Part Four Of: Debunking Canadian Political Rhetoric One Fabrication At A Time

spike-and-chester-jpg-1me-5There was a time not so long ago that Canada was viewed as a country with a conscience and a set of values of its own; deciding for itself the rights and wrongs of the world…looking nothing like the USA’s snivelling, whiney sidekick of today.

You would have to be living in a cave, totally cut off from the real world, not to have heard a Canadian politician state that the United States of America is Canada’s greatest ally, trading partner and friend? This is one of the most used pieces of Canadian political rhetoric. This statement needs to be shown for the total fabrication that it is.

The belief in this lie has:

  • weakened Canada’s ability to defend itself against the greatest military threat to it in terms of proximity…the United States of America;
  • allowed for the myth that we need the USA as a trading partner, more than it needs us;
  • created the illusion that the United States of America is Canada’s best friend, rather than the bully that lives next door.

Canada’s greatest ally?

The United States of America has always been and continues to be the greatest threat to Canadian sovereignty in the world today.  The government of the  USA feels that it not only has the right to ignore what it considers to be bad Canadian political decisions that might do adversely affect their economy, or pose an obstacle when trying to get a defense system in place, but has an obligation to its citizenry to do so. If the USA was Canada’s greatest ally it would not threaten to violate Canadian air space; Canadian waters, or dispute the validity of what has always been considered Canadian sovereign soil.

Take for example the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) system.

The BMD program had nothing to do with enhancing the security of Canadians and yet Defence Minister Graham admitted that the real reason Canada sign on to the BMD was to accommodate the USA. The USA had threatened that if Canada did not sign on they would simply do it themselves and Canada would not be at the table to agree or disagree if the time came to utilise the system. Threats of compliance or else do not speak to a military alliance, but rather to a greater military force saying join me or be forced into agreement.

Canada’s greatest trading partner?

The USA sees Canada’s sovereignty and borders as a mere formality, and views Canada’s natural resources as theirs to do as they please. The government of  the USA takes neither thing seriously and has proven time and again that no trade deal with Canada will be permitted to unduly influence what they feel is in the best interest of the USA.

NAFTA is a prime example of how the government of the United States of America takes from a trade agreement with Canada what is good for the USA and ignores what it feels runs contrary to the interest of the USA.  Under NAFTA there are rules to settle disputes and the decisions after the final court ruling are supposed to be binding to all stake holders. how is it then that despite Canada winning every appeal in the process the government of the USA to this day refuses to honor the outcome that saw Canada the winner in the Soft Wood Lumber dispute?

The US government now holds over $5 billion in duties extracted from Canadian exporters. Despite Canada having won virtually all the legal actions against the USA under NAFTA and the WTO, the US government has continued to stonewall or simply disregard rulings, and has refused to hand back this money.

If the country that steals from Canada the most is the mitigating factor when determining Canada’s greatest trading partner then yes Canada truly has no greater trading partner than the USA.

Canada’s best friend? Canada as a nation has lost much in terms of honor, self-respect and, self-determination, in its effort to be a good friend to the USA. This is not the way to build a personal friendship and it is not the way to build a friendship between nations either.

When I think of Canada and its relationship with the USA, I am reminded of the relationship between Looney Tune’s cartoon characters “Spike and Chester”.  In this cartoon a little dog named Chester would scamper around a big bulldog named Spike saying, “Can we Spike, huh, can we?” Spike would end up back handing little Chester, sending him reeling backwards. Getting up visibly shaken Chester would say,” Spike is my hero, because he is so big and strong. ”

In a time before Canada became Chester to the USA:

  • Canadians could travel the world without fear of being attacked by anyone, because Canadians were loved and respected;
  • Canada never had to worry about home-grown terrorists, or terrorist’s attacks from abroad, because Canada did not commit terrorist attacks in other countries;
  • Canada’s foreign aid was given with no strings attached;
  • Canada used to welcome refugees, instead locking them up in jail without due process of law;
  • Canada used to be too valuable a friend to ever consider making an enemy of;
  • Canada believed that health care, homelessness and other domestic concerns relating to poverty took priority over balancing the budget;
  • a Canadian was a Canadian.

I do not know if going back to our old Canada is a possibility anymore, but I think that we have got to try, because in some ways Canada was:

  • the sanity in all of the chaos;
  • the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of countries facing seemingly insurmountable problems;
  • the only trusted player in the game of international affairs.

The USA is no friend to Canada and never has been. The USA has no friends, and feels it needs none.  The USA uses nations friendly to it as if they were pawns on a chess board: to be sacrificed as it sees fit in its efforts to fulfill its agenda of global domination.

If there is to be any consolation in all of this, it is that Chester one day does become the hero when Spike is proven to be not so brave, but merely an untested, untried bully.




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Why Are Young People Of The West Becoming ISIL’S Fifth Wave?


I will begin by saying that I do not think that killing innocent people by any side of any conflict can be justified. Having said that, I do not believe that justice is served when one side of a conflict is blocked from pursuing and seeking justice in the International Criminal Court for what it perceives as war crimes and other atrocities being inflicted upon them by another country. When all other reasonable efforts to attain freedom, or seek justice are being blocked, or have failed,  I believe that is possible to make others feel that they have no other recourse, but to strike back in any way they can, using whatever weapons they have at their disposal. If this were not so the state of Israel would not exist as it does today.

