We Didn’t Know Won’t Work This Time

The nations that are supposed to represent the free world have once again proven their true nationalistic nature and their cowardice. Their refusal to do what they know is right according to international law, and democratic values has rendered them moot. The members of the United Ntions, the G7,  European Union and Nato are  guilty of standing by while genocide is being committed on the innocent civillians of Ukraine by a brutal dictator named Vladimir Putin. This time these so-called leaders of the free world can’t say that they didn’t know what was going on, or they did not know that the situation was that bad!

The excuse used after the 2nd world war by the USA and other nations who could have and should have stop the extermination of 6 million European Jews by Hitler and his Nazis,  will not work this time. It was a weak excuse the last time. Hourly updates on Putin’s war on Ukraine on the internet, television and radio make it impossible for any world leader, government, or people to claim that they did had no knowledge that war crimes, crimes against humanity and other atrocities were being inflicted on the innocent men, women, and childrent by the the Butcher of Ukraine/Vladimir Putin. The Butcher of Ukraine/Vladimir Putin is doing all this in plain sight, while the nations who swore never to allow genocide to happen again cowers in the shadows making excuses for not joining in the fight. Tough talk and sanctions will not stop the wiping of Ukraine off of the map. Sending weapons to the Ukraine, will not stop Putin from exterminating the innocent Ukranian civillians.

  • Publically saying to  the Butcher of Ukraine that under no cirumstance will NATO put boots on the ground to hep Ukraine, but will provide weapons and body bags instead tells the Butcher of Ukraine: You can kill every Ukrainian, take their country over and we will not interfere, just do not attack a country in NATO.
  • Just supplying weapons and body bags to Ukraine and  not putting boots on the ground, kind of like throwing David a slingshot to fight Goliath, hoping that David kills Go;iath with a lucky shot and saves the world.

What is become increasingly clear is that the so-called countries who say that democracy and world ruled based order is not a given but must be fought for if necessary, really means we will stand by you if:

  • your nation happens to be useful militarily, like say Israel.
  • your nation has oil or other assets that the west needs, like Afghanistan.
  • defending your will not cost the nations of the west economical hardship.
  • defending your country will; not cause the west to fight and enemy with equal weaponry and military capabilities.

Social media’s ability to have instant graphic pictorial news coverage distributed to millions of people around the world simultaneously makes the “I didn’t know excuse” not valid. We have seen the president of Ukraine beg for what he feels that he needs.

I guess that I got this nuclear deterrent thing all wrong. I was under the impression that they were supposed to stop and make aggressive nations rethink taking aggressive unprovoked war like actions against other nations. i mean the thought was that everybody wanted to go on living and just the threat of another nuclear armed nation using them as a last hail Mary attempt at victory would cause a retaliatory strike that would be the beginning of Armageddon. This was and is the explanation that nations that have nuclear weapons have given for not getting rid of their nuclear arsenals.

The real problem though is the nationalistic policies of the president of the USA, Joe Biden. Trump at least pulled out of NATO. This allowed Europe, Canada and the rest of the world who believed in democracy and ruled based law and order to think differently about the USA coming to the rescue. It made it clear that the USA did not feel any obligation, or political will to defend the rights and freedoms of like-minded countries being threatened by dictators and autocratic regimes.

Biden’s is a coward and under his cowardly leadership the dictators of the world who seek to go back to the days of empire building by force, know that they have nothing to fear and the likes of Butcher of Ukraine/Vladimir Putin and others feel free to wage war on their defenseless neighbors because they know that they will go unchallenged, because countries like Germany will not stop financing his war by turning off the flow of gas and oil from Russia no matter how many Ukrainians he murders. Neither will the USA put boots on the ground for fear it might get a bloody nose.

Perhaps democracy and the rule of law has always been more talk than walk. Something to hold up a orated about, but not fought for when challenged. As the great American experiment collapses, and right wing nationalistic political parties win in Europe and Canadian prime ministers refuse to protect their religious, linguistic and racial minorities, so goes Ukraine and its people.

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Color Them Yellow – NATO, Western Alliance, G7, G20, United Nations and All Who Watch and Do Nothing!

Current members of NATO include:

  • Luxembourg (1949) Montenegro (2017) Netherlands (1949)
  • North Macedonia (2020) Norway (1949) Poland (1999)
  • Portugal (1949) Romania (2004) Slovakia (2004)
  • Slovenia (2004) Spain (1982) Turkey (1952)
  • United Kingdom (1949) United States (1949)

G7 Nations

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union.

G20 Nations

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the European Union, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

When in comes right down to it the world was a better place before the Western Alliance NATO, the G7, G20, the United Nations, SWIFT, and all of the other international organizations who hide behind membership in order to not do the right thing. What good are these organizations if they can stand by and watch what is happening to Ukraine by Russia, out of cowardice.

What good are the membership states to these international entities who claim to believe in the right of all nation’s to self determination if they only are willing to support this value to those who fall under the preview of it’s membership and disallow membership to like minded nations seeking safety as if they are asking to join a members only golf club. The truth is that Ukraine has been denied entry into NATO, because of back room deals made with nations like Russia and China, because they fear the financial and life cost of doing something is just too high.

I realized what paper tigers the afore mentioned organizations are when I heard that the president of Ukraine who’s nation was under an unprovoked military attack  from Russia was denied help an entry into NATO, so that NATO did not have to put boots on the ground in Ukraine and fight the Russians.  USA’s President Joe Biden said, “Ukraine is not a NATO member, so there is no obligation on the USA or Europe to defend it.” No obligation?  Ukraine’s pleas for the creation of a no fly zone over its country have been denied because of the cowardice of those who could accomplish it, because the paper tigers fear the cost of doing what is right.

The nations of the western alliance, NATO, the G7, G20 and the United Nations have proven that none of the things that are listed below are worth fighting and dying for:

  • democracy;
  • the sovereignty of independent nations to live in peace without fear of being invaded by empire building nations;
  • the blatant violation of international laws and or treaties.

It was made clear when Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea, that the countries and so called democratic institutions were more bark than bite and were far more interested in persevering their trade deals, symbols of wealth and economic stature than they were in fighting for, enforcing and honoring the promises, laws and values that they bragged about since the 2nd world war.

So once again out of selfishness, greed and cowardice the world will stand by as a mad man murders innocent men, women and children because quite frankly other then doing the morally right thing, they consider Ukraine is of no strategic military, or economic value.

A ironic little History: NATO was formed on April 4, 1949, as a collective defense against a common enemy, the Soviet Union, which tried to expand its communist ideology using military might to central and east European countries after World War II. Major political events in Europe and the Balkans, including the coup d’état in Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union in 1948, became the immediate reasons behind the formation of NATO.

After the North Atlantic Treaty was signed on April 4, 1949, additional countries have joined NATO, bringing the total number of member countries to 28.

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What Have We Learned About Canadian Police, Policing, Politicians and Some Canadians As a Result of Covid19

Why put your children at risk?

Some Canadian police are cowards:

  • After watching the lack of police action and the reasons they have given for their lack of action to what has gone on for the past week in Ottawa Ontario and Coutts Alberta and the planned occupations of Quebec City Quebec, and Toronto Ontario, what else could one say. When a police force refuse to take the necessary measures to end a protest that has become an occupation because they are afraid to get police officers hurt. That is cowardice! They could offer the choice of the occupiers a no negotiation option of moving on and let those who wish to leave do so. Then the area could be blocked off with whatever it took and the authorities could start to arrest the drivers of the trucks. Once the drivers and other occupiers were arrested, send in police drivers not to tow out the trucks, but drive them out of the way so that the process did not take the 3 hours a truck estimated if done by towing the vehicles.  Police chiefs, officers and patrolmen do not know the laws regarding the right of citizens to peacefully assemble and protest, so I will share this information.

