the once illegal marijuana business… making it legal for them to produce and sell marijuana while keeping it illegal for others to do so; (Put itself in charge of licensing)
  • put provincial governments in charge of the, pricing, producing, and policing of marijuana for recreational use.

Justin Trudeau, justifies nationalizing what use to be considered the illegal marijuana business, by insisting that he and his government want to;

  • take the money from the bad guys;
  • protect our underage children from gaining easy access to the drug;
  • to stop clogging the courts down with cases of people who like to smoke recreationally;
  • to stop young people from getting criminal records that could harm their future.

If Trudeau really believes that by taking over the marijuana business he is going to be helping to keep marijuana out of the hands of underage Canadian children, or take revenue from organized crime, then why stop at decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana? Why not take over the whole illegal drug trade? Then addicts:

  • could be assured that the cocaine, heroin and other drugs that they were snorting and shooting were of decent quality and not laced with synthetic drugs like Fentanyl that are killing hundreds of addicts and first time thrill takers daily in western Canada.
  • all illegal drug dealers would be put out of business;
  • no one would get a record for taking drugs and chance ruining their futures because of a criminal record for personal drug possession or usage.

The truth of the matter is that legalizing marijuana has never been more than a cash grab. In a time when his government is starving for a source of new cash, legalizing the production, distribution and selling of marijuana is too big of a cash cow for Trudeau to pass up.  Justin Trudeau has decided it is acceptable to gamble with your health to enable him to make money to pay for the billions of dollars he is intending to put Canada in debt.

It seems that things that were once considered bad for Canadians and made illegal for the private citizen to make a business of, have been legalized over the years to fill the government’s pockets, such as:

  • bootlegging now distributed and sold in government licensed stores;
  • the numbers racket now called lotteries, only sold by government licensed vendors;
  • pin ball machines in clubs now called slot machines owned, operated and distributed in places willing to pay the government part of its profits; restaurants, bowling alleys and bars;
  • private gambling joints, now government-owned and operated casinos

In the afore-mentioned, the only thing that changed in the past, and will change in the future, is to whom the alcoholic, problem gambler, and now drug addict had to and will have to pay for the privilege of hurting themselves, their families and everyone else around them.  Instead of some heartless criminal getting rich off of their addictions, their heartless government will soon be the new gangster in charge.


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Firing Senator Meredith Does Nothing To Protect Minor Aged Girls From Predatory Men

I have two daughters ages thirty and forty, and two granddaughters ages five and twenty-one.  One of my daughters at fourteen years old fell for an older man, started not coming home at night, and began to have sex with him.  Like any concerned loving parent, I thought that the law was on my side and reported the man to the Montreal police.  I was told that my fourteen-year-old was of legal age to consent and the man had broken no laws. 

I am telling you this, because I know what it is:

  • to be a parent;
  • to have a fourteen-year-old daughter fall in love with an older man;
  • to have the law protect the adult man instead of my minor child;
  • to feel helpless and betrayed;
  • to live my life in fear that the same thing will happen to my granddaughters, because the law has not changed.

What I find to be as disgusting as what Senator Meredith admits to doing, is the fact that Senator Don Meredith, has been found to have broken no Canadian law. Not one of the outraged politicians, news anchors, guest panelists, called for a change in the law that makes it legal in Canada for an adult man to prey on girls fourteen and up for sex.  Everyone is so busy talking about saving the reputation of the senate, that no one is talking about changing the legal age of consent back to eighteen-years-old, and putting some serious consequences for those found guilty of statutory rape. 

Does it make any sense that a fourteen-year-old girl in Canada is considered old enough to consent to sex with an adult male under the law, but not old enough to, smoke, drink alcohol, gamble, quit school, or vote? Does it make sense that as an adult to sell a person under eighteen-years-old tobacco products or alcoholic beverages is a crime, but an adult can enter into a relationship with a fourteen-year-girl and offer to make her a star, or an intern, for sex?

Senator Don Meredith and miss M’s story in my opinion is no different from that of René Angélil and Celine Dion, and yet the story of René Angélil and Celine  Dion is considered one of the great love stories and successes of all time and Senator Don Meredith and miss M’s story is considered to be disgraceful. How can one of these men be guilty of an immoral relationship, so reprehensible that he must be driven from his job, and yet the other be allowed to use his immoral relationship to become entertainment royalty, amass great wealth, and most get a state funeral?

I do not believe that the race card is being played out in the senate, but I do believe that when the senate says it is considering trying to do an end run around its own rules when it comes to the firing of a sitting senator, then it opens itself to the race card and a whole bunch of other problems.

There are rules of conduct in every work place, as there are in the senate. It is important that these rules are applied the same to everyone.  When talking about the integrity, honor, morality of the senate, an institution responsible for helping to create the rules that Canadians live under, how can one breach of the standard be more of an offense than another?

It is important to understand that in spite of the fact that Senator Don Meredith is an embarrassment to:

  • himself;
  • his office;
  • his race;
  • his peers both in the senate and his church, as well as to his family;
  • Senator Don Meredith has of yet to be charged with any criminal offense by any police agency in Canada, because he has not broken any laws.

