Meaningful Change Requires Honesty and Transparency

I do not hear or see total honesty coming from the police, the law makers, or the public. Everyone seems only capable of demanding total honesty and transparency from those they feel are at fault but seem incapable of living up to the bar they have set for of others.

The time for lying and giving alternative facts is over. True justice and equality can only be achieved when all parties involved are honest and transparent. Until then the unnecessary use of deadly force will continue, the peaceful demonstrators will be lobbed in with the rioters and the looters, and all cops will be blamed for the actions of a few.

I was 8 years old when mother told me was about the smartest girl is the grade 7 graduating class Royal Arthur School.  The girl just happened to be a young Black girl. When it was time to get the awards and scholarships the young Black girl was passed over and everything she should have gotten by way of awards and scholarships were given to a White girl. Angry the Black girl confronted her White teacher and asked her why she had been passed over. The teacher replied, “You were passed over because you are a nigger and as such will not benefit by the scholarships as much as a white girl will. It seemed only fair and proper that the scholarships should go to who will benefit from them the most.” Insulted and enraged the girl slapped the teacher and was sent to the principal’s office.

Once at the office the girl told the principal the teacher had called her a nigger as well as what she had said about the scholarships.  That girl was so sure that the principal would be on her side that when the principal stood up looked her in the eye and said, “The teacher was right, you are a nigger and the scholarships needed to go where they would do the most good.” The girl stood up and attack the principal. Her punishment was to be expelled from school, not allowed to graduate, and therefore not allowed to go to high school, secretarial school, or further her education. The young black girl with such promise ended up working in a hat factory working piece work for minimal pay. The teacher and the principal faced no disciplinary action and went o to teach for many years. My mother asked me at the end of the story, “Son who do you think won?”

Once I was walking home from my cousin’s house. My cousin lived a good 10 blocks from my mom’s house and to get home I had to walk through a heavily policed public housing area. I had heard of the police pulling over Black men for nor apparent reason, but I had never paid it much mind. On this night I realized that a car was following me and that its occupants were a White man and woman. As they got along side of me the driver rolled down the window and started to ask me directions. This started to get my nerves to tingle, because White people did not ask directions of Black people in this neighborhood. I ignored him and kept walking. When I came to a cross street the car cut me off and the driver got out. Walking towards me he asked me for directions again as he reached to grab hold of me. I grabbed him also, flipped him over and straddled him, raising my fist to strike. Before I could strike, I heard a click. I turned to see the female passenger holding a gun in one shaky hand and a police badge in the other saying, “Stop police. Let him up!” I let the cop up who was angry and showed my identification to the female cop as requested. Apparently there had been a burglary in the area and the suspect was a Black man. They showed me the mug shot and the only thing me and the mug shot had in common was that we were both Black men. The female apologized, but the White male cop kept insisting that I get arrested. I told them to look at all the Black people looking at them from landing just above. I also reminded them that the male officer failed to inform me that he was a police officer before he put his hands on me. In the end they got back in their car and drove off. I will never forget how close I came to being killed for nothing.

I told the stories above because these are the injustices in the system, the acts of systemic racism that all people should fight to change. The fight for change cannot be fought over those who, willingly and knowingly choose to break the law. I do not care if the law breakers are Black, Yellow White Red or Brown… the fight for equality cannot be founded on the protection of a criminals. Equal justice must mean the same for all

I have heard all  the cries for change in response to the Mr. Floyd’s murder and I whole heartily agree with the call for police reform. I agree that there needs to be accountability and responsibility by police when using deadly force. Having said that, does the other side bare any responsibility in any of the deadly force directed at them for their actions that lead up to the police being called in the first place.

What I mean by that is:

  • If Mr. Floyd had not tried to buy the cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill would he still be alive today? Did Mr. Floyd by his own actions put the value of his life at $20? Mr. Floyd had a history of such crimes and although the police were wrong to kill him, did Mr. Floyd bare any responsibility for the events leading up to his death. Given the call for change in policing do people like Mr. Floyd need to change the behavior that puts them on the wrong side of the law and directly in the path of a fatal outcome?
  • If Mr. Brooks did not get drunk, park his car in a Wendy’s drive through blocking traffic and impeding their business would he still be alive? When police arrive Mr. Brooks not only resists but assaults the officers, steals one of their tasers and proceeds to try and escape. The police do not use deadly force but pursue him. With police in pursuit Mr. Brooks turns around and points the stolen officer’s taser at the police and fires it. The police shoot him and he dies. Police chief resigns over shooting, calls for police to be fired over the shooting. My question is, did Mr. Brooks bare any responsibility at all for his death at the hands of the police?

The proof is in the pudding and the Floyd video proved that the cops lied and tried to convince us that we did not see what we saw, the same can be said about the activist not wanting all of us to believe that Mr. Brooks was in violation of the law when he drove intoxicated, resisted arrest, assaulted and overpowered 2 police officers, stole an officer’s taser, tried to escape and finally when he turn pointed and fired the taser at the police.

In todays climate, can or will it ever be deemed appropriate for the police to use deadly force on a Black man? Is there no scenario in which a black man can be killed by police and it be considered justified use of deadly force? Is blindness for political expediency helping to find true impartial justice? Are how these events started in the fist place as important as how they ended? I think so if true equality is what is really the end goal

My mother gave me the “talk”. It started with a story that made her incredibly sad.  “When I was a little girl, I saw a boy 14 years old run into a laneway closely followed by a cop yelling stop or I will shoot. The boy continued to run, and the cop shot him dead. The boy had been caught trying to steal a chocolate bar and when the police tried to arrest him, he got scared and ran. The cop was never punished,” mom said.

” My mother told me the best way to not get shot by the police was:

  • not break the law.
  • not to run from the police for any reason.
  • do as instructed by police when told to stop, put your hands behind your back, or get on the ground.
  • do not resist arrest; guilty or innocent. Better to be arrested and live than to resist and die
  • never fight back if getting beat by police…better to be bruised than dead.