The Law:

  • Protesting in Section 2 (c) -Freedom of peaceful assembly.
  1. The right to protest and assemble in Canada is a constitutional right. But there is a caveat: the protest in question must be a “peaceful assembly” in order to be legal.

Section 2(c) – Freedom of peaceful assembly:  Provision:

  1. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
  2. freedom of peaceful assembly.

Section 2(c) guarantees the right to peaceful assembly; it does not protect riots and gatherings that seriously disturb the peace: R. v. Lecompte, [2000] J.Q. No. 2452 (Que. C.A.). It has been stated that the right to freedom of assembly, along with freedom of expression, does not include the right to physically impede or blockade lawful activities: Guelph (City) v. Soltys, [2009] O.J. No. 3369 (Ont. Sup. Ct. Jus), at paragraph 26.

My conclusion on this matter: After reading the laws on the right of protest in Canada as stated in 2(c):

    1. The police chief in Ottawa and others who are letting blockades and noisy protesters disrupt their cities are either ignorant of the law, cowards trying to hide behind a law that doesn’t exist or has someone been paid off by the organisers of the occupation to ignore the law…whatever the reason they should be fired. 
    2. The police for chief in charge of the Coutts Alberta blockade that has hindered the movement of traffic at the Canada USA boarder should also be fired for dereliction of duty and cowardice for the same reasons as the police chief in Ottawa. 

Some Canadian politicians view policy and policing in a different way when it comes to what is legal police action under the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms depending on the racial make up of the majority of the protesters.

Protest where the racial majority is not white:

  • We have all seen what happens when Indigenous people’s protests block trains from running through their land, or try to block the expansion of a golf course on sacred burial grounds on their land or when a small group of minorities engages in protest that blocks a single public street. These protests are met with swift government condemnation, followed up by action that is often violent, with little or no concern for the safety of either side. For these protest politicians of all stripes find their courage and resolve and quote federal, provincial, and civic laws that prohibit and limit what is allowed to happen in a legal peaceful protest.

Protest where the majority of the protesters are white:

  •  Two Canadian borders are illegally blocked 1 for 2 weeks and another for a few days stopping the normal flow of legal business and travel; with the risk of major job losses due business closures from lack of goods and the powers that be say that their hands are tied under the law and that they are concerned for the occupier’s safety.
  • The people of downtown Ottawa are not able to sleep, work, or go about their daily lives without being harassed by an occupying mob that is still being called a peaceful protest. Some Conservative party politicians are still calling the truckers convoy a peaceful democratic protest.   The new interim leader of the federal Conservative Party, Candice Bergen says, “there are good people on both sides,” has gone to dinner with some of the people who are illegally occupying the capital of Canada and posed with them beside the big trucks the occupiers are using for the blockade.
  • Pierre Poilievre announced his bid for the leadership of the federal Conservative Party by talking about how aligned his politics are with the people occupying the Canadian capital and how he will allow them and all Canadians to be even more free. Pierre Poilievre aligned himself with an angry mob that was and calling for the illegal removal of a duly elected federal prime minister and his government…in essence throwing his support behind an attempted coupe détente.   I believe the difference in how the law is being enforced and interpreted by the powers that be is based on the fact majority of the protesters in these cases are white.

Some Canadians are as evil and heartless as the Taliban or other terrorists’ groups:

  • They do not care how much hurt emotionally, physically, or mentally they impose on the innocent of a population.
  • They do not care how many people lose their businesses or jobs.
  • They have even stooped to using their own children as human shields…bringing young children to protest sites hoping to deter police action against themselves but putting their own children in the line of fire non the less. (Why have these children not been taken and put in protective custody for their safety like they do for indigenous children and minorities on the faintest suspicion of some wrongdoing?)

What of the rights of those who have followed the law, did their part to help those most vulnerable in society to covid 19 and who are unable to get vaccinated for medical reasons? Who speaks for them? Who protects their right to live in peace to be able to go to work to quite frankly and literally live if it is not the government and not the police?

My final word:

 Whether or not you are engaged in a legal protest as defined in Section 2(c) – Freedom of peaceful assembly and what the government and police response to one’s protest will be met with does not depend on:

  • Whether or not you are obeying the laws governing Canada, your province, or your city.
  • what you are protesting about.
  • What your demands are.
  • Who’s or what rights and freedoms a protest is infringing on when it comes to other citizens, but rather on what race makes up the majority of the protesters in any given protest. 

If you are Indigenous, or visible minority know that if you protest you will be met by police in a show of force and aggressive behaviour. A policing force whose only mandate is to put down the protest by any means necessary and immediately, but if your protest is made up of a majority of white protesters you will be taken to supper by politicians, given selfie opportunities with both politicians and police and allowed to do whatever you want for as long as you want no matter who it hurts or how much your occupation cost the government and the law abiding citizens you are making collateral damage with your actions.  

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How Long Will The Vaccinated Be Sacrificed To Save The Unvaccinated?


Unvaccinated, very few masks. No social distancing. These idiots are the cause of Quebec’s overwhelmed healthcare system, the curfew and lock downs they object to and the closing of schools and businesses!

I understood not being able to get a prescheduled operation to save the unvaccinated person when vaccines were not readily available, but this is no longer the case. I was taught at an early age that the choices and actions of everyone, always resulted in consequences. I believe that the choice not to be vaccinated for Covid 19 when there is vaccine readily available is and should be a choice of the individual, but that the only people that should suffer the consequences of that personal decision are the unvaccinated individuals by choice. What is happening in Canada and all over the world in this regard is totally against all that we are taught from the time we are children, teach to our children when we become adults and that apply to any other decision good or bad that we make throughout the course of our lives.

I do not want the government to get money by taxing the unvaccinated like they say that they are looking into in Quebec. What I do want is that the unvaccinated face the consequences of their informed choices in real time. I agree that the unvaccinated are making a personal choice after having been given all the pertinent information on vaccines and reasons for getting vaccinated and the serious negative affects not getting vaccinated could have on their health, life and death. I also believe that they, the unvaccinated should not receive any special medical, or financial treatment for losses that arise from their so called informed personal decision not to be vaccinated.

Since we can not have everything in duplicate like stores, gyms, restaurants, bars and salons…hospitals, government agencies and the like, I would suggest that the unvaccinated show some entrepreneurial spirit by:

  • Buying up lots of land and building antivaccination self sufficient communities complete with everything needed to exist like hospitals, gyms, bars, beauty salons, stores and restaurants…In this manner they would not have to leave their communities and spread the virus that they will inevitably be getting amongst anyone other that those who chose like then to make the personal choice of not getting vaccinated.

Imagine the immediate benefits if this were to come to pass, For instance instead of:

  1. blocking up the health system and causing delays for surgeries that are not life threatening but can be negatively life altering for those who chose to get vaccinated and are on the right side of science, the unvaccinated could go to a hospital or clinic right in their community, staffed by doctors, nurses, caregivers and support staff that have made the same personal choice not to get vaccinated as they did.
  2. Closing down all nonessential businesses to people who have followed the science and got vaccinated and are no longer a health threat to anyone from enjoying a normal life, because there are highly unvaccinated, contagious people running around demanding the same rights to a normal life and all that that entails…the unvaccinated could shop and do thigs normally in their own self efficient and self-reliant communities.
  3. Lock downs and curfews life’s clock could go back to 24hrs because no one would be at risk of contaminating anyone.

My best friend is 69 years old, is triple vaccinated and has been recently diagnosed with cervical stenosis. He has lost most of the feeling in his left foot and leg but cannot even sign the papers for his operation because the healthcare system in Quebec is being overwhelmed by Covid 19 unvaccinated patients.   I want my best friend to be able to get his spinal operation before the cervical stenosis he was diagnosed with completely paralyzes him.