There are all sorts of reasons that make the young people born in Muslim countries join groups like ISIL and al Qaeda, such as, religious beliefs, culture, peer pressure, and even force, but that is not the issue for today’s post. Today I am looking at why young people born and raised in western, predominantly Christian, democratically governed countries, are such easy targets for what western governments are calling, Islamic radicalization and I call ISIL’s fifth wave.

ISIL’s ‘Fifth Wave are young people of the west who:

  • are angry at their government and being used by ISIL to kill other citizens of the west; 
  • are ashamed with the wars and the methods of war that their government have decided to engage in for their vested interest;
  • are sympathetic with the senseless loss of millions of innocent lives, and with the need for millions of innocent people to flee war ravaged countries;
  • are an almost undetectable force attacking ISIL’s enemies from within their own country;
  • give a psychological advantage to ISIL, because whether these young people are killed by their own police on their own streets, or during western military actions abroad, ISIL can claim that they have the people of the west at war with themselves, and killing each other; a win-win for ISIL.

The driving forces responsible for the anger in western young people is coming from:

Modern technology, which has made it impossible for young people not to know that their governments have a long history of breaking treaties and betraying allies; then covering up acts of betrayal and bad decisions with lies and a total lack of transparency.  This information accessible to them at the push of a button, has to make it very difficult for educated young people, despite the fact that they were born and raised in the west to trust, respect and support their government.  While most citizens take part in peaceful protest marches, or write posts like this one to show their dissatisfaction with their government’s actions, far too many have become easy targets for what the west is calling, Islamic radicalization.

Undeniable historic facts:

  • In 1915 Sir Henry McMahon, British High Commissioner in Egypt, offered Sherif Hussein of Mecca an independent Arab state (the McMahon-Hussein Correspondence) if he would help the British fight against the Ottoman Turks.  The area promised to the Arabs in McMahon’s letter of Oct 1915 excluded only the territory to the west of a line from Damascus north to Aleppo.  Palestine, far to the south, was, by implication, included as part of independent Arab state.
  • The British later denied that Palestine was included in the promise and refused to publish the correspondence until 1939.  The problem with this British lie, was that historically Palestine had always formed part of Syria, was overwhelmingly Arab, and was in contrast to the letters, which promised the Arab independence movement control of the Middle East territories. 
  • The signing of the Balfour Declaration dated was a letter dated 2 November 1917 was a key moment in the lead-up to the Arab–Israeli conflict. 
  • The agreement allowed for the establishment of a national home for the Jews in Palestine.  
  • Sharif of Mecca Hussein ibn Ali al-Hashimi and other Arab leaders saw the Balfour Declaration as a violation of previous agreements made in the McMahon-Hussein correspondence two years earlier.

It may not serve the agenda of western politicians and the government of Israel to see the creation of an Islamic state, but an Islamic state was the deal made during the First World War by Britain and it is the honoring the McMahon-Hussein correspondence that ISIL and their allies claim to be fighting for today. 

Continually getting caught in lies used to convince nations of the world that it is necessary to invade a sovereign nation, and the consequences of such actions, like in the lies told below.

  • UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and President of the USA George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq was based on deliberate lies. They knew that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction stock piled and ready to be used against the USA and their allies.
  • George W. Bush and his administration deliberately lied when they said it was necessary to invade Iraq because Saddam Hussein was in league with Osama bin Laden.
  • A quarter of million people died as a result of those lies, and the count is still growing.

News coverage

Being bombarded daily with graphically explicit pictures and videos depicting the bloodied, dismembered and dying children caught up in USA bombing raids, or missile drops, or the bloated bodies of drowned children trying to flee war ravished regimes in which the USA and her allies are taking part in… helps to create an environment for young people born in the west to become sympathetic to the suffering of innocent Muslims.   ISIL and their allies use this sympathy to recruit and radicalize these sympathetic young people.

Failure to:

  • do anything to help the 300 girls kidnapped from school, leaving them to be raped and forced into becoming the child brides of Boko Haram soldiers;
  • end the bombing missions in Syria that are at least partially responsible for causing millions of innocent people to flee their country;
  • end the continued financially and military support of Israel, after it illegally expanded its territory beyond what was agreed upon in the Balfour Agreement;
  • end unconditional support of Israel;
  • support and commend the Palestinians for trying to use legal avenues by seeking justice to what it claims are war crimes being perpetrated by Israel;
  • end the practice of blocking and threatening to cut foreign aid to Palestinians for seeking justice in the World Court for what they consider war crimes that have been perpetrated by the State of Israel.

The creation of racist laws and policies designed to:

  • eliminate, or make it extremely difficult for Muslims to immigrate to the west;
  • make it a crime to speak against the methods of war used by the Western Alliance;
  •   make a crime to openly acknowledge, or support in any way the need, or the right of the Islamic people to create an Islamic State;
  • place any person converting to Islam under suspicion of being radicalized.

Food for thought:

It is the 2nd world war all over againThe nations of the west have begun to back-slide on their promise and commitment to never allow the atrocities engaged in by the Nazis to ever be ignored again.

In the USA and Canada, instead of violating the rights of people of Japanese heritage,  are using  the law to violate the rights of their Muslim citizens.  In Quebec, Canada the Parti Quebecoise proposed a Charter of Quebec Values, in an attempt to force Muslims from wearing certain religious attire.

In France and Belgium, it is the Muslims being forced to live in ghettos surrounded by those who hate them, instead of the Jews of Europe. All too often facing many of the same atrocities endured by the Jews of Europe.  Throughout Europe Muslims are being encouraged to not be too obvious it, so as not to install fear in the Christian majority. Then there is the outlawing of the Burkini in France.