What I am saying is that yes, the police need to stop killing Black men unnecessarily and yes the police need to respect the fact that Black lives matter, but Black men need to respect the value of their lives. Black men need to stop putting their lives in danger by breaking the law. Black people need to call out Black men when they commit crimes and stop rallying behind them because it is politically expedient.

There is no room for cover ups and lies by either the police or Black people. All sides need to be honest when dealing with the police’s use of deadly force. We must all be careful how far we let the pendulum swing, lest the police be afraid to defend themselves and end up being the victims at the hands of the criminals.

I am tired of the blind acceptance and rush to justify the crimes of some black men. It makes me ill to listen to the excuses made for some Black men committing crimes as though violating the law is all Black men can do to combat the inequality and systemic racism that black men face.

When Black people justify crime as a way to make life better and somehow level the playing field, they actually strengthen the argument that we are nothing more than petty thieves, ignorant, with little or no respect for the law.

In no way do I condone police brutality or the unnecessary use of deadly force. I do however see the need for change and honesty on all sides. Black men the greatest way to change people’s perception of you value is to stop committing crimes. Stop being martyrs and start being positive examples.


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Stand Up! Stop Allowing Canada To Be Bullied!

Canada has one chance for survival in this world of strong men dictators and those like President Donald J Trump of the USA who wishes he had their power. Canada’s one chance for survival is to remove itself from the influence of nations like China and the USA who seek to punish her both economically and diplomatically for reasons that hold no international legal merit. Perhaps it is time to rethink what takes to be a successful, sovereign nation.

Bullies like Saudi Arabia, the USA and China can only threaten Canada, because Canada’s political leaders believe that Canada needs whatever these countries provide for Canada, more than whatever Canada provides for them. Canadian politicians, media, political pundits and even most of the Canadian work force believe that Canada has more to lose then the bullying nation if Canada tries to assert its independence concerning anything.

I believe that when the USA or any nation threatens Canada with unjust tariffs, Canada should refuse all trade with them period. Canada needs to get off its proverbial ass and make their own cars, motorcycles and airplanes and ban the production and sale of American made automotive vehicles in Canada. They tried that foolishness with Jean Chretien when  he was the prime minister and he let the trade drop off until the Americans  realized that they needed us as much if not more than we needed them and were willing to negotiate an end to the trade freeze. Canada was not wiped out economically, but the bullying and threats stopped.

I am suggesting not only the removal of Ford and General Motors and all American made cars, vans, trucks and so forth from Canada, but also all companies like McDonalds, Walmart and all other big American chains stores who think that they do not have to adhere to Canadian labor codes.  Companies like these are not Canadian because they call themselves GM Canada, or McDonalds Canada.

American companies like GM bleed their Canadian subsidiaries dry of profits all the while taking loans from the Canadian government to prevent plant closures. History shows Canadians that companies like these do not pay back the loans and all to often give their executives bonusses with the loan money while closing the same plants the were supposed to keep open. These shutdowns usually happen without notice and with little regard for the thousands of Canadian automotive workers and other Canadians workers they are putting out of work. Therefore, I contend that Canada needs to start manufacturing its own cars, phones etc. and start trading with the Europeans and the Aussies… countries that truly have our back and are looking for honest and fair trade.

The USA has always taken Canadian raw materials at low prices and sold them back to us as finished goods at enormous profit. This was and is bad enough, but to make the claim that they have been unjustly treated is absurd. Stop buying made in the USA and start manufacturing and buying Canadian.

China is in my humble opinion a no brainer. Cut China off at the knees. Resist the urge to use their cheap forced labor and bring manufacturing back to Canada along with the jobs. Let China search for markets to trade in. When China stops our beef and grain products unjustifiably, Canada should ban all goods made in China from being sold in Canada and ban all travel to and from China, eliminating China’s ability to take and hold innocent Canadian hostages for ransom.

China trying to force Canada’s legal system to bow to its will, is a joke. China is a murderous regime trying to call out Canada for unfair legal practices and abuse of governmental power. First thing Canada should have done when China abducted the two Michaels, was expel the Chinese ambassador and staff from Canada and suspend all trade with China immediately. Instead Canada allowed China to sell their goods and operate in Canada as if nothing had happened. Small wonder they think of us as a pathetic clown.

In an article in the Communist Party-run Global Times soon after the ruling, an expert was cited as saying that the decision won’t hurt Huawei “because the company will not succumb to the US because of any individual.” But, citing the same expert, it said the decision will “make Canada a pathetic clown and a scapegoat in the fight between China and the US.”

The only consequence that will come of cutting trade off with China is our major exporters and importers will have to get off their butts and find new suppliers and buyers. They took the chance of working and dealing with a dictatorship for short term profits, while throwing Canadians out of work and now they are paying the price for their callous greedy decision.

There was a time when Canada manufactured, grew, and ate its own food and refined its own raw materials, like oil. A rush by our manufacturers to use cheap labor, keep more of the profits for themselves is what got and keeps Canada in such a mess. Canada’s economy is too reliant on the whims of China and the USA, because the Canadian government has allowed the made in Canada label to somehow be thought of by Canadians as inferior to that of the labels made in USA or made in China.

What I am getting at is that these countries need Canada as much as Canada needs them and if they don’t it is because Canada has become too reliant on its enemies and selfish neighbors to treat them with dignity, fairness and honesty. Canadian politicians are supposed to be working for all Canadians and not just the wealthy one percent.

There is and always has been only one way to deal with bullies, but it takes guts and a determination to end the cycle. Canada needs to simply say no more, let the chips fall where they may. Our politicians need to follow up with action when they say that we no longer wish to trade with those who would threaten our sovereignty, way of life, or economy, for any reason.

It is time for Canada to rebuild its armed forces so that we are no reliant on our neighbors but can be an asset and a good ally to those we consider allies.