I know 1st hand what the consequences are for waiting too long to have the corrective surgery for what ever the reason, because I was misdiagnosed and by the time, I got the operation some of my nerves died and full recovery was not possible and the recovery I was able to achieve took forever and a day. Why should anyone have to face paralysis because an none vaccinated person by choice is thrust to the front of the cue. If the choice to be not to be vaccinated is a personal choice to be respected, taken with the knowledge that if you get Covid 19 you could die and the vaccine is available, then is your refusal to be vaccinated your personal choice to accept the conscience of a death sentence?

Finally, my 10-year-old granddaughter just got covid 19. Emily fortunately got covid 19 after she became eligible for the vaccine on December 30th. As a result, she suffered minor symptoms and had to go into quarantine. I dread the thought that only a few weeks before Emily would have been too young to be vaccinated. 

Both of my school age grandchildren are now learning virtually because the schools are deemed unsafe for children and adults alike. This is because of the spread of covid 19 caused by the unvaccinated 10% of the population of Quebec.

It is time to stop the nonsense and letting the will of the few dictate the lives and deaths of the majority. Covid 19 is not a political issue to be used as a wedge to gain votes. Covid 19 is a health issue that has caused the deaths of millions of people and threatens to kill millions more if we as a people do not do what is medically sound. If we will not as a society mandate covid 19 vaccinations, then we must at least hold those who refuse to account and isolate them even further until they are only a danger onto themselves.


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The End of The World As We Know it Is Upon Us

We have failed as caretakers of this planet called earth!

I truly believe that the end of the world as we know it; the Apocalypse, or the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ that is talked about in the bible is upon us and there is no way out, nor anything anyone can do to stop it. We have whored, warred, and polluted all that that once was pure and decent. We, humanity have allowed what is truth to be viewed as lies and what is untrue to be seen as truth. Humanity is an abomination before God and is a constant reminder to God that we are not deserving of all that the Lord has given onto us with instructions to take care of and cherish.

The first sign of the apocalypse heralds the coming of an Antichrist whose purpose is to lead the world astray.  In this category we have a large selection of worthy candidates competing for the job like Putin and Trump.

The second sign is represented by the onset of war and violence, the viciousness, destructiveness, and inhumanity not seen before.  What China is doing in what it calls its region Hong Kong and Taiwan and Russia’s military build up on its border with Ukraine which Ukraine, the USA and the European Union see as a precursor to invasion and the threats of retaliation in both cases are leaving the world on edge and on the precipice of what could be the war to end all wars, as fulfilment of this sign.

The third and fourth signs depict the onset of natural disasters in the form of large-scale famine and death, considered to signify a global pandemic that is either caused by or occurs in conjunction to the war that the second sign brings. Wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, Covid 19, Pandemic, mass migrations, the starving men, women, and children in Afghanistan; you choose because they all fit the criteria needed in the 3rd and 4th signs.

The fifth sign of the apocalypse is largely symbolic in nature as it refers to martyrs of the Christian faith who cry out to God for judgement on those who have slain them. Well God fearing, good people of all religions and races who seek to tell the truth and advocate for  basic human rights for all people are being persecuted, jailed tortured and put to death all over the world, by those in power that would silence them and continue the lies and lead their people away from the truth and down the slippery slope that is chaos, denial and an acceptance as normal what was once considered to be evil and unthinkable behavior.

The sixth and seventh signs of the apocalypse typically depict an image of a great earthquake that ends the world before a final judgement or end is let loose from heaven by God. Well, the world has seen earthquakes in numbers and ferocity very rarely seen before and in numbers that are shocking to even the scientists. Towns are being wiped off the face of the earth and volcanoes are erupting burying towns their lava turning to ash everything and everyone in their path. The polar ice cap is melting at such an quick rate that the levels of water will rise enough  to cause most of the world to disappear beneath it, and yet we sit silent, listening to lies and denying that we have failed to do what we were put on this earth to do; what we have claimed as our responsibility by virtue that it is us who is the dominant species on this planet and its caretaker.

Our sins are many. We as a species are guilty of:

  1. Causing the extinction of countless species that we were tasked to tend.
  2. Making the water, air and earth toxic to all life forms including our own, causing the earth to become more uninhabitable by the day.
  3. Turning the word humanity from a caring word that meant something good into a word symbolising all that is bad and unjust in the world.

Yes, I believe that the end of the world as we know it is upon us and there is nothing, we can do about it, because we are in denial and our mind can no longer tell the difference between right and wrong; good and evil, or truth and lies.  I believe that all that is left is the sounding of the trumpet and the final judgement.

It could come by someone pushing the button and causing the world to go into a nuclear war that would end it all, or the effects of climate change cleansing the earth of humanity, or maybe it will be a virus like Covid 19, only worse brought on by humanity playing God one time too often and not being able to find the cure in time, but one thing is for sure and that is our time on this earth is coming to a quick and abrupt end.

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While Quebecers Die, Legault Prioritises On Creating A Nation Based On Racist Politics

The cost of Quebec politicians turning the province of Quebec into a French, Catholic, and White nation, or devoting all of Quebec’s resources and their energy on racist politics, means death for Quebecers in so many ways. There is a callous, we don’t care what happens to the Canadian citizens living in the province of Quebec, coming out of both Quebec provincial politicians and the federal Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole, when it comes to the racist loss of minority rights in Quebec.  Quebec’s continuing to pass laws that violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution of Canada is literally causing the death of Quebecers, and making it impossible for others to thrive and make a living without giving up their religion and right to practice their religious beliefs freely.

Don’t take my word for it, read below what:

  • Parti Québécois’s critic on secularism, Pascal Bérubé, had to say about the 3rd grade teacher that lost her job for wearing a hijab below.
  • Happened to Richard Genest, 65 after he had to wait over 2 hours for an ambulance and had to be transported out of his area due to scaled back services in his local.

Death comes in many forms when one is talking politics for instance there is. the:

  • physical death of citizens.
  • death of the rights and freedoms of certain targeted citizens.
  • death of any opportunity to do anything to improve the life of citizens.

Richard Genest, 65, died following a two-hour wait for an ambulance this week. His local emergency room’s service had been scaled back due to staffing shortages.

Physical death of Quebec citizens:

  1. The Lachine Hospital has been closed for over a month to ambulances. The hospital does not have a functioning intensive care unit. The Lachine Hospital, is in the southwestern part of the city. The McGill University Health Centre which manages the hospital, reduced the emergency room hours to between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Ambulances are being re-routed, and only walk-ins are accepted. Dr. Paul Saba, president of the council of physicians at Lachine Hospital said, “It’s time for the Legault government to force the MUHC to adequately staff the facility.”  Saba also said, “We keep hearing from the MUHC that it’s due to a collective agreement, so we’re saying, OK, by-pass that, go directly to decree, provide all the incentives and provide all the bonuses.
  2. MNA Joël Arseneau said the issues at the Lachine Hospital point to a larger problem across the province. “I think what we’re going through is absolutely outrageous,” said Arseneau, who represents the Îles-de-la-Madeleine riding for the Parti Québécois. “It’s unheard of that we have to fight to have an emergency ward that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”
  3. Richard Genest, 65, died following a two-hour wait for an ambulance this week. His local emergency room’s service had been scaled back due to staffing shortages.