Western leaders are afraid to have Muslims in their country, but are even more afraid to let those who wish to leave return to their homeland or the land of their ancestors. To this end some western nations deny Muslims freedom of travel, spit on them in the street, beat up Muslim mothers taking their children to school, and go as far as calling their religious wear promoting radicalism.

Amnesty International stated on  January 7th, 2015 that,” Israel, the USA and EU member states must refrain from punishing or threatening Palestine for taking the positive step of granting the International Criminal Court  jurisdiction over crimes under international law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Retaliation such as:

  1. One day after the Palestinian President signed the instrument of accession to the Rome Statute, Israel suspended the payment of around US$127 million in tax revenues due to the Palestinian authorities.
  2. The USA threatened to invoke a law passed by Congress which requires the government to stop its annual Economic Support Fund aid (amounting to $500 million) to the Palestinian authorities if “the Palestinians initiate an International Criminal Court judicially authorized investigation, or actively support such an investigation, that subjects Israeli nationals to an investigation for alleged crimes against Palestinians.
  3. Israel and the USA, EU member states and Canada have consistently pressured the Palestinian authorities not to take steps to grant the International Criminal Court jurisdiction in recent years; such pressure has included threats to withdraw financial assistance on which the Palestinian authorities depend.
  4. In July 2014, the EU Foreign Affairs Council warned the Palestinian authorities “to use constructively its UN status [which it obtained in 2012] and not to undertake steps which would lead further away from a negotiated solution.” Joining the Rome Statute was considered such a step; influential EU member states, including the UK and France, had publicly opposed Palestine seeking access to the International Criminal Court.

Israel and the USA, EU member states and Canada have through their actions undermined the very justice and peaceful solution that they purport to be seeking.

This is a war that cannot be won with soldiers, weapons, political rhetoric, or bad immigration laws and policies. This is a war that can only be won by acknowledgement of wrong doing, and a righting of wrongs.  Failure to change from aggression to diplomacy, will result in the young people of the west becoming:

  • increasingly angry with their own government and more dangerous to their own neighbors; 
  • more sympathetic to the plight of innocent Muslims caught up in a war without any foreseeable end, and acting out in the horrible ways; killing and being killed by their own countrymen; 
  • the willing fifth wave of ISIL.
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I Have Weighed Canada On The Balances And Have Found Her Wanting

me-5I chose the title for this post because I believe that the conduct and actions of the Canadian government has never come close to upholding the fundamental rights and freedoms found in its Constitution, or in its Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  The Canadian government’s refusal to honor any of the treaties and agreements that it made with First Nations, makes a mockery of the Canadian Constitution and her Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Without these treaties and agreements and  support of first Nations, the dream of a soveriegn Canada would never  have made it to  into a reality.

When a majority of Canadians have no problem justifying their ancestors’ role in creating the nation of Canada, Canadians must be found wanting in terms of civil and political rights, honor, integrity, justice, and compassion.

It is no secret that:

  • the nation of Canada was founded on land stolen from the aboriginal people that occupied it;
  • successive Canadian governments have refused to deal with First Nations on a nation to nation basis as was agreed upon in both treaties and other agreements;
  • successive Canadian governments systematically stripped the First Nation people of their heritage; religion; language and culture;
  • First Nation people had their children forcibly taken away from them and sent to residential schools where they were often raped, tortured and killed, all in the name of assimilation.

It is the belief of Canadians from all walks of life that those were dark times in the history of Canada. A time of empire building and colonialism. A time when kings, queens and emperors and religious leaders desired to make the world over in their image, and so Canadians should not judge their ancestors, government, or themselves too harshly for what all nations were doing back then.  I do not agree, but even if that could be agreed upon, how can any Canadian justify what is going on in Canada today?

Despite international condemnation, and our feigned shame, Canada continues to deny First Nations people every day things guaranteed other Canadians, such as:

  • decent homes to live in; (indoor plumbing, heating, electricity)
  • safe drinking water, that does not have to be shipped to them in bottles;
  • access to quality education for their children;

Too bad the First Nations people did not have leaders who thought like Kellie Leitch, MP for Simcoe-Grey when it came to asking questions about respecting and sharing the values of the inhabitants of the country you are thinking of immigrating to.

If they had maybe Canada would be a more inclusive and tolerant place. A country free of the European sense of superiority, entitlement and racism.

The Canadian people and government have learned nothing from past mistakes We keep electing people like Kellie Leitch, whose rhetoric promotes government approval for citizens of Canada, law enforcement, the court system and those reporting the news to view terrorism as a Muslim crime.

When non-Muslims kill for political reasons and are not referred to in the news, or by politicians as suspected terrorists, or terrorist: Canada must once again be weighed on the balances and be found wanting.

Case on point is the actions of Richard Henry Blain; his arrest, and the charges laid’

Richard Henry Bain from Mont Tremblant:

  • was arrested after a shooting that left a 48-year-old man dead and another man critically wounded outside a Parti Québécois election victory party;
  • was wearing a blue robe and with his face partially covered by a balaclava;
  • was arrested outside the venue with a rifle and another gun.
  • set fire to the back door attempting to trap and kill those inside.
  • said in French while being dragged toward the cruiser, “The English are waking up!”