Canada needs to stop telling the lie that the USA is our greatest trading partner and friend. They have always used Canada as far as trade is concerned. The USA has always and will always represent Canada’s greatest threat. The Americans are a threat to our sovereignty because they are greedy, arrogant and have a lust for power that is unparalleled in the world today. The USA does not respect Canada as a nation, because the USA only respects nations based upon their ability to wage war and willingness to use or threats to get their way.  Canada’s lack of military forces ironically have put Canada in a position where she is almost totally dependent on the greatest and closet threat to Canada’s sovereignty, for protection of that sovereignty.

Canada has lost its way because of a bunch of greedy multinational companies whose executives have put their shareholders profits above the best interests of their workers, Canadian citizens, and the country itself. Stop allowing Ford, General Motors for example to build and sell cars in Canada period. Take over the plants and make Canadian cars with the labor. Stop allowing China to do business in Canada period. Set a date when this will all take place and let the chips fall where they may.

This is the only way for Canada to regain its ability to control its own destiny. Sovereignty means nothing if it is totally dependent on others to defend it. Canada’s economy is doomed to failure if Canada continues to give into those nations who would threaten to harm her economically for not bending to their political wills.

It is time for Canadian government to act as though Canada stands for more than the wealth of the one percent. Sometimes you must look a bully in the face and say, “Do your worst, but this stops here and now.”

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Monkey See Monkey Do

From the first days of this Corona Virus pandemic I realised that no government in the world was going to be completely honest with its citizens, I just could not understand why. As time went by, I began to understand that it had little to do with the fear of causing widespread panic and more to do with each government’s fear of political fallout due to their nation’s non preparedness. Sadly, Canada was no better than any of the other countries with their transparency, or their preparedness. I found that Canadian politicians had another problem when dealing with Covid 19 and that was Canada’s relationship with the USA. What should have been an independent sovereign approach, turned into the usual monkey see monkey do from Canadian politicians when dealing with the Americans.

Canadian leaders refused to act independent of the USA and I am not just talking about Justin Trudeau. Federal, provincial and municipal governments across Canada seemed only interested in mirroring their American counterparts. All talking points and actions taken were taken in coordination with the Americans…in other words with the permission of the USA.

The government of the USA decided not to tell its people that they should wear masks all the time, because they were scared that their everyday citizenry would use up the supply of masks needed by frontline workers. The USA’s very stable genius never thought to ask manufacturers or American citizens to make cloth masks at the onset of Covid 19. President Donald Trump, America’s very stable genius never thought that if no one was giving the virus to anyone the virus would not spread as rapidly as it did, through social contact. What Trump did do is what he does best, he lied and said that everyone wearing a mask in public would not help with the spread of Covid 19.

I say a lie because, American medical officials made a big deal that when out in public wearing a mask would stop the person wearing it from giving the virus to someone else if not protect the person from wearing it catching it from another person. This made it sound s if there was no real reason for everyone wearing one when out in public.  I am no doctor, and no genius but I know this equation works:

  • Everyone wears a mask out in public = no-one giving the virus to anyone through social contact = no spike in Covid 19 cases = Covid 19 remains manageable and treatable = substantially less lives lost.

Suddenly after stealing enough masks from Canada and some Americans citizens deciding to make their own masks and face coverings and the narrative gets switched in the USA. The USA not willing to admit to an changes its lie and says, “Using a mask won’t stop you from catching the virus but will stop you from giving the virus to someone else. Please do leave the M95 masks for the frontline workers.” Leaving out the fact that if the decision to make everyone in the country wear a mask happened in the early days in the pandemic, there might have been necessary to enforce a nation wide lockdown, or the total closing of the nations economy, because no one would be giving the virus to anyone socially.

So afraid to cause waves when it comes to Donald Trump and his administration, Trudeau and the whole Canadian government decided to follow Donald Trump’s lead and lie to the people of Canada.

On the word of a man that called Covid 19 a:

  • Hoax.
  • Democratic political attempt to ruin his and derail his re-election campaign.
  • Fake news
  1. Canada closed schools, parks, borders, businesses, cancelled dentist appointments and nonessential surgeries.
  2. Made it illegal to travel between provinces.
  3. Stop visitation in hospitals, old age nursing homes.
  4. Denied its citizens the right to be with their loved ones when they were dying and refused to let them to hold normal funeral services that would enable them to have closure.
  5. Shut down our federal, provincial and municipal governments, when all we needed to do was think like a sovereign nation, act on our own initiatives and order a nation wide wearing of face masks when going out in public along with the washing of hands and self quarantine of 14 days for anyone with flu like symptoms and implement a ban on all non essential travel into or out of Canada.

When opening Canada’s economy, I had hoped that Canada would put human life before making money, but once again the provincial governments of Canada chose to follow the lead of the American government. Ontario and Quebec have the highest Covid 19 cases and the highest death rate caused by covid 19 have decided to reopen their economies like their counterparts in the USA e.g. Florida and Georgia. The federal government like its USA counterpart has decided to allow the provinces to endanger its citizens lives, hiding behind the provincial jurisdiction argument.

In closing please consider that: 

  • Most of the challenges we are facing concerning the Covid 19 virus could have been avoided if only Canada had not bought into and participated in the American lie that wearing a mask would do nothing help stop the spread of Covid 19.  Not one of the provinces who held press conferences outlining their plans to reopen their economies even suggested that everyone going out in public should wear a mask, and not one provincial government made wearing a mask in public mandatory.


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Donald Trump’s America Is Responsible For More Deaths Then covid 19

Shame on you America for making it possible for a race baiting, xenophobic, narcissistic, misogynistic, habitual liar, and coward, named Donald J Trump to campaign and win the office of President of the United State of America. Donald J Trump, with the support of Vice President Mike Pence, Republican majority Senate leader Mitch McConnell and the majority held Republican Senate, have combined to become more deadly in terms of unnecessary loss to human life then Covid19 is or will ever be.

It is Republican leaders in the senate like South Carolina Republican Lindsay Graham who have betrayed the American people.