Death of the rights and freedoms of certain targeted citizens:

  1. Chelsea, Quebec: The Western Quebec School Board confirmed that a Grade 3 teacher at Chelsea Elementary School was removed from the classroom for wearing a hijab, because of Bill 21. Quebec’s Bill 21 bans the wearing of religious symbols by certain government employees deemed to be in positions of authority while at work, such as hijabs, kippas and turbans by teachers and other government employees deemed to be in positions of authority. (There is no such restriction when it comes to the wearing of a crucifix) 
  2. Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller, who is also a Montreal-area MP said, “It’s cowardly.” “This type of discrimination isn’t reflective of the Quebec society I want to live in.” Under Bill 21, International Development Minister Harjit Sajjan “couldn’t teach music class in Quebec, because of the turban that he wears on his head.” “He shouldn’t, because he’s a lousy musician, but that’s the only reason he should be excluded from teaching, frankly…it’s disheartening and it’s picking on someone vulnerable.”
  3. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said of the reassignment, “There are no concerns about her capacity and ability to teach, no concerns about whether she’s providing good education to kids, simply because of the way she looked and the way she dressed, she is no longer able to teach those kids,” he said.
  4. Conservative MP Kyle Seeback wrote on Twitter, “I cannot in good conscience keep silent on this anymore.” “This is an absolute disgrace. It’s time politicians stood up for what’s right. Bill 21 has to be opposed. In court, in the house of commons and in the streets.”
  5. Liberal MP Iqra Khalid wrote on twitter that she is “deeply concerned” about the teacher’s removal. “We have seen what happens when policies are used to reinforce systemic prejudice and divide Canadians. We have felt their tragic consequences,” she wrote. “We are better than this.”
  6. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland when asked about the teacher’s removal, said, “The Prime Minister was very clear during the election campaign…he was very clear about our government’s position, and of course, that remains our government’s position.”
  7. Trudeau said, “We have not taken off the table intervening at a later date because no federal government should take off the table the ability to stand up for people’s fundamental rights,”
  8. In a time where Quebec is having a difficult time finding teachers to enter a classroom due to Covid 19 they reassigned a qualified teacher, because she dared to honor the obligations of her Muslim faith, by wearing a hijab in her classroom a a disallowed symbol of her religion, according to Quebec law forced on the people of Quebec by Legault and his cohorts in the Quebec provincial government.

When it comes right down to it there is only one thing that money gets spent on in Quebec by the Legault government without a hassle and that is laws and campaigns to avert an imaginary, cultural and linguistic crisis. Everything else is not affordable and seems to irritate Premiere Legault to the point where he says out loud that he has lost his patience with those who seek more for themselves and threatens back to work legislation.

Death of  of any opportunity to do anything to improve the life of citizens:

  1. Money for Hockey promotion. Money for pro French language ads. Money for Islamophobic laws and enforcement. Money for language police…no money to keep emergency rooms in Quebec hospitals to operate 24/7 and fully staffed. No money to inspect long care nursing home facilities.

Unfortunately, Legault is not unique in politics, in fact he is sadly becoming the norm and is a manifestation of years of political leaders with and ax to grind living or trying to live out their authoritarian dream of setting things straight by any means they deem necessary, even if it means undermining the democratic process that brought them to power in the first place.

I remember when what the French were seeking was equality. I understood the need for French language rights, because when I filled out my first job application over 45 years ago being able to read, write and speak French was an asset, but not a necessity, but English was. Whether it was a job in retail, government, or service the only language you needed to be hired was English and if you only spoke French, you were most likely not going to be hired.

This desire of equality for the French majority of Quebec has been perverted by provincial political leaders like, Pauline Marois, Jacques Parizeau and now worst of them all Francoise Legault who no longer wish for equality, but for an independent country where only one culture, religion, and body of practices is valued and accepted politically, legally and morally over all others.

I agree with Liberal MP Iqra Khalid wrote on twitter that she is “deeply concerned” about the teacher’s removal. “We have seen what happens when policies are used to reinforce systemic prejudice and divide Canadians. We have felt their tragic consequences,” she wrote. “We are better than this.”


  • Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole says a Quebec law prohibiting some public servants from wearing religious symbols on the job is an issue to be dealt with by that province alone. The Conservative leader says while he personally opposes the law and has raised it with Quebec Premier Francois Legault, he respects provincial jurisdiction and believes it to be “an issue that is best left for Quebecers to decide.”
  • Parti Québécois’s critic on secularism, Pascal Bérubé, “The reason why this teacher doesn’t have a job, is because she doesn’t respect the law,” he said. “The law is for everyone; She tried to make a statement wearing a hijab.”  “The teacher has a choice to make: her job or religion.” I think that the true reason for Bill 21 has finally been spoken out loud and the reason has nothing to do with secularism and everything to do with racism. What does this say about Quebec if Bill 21 is popular with a majority of Quebecers?
  • Premier François Legault’s reply to criticism about the reassigning said, “The school board should not have hired this person as a teacher in the first place given Bill 21,” “Bill 21 became a law in June 2019. It was voted democratically by the National Assembly. I think it’s a reasonable law, a balanced law. In our law, only employees in positions of authority including teachers should not wear religious symbols while on duty. “At home, in the street, they can do what they want. Quebec has made the choice of secularism, and I think it must be respected.” who Is they he is referring to in such a shamefully, ignorant, disrespectful manner? Is they, Muslim women? Is this not an example of systemic racism?

My conclusion: This is the law that a majority of Quebecers support! This is the kind of Quebec that Quebec’s Muslim minority  and others will have to live in if the province of Quebec becomes a nation! The only thing that Quebec has not done to its Muslim minority population that China has done to its Muslim population (Uyghurs) is to intern Quebec Muslims in special training centers: but then again, isn’t what is happening to this 3rd grade teacher and her choices under Bill 21 the same type of coercion? If the Federal government does not challenge Bill 21 in the courts, then, perhaps Canada should stop being so hypocritical and go ahead and send its diplomats to the Winter Olympics in China!

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Legault and The CAQ Offer Quebecers No New Provincial Sponsored Services !

When it comes right down to it there is only one thing that money gets spent on in Quebec by the Legault government without a hassle and that is laws and campaigns to avert an imaginary, cultural and linguistic crisis. Everything else is not affordable and seems to irritate Premiere Legault to the point where he says out loud that he has lost his patience with those who seek more for themselves and threatens back to work legislation.

Legault and the CAQ offer no new provincial sponsored services. The only things Legault and the CAQ offer to Quebecers are threats, denial of rights, and  the do as I say demands of a 3rd world strongman hell bent on creating a white, Catholic, linguistically and culturally pure Quebec.

Campaigning to be the Premiere of Quebec in Quebec’s last provincial election Francois Legault promised that he would be including the coverage of dental treatment for seniors to Quebec’s Medicare program.  He acknowledged and that the Quebec government needed to do better for its senior citizens and promised to personally make this a priority of his government.

When it comes to the basic needs of Canadians living in the province of Quebec it appears that there is no money for their basic needs, such as:

  • Dentalcare being made part of Quebec’s Medicare plan.
  • Making a living that keeps the worker above the poverty line.

Dental care for seniors: I am a senior and I am still paying for my dental care which is expensive. Fortunately, I can pay, but many seniors who were on social assistance which covers dental care find themselves kicked off social assistance at 65 years old which cancels their coverage for dental and without private insurance are unable to pay for the cleaning and exam, let alone the treatment that will follow.  I am sorry but if a person couldn’t pay for their dental before turning 65 years old and the province picked up the cost under the Medicare plan what miracle happens at the age of 65 that makes that same senior capable of paying for it the day after the 65th birthday and for the rest of their life?

Before anyone, rich middle class or poor can see a dentist the cost is approximately $200.00. Most dentists insist that you have a cleaning and x-rays and pre-examination by a dental technician before you see them.  At this point no matter who you are, you are charged $200.00 told what is wrong with your teeth how much it will cost to fix the problem/problems and told to make a future appointment. The difference between how much an individual pays depends on:

  • Whether or not that person has insurance.
  • What percentage of the total cost that insurance covers.
  • What treatments the person’s insurance covers.