This however was not referred to as an act of terrorism by the Canadian news agencies, law enforcement, or prosecutors.  Instead:

  • Marois said, “My thoughts are with the family and loved ones of the man who died and all Quebecers are mourning today after this act of violence.”
  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper said, “I am angered and saddened by the incident.” “It is a tragic day where an exercise of democracy is met with an act of violence.”
  • Police said, “We have met with 15 witnesses and officers finished searching the suspect’s vehicle, and found more of the liquid that could have been used to start a fire. Investigators are combing social networks for clues about intent and signs of past threats.
  • Bain is charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.
  • Crown prosecutor Eliane Perreault never mentioned terrorism, nor did she ever seek terror related charges.

What do you think the charges would have been if a Muslim had done the shooting that night and had shouted:

  • Praise be to Allah?
  • Stop Islamophobia?
  • Muslims are waking up?

I have weighed Canadians on the balances and found us to be wanting because we keep electing political leaders like Kellie Leitch, who feel that it is appropriate and in keeping with Canadian values to bring forth legislation that would force immigrants to answer questions on their applications, allowing immigration officials to target Muslims. I for one do not want some low level bureaucrat, customs officer, or any one else for that matter with all of their personal hang-ups and prejudices, being able to decide who would make a good candidate for immigration, or relocation to Canada, based questions related to questions based on the applicant’s:

  • religious beliefs;
  • cultural habits;
  • choice of clothing;
  • views on a woman`s position in society.

It is very clear to me that this legislation is an attempt to make it harder for Muslim immigrants to gain entrance to Canada.  This type of legislation would force Muslims to deny their religious beliefs, cultural habits and heritage, based on what non-Muslim officials in the immigration department decide on a day-to-day basis constitutes appropriate behavior in a civilized society.

We as a nation keep saying sorry for our racist immigration laws of the past, and then go right back to business as usual, creating new ones.

Finally, I find Canadians to be wanting, because Canadians seem willing to accept in principle that the end justifies the means and are willing to allow our government to strip us of the rights guaranteed all Canadians in the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Fundamental rights and freedoms that have been changed from rights to privileges:

  • freedom of conscience;
  • freedom of religion;
  • freedom of thought;
  • freedom of belief;
  • freedom of expression;
  • freedom of peaceful assembly;
  • freedom of association.

Mobility rights have been changed from rights to privileges:

  • the right of Canadian Permanent Residents to enter Canada;
  • the right of Canadian Permanent Residents to remain in Canada;
  • the right of Canadian Permanent Residents to leave Canada.

Legal rights that have been changed from rights to privileges:

  • right to life, liberty, and security of the person;
  • freedom from unreasonable search and seizure;
  • freedom from arbitrary detention or imprisonment;
  • right to legal counsel and the guarantee of habeas corpus;
  • rights in criminal and penal matters such as the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty;
  • right not to be subject to cruel and unusual punishment;
  • rights against self-incrimination.

Canadians have no right to take the high moral ground when it comes to rights and values, because Canadians have learned nothing from:

  • the suffering, humiliation and degradation that we have forced upon the First Nations People;
  • from past racist immigration laws that it enacted and keeps apologizing for;
  • the conduct of the Canadian government has never come close to upholding the fundamental rights and freedoms found in its Constitution, or in its Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

How can Canada not be found wanting when the words in the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are nothing more than political talking points used by politicians to win votes at election time and then put back on the shelf until needed again?


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Montreal’s Mayors, Seekers of Legacies and Betrayers of Their Citizens’ Trust

me-5The Quebec provincial government uses the excuse that it has to do what is best for all of the cities in the province and not just cater the needs of one city. It also justifies the spending of money on things like hosting 1976 Olympic games by arguing that there is no price too high for putting Quebec on the international stage as a country in waiting…but this is the subject matter of a whole other post.

Mayors in my opinion are the worst betrayers of their citizens’ trust when it comes to politics, and I believe that Montreal’s mayors are among the worst of them. Municipal governments, led by Mayors are supposed to be on the front lines recognizing the problems, seeking out the solutions then following up with actions that would remedy the problem.

Mayors are elected to serve, but like most political party leaders mayors do not see governing as serving the people. They see winning an election as an opportunity to create their very own fantasy city, that in turn will become their legacy. To this end they concentrate their efforts and tax payer dollars on creating green spaces over highways, building bicycle paths and hosting events like the Olympic Games; allowing these glamour projects to take priority over the fixing of dangerous, failing infrastructure.

Mayors see the dangers posed to their citizens up close and personal, and quite frankly seem willing to ignore those dangers and let their citizens suffer and die.

Over the years Montreal mayors have known:

  • that the city’s highway overpasses were in danger of collapsing, because (A)The engineers that designed the overpasses warned them of the possibility. (B)People living near de la Concorde and Highway 19 told The Gazette they had noticed the overpass had begun to crumble in recent months (C)Carole Hackenbeck, less than a month before the collapse, noticed that there were unusually large gaps and misaligned spacing in the deck-support structure underneath.  (D)several motorists told the French-language all-news network Le Canal Nouvelles that they had called police up to an hour before the collapse to report seeing fissures appearing in the overpass roadbed and chunks of concrete falling to the road below. Only when the center section of the south lane of an overpass (65-foot or 19.8-metre section of a three-lane overpass) collapsed in Laval on September 30, 2006, killing five people and seriously injuring six others, did the city close the autoroute for about a month.
  • the city’s sewer system had pipes which are over one hundred years old, and yet the city avoided replacing the old piping. Homes continue to be flooded, boiled water advisories are issued and sink holes swallow up cars and trucks and still replacement of the old pipes is not a priority;
  • the city’s filtration system from its conception was inadequate to deal with;
  • citizens are faced with the health hazard of having to frequently use public areas like bus shelters and, metro entrances that the homeless have urinated and defecated in, because twenty-four-seven bathroom facilities for them are nonexistent;