  • That Graham has sold his soul to Trump is self evident, what the price for the sellout was is all that is not known. ( Graham in 2015, when both he and Trump were campaigning for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, Graham called Trump a “race-baiting xenophobic bigot,” but in 2018, Graham said of Trump that “He’s not, in my view, a racist by any stretch of the imagination”.)
  •  Donald Trump used birtherism against Ted Cruz; accused his father of being part of the assignation of Kennedy; insulted his wife and continues to do so; put into question his religious beliefs and even nicked named him lying Ted, and still he not only took to the phone to raise money for Trump’s campaign for president, but is one of Trumps most ardent supporters in the senate. If a man will sell his father out, dismiss false accusations made about his religious conviction, and ignore a past and ongoing  insult to his wife… it becomes easy to understand how for a price that same man could sell out unknown innocent men women and children  thousands of miles away and perhaps even his own constituency.

All those mentioned above are guilty of infecting the world with the deadliest thing to infest the world in recent history, namely President Donald J Trump. Through his beliefs and actions Trump with the help of those mentioned above and many more Republicans, will cause more innocent people to die senselessly, than any plague, pandemic, or major war. Donald Trump is not the little troublemaking Dennis the Menace. Donald Trump is more akin to the anti Christ Damian.

Donald Trump, his republican allies in the senate, as well as his right- wing supporters, have combined to ruin whatever credibility the USA had as a reliable ally in time of war, and reliable trustworthy trading partner. The USA through its actions under Donald Trump has proven that the word of the USA cannot be trusted. If a nation’s word is no good than they have no honor: If the USA has no honor, then it cannot be trusted as an ally in war or trading partner when it counts the most.

When Donald Trump went on his tariff spree against the nations the USA called valuable long trusted friends, and trading partners the world saw that the only thing that the USA saw as a good trade agreement was when the USA won and everyone else lost.  Donald Trump reneged on every trade agreement that the USA had and imposed illegal and unfair tariffs on any nation that refused to agree to his demands.  These actions proved that any trade agreement that any nation signs onto with the USA has the shelf life of any given president’s term in office. How can a nation build and run an economy with a trading partner like that?

When the USA president and his administration diverted and kept for itself shipments of much needed life saving medical supplies destine for Canada during the Covid19 pandemic it really showed how low as a nation the powers that be were willing to go into the gutter to lick Donald Trumps boots. Not a word of dissent was heard from either the House or the Senate regardless of their political stripe. The politicians of the USA were willing and complicit in allowing actions to transpire that they knew could cause the deaths of many Canadians. This is how the USA treats its valued friend and neighbor…imagine what they would do to those not considered friends.

The law makers mentioned throughout this post are guilty of treachery against humanity and their own people. Together this administration, with the aid of USA lawmakers has conspired and caused the deaths of innocent men, women, and children all over the world. They are guilty of:

  • abandoning allies on the battlefield.
  • leaving millions of people with no choice but to mass migrate and die or remain where they are and die.
  • imprisoning innocent children in prison camps on American soil in inhumane conditions, where some have even died.

These things were done, because Donald trump is a racist, but explained a way as a cost saving measure and matter of national security.

For a long time the world has tried to turn a blind eye to what it knew were the facts about the USA, because most American politicians kept up the public political elusion that that the United States of America  supported its allies, international institutions and law.

When president Trump started to praise Putin, Chi, Jon Ung,  and Mohammad bin Salman, the world began to realise just:

  • what American values truly meant;
  • what American’s word as a nation and a people meant.
  • what America first meant.
  • what being an ally of the USA meant.
  • who the Americans were trying to emulate.
  • What having a treaty or trade deal with the USA meant, and none of what they were forced to acknowledge was good.

What the world was force to acknowledge, was that the United States of America had finally elected a president who truly without shame put on full display, in real time, the arrogance, greedy, selfish, racist, egotistical, untruthful, nature of the USA and her citizenry.

I say this, because Donald Trump is, but one man and he is a product of the USA’s ever- growing arrogance and thought that they and they alone deserve respect and gratitude of the democratic nations of world because the:

  • USA has the strongest military in the world.
  • USA has the strongest economy in the world.
  • USA doesn’t really need its allies as much as its allies need the United States of America.

Yes, I blame the American law makers and the American people for Donald Trump, and thank them for showing the world their true colors. I blame them because, the USA had a chance to rid themselves of this president who would be king, during his impeachment, but:

  • the Republican majority voted to keep him in office despite feeling that he was guilty as charged.
  • Enough Americans thought that abusing his presidential powers was not enough reason to impeach a sitting president in an election year.
  • Donald Trump did not come into power by overthrowing the government and remains in power by the will of the people of the United States of America.

I believe that the USA should be isolated and shunned. Avoided like the plague that it is, because:

  • the USA has is guilty of abondoning allies in its own coalition on the battlefield.
  • the USA refuses to abide by the decisions of the world court, putting themselves above international law while expecting the rest of the world to obey the courts authority.
  • the USA has proven that they have no respect for trade deals and believe it is their sole right to cancel trade deals when and how they see fit. Trading with honorable nations should be the norm, not with a nation that threaten to bring down economies whose nation’s do not submit to their one- sided trade deals.

I can find no value other that the one percent getting richer in having anything to do with the USA. The United States of America and its people historically have and still take a “do as I say and not as I do approach,” when it comes to democracy, democratic rights and freedoms and the sovereignty of  nations.  The world and the USA have always overstated USA’s importance in the world as a protector of democracy and international law.

In Conclusion:

  • Donald Trump’s ran a campaign on not believing in the institutions and fundamental practices of democracy. He said openly during his campaign that he believed that there was no need to be part of internarial democratic partnerships and trade deals because the USA paid far too much money to support them and got next to nothing in return for its dollar.
  • Donald Trumps singing the praises and admiration for dictators and strongmen, like Chi of China, Putin of Russia and Jon- Un of North Korea, while criticizing allied leaders like Trudeau of Canada, Merkel of Germany, and May of Great Britain, Showed the world what type of person/governance  Donald Trump respected and was trying to emulate.
  • The willingness of the courts, senate, congress, and the American people to allow this to come to pass speaks volumes. This failure to speak truth to power and end this presidency, forces all to admit that the USA and its push for democracy and equality throughout the world, is a little more than a way for it to effect regime changes suitable to it’s economic enrichment and power.