Most seniors living on a fixed pension cannot afford the initial $200.00 and so do not get the treatment that they need and so suffer with pain from toothaches and other serious and painful issues in their mouths. How can dental health still not be covered by the Quebec government’s Medicare plan? What kind of “nation” is Quebec if it ignores the medical problems of it’s seniors, so that it can spend money on it’s racist and divisive campaign to turn one Quebecer against another?

Making a living that keeps the worker above the poverty line: Quebeckers have had to endure a dictator like Premiere of Quebec who proves every day that he truly believes that Quebec is a nation and that both the constitutional laws of Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights, do not trump Quebec’s Charter of Rights, or it’s legal jurisdiction for any reason. We see this in Legault’s unwillingness to negotiate in good faith with any worker’s organization seeking fairness in wages or health benefits. Legault and his party have:

  • Denied pay raises and overtime to nurses and healthcare during the pandemic. He said that he was fed up with negotiations and threatened to force them back to work if they did not knuckle under to what he thought that they deserved and what Quebec as a nation could afford. Legault suggests this even given the knowledge that these workers were forced to give up vacations, were forced to accept mandatory overtime, and some had not had a pay raise in many years.
  • Recently threatened daycare workers. Again, Legault, the despot decided that he was fed up with these workers seeking a better wage and benefits and refused to further negotiate. Instead, he and his party have demanded that the educators adopt the 40-hour week over five days. These educators work 32 to 36 hours per week now. Legault also tried to enforce mandatory overtime.

When it comes right down to it there is only one thing that money gets spent on in Quebec by the Legault government without a hassle and that is laws and campaigns to avert an imaginary, cultural and linguistic crisis. Everything else is not affordable and seems to irritate Premiere Legault to the point where he says out loud that he has lost his patience with those who seek more for themselves and threatens back to work legislation.  Be you a teacher, or doctor, Legault will call you things like, essential, angels of mercy, the backbone of Quebec and then deny you that which you are entitled and seek through your rights under the Canadian Constitution, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or the international agreed upon laws and codes with regard to the basic human rights of all citizens in all civilized nations throughout the world.

In his tenure as premier of Quebec, Francois Legault, has been focused on turning neighbor against neighbor with laws like Bills 21 and 96. These bills directly infringe on the rights of all Canadians under the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. God help us all in Quebec if Quebec was ever to truly become an independent nation. A nation that does not respect the rights and freedoms of its minorities for whatever reason be it linguistic, or cultural is backward and doomed to fail.

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Remembrance Day Has to Stand for More Than a Photo Opportunity and Day of Pageantry

On this November 11th try doing something more than laying a wreath, marching in a parade, wearing a poppy, giving a speech, and all the other things that do little to improve the lives of veterans and their families!

I am a person who believes that Remembrance Day has been highjacked by the shameless. Shameless politicians, big business, not so non profit organizations, and con-artists seeking to capitalize on what should be a day of honoring those who fought and died to persevere the rights and freedoms of all people. Those truly who would honor the brave and the fallen would be living a life that honors them everyday, upholding and promoting the values that they and their families sacrificed so much for.
What good is the laying of wreaths, fancy speeches, gun salutes, parades, lowering and raising of flags, the minutes of silence, or the wearing of poppies, if the other 364 days of the year most people will do the opposite of what they need to do to honor our veterans?

I personally do not wear a poppy, but I do try to honor the memories of all those who fought and died every day, by being a decent, caring, honorable person who treats everyone as an equal and by accepting everyone’s rights and freedoms.

Most people do not live a day-to-day life that honors the principles and values that those they say they are honoring, fought and died for. Too many prejudices remain. Too many people are racially, ethnically, religiously, and culturally intolerant to honestly say that they are honoring the memories of those who served and are serving.
On this Remembrance Day, politicians, big business and the wealthiest 1% of the world’s population should hang their collective heads down. Hang them down not in respect for those who died serving their countries’ efforts to preserve the rights and freedoms that we the citizens of democratically governed countries enjoy, but in shame for willfully and shamelessly risking all that those brave men and women fought and died for by putting their political and personal future ahead of duty.
How many veterans do you know and how many have you helped, or are you one of the above that think that ceremonies and photo opts improve the lives of veterans and their families?

For 364 days a year most people:

  • Ignore our veterans, walk by them as they lay in the street homeless and without shelter.
  • Do not care if our veterans get the medical help that need from injuries they earned on missions we the people through our government sent them on.
  • Do not care if our veterans have had to commit suicide feeling that this was the only peace they could get, their cries for help being ignored, denied, or the process found to be too slow or too complicated them under the current rules.
  • Ignore the suffering of our veterans’ families as they suffer financially and emotionally trying to help their returning sons, daughters, husbands and wives who have served honorably.

Despite these things most people will don their poppies, march in parades, give pretty speeches, lament them in legions, and promise not to forget them, but forget them most people will until next year on November the 11th when they wish to clear their consciences and pretend they give a damn.

Update November 11th 10:19 pm

Why 2 days of Remembrance in Canada, one for Indigenous People and one for everyone else? Did not all races of Canadians serve along with  all the people of the free world? What next? Should the contributions of Black, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and all other nationalities’  who served in the Canadian armed forces be honored with their own individual day of remembrance and lowering of the Canadian flag? All have suffered and all rose above it to answer the call…does this not make them all deserving of the same tribute on the same day none more important then the other? I think so. If this day of remembrance is to remain and mean anything let us try to remember what it is honoring!

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I Will Never Buy an Appliance Online or In Store from GE or Best Buy Again

This is how it arrived dented. Since dents do not affect the working of the machine I accepted it.

My problems with this washing machine began the minute I placed the order with Best Buy to purchase a GE washer and dryer set online. Best Buy took my money without a hitch and sent me the confirmation of the placed order to my email, saying that at least 48hrs before the delivery they would contact me to see if I needed instillation, old appliance removal and to let me know what I needed to do in advance of delivery, especially during covid 19. At this time, I was supposed to get a three-hour window for delivery on the date guaranteed on the shipping notice I also received by email. Unfortunately, their computer taking the billing information was malfunctioning and it was taking down the customer contact phone numbers incorrectly so they could not do the advance calling, leaving me to get in touch with them the morning of the proposed delivery.

The service agent did apologize and said unfortunately because of timing and the malfunction that I would have to dispose of my old machines myself. I am 66 years old, have had spinal decompression surgery combined with cervical fusion surgery, due to Cervical spinal stenosis. I am not allowed to lift anything over 15 pounds. Fortunately, the delivery guys were willing to take the old machines away once they noticed that I am barely able to walk. The machine however did arrive with dents, but by this time I was so grateful that they were going to take the old machines and felt that the dents would not affect how the machine would work that I tipped the guys and was grateful that after a moth of waiting for delivery, my machine was finally here.

That towel used to be bright and white, before it was washed in the GE washing machine from Best Buy.

My next problem was with my 1st wash and never ended. I put in a whitewash and followed the instructions in the operations manual. I had to because I had never had a High Efficiency or (HE) washing machine before. I did the wash and noticed that the whites were not bright, but dull and that they had stains on them from the softener.
I then did my bed spread and to my horror the washing machine had pulled the threads causing the material to bunch and the bed spread to be damaged enough for me to consider it ruined and the washing machine to be either malfunctioning, or not what I wanted to buy so I decided it was time to call Best Buy and see what could be done. I told my story to the service agent, and she advised me to call GE and request a ‘Return Authorization Number’ and told if GE refused to give it to me that they would get it from GE for me.

I called GE and talked to one of their representatives who listened to my complaint, apologized for the problems I was having and told me that a service man would be coming to access and fix the problems I was having with the washing machine. I agreed and an appointment was scheduled. As promised the service person arrived and proceeded to check out the machine which consisted of filling it up with water and then draining it back out as well as listening to it agitate. He concluded to me that the washing machine was working just fine. When I showed him the damage I am showing you in the pictures he said, “I have seen worse damage and that I should count myself lucky.” He advised me to only use the heavy load wash cycle, because that was the only washing cycle that gave enough water to clean clothing and that the rest of the cycles were for show to allow for higher pricing.