No matter the political stripe all municipal parties that get elected to power will:

  • partner with the federal and provincial government on huge projects costing millions of dollars of tax payer dollars;
  • spend millions of dollars propping up failing businesses like Bixi;

I live in the province of Quebec, in the city of Montreal.  Both the province and the city have been plagued by premiers and mayors who have felt that their personal agenda/their legacy would be better served if they participated in joint projects like: bike paths across the city, or hosting the Olympic.

Montreal’s mayors have over the years claimed that there was no money available for things like:

  • fixing water mains;
  • updating the sewage system;
  • doing road repairs;
  • necessary amount safety inspectors to ensure that building pipes, streets and overpasses are being maintained properly and not endangering the safety and lives of their citizenry;
  • shelters for the homeless;
  • affordable housing.

If people hadn’t had to suffer or die, because of Montreal’s municipal governments’ non-action and ignoring of what needed to be fixed in this city what they did find money for might be laughable. The mayors of Montreal have always found it more important to partner with the provincial government spending of millions of tax payer dollars on things like:

  • Mayor Jean Drapeau hosting the 1976 Olympics which put Quebec in debt for 1.5 billion dollars. Quebec, the host province did not pay off the $1.5 billion until December 2006. Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau had famously said: “The Olympics can no more lose money than a man can have a baby
  • Montreal spending $15 million this year to add 57 kilometers of additional bike lanes to its 733-kilometre-long network and maintain what already exists;
  • Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre’s plan to create a new urban space that would better connect the downtown core with Old Montreal, in time for Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations in 2017. Cost according to him two hundred million dollars.

How many people will have to:

  • Die eating lunch on a terrace, because a piece of a building breaks off and kills them, before a Montreal Mayor makes funding for more safety inspectors a priority?
  • Fall into a sink hole before a Montreal mayor decides that fixing the city`s failing old pipes takes priority over building green spaces over highways?

How many homeless people have to die in the cold of a Montreal winter, hungry and alone, before a Montreal mayor decides that it would be a great legacy if in their time in office if they actually took the initiative and took the lead to ending the tragedy of homelessness in Montreal?

What will it take for municipal governments to get their priorities straight?

I know all about jurisdictional issues, but to not:

  • warn citizens of dangers;
  • fight for the safety of their citizens;
  • put all monies received toward fixing the things that are within their jurisdiction instead of partnering in glory seeking projects, is to me a  betrayal of their citizens’ trust.

When you consider that Quebec was and continues to be plagued with mayors like those mentioned below is it any wonder that Montreal is falling apart and literally crumbling to dust?

Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum was arrested at his home by members of the province’s anti-corruption unit. Ironically, Applebaum was named Montreal’s interim mayor last November — because the previous mayor, Gérald Tremblay, was forced to resign due to corruption allegations.

City of Laval asked to be placed under trusteeship, after gangsterism and fraud charges had been laid against its former mayor and 37 others.


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Black Lives Have Never Mattered to The Government of the United States of America or Canada and Still Do Not Today

me-5How can the government of the United States of America, or Canada try to pretend that Black lives have ever mattered in their countries, or do today?  Both countries have apologized officially for acts in their history that in today’s world are considered to be, offensive, unjust, cruel, racist to all. All except Black people. Both the United States of America and Canada have sought to reconcile, apologize, offer monetary compensation to the survivors and the families of survivors who have suffered and died needlessly and senselessly by their countries policies and laws. All except Black people.

To the governments of the United States of America and Canada, Black lives have never mattered, and still do not today.  For some reason both governments feel that the mistreatment of Black people in their countries both in their past and present history requires no:

  • official apology;
  • attempt at reconciliation;
  • monetary compensation to be paid to either the survivors of slavery, or their families.

The Canadian government has officially apologized to the North American Indians, Jews, Chinese, Japanese and Sikhs, but nothing resembling an official apology has ever been offered to Black Canadians for the atrocities that their ancestors were forced to endure upon their arrival into Canada, or for the inequality, racism and injustice that their families continue to endure in today’s Canada.

The Canadian government has instead chosen to remove from its educational curriculum all mandatory teaching of Canada’s involvement and participation in the selling and owning of Black slaves in Canada. Choosing instead to portray Canada as some safe haven where American slaves could run to and find freedom, equality and justice.  Unfortunately, this was lie then and still remains a lie as far as equality and justice are concerned for the ancestors of those Black slaves today.

My ancestors were:

  • stolen from their homeland by slave traders;
  • taken across the sea. Never to see, or be seen by their families again;
  • never to see their homelands again;
  • chained head to toe on wooden ledges, row after row, in the cargo hold of slave ships;
  • forced to lie in their own urine, feces, and vomit for the duration of the sea voyage, which could take months;
  • sold into slavery wherever slaves could be sold and were needed.
  • renamed and so lost their identity and all ties to their families and loved ones;
  • forbidden to speak the language of their ancestors;
  • forbidden to practice their religion;
  • forced to work from sun up to sun down for scraps of food and meager clothing;
  • whipped, raped, castrated, by their masters;
  • sold and resold like live stock.  Breeding and pedigree important…feelings of animal to be sold, not necessary to consider;
  • denied justice, human rights and civil rights.