Remember that none of this negative exposure would have been possible, but for the Americans who voted for a known narcosis, racist, misogynist, coward, and those Americans who chose not to vote for any number of reasons.

It has become obvious to the rest of the world that the USA is only interested in exerting its influence and arrogance throughout the world. There is no hiding the fact that the USA and its American first policies leave no room for any nation to remain sovereign, if their sovereignty conflicts with what America deems good for its nation and therefore the world.

Let me say it again, Donald Trump’s America is responsible for more deaths then covid 19.

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The United States of America Has Never Been a Trusted Friend and Ally of Canada

Historically, Canada has always tried to be a good neighbor, trustworthy friend a dependable ally to the United States of America, but the United States of America has constantly abused our trust by invading our territory, questioning our rights as a sovereign nation and finally threatening our lively hoods, economy and lives if we dare not to act like a de facto state and adhere to their political policies and decisions.

USA treatment of Canada during the global pandemic:

  • The United States government knowing the danger and the risk to Canadians lives, willfully withheld, redirected and kept for its own use vital life saving medical equipment and medical supplies from those it calls it’s closet friend, neighbor, ally and largest trading partner, Canada, by the order of President of the USA, Donald J Trump.
  • Although there were some objections raised and concerns voiced, no level of government democrat or republican raised enough disapproval of Trump’s actions to force him to change the order.
  • The American press mentioned what Trump was doing to Canada and Canadians, but in a way that did not reflect that the president’s actions had put Canadian lives at risk. Instead all news coverage from CNN to Fox made it seem like the president had done a not so friendly thing, that kind of looked bad and could result if retaliatory moves by Canada. The American news coverage continued to highlight the problems the American citizenry would face should Canada retaliate and remained silent on the possible loss of Canadian lives.  They also hinted that the president’s actions were understandable if not nice. This type of boot-licking journalism is normal news coverage where Donald J Trump is at issue, but is it the new normal for CNN too?
  • The American citizens did not do better. CNN showed polls depicting how the American people viewed the president’s handling of the pandemic which indicated 80% of republicans found the president to be doing all that he could do and approved of the way he was doing it (including the withholding and diverting of critical protective gear destined for Canada).  Democrats and independents thought that Trump was not doing enough and disapproved of his overall handling of the pandemic. No mention of the selfish and disgusting stealing of life saving equipment destined for Canada.

Canadian Treatment of Americans during the global pandemic:

  • Detroit’s Canadian neighbors, living near the American border vowed to help their American neighbors anyway they could…vowing to stand by them and see them through the difficult and trying times.

Which nation acts like a trusted friend and ally?

  • During 911, Canada did not turn its back on the United States of America, nor did its people. As a nation Canada allowed American flights to be diverted to Canadian airports. The Canadian citizens took in American strangers, fed and sheltered them in their homes.
  • During the Corona virus Global Pandemic the governor of Florida first refused to let 2 cruise ships with Canadians on board dock in his state ports. After being told that he must allow the docking of said ships on humanitarian grounds, he forced the Canadians onboard to be taken directly to the airport and flown out of the state and back to Canada.

I would submit that all levels of American society do not take the relationship with Canada and Canadians seriously… It is almost like what Canadians want or need is unimportant to Americans on all levels, regardless of political stripe. Americans in general seem to be arrogant enough to believe that Canada  and Canadians are lucky to have the USA and it’s citizenry as neighbors and that the government of Canada and its people should be flattered and grateful for the relationship/friendship, no matter how bad and abusive relationship gets.

I believe that the United States of America’s government has historically never been a trusted friend and ally of Canada.  As a country its treatment of Canada during this global pandemic has put Canada and her people in mortal danger.  The failure of the American press and the people of the United States of America to speak truth to power and denounce this ill treatment of Canadians, makes the press and the citizens of the USA as guilty as their government, or at the very least complicit in their silence.

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If You Elect A Pig For President, Is It Fair To Expect Him To Act Like A Cow?

I do not understand what all the hoopla is about…The president said this; the president did that. If you elect a pig for president, is it fair to expect him to act like a cow?

Just look at how we got here:

  • Trump is allowed to run as a Republican Party candidate for the 2016 election even though there were serious flaws in his character…tax problems, sexual abuse allegations, birtherism spokesperson, fraud allegations brought by students in his academy, obvious mistrust and racist feelings for any persons not white and pushing for a Muslim ban.
  • Trump won the contest to represent the Republican Party in the 2016 presidential election and run for president of the United States of American and not one Republican elected official in the Senate or in the House of Representatives even complained that Donald J Trump aka the pig would represent the party in the 2016 presidential election.
  • Trump shut down all opposition in the Senate and the House of Representatives by insulting the other candidates and their families, publicly.  Once elected, republican politicians like Lindsay Graham who once called candidate Trump a “Race baiting president of the USA those same people he attacked in such derogatory and demeaning way kowtowed and became some of his most ardent and loyal supporters. (Lying Ted Cruz)
  • Trump senator Lyndsay Graham who called Trump candidate a
  • Enough Americans able to vote across the country after witnessing with their own eyes and hearing with their own ears that Donald J Trump was a liar, cheat, racist, misogynistic thought that he would make a great president and voted him into office.

With the internet and 24 hour coverage…the digging up and exposing of everything that happened in a political candidates personal life going back in some cases to and over 30 years in their past, I would suggest that the Republican Party that gave him the nomination and the Americans who voted Donald J Trump into office had to know exactly who and what type of man they were voting for.

Everything that has come to pass during the last few years of his presidency should be of little surprise, because Americans knew just what type of pig they were buying into all the way through the electoral process. I would submit that Donald J Trump is giving Americans exactly what he said he would.