This is what the GE washing machine I bought at Best Buy did to my bedspread.

I called GE and talked to one of their representatives who listened to my complaint, apologized for the problems I was having and told me that a service man would be coming to access and fix the problems I was having with the washing machine. I agreed and an appointment was scheduled. As promised the service person arrived and proceeded to check out the machine which consisted of filling it up with water and then draining it back out as well as listening to it agitate. He concluded to me that the washing machine was working just fine. When I showed him the damage, I am showing you in the pictures he said, “I have seen worse damage and that I should count myself lucky.” He advised me to only use the heavy load wash cycle, because that was the only washing cycle that gave enough water to clean clothing and that the rest of the cycles were for show to allow for higher pricing.

I called back Best Buy and told them what had transpired, and they told me that they were escalating my file up to a manager status and they would be interceding on my behalf to get my return authorization number and sent me this email.

From: Mon- Service Requests [cservice@mabe.ca]
Sent: 8/27/2021 11:38 AM
To: customerservice@bestbuy.ca; cservice@mabe.ca
Subject: RE: Regarding: Return Authorization Number Request for GE Washer [ ref:_
We have created a relations file that will be reviewed by one of our managers. They will be in contact with customer as soon as possible to discuss their concerns.
Please use file number______
Thank you,
Kenya Esquivel
Consumer Service Department
M.C. Comercial Inc.

This is some of the back and forth that got me nowhere and why I will never buy anything from Best Buy or GE ever again.

Hi M—-n,

Please find below email that we received from GE customer service. I will keep you posted for further update.

Home Delivery Customer Service Representative

————— Forwarded Message —————
From: Mon- Service Requests [cservice@mabe.ca]
Sent: 8/27/2021 11:38 AM
To: customerservice@bestbuy.ca; cservice@mabe.ca
Subject: RE: Regarding: Return Authorization Number Request for GE Washer [ ref:_00Df432MZ._5003o1UG3bE:ref ]- 40201635
We have created a relations file that will be reviewed by one of our managers. They will be in contact with customer as soon as possible to discuss their concerns.
Please use file number 40201635
Thank you,
Kenya Esquivel
Consumer Service Department
M.C. Comercial Inc.
T. 1-8005613344
* cservice@mabe.ca<mailto:cservice@mabe.ca>
[Company Email Signature]

From: Customer Service <customerservice@bestbuy.ca>
Sent: jueves, 26 de agosto de 202103:19 p. m.
To: Mon- Service Requests (Mabe, CAN) <cservice@mabe.ca>; Mon- Service Requests (Mabe, CAN) <cservice@mabe.ca>
Subject: Regarding: Return Authorization Number Request for GE Washer [ ref:_00Df432MZ._5003o1UG3bE:ref ]
Good Afternoon GE,
I Hope all is well from your end.
I am writing this email on behalf of customer  (Phone number- . M—-n is having an issue with Washer as cloths are ripping and they have to use full tank water level always. He is called in GE earlier and file number is 40201635and customer service agent advised him that someone will contact within 48 hours but no one reached out yet and technician was not able to find any issue with washer as well.
Customer would like to return the washer and looking for Return Authorization number for GE GTW485BMMWS 4.9CF Tp LOAD WSHR WH-ESR Please provide and let us know if any information required from our end.

From: Customer Service<mailto:customerservice@bestbuy.ca>
Sent: October 5, 20214:38 PM
To: email
Subject: Your BestBuy.ca Inquiry [ ref:_00Df432MZ._5003o1UVUh7:ref ]
Hello M—-n ,
We have received an updated response from MABE (GE). The manufacturer is encouraging for a second assessment to be completed by a 2nd technician dispatch.
I understand the circumstances and possibly miscommunicated details have been far from great to your experience, but if you choose not to proceed with the suggested second assessment, unfortunately we would not be able to move forward with the warranty claim.
Please advise if a representative from GE can reach out to you in making further arrangements on the assessment.
Thank you,
Executive Resolution Associate, Customer Experience Team Best Buy Canada

From: Customer Service
Sent: October 6, 2021 4:54 PM
To: email
Subject: Your BestBuy.ca Inquiry [ ref:_00Df432MZ._5003o1UVUh7:ref ]

Hello M—-n, While I understand your claim and apologize for this experience, it is our right to work with the manufacturer to offer an assessment and/or repair of the unit.

On that note with the refusal to move forward with a 2nd GE technician’s assessment, please have your legal representation contact our Legal team in writing to the address below if you would like to pursue this further.
Legal Department | Best Buy Canadian Headquarters
8800 Glenlyon Parkway, Burnaby, BC, V5J 5K3
We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout the process.

Thank you,
Executive Resolution Associate, Customer Experience Team
Best Buy Canada

To: Customer Service:

2021-10-06 8:26 PM

I fully cooperated with GE, and they sent their guy to my house to evaluate and repair the machine. The guy as you are well aware gave the assessment that nothing was wrong with the machine and that the thread ripping, and the stains left in clothing were normal. There is nothing in the warranty that states that GE has the right to repeated tech visits and that Best Buy has no responsibility in this matter. I am more upset that Best Buy refuses to stand by what sells to it’s customers and seems content to abdicate Best Buy’s responsibility to sell quality merchandise to their customers to GE and others. I will be initiating the class action suit and you can look forward me on every consumer advocate program across the country, in the newspapers and across the full gambit of social media. I will junk/sell for scrap the washing machine in question and buy another that works from a reputable appliance dealer, in person and not online. My number one priority now is to warn all the unsuspecting, trusting people that I can not to buy anything from Best Buy or GE. I assure you that I will reach a lot of people. I write 3 blogs and have over 100, 000 followers. I am retired and have a lot of time to devote to this cause. I understand that you are not responsible for the actions of your company or the actions of GE so I will say thank you for at least answering my request even if the problem was not resolved to my liking. Please understand that now I will follow through with what I said I would do with the class action lawsuit and the campaign to warn others.



Sent from Mail for Windows

I have always gone to an appliance store with my wife to buy our new appliances…a store that sells only appliances, to see what I am buying and to talk to a knowledgeable salesman about things quality, warranty, return policy, repairs and servicing and the like. This time I didn’t and as a result I will never again but anything from 2 brands that in the past I would have given 10 out of 10 for my personal satisfaction with their products, their customer support, and their desire to maintain high customer satisfaction levels.

Best Buy: What I got from Best Buy was the runaround, a refusal to accept responsibility for a malfunctioning washing machine, even though it was them who sold me the machine not GE. I bought the machine online from Best Buy because in the past I have bought my computers, laptops, cameras, and electronics from them, because they were always professional, knowledgeable and always stood buy what they were selling in their stores and had no reason to believe that policies regarding customer service, customer satisfaction and professionalism had changed. I want to warn all who would be thinking of buying a major appliance to steer clear of Best Buy, because according to them through their actions or lack there of, they are only a 3rd party seller and do not hold companies like GE whose products they sell in their stores and online to any standard of quality, be it the functioning of appliances. return policy, customer satisfaction, or professionalism.

At the end of all of the back and forth it was clear to me that Best Buy was never working on my behalf as they tried to convince me of in our first few conversations and emails. In the end they declared their right to side with GE as they stated in their last email to me. \

This was my experience buying major GE appliances online with Best Buy.  You have been warned and now you know the truth about Best Buy and GE…the rest is up to you.