Under the Constitution, a senator can be removed for five reasons:

  • If for two consecutive Sessions of the Parliament, he fails to give his Attendance in the Senate.
  • If he takes an Oath or makes a Declaration or Acknowledgment of Allegiance, Obedience, or Adherence to a Foreign Power, or does an Act whereby he becomes a Subject or Citizen, or entitled to the Rights or Privileges of a Subject or Citizen, of a Foreign Power.
  • If he is adjudged Bankrupt or Insolvent, or applies for the Benefit of any Law relating to Insolvent Debtors, or becomes a public Defaulter.
  • If he is attainted of Treason or convicted of Felony or of any infamous Crime.
  • If he ceases to be qualified in respect of Property or of Residence; provided, that a Senator shall not be deemed to have ceased to be qualified in respect of Residence by reason only of his residing at the Seat of the Government of Canada while holding an Office under that Government requiring his Presence there.

The end run around its own  rules has never been tried before, by the senate…not even:

  • at the height of the senate scandal;
  • when Mike Duffy was found innocent of all charges;
  • when Senator Beyak spoke of the “good intentions” behind the residential schools system;
  • after Senator Beyak  refused to take back her statement, or give up her seat on the Senate’s Aboriginal Peoples committee;
  • when Senator Brazeau’s was arrested on February 7, 2013, for domestic assault and sexual assault;
  • on September 15, 2015, when Senator Brazeau pleaded guilty to simple assault and cocaine possession as part of a plea deal in which other assault charges were dropped, and he was acquitted of sexual assault.

Some of the things being suggested the senate do about Senator Meredith are listed below.

  • Television programs hosted by the likes of  Rosie Barton, Don Martin, and their regular assortment of political pundits have stated on television that they do not care what the law says and insist that the senate should do whatever is necessary to get rid of Senator Don Meredith.
  • Interim Conservative Party Leader, Rona Ambrose and most of the senators believe the senate should do this end run around the law and the senate rules to end the Meredith embarrassment.
  • The NDP wants Trudeau to put pressure on the senate to change their rules, although the senate is supposed to be an independent and separate entity from the House of Commons.
  • The senate itself has asked their law clerk to look further into Section 18 of the Constitution Act.  Section 18 of the Constitution Act states that Canadian parliamentarians have all the “privileges, immunities or powers … enjoyed, and exercised by the Commons House of Parliament in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.” (In Britain, MPs can oust a member of the House of Commons with a majority vote in favor of a motion to remove that person. Section 18 seems to imply that Canadian senators could have that same power).

 Everyone seems to think that it would be okay to violate the existing rules and historical practices of the senate and do whatever it takes to remove Senator Don Meredith. They all seem to agree that they would not like to see this happen too often though…perhaps just this once to remove Senator Don Meredith. I say stop grandstanding and work to change the law that makes girls of fourteen years old easy targets for male predators!

What does it say of Canadian justice and Canadian institutions responsible for creating and passing the laws that Canadians are supposed to live by, if those in parliament and the senate adhere to an alternative, or shadow justice system, which ignores Canadian law and the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Canadian Constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

Canada is supposed to be a country that believes in the rule of law. Canada’s belief that that all Canadians are equal and can expect equal treatment under Canadian law, is a corner-stone if not the very foundation upon which Canada’s democracy depends.  The push to remove Senator Don Meredith from the senate by any means necessary, may:

  • look like the right thing to do, surface;
  • satisfy most people’s desire to see him removed from the senate.

The reality is that this is little more than:

  • mob justice;
  • vigilante justice;
  • political grandstanding.

None of the above mentioned will do anything to stop older men from having inappropriate relationships with minor girls.

There will always be men like the man who had sex with my daughter at fourteen, René Angélil, or Senator Don Meredith: Men who do the things that they do and get away with it, because the law is on their side. Until the government stops using this issue as a political football and the law is changed, girls of minor age will continue to be, unprotected by Canadian law, at risk and vulnerable to the desires and urges of adult men.

Justin Trudeau sits with a majority government right now and could change the law and make it illegal for an adult male to have sex with a minor.

Rona Ambrose’s Conservative Party of Canada had a majority government and they never passed a law to protect minor girls from adult male sexual predators.

None of the NDP have called for any changes to the law.

I am not concerned about:

  • how embarrassed the senate is by the actions of Don Meredith;
  • how the senate can’t withstand another scandal.

What I am concerned about is:

  • all of the other minor girls that remain vulnerable to adult male predators;
  • all of the parents who will find no help within Canada’s legal system protect their children adult male predators;
  • that not one political party or politician has called for a change in the law that protects minor girls from adult male predators.

If the law had been changed years ago:

  • I would not have been helpless while an adult male had sex with my minor daughter;
  • Celine Dion’s mother could have stopped the relationship between her minor; daughter and an adult man, that she was concerned about and did not approve of;
  • The senate would have no problem removing Don Meredith, because he would be in jail for breaking the law.

Changing the senate rules may be out of reach without opening up the constitution, but changing the law is not. Changing the law, just requires the political will to do so.

If Senator Don Meredith resigned tomorrow, only the senate would win, because his removal from the senate would do nothing to protect minor girls from being preyed on.

 Talk is cheap! Action is required to save lives!



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