America 1st has meant:

  • Abandoning your allies on the battlefield without informing your allies of your intent to do so; threaten your allies with unjust tariffs and threaten to bring down their economies if they do not bend to your will; re direct urgently needed medical supplies from your allies and trading partners during the Covid19 pandemic.
  • The breaking of international treaties: humanitarian, climate, trade, NATO, United Nations and the WTO.
  • Blocking Muslims from entering the USA; trying to build a wall to keep out Mexicans and other Latinos from seeking asylum in the USA.

“You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic,” Graham says in a video from 1999. “Impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office” This was a statement made on the floor of the senate by Senator Lindsay Graham during the impeachment of then president Bill Clinton.

Unfortunately putting America 1st at all costs without concern for your neighbors and allies has become acceptable, and seen by too many Americans as Donald J Trumps good qualities…the policies that they can get behind. I ask you again, “If you elect a pig for your president, is it fair to expect him to act like a cow?  

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Canada Can’t Change Its Bad Behavior Or Make Things Better, While Espousing Revisionist History and Engaging in Hypocrisy

Canada could be all that it its citizens and leaders imagine it to be, but all its people would have to stop lying to themselves and the rest of the world.  Canadian leaders boast falsely to its citizens and those who seek to immigrate here, or find themselves seek asylum that Canada’s immigration policies are welcoming to all and all will be treated equally and without prejudice. The lies could be made to be true,  but that would require its leaders to change. Public apologies, tearful; speeches from the throne, without meaningful actions are not enough.  Canada cannot change its bad behavior or make things better by espousing revisionist history and engaging in hypocrisy.

Canada’s shock and horror at the tactics of Donald Trump and his administration, when it comes to immigration, are exactly what I am talking about when I say that, Canada cannot change its bad behavior or make things better by espousing revisionist history and engaging in hypocrisy.

It is the Canadian government’s changes to immigration law and policy, under the leadership of Steven Harper that the Trump administration uses to justify their racist immigration policies, laws and practices.  For MP, MMPS and mayors and city councilors to deny, downplay or omit these facts when talking about immigration policies makes Canada guilty of using revisionist history and a hypocrite.

MPs, MMPs and civic councilors, love to tell the lie about how broad and generous Canada’s immigration policy is and has always been, but this can be proven in historical fact to be a lie or, employing, “revisionist history.”   Unfortunately Canada’s laws and practices concerning immigration historically and in recent years have been and continue to be racist, supremist and designed to keep the power in the hands of its White, European, Christian citizens. What they should be saying is that Canada’s position on immigration has been disgusting and unfair up to today and needs to change.

Historical Facts:

  1. Between 1869 and the 1930s, over 100,000 orphans, juvenile delinquents, and unwanted persons from the British Isles immigrated to Canada. The open-door policy was not open however to all new immigrants. 
  2. 1891- B.C. provincial legislators were complaining that Japanese immigrants were “just as injurious” as the long-despised Chinese, going so far as to exclude Japanese residents from the 1891 census. In 1897, Premier John Herbert Turner’s provincial legislature unanimously asked the federal government to prevent immigration of Japanese, citing concern about “the lower- class Jap” who competed in the labour market. Heeding to xenophobic pressure, only six Japanese immigrants entered Canada in the years 1901-4, while the “gentlemen’s agreement” with Japan to limit immigration to 400 a year only became official in 1907.
  3. 1898 – Records show letters exchanged among immigration authorities worried about how to be functionally anti-Black without seeming anti-Black. (In 1910, the Edmonton Board of Trade passed a resolution to stop the undesirable influx of Negroes. Six months later, Canada changed its underhanded discrimination policy to bar Blacks overtly.)
  4. 1905 – PM Laurier’s Minister of the Interior, Clifford Sifton, eager to populate western Canada with farmers offered free homesteads to qualified applicants. Canadian immigration authorities rated newcomers according to their race, perceived hardiness and farming ability: British immigrants were preferred, but if none were available. If no British immigrants were available other white immigrants would do. White immigrants from Eastern Europe (Italians, Portuguese, South Slavs, Greeks, Syrians, Jews) were reluctantly accepted in large numbers. Black and Asian immigration was discouraged.
  5. 1906 – Clerk of the Privy Council, Rodolphe Boudreau wrote on the restriction of immigration from the Orient, in particular British East Indians: “Experience has shown that immigrants of this class, having been accustomed to the conditions of a tropical climate, are wholly unsuited to this country.” “Furthermore, the restriction of newcomers from India is no less in the interest of East Indians themselves, than the interest of the Canadian people”.  Deputy Minister of Labour W.L. Mackenzie King, went to England to negotiate an agreement by which Canada was made “distinct” in the British Empire, thus allowed to refuse certain classes of immigrants based on country of origin.
  6. 1939 900 Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany embarked on a ship towards Halifax’s Pier 21. , which had already welcomed hundreds of thousands of newcomers. Frederick Blair, other immigration officials and cabinet ministers hostile to Jewish immigration persuaded the Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King to refuse sanctuary to the ship. In 1941 annual report, Frederick Blair candidly admitted “Canada, in accordance with generally accepted practice, places greater emphasis on race than upon citizenship.”
  7. Until the 1960s, Canada chose its immigrants on the basis of their racial categorization rather than the individual merits of the applicant.

1976 – Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s government reformed the Immigration Act. This opened Canada’s doors to the best and the brightest from the world over. Unfortunately, the changes would only last approximately 40 years. Canadians elected a conservative government led by Steven Harper who will once again reform Canada’s Immigration act. 