GE: I have never seen a company with such a good name and history go down the tubes so quickly. According to their repairman told me on the day of his visit. He said that GE:

  • Knowingly sells malfunctioning machines at a lower price pretending that GE is selling high quality machines at a sale price and is a good deal for the consumer instead of the real reason which is to unload them on a unknowing consumer, to get rid of them.
  • Understands all of the cycles and functions shown on the machine except the heavy wash and deep load function are there solely for show and to convince the buyer that they are getting a good value for their dollar, when they are not.
  • Knows that the machines do not have enough water in the rinse cycle to get out fabric softener but tries to convince their clients that they are overloading the washing machine, or to use a non colored softener. To me this just hides the stain but leaves the extra softener in the clothing.
  • knows that the machine is responsible for ripping the threads out of bedspreads, sheets and other things, but said that I was lucky because my machine was doing minimal damage because it was new. He went on to say that he had seen far more damage on older GE/HE machines.

I was by the GE repair person that I should consider myself lucky and accept the fact that there was nothing wrong mechanically with the machine and what I and other customers were experiencing was the growing pains of new technology.

The worst thing though was that a GE customer service representative named George Godfnez got agitated when I asked him repeatedly if GE even care about customer satisfaction. George answered by saying the I should read my warranty…then I would know that the GE limited warranty only covered repairs, not customer satisfaction. George went on to say that it seemed like I was looking to return the machine and get a refund which GE doesn’t do and that I should get back in touch with Best Buy, because that would be theirs to do.

This was my experience buying major GE appliances online with Best Buy.  You have been warned and now you know the truth about Best Buy and GE…the rest is up to you.

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Legault Maintains Quebec Not Systemically Racist Because He Says So!

Premier Francois Legault is not only willfully ignorant when it comes to his publicly stated belief that although there is racism going on in Quebec that the problem is not systemic but is an example of the systemic racism that he denies exists in Quebec. Francois Legault in my opinion is a supporter, a facilitator, and a champion of cultural genocide and ethnocide. Francois Legault is Quebec’s version of Donald Trump and is trapped in the same never-ending cycle of lying to Quebeckers, because even if he were to tell the truth he would not be believed by Quebec’s fringe sovereigntist, brainwashed base, without whose vote he doesn’t have a chance at staying in power…so the lies continue.

Legault knows that the goal of Quebec politicians to save the French language, culture, and values died with Rene Levesque. Leaders like himself, Marois, and Parizeau, hijacked the earlier dream of equality and morphed it into the purification of Quebec movement. All their efforts have been driven by the hope that by the minorities of Quebec would be forced to pick up and leave the province of Quebec or be assimilated…like what they tried to do to the Indigenous people in the residential school system.

Legault and like-minded politicians have and still are still trying to remove all traces of linguistic, religious cultural and ethnic diversity from Quebec…not by killing them, but by:

  • Making it difficult for Quebec’s minorities to live with dignity.
  • Get educated in one of the two official languages of Canada.
  • Communicate with the government of Quebec and its employees only in French, whether they speak French or understand it.
  • Practice their religion freely and still earn a living working for the Quebec government.

This is an old colonial tactic. Assimilate or get forced out. All the money, time, energy all wasted on a lie told to turn neighbor against neighbor.

This ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious cleansing has being going on for so long and with little or no push back from the federal government that a majority of Quebeckers believe that they have the right to force the minorities of Quebec to their political will even if it means doing an end run around the Canadian Constitution by using the Non Withstanding Clause, eliminating all meaningful public debate on laws and not allowing for any legal challenges to the law. No federal party will intercede where the minority right of the minorities of Quebec rights are being taken away, because they all fear the backlash from Quebec politicians and French speaking majority could cost them seats in Quebec and as a result the chance to govern and set of another attempt at Quebec’s separation from the rest of Canada. The federal government’s solution to the problem is the same as Legault’s…If the minorities of Quebec don’t like how they are being unfairly treated in the province of Quebec and how their rights under the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms are being violated and taken away, they can move to another province. This is a clear dereliction of duty by the federal government whose main function is to protect the rights of all of its citizens no matter how inconvenient or which province they live in.

Legault knows that whether or not systemic racism exists in Quebec is not a priority of his supporters. They have been brainwashed to see Quebec’s minorities as the enemy and the ruination of Quebec. How could Quebeckers be the victim if they became the abuser? This is part of the reason that no Quebec Premiere will ever admit that there is systemic racism in Quebec, but is willing to admit that there are racist people in Quebec. I would submit that there is not one institution in Quebec that has not been contaminated by systemic racism and very little is being done to change the situation. You cannot fix a problem if you deny that the problem exists, despite how emphatically Premiere Francoise Legault says his government is working on prejudice and racism in Quebec.

Quebec politicians like Parizeau, Marois, and Legault’s pushing the lies that that anyone that is not a sovereigntist, speaks English as a first language or wears a hijab is the enemy has had the same effect on their base voters as Donald Trump’s big lie has had on his base voters in the USA. The polls show that a majority of Quebecers now believe the lies that that the minorities are:

  1. The enemy.
  2. Causing the French language to disappear from Quebec.
  3. Changing the ethnicity of Quebec.
  4. Changing the values of Quebec.
  5. Causing Quebec culture to disappear.

The forcing of minorities to learn and speak French has backfired in Quebec, because the saving of the language was never the real goal.

Under the CAQ, Montreal lawyer Azim Hussain wrote in Le Devoir, an inclusive “linguistic project” open to minorities as long as they learned French and used it in public is being replaced by an exclusionary “ethnic project.” He said that by learning and using French, minorities have helped to maintain the language in Quebec. But, he implied, the CAQ doesn’t like the fact that French-speaking immigrants aren’t “completely white and Christian.” So, the Legault government has been proposing policies and legislation based on an “ethnic ideology” targeting these immigrants. This was alienating “the people who were contributing to the French fact in Quebec,” threatening the linguistic project, which was “a linguistic tragedy.”

Legault’s base will not listen to anyone who tells them different…not even their political leaders.  Francois Legault, in my opinion is a supporter, a facilitator, and a champion of cultural genocide and ethnocide and is fully aware of the systemic racism in Quebec, because he has been tainted by it. How and why else would a political leader create and enforce such divisive and racially biased bills as Quebec’s Bill 21 and 96

I believe that Legault honestly sees nothing wrong with treating French speaking Quebeckers differently then the English and all other minorities in Quebec… in all things.

Imagine now that you are an English tourist or an English tax paying Quebecker.

Public Signage: Public signage in Quebec is paid by all Quebeckers. Quebeckers I might add who pay taxes equally. You do not pay less in taxes because the writing on the sign is smaller for you or absent from the sign altogether. The French speaking Quebeckers do not pay a premium to have French larger on public signs either, but the French language must be larger and on top if English is allowed to be used at all. This even applies where English speaking citizens safety could be at risk.

Education: Education in Quebec is paid for equally by both the French speaking majority and all other minorities in Quebec and yet Children are being forced to go to French schools and be taught in French and English schools have been closed and the English schoolboards very existence challenged. Is this what Quebec is to look like if Legault gets his way.  There is a reason that what is happening in Quebec is often compared to Nazi Germany and the Gestapo. (Quebec ha ‘Language Police.’

English Language: If not bad enough with the signage issue the Quebec government is now seeking to remove the English language as one of the official languages of Quebec by declaring itself unconstitutionally a nation within Canada where French is the only language officially recognized and used solely when communicating with any government branch, the courts, police, or employee. Hypocritically most of these leaders have educated their children in English schools and even supported bilingualism.

Religious Freedom: Religious freedom only applies to where you go to worship in Quebec. No public official or law will stop you from going to a Mosque, Temple, Synagogue, or church of one’s choosing, but that is where religious freedom ends in Quebec.  Bill 21 ignores the fact that Jews, Sikhs, and certain Muslim women wearing a yarmulke, hijab, or a turban does not come with an opt out option that would be necessary for these religious groups to work directly for the Quebec government such as teachers, lawyers, police officers and Bill 21 or lose access to their right to in-person services under the jurisdiction of the Quebec government. This not only affects people currently working in the public sector, but also the youth who aspire to those careers.