Millions of my ancestors did not survive the trip and sadly I wonder if they were the lucky ones. They at least were spared the centuries of agony as slaves and knowing that any child that they brought into the world would be just another slave, with no chance of ever knowing freedom. For them at least the agony, humiliation, years of degradation, and the indignity of being treated and thought of as chattel was spared them.

Imagine being one of the women, or one of the young girls who were raped day after day until they finally arrived at their final destination where they were sold at a slave auction for more money based on the babies they now carried in their wombs. Imagine reaching your plantation, working from sun up to sun down in the fields, only to get raped at night in hopes that you would produce children for the master to sell.

Now try to imagine that you were one of the unaccounted for, but claimed to be millions of Black African slaves who:

  • jumped overboard trying to escape, thinking they could swim back to their homes;
  • were thrown overboard, chained, terrified and screaming, because they were sick;
  • were thrown overboard, because the captain of the slave ship would rather lose his cargo then face the consequences for breaking the law.

Imagine now that your government felt and still feels that your ancestor’s treatment and enslavement was not bad enough to deserve:

  • an official apology;
  • reconciliation;
  • monetary compensation.

All over the United States of America Black men are being murdered by White police officers without the guilty officers being punished. Video footage depicting the crimes are ignored, as are eye-witness accounts. As in the past Blacks are told not to seek revenge, keep it cool and try to understand that progress and change will come, but not overnight.

In Canada the provincial government of Nova Scotia bulldozed down an African-Canadian village located just north of Halifax that was founded in the mid-18th century.   Promises to replace the evicted families houses were never kept, monetary compensation for the for many of the evicted was never received.  The mayor of Halifax in 2010 did apologize for the government’s actions.  The victims of the racist government action now have a park dedicated to the memory of their loss. This park is little more than a reminder to the survivors and their ancestors of how little, if at all,  Black lives matter in Canada.

In the province of Quebec, Canadian Black people cannot get the Quebec government to stop using the word “Nigger” when officially naming government landmarks. The Quebec government has used the excuse that removing the word “Nigger” from existing government landmarks, would diminish the historical accuracy of said sites.

In Quebec, Canada, Black face performances are still considered an acceptable form of entertainment and part of Quebec’s cultural heritage.  An art form to be proud of and passed on from one generation to another; no matter how offensive to Black people it is.

If this was your:

  • history;
  • life;
  • immediate future and the future of your children and grandchildren, in both Canada and the United State of America;

Would you think that Black lives mattered to either government?

As a people the ancestors of African slaves lives unfortunately begins and ends with the knowledge that is who we are and all w will always be seen as to the governments of the United States of America and Canada.

Our, culture, language, religion and all that we were and could have become was forcefully taken from us: replaced even in freedom by those of our White masters. We are the only people on this planet for whom there is no going back home.

The deaths of innocent Black people at the hands of White police is an indicator that Black lives do not matter in the United States of America and Canada, but:

  • how we have been forced to live;
  • what was forcefully stolen from us;
  • how we are expected to act like it never happened,  is to me the best indicator of all  that Black have never mattered to the government of the United States of America, or Canada, and still do not today.
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There Are No Heroes Or Villains There Are Only Survivors

me-5There are no heroes, or villains, there are only survivors. There is only the vicious cycle human beings find themselves trapped in. In this cycle of events the conquered and oppressed fight to be free, only to become the oppressor.  In this never-ending cycle of senseless death everyone gets to taste at least once and endure the horrors of war.

The world has been living a lie for so long now, that it believes that there was an upside, or justification for Imperialism and all of the damage that its survivors now are forced to live with.

I do not understand why people keep expressing shock at all of the hatred in the world. I wonder how anyone could think that the state of the world could possibly be any different. Everything that we can piece together about human nature proves that human beings have always believed that it is okay to:

  • take by force what belongs to another;
  • enslave other human beings;
  • kill for the sake of killing;
  • claim that their values, culture religion, and race superior, to those they wish to conquer;
  • believe that lasting peace can be obtained through war.

Human nature has not improved: in fact, if anything human beings have gotten worse over time.

We live in a time where racial, religious, ethnic, cultural and even linguistic intolerance are preached, encouraged, practiced, and sponsored by every major government and religious order in the world.

Kings, sheiks, holy men, governments and big business are still ordering their armies, navies and now air forces to attack other nations, in order to extend their country’s power and influence through military force.

The reality is that the push to control the world by certain groups and countries has never stopped.  The leaders of governments, religion and big business are still motivated to go to war over things that do not belong to them like:

  • foreign lands for governments;
  • natural resources for rich businessmen:
  • the souls of the conquered for religious leaders.

What has changed are:

  • weaponry, now able to kill and injure hundreds of thousands with the drop of one missile, leaving all of the infrastructure intact for use by the attacker at a later time;
  • honesty and transparency about what it is all the dying about is gone.  Now we say that we are killing to make the world a better place, when really we are killing for the same thing as our ancestors did: to make the one percent of the world’s richest people, richer;
  • which nation or religious order is on top.  The western nations and Christianity are on the top of the power struggle at the moment.

What has not changed are:

  • the evoking of God as a justification for invasion;
  • the torture, starvation, and murdering of the innocent;
  • the forced migration of civilian masses:
  • the senseless loss of innocent life.