  1. Since 2006, the federal government has focused Canada’s immigration system on economic prosperity, prioritizing finding immigrants who have the skills and experience required to meet Canada’s economic needs.
  2. Since 2008, Canada has been focusing on economic class immigrants. This means that the preferred immigrant, must have the skills and abilities to contribute to Canada’s economy and short-term labor market needs.  According to 2012 Citizenship and Immigration Canada figures, economic immigrants receive about 60% of permanent resident visas, the majority of which are awarded under the Federal Skills Workers Program and the Provincial Nominee Program.
  3. 2019 Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette’s bill 21 becomes law.  Bill 21 will ban teachers, police, government lawyers and others in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols such as Muslim head coverings and Sikh turbans. Police officers, provincial jail guards and prosecutors who wear religious symbols are rare in Quebec but the province has dozens of female Muslim teachers. Religiously dressed teachers already on the job will have acquired rights to continue wearing the garments but they will not be able to take a transfer, promotion or new job and wear them.
  4. 2019-Premier Legault’s Coalition Avenir Québec government passed Bill 9 the into law by a 73-35 vote, with backing of the Parti Québécois. Bill 9 enables new French-language and values tests that the government says will protect Quebec identity while refocusing immigration on economic interests. Applicants in the old system were selected on a first come first served basis.

The Truth:

  • It was the Canadian government that led the way for justifying throwing innocent men women and children in jail for fleeing terror and seeking asylum in Canada.  EG. (MV Sun Sea)
  • There is no constitutional law that forces the federal government to allow any province to violate any Canadian citizens constitutional rights, or rights they have under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Fear of losing the balance of power is the reason the Canadian Government on all levels makes it difficult for non- white, non- Christian, and applicants from non- European countries to immigrate to Canada.


  1. Canada for the most part is and always has engaged in very selective immigration laws and polices when it comes to who it allows to immigrate to Canada.
  2. Pierre Trudeau reformed the Immigration Act in 1976, which for 40 years or so, opened Canada’s doors to the best and the brightest from the world over.
  3. Prime Minister Stephen Harper took away the reforms to Pm Pierre Trudeau and sent us back to immigration according to race and ethnicity.
  4. Even though Justin Trudeau publicly sheds tears over and laments Canada’s past and ongoing racist and segregationist immigration policies and laws, he has done next to nothing to right Canada’s policies and laws… even though he enjoys a majority in the House of Commons.
  5. The fact is that the USA is not only following Canada’s lead when it talks about instituting their racist and segregationist policies but holding up Canada as a shining example of a democratic open society using the same methods.

To attend school in Canada’s elementary and high school public school system, is to be force fed revisionist history by government paid teachers. These teachers knowingly teach revisionist history in a curriculum  designed by government to erase the worst of its historical wrongdoing. This does not change the countries history, but makes for ignorant,   for all Canada ill informed and tone-deaf adults. Canadian voters see no need for change, because they have been taught since childhood that everything their forefather’s did was for best and was for the betterment of all.  If everything is working as it should, why fix it is the thinking of most Canadians, because that is what they have been sold since they were old enough to understand. All Canadians are taught that, Indigenous people, people of color, non Christians, and those who immigrate to Canada should stop whining and be grateful for the chance that they have been given to be just like the white, European, Christen majority that hold the balance of power and their lives in their hands. 

  1. The attempt by Canada’s forefathers, the Catholic and Protestant church, and the settlers themselves to totally assimilate or wipe out the indigenous people living on the land that would become known as Canada.
  2. No teachings of Canada’s enslavement of Black people in Canada.
  3. No teachings of Canada’s historically selective, racist immigration acts, policies, agreements and laws.

neverhomca: Detention: The Canadian government jailed 87,317 migrants without charges between 2006 and 2014. Migrants, including up to 807 children per year, are the only population in Canada who can be jailed on administrative grounds without ever being charged with a specific criminal offense. In 2013 alone, migrant detainees spent a collective total of 503 years behind bars. Many migrants face indefinite detention and some migrants now face mandatory detention.

The Canadian government jailed over 87,317 migrants without charge between 2006-2014, and spent more than a quarter of a billion dollars over five years to detain migrants. Migrants are the only population within Canada who can be jailed simply on administrative grounds without being charged with a specific criminal offense.

In 2014, the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights’ Working Group on Arbitrary Detention strongly chastised the Canadian immigration detention system. The University of Toronto’s International Human Rights Program released a study in 2015 finding that Canada’s rising detention of non-criminal foreigners in maximum-security prisons amounts to arbitrary, cruel and inhumane treatment that violates international obligations.”

Lot of the factual historical content was taken from an article written by Media critic, policy analyst and pundit: Rachel Decoste  


Everything that is bringing this world to the brink of destruction,is reversible and could be totally eradicated. The hatred, starvation, mass migrations, illiteracy, all gone, if not for hypocrisy. Racism, sexism, and inequality in all its forms could be a thing of the past. The world could be a safe place, but for one thing…Not enough people seem to understand that, the world will never be a better place as long as the nations of the world continue to espouse revisionist history and engages in hypocrisy.

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Notre Dame Cathedral Burns In Paris…Sign From God?

First let me say that I am glad to hear that nobody was killed by the burning of this building. The building itself has no special significance for me…but maybe God is trying to say something.

I am stunned as the world laments the loss of what is a building that represents all that is wrong with religion. A building from which one religion preached and taught that it was the only religion that mattered and that all other religions and the people who refused to convert to Christianity should be purged.  Notre Dame Cathedral, and all others, symbolizes  Christianity gone wrong.  These are reminders of how the very words of God as preached by Jesus Christ were pushed aside for carnal pleasures, riches and vanity.  This building with its opulence flaunts the will of popes, priests and followers in the face of Jesus Christ himself and defies his teachings according to the bible…the holy book of Christianity.

Did not a former and still living pope just days before the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris blame the sexual revolution and the clothing that kids wore at the time for a history of the church’s sexual abuse of God’s children and the protection of the clergy responsible? Did the sitting pope, cardinals, bishops and followers say anything to contradict this supposed man of God or did they once again just sit quiet? Is not the sitting pope’s silence a signal that nothing has changed and that something needed to be done? Maybe God thought that it was time for divine intervention?