When most of the population believes that there is nothing wrong with Bill 21 and Bill 96,  it becomes obvious that systemic racism is embedded in every institution in Quebec and that systemic racism has helped to shape how and what the majority of the population thinks is a morally and ethical correct way to treat the minority.

The use of French is not on the decline in Quebec, and neither is its culture, or values.  Unfortunately, what Quebec politicians and 3/4 of the Quebec population find to be it’s wonderful, entertaining and worth fighting for culture and values are either racist, hurtful, or demeaning to the visual minorities of Quebec.

Challenging “Blackface” Is Not Quebec-Bashing

Claiming that there is nothing wrong with the continued use of Brown Face as a form of public and private entertainment and as a recognized art form in the Quebec culture of one of the ways that prove that there is no part of Quebec institutions and life that has not been contaminated by systemic racism. That this person thought that it was okay to go out in public like this shows how deep and entrenched the racism is.

Welcome to Nigger Rapids.

That 3/4 of Quebeckers believe that their culture and values are being threatened by the minority population in Quebec shows just how successful the brainwashing of Quebec’s majority is. This majority of Quebec citizens defends the right to use the word Nigger in the official names of the province’s public places like:

Nigger Rapids, tucked away behind a stretch of farmland in rural Quebec, about two hours north of Ottawa, are beautiful, pristine rapids that glisten in the sunlight. Welcome to Nigger Rapids.  Why would any government commission officially recognize the name of Nigger Rapids in 1983 unless they had been tainted by the systemic racism that exists and has always existed in Quebec?

When confronted with the fact that these sights should have a name change the people responsible for changing the names and the local members of the community said, ” Claire Hamel, who lives near the rapids, said, “The official name is not a source of controversy among locals. “Nobody talks about this,” she said. “It’s the name, that’s it. Like Bouchette, like Maniwaki, like Ottawa.” Bouchette Mayor Rejean Major told Radio-Canada he has no intention of asking the commission to change the name of the rapids. There are at least 11 sites in Quebec that have an official name like: Nigger Rock – Located near Saint-Armand, Que., 50 km south of Montreal and Nigger-Eddy, 1st rapids, 2nd rapids, 3rd rapids — Made official in 1988, The rapids begin about 115 km west of Montreal.  Politicians and locals resist changing, because they claim that the names are a reflection and memory of how things used to be…a proud part of their heritage, history, and culture.

French is not on a decline in Quebec, but it is the main justification Quebec leaders use for creating and enforcing laws which seek the ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious purification of Quebec. If this was happening any other place the federal government would be demanding that the ethnocide and ethnic and religious cleansing be stopped. The French language, culture and values are not on the decline in Quebec, but are the talking points used by Quebec nationalist leaders, like Legault and Blanchet, to drive a wedge between the French majority and English speaking and other visual and religious minority citizens of the province.

It should be mentioned that it is the province of Quebec’s politicians and majority French speaking population who are a minority in the rest of Canada hypocritically demand that all other provinces teach the French language to their students and make all workplaces and government services should be bilingual, all while creating laws to make Quebec unilingual in all ways.

The definition of cultural genocide, and ethnocide cannot be changed because a person, province or nation finds the label embarrassing or inconvenient. The only way to shake the name once you have been labeled with it is to change how one thinks, speaks, and acts.

  • Cultural genocide: The systematic destruction of traditions, values, language, and other elements that make one group of people distinct from another.
  • Ethnocide: The deliberate and systematic destruction of the culture of an ethnic group. {Policies and processes designed to destroy the separate identity of a group.}

When the majority are okay with not treating the minority on their street, in their neighborhood, in their city in their town, in their province, or in their country with equality under the law, but would seek to make the minority second class citizens under the law, because of their color, religion, ethnicity, language or sexual preference, that majority are not only supporters of cultural genocide and ethnocide, but are also racist, whether or not they acknowledge it.

I reiterate, the definition of cultural genocide, or ethnocide cannot be changed to accommodate the province of Quebec’s French majority’s acceptance of Quebec’s  laws Bill 21 and 96.  If as the majority you support, or do not try to stop politicians who create and enforce racist and divisive legislation that have the express intent to demean and lessen the rights culture religious habits and culture of the minority, then you are by your actions or inactions practitioners of cultural genocide and ethnocide as the politicians that you vote into office.no matter how much:

  1. It offends the people of Quebec to hear themselves being called racist.
  2. Most citizens of Quebec, Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, and Erin O’Toole, consider such truthful labels, Quebec bashing.
  3. Legault, Blanchet, Trudeau, Singh, O’Toole, say that to label Quebec’s Bill 21 and Bill 96 racist is Quebec bashing.
  4. Quebec tries to justify its racist behavior arguing that the provinces Bills 21 and 96 are necessary to protect the French language and culture in Quebec.
  5. Premier Legault, calls anyone who refers to Quebec as a province that has systemically racist issues and continually creates and enforces racist laws, “Woke”.

Francois Legault’s government has been warned by the executive director of the Native Women’s Shelter and the director of development and philanthropy for the day shelter Resilience Montreal, (Nakuset), that Bill 96 would add to the barriers indigenous Quebecers face in the health care system, causing the needless deaths of indigenous people. Nakuset also said that “If this bill goes through, he is implicated in the number of deaths that rise, because he is forewarned.”  Nakuset, feared that the law would restrict access to English-language services to the point that if people call 911 and speak in English, they will “have the phone hung up on them.” Still Legault pushes on not caring how many people die, because he believes that the ends justify the means.

Francois Legault has already stated publicly that:

  • He does not recognize that there is systemic racism in Quebec.
  • He does not believe in that most Quebecers want an inclusive province/nation that has as a core value multiculturalism, inclusion, and equality for all.
  • He believes that those who complain about racism, in equality, loss of religious freedom and or all fundamental rights are, “Woke”.
  • He believes that the federal government has no authority to dictate or intervene in how Quebec deals with its citizens, or else.
  • Francois Legault is a want to-be dictator, who uses the notwithstanding clause to do an end run around the courts and deny Quebecers the right to challenge Bill 96, effectively overriding civil rights protections of Quebec’s minorities.

Quebec did not to officially support the statutory holiday created by the federal government, named, Truth and Reconciliation Day. The first time that the holiday to for the first day in honor of lost children and survivors of the country’s residential schools, the last of which closed in the mid-1990s. When asked why, Legault told reporters it would be too expensive to give Quebecers another paid day off work. He went on to say that Quebecers have a duty to remember how residential schools damaged Indigenous communities but said that there are less costly ways to commemorate the past. “To have another statutory holiday – regardless of the subject – is very expensive,” Legault said. “I don’t think it’s necessary to have a cost this high to do this commemoration.” Legault stated the competitiveness and productivity challenges facing Quebec and all provinces. “In Quebec, if we look at the number of hours worked per year, there is work to do,” Legault said.

The only way for the province of Quebec to be seen as a nonracist province, is for the French majority of Quebeckers to stand up to government of Quebec and say no more with their votes. If enough Quebeckers said they don’t support racist, divisive laws, that seek to marginalize and make second class citizens out of its English, ethnic, religious minorities of Quebec, they would be taking the first step of many needed to change how the province is perceived ugliness’ of spirit both around the world and in Canada.

If all the rest wasn’t bad enough Legault showed once again that he only has one priority, and it is not the well being of Quebeckers. Legault’s priority is his fanatical dream for a French only Quebec.

  • Even as Legault tells the provinces nurses in the middle of a pandemic that Quebec has no money to give them a pay increase and pushes for more money for healthcare from the federal government with no strings attached, the Legault government announced that it would provide $17 million in funding for eight projects aimed at promoting the use of French.
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