The use of technology and weapons of mass destruction have given the western nations an advantage, but their enemies have found a way to get around the technology and their weapons of mass destruction. Their enemies have done what was thought impossible and brought their guerrilla war tactics to western shores. A place where the west’s weapons of mass destruction are rendered moot.

Were those responsible for the Roman Empire, Mongol Empire, Russian Empire, Holy Roman Empire, British Empire, Han Dynasty, Byzantine Empire, Persian Empire, Umayyad Caliphate, or Ottoman Empire, heroes? Did the end justify the means?

The empires mentioned above represent only the ten of what we teach our children were the most successful empires in history.

Whether these empires were generated by Christians, Muslims, or some other faction, to this day we teach our children to be proud of our ancestor’s accomplishments.  We proudly talk to our children of how their ancestors brought civilization, law and order, and the true God to the world. We glorify the crusades, jihads and colonization’s and make those responsible for the suffering and the mass killings heroes.  We trivialize, down play and excuse their brutality: a brutality that saw uncountable numbers of people who dared oppose them tortured, spiritually crushed, put to death, and in some cases made extinct.

There are no innocents as far as governments, religious leaders, big business and their followers are concerned. All of the afore-mentioned, regardless of ethnicity or religious belief at one time or another, for one reason or another have used violence to oppress the original inhabitants of lands they sought to take possession of, time after time throughout the history of the world.

There are no heroes, or villains, there are only survivors. There is only the vicious cycle that human beings find themselves trapped in. In this cycle of events the conquered and oppressed fight to be free, only to become the oppressors.  In this never-ending cycle of senseless death everyone gets to taste the power of victory and the agony of defeat at least once. Winner or loser they will all have to endure the horrors of war forever.

I believe in the words below:

The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral,
begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.
Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.
Through violence you may murder the liar,
but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.
Through violence you may murder the hater,
but you do not murder hate.
In fact, violence merely increases hate.
So it goes.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence,
adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Part Three Of: Debunking Canadian Political Rhetoric One Fabrication At A Time

Electing a federalist minded party in the province of Quebec or federally will:

  • restore the linguistic rights stolen  from non-Francophone Canadian citizens residing in Quebec;
  • preserve the linguistic rights that non-Francophone Canadians residing in Quebec still have;
  • save Quebec from further destroying its economy through language laws that make doing business too expensive;
  • stop the racist practices that some Francophone Canadian citizens residing in Quebec consider to be part of their cultural heritage as well as a piece of their history that must be preserved, practiced and passed on to the next generation of Quebecers.

No federal or Quebec provincial government will help non Francophone Canadian citizens residing in Quebec.

The Quebec provincial Liberal Party started promoting the idea that there was nothing wrong with officially alienating the non-Francophone residents of Quebec by enacting a law that made French the official language of Quebec. Since then every major federal party has given their consent openly, or through their silence to the racist, ethnocide that non-Francophone Canadians endure on a daily basis at the hands of all Quebec provincial political parties, excluding none.

  • the Quebec Liberal Party in 1974, under the leadership of Premier Robert Bourassa, Liberal Party brought in Bill 22, which made French the official language of the province;
  • In the 1976, the Parti Quebecois was elected for the first time. The next year, the party introduced the Charter of the French Language;
  • sadly since 1976, despite what is happening to the non-Francophone Canadian citizens residing in Quebec, no federal or Quebec government has dared risk the wrath of Quebec’s sovereignty movement, by reinstating, or preserving the linguistic rights of Quebec’s non-Francophone residents.

The New Democratic Party of Canada will be no help, because:

  • Jack Layton thought that the road to an NDP governance of Canada could be realized, if he could get the majority of Quebec voters to vote for the NDP in a federal election. To this end he did what no other federalist party was willing to do and publicly agreed on a 50% + 1 vote formula;
  • under the leadership of Thomas Mulcair, the NDP introduced a private members’ bill that would replace the Clarity Act. It would retain the party’s 50-plus-one formula for victory and require a direct question for a third referendum;
  • NDP MP Thomas Mulcair, a former Quebec cabinet minister said, “Bill 101 brought linguistic peace to Quebec and has played an important role in keeping Quebec within Canada”.

The Conservative Party of Canada has made it clear that they do not believe that they should interfere in provincial language. Stephen Harper has been quoted saying:

  • “I’ve been clear for a couple of decades that I don’t believe the federal government should interfere in provincial language legislation.”
  • “Quebec’s language law has been an asset to Quebec culture.”

At the end of the day it is crystal clear that for one reason, or another, there is no political party, federal or provincial, that is willing to stand up for Canadian non Francophone citizens living in Quebec.  This makes both the federal and the provincial political parties of Quebec joined in spirit and in actions, making who wins a Quebec provincial election moot for non-Francophone citizens of Canada residing in Quebec.

Quebec’s language laws have ruined Quebec’s economy.

Quebec through its language laws, enforced by its language police, continues to:

  • drive established businesses out of Quebec;
  • be at least partially responsible for causing record high unemployment in the province;
  • cost Quebec revenue created through taxation of business, fleeing to neighboring provinces to avoid the high price of doing business in Quebec;
  • stop potential job creating businesses from opening up in Quebec and losing a much-needed economic boost;

A well-known Quebec politician when asked by reporters why any Quebec government would allow its language laws to ruin Quebec’s economy, responded by saying something like, ’I would gladly see Quebec in such a state of ruin that the federal government would see Quebec as such a liability that it would allow Quebec to leave Canada. Then we could rebuild Quebec.’

Quebec politicians no matter the political stripe are willing to go this far even though Quebecers, no longer speak the French of their ancestors.  The language that Quebec politicians claim to want to save, no longer is spoken in Quebec. The French language of Quebec:

  • has been reduced to a patois, called Quebecois French full of slang words and idiomatic expressions;
  • reduced some more to what the French call franglais a derogatory word used to describe the use of too many Anglicisms in a French conversation. An example of this can be found in the use of the English word full in a French conversation: (je l’aime full), full (Le réservoir est full).

Quebec’s cultural heritage full of racist practices.

The cultural heritage that Quebec politicians seem so intent on preserving seem to require the practicing of what is considered by most civilized people, very degrading, racist practices. All governments of Canada appear to be willing to turn a blind eye and a deft ear to this problem and how it affects their citizens, as long as it makes Quebec separatists feel more comfortable remaining in Canada.

When Premiere of Quebec, Pauline Marois threaten to bring into law Bill 60/ Charter of Quebec Values a clear attempt to strip Canadian Muslim citizens and other Canadian minority religious groups residing in the province of Quebec of their right to peacefully practice their religion, where was either the federal government, or the provincial opposition party of the day?

The federal government said that these issues lied within the jurisdiction of the provinces, but  they would keep a close eye on the situation and would act swiftly should they find anything within their jurisdiction that broke Canadian law.

The Quebec opposition party of course denounced it for obvious political gain, but its leader Philippe Couillard pledged during the campaign to put forward a different set of measures on the reasonable accommodation issue

As a Black man living in Quebec, I find it insulting, offensive, and degrading to know that Quebec politicians see nothing wrong with officially naming a stretch of rapids on the on Gatineau River, Nigger Rapids in 1983. Sadly this is not an isolated case:

  • Bouchette has its  (Nigger Rapids) no translation required;
  • Grenville-sur-la-Rouge has its Nigger Eddy Premier, Deuxieme, Troisieme   (Nigger Eddy the 1st,2nd and 3rd);
  • Saint-Armand has its Rocher Nigger (Nigger Rock);
  • Hatley has its Nigger Riviere (Nigger River) now renamed Niger River;
  • Lac-Lenotre has its Lac du Negre  (Nigger Lake);
  • Lac-Lenotre  has its Ruisseau du Negre  (Nigger Creek);
  • Notre-Dame-du-Bon Conseil has its (Nigger River);
  • Les Iles-de-la-Madeleine has its  Le Buttereau-du-Negre (Small Nigger Hill Overlooking The Water);
  • Shawinigan has its Lac a Ti-Negre  (Lake of a 1000 Niggers).

When Bouchette’s Mayor Réjean Major was informed that officially named land marks within his jurisdiction were insulting, offensive, highly prejudice, and bigoted forms of racism directed at Black people,  Mayor Réjean Major decided to protect his municipality’s racist culture and heritage.  Mayor Réjean Major told Radio-Canada that he has no intention of asking the commission to change the name given to a stretch of rapids on the on Gatineau River named (Nigger Rapids).

Claire Hamel  who lives near the rapids feels comfortable making this public statement, “Nobody talks about this, it’s the name, that’s it, like Bouchette, like Maniwaki, like Ottawa.”

The use of Black Face as an acceptable form entertainment is another piece of practiced Quebec cultural that I find insulting, offensive and degrading.  Blackface is obviously insulting and degrading to all Black residents of Quebec and Canada, and yet some Quebec politicians, television personalities, and Francophone students, see it as an acceptable thing to engage in. There has been no law introduced to stop this racist practice. This group of Quebecers would suggest that white people putting black shoe polish on their faces and pretending to be uneducated and buffoonish black people is a part of Quebec’s cultural heritage, and as such needs to be preserved.

Push for Quebec sovereignty, nothing more than a tool to gain leverage to use against the feds.

The truth of the matter is that the Quebec sovereignist elite have never wanted to leave the rest of Canada. I believe that from the beginning they saw the push for sovereignty as little more than leverage.   They bet the farm on an idea that the federal government would be willing to consider its Anglophone citizens residing in Quebec as collateral damage, or as sacrificial lambs: a reasonable and acceptable price to pay for Quebec remaining in Canada,  The political cost of doing business. The sovereignist elite knew that if they ever achieved a sovereign Quebec the con game would be over; their leverage gone, and with it their ability to demand things such as:

  • money;
  • linguistic dominance in Quebec and equality throughout the rest of Canada;
  • the right remove the rights guaranteed to its non-francophone, non-Christian Canadian citizens in the Constitution of Canada, and the Canadian Charter of rights; all without consequences, or federal challenge;
  • the right to use the words distinct society to justify Quebec’s becoming one of the most racist, corrupt, divisive, non-inclusive places to live in the country, and on the planet.

They were right to take the gamble; it paid off.  All federal and provincial politicians will agree that Quebec is a distinct society. What that means however they have no idea.  One Prime Minister actually said that   Anglophone Canadians residing in the province of Quebec should consider moving to Canada, because Canada was powerless to protect them while they remained in the jurisdiction of Quebec.

Electing a federalist minded party provincially or federally will get non-francophone Canadian citizens residing in Quebec absolutely nowhere in terms of their rights and freedoms guaranteed them in the Canadian Constitution, or in the Canadian Charter of Rights.

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