  • Luke 18: 15-17
  • 15  And they brought unto him also infants, that he would touch them: but when his disciples saw it, they rebuked them.
  • 16  But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.
  • 17  Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who is of Islamic faith and Muslim heritage gave a speech calling out the need to stop treating Muslim Americans as 2nd class citizens, which they have been since 9/11…Americans of Christian and Jewish faith went ballistic from the president of the USA to Wolf Blitzer of CNN.  They both agreed that the congresswoman should have spoken more reverently about 9/11. These two people a Christian and a Jew do not agree on many things, but what they both could agree on was that the congresswoman should not have allowed her concern for the suffering, eroding rights and loss of freedoms that Muslim Americans post 9/11 of Muslim’s living in the USA have been subjected to since some people did something horrific that killed thousands of people in the USA.

I was saddened by the loss of lives caused by the events of 9/11, but not for the buildings. To me they were a symbol and represented White America’s arrogance and White supremacist ideology.  People of all colors, religions, cultures and walks of life died on that horrific day and yet White people claim it to be and event that affected them.  The attack was an attack on all Americans not just American Jews and Christians. Is Christian America acting in a way that would please their God, or are they encouraging his wrath?

Gone from the headlines are talks about the great forced migration of Muslims and Africans into Christian Europe. Has the crisis been solved, and I missed it? Are countries of Christian Europe no longer denying those families that make it to their shore’s entry? Are they no longer putting them in jail, or death camps? Are these people not more important than a burning building from which inside the fanatical ideology of converting the world to Christianity at any and all costs was taught and the germ that caused such a deadly vicious slaughtering of people was launched?  Must not God be angry to see what Christianity and those who practice it have done using his name?

Is God trying to tell Christians something? I mean Catholics and Christians of all denominations have been using their so-called religious beliefs and their God to condone and promote things such as slavery, war, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, child pedophilia, and all the heart-break and suffering that all of those ungodly things create. Perhaps God is making an example of this so-called house of worship.  All of these supposedly holy places are more market place and museum then a place of God according to the scriptures. This place of worship was a market place and a blatant disregard for his words about building  holy places that sell things. Did not Jesus turn over the selling tables and call out the priest for defiling the holy place of his father?

I believe these cathedrals to be the idols that God has spoken about in the 10 commandments. They have become more important than God himself to those who pray in them, visit them and claim they can’t visualize a world without them.  God warned that he is a jealous God.  Jesus also said that the only way to enter heaven was by praying to him directly for the redemption of your sins. Not through a priest or a nun, or a figurine of Mary…just to him. Does not the church even violate this rule of God in order to exert power over God’s people? Perhaps God is trying to tell Christians something?

Perhaps now that France has lost what it claims it cannot bear to live without it may understand the loss and feeling of hopelessness that Muslim women feel when they are denied the right to practice their religion freely.  Maybe the people of France may begin to understand the loss historical, cultural and religiously what happens when a part of who you are religiously is ripped from you. The Christians of France can rebuild their church, but who will rebuild the live that they the Christians have ruined.

Worldwide coverage for what is the accidental burning  of  a building in Paris. Yet these same people and news agencies stand by quietly and give minimal coverage as Muslim women and Muslims are thrown in refugee camps for daring to try to escape, starvation, falling bombs and plagues brought on by the ravages of war as the western Christian world tries to force it s political, religious and culture on the Islamic nations of the world.

I believe God is trying to tell Christians something with the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in France. The size of the cathedral, the art work displayed inside it, or any of the other materialistic stuff that counts, but it is the way you treat others and the way that you honor God by your good works that matters?

Think about what Christians have done in the world in the name of their God and then look in the bible and tell me that they are following the teaching of their faith.  They rejoice in the streets of America when an Islamic leader is murdered by their armed forces, but this is not God’s way.  These same Christians bomb and destroy Islamic mosques. They enter sovereign lands uninvited and destroy, rape and pillage, but cry foul when the same is done to them. Is this the way of their God? is this the proud heritage that they are so afraid of losing?

Christians do not even face their foes on a battle field with honor any more… preferring to bomb and use missiles to kill civilian men women and children by the thousands everyday in their sleep, calling them collateral damages, but whimper when the enemy kills 40 soldiers in 10 years of battle.  This is not the way of God.

In Canada the federal government sits silent as Quebec Christian separatists take away the rights of Muslims to follow their religious beliefs and take away the rights of the English minority in Quebec.  This is Christianity at its best, I guess? The almost total annihilation of North America’s Indigenous people, the stealing of their lands, the forced assimilation of these people must also be a shining example to highlight when talking about the historic importance of cathedrals?

How fast countries fill up after there is no more need for Christian refugees and mostly refugees of Muslims heritage are the one’s fleeing persecution seeking safety in Christian lands. Maybe God is trying to say something?

Perhaps the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in France was God’s way of telling Christians what is really important, but as I listen to the reporting and all the hysteria about the treasures and art work that could be lost, I think that his actions and words are falling on deaf ears and the tone-deaf.  Isn’t it sad that millions die all over this world from starvation, disease, no fresh water to drink and the world’s richest nations says there is just no money either in the private sector or in government to save them, but within hours of the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in France over 700 million dollars was pledged by France’s richest families and private businesses to help renovate the cathedral and over a billion dollars pledged to date… 5 million pledged by the Walt Disney Company alone. I really think that God is trying to tell Christians something.

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Learning About Canada’s History Not Found in Our History Books By Learning About Our Communities’ Old Buildings 2

The Odelltown Methodist Church

If you only read about the Odelltown Methodist Church you will learn of its part in the war of 1812, but I think that it has more historical significance than that. You will learn that:

  •  it was a battle site during the War of 1812 . A battle between Americans and Canadians in which the Americans were routed;
  • 26 years later During the Patriot rebellion, the Odelltown church was the site of the most decisive battle of the year;
  • November 9th, 1838, 500 Patriots attacked the church where 200 loyalists were barricaded;
  • the arrival of reinforcements forced the Patriots to flee to the United States;
  • Lewis Odell was one of the Loyalist leaders who overwhelmed the rebels at the church;   I have put a picture in this post of the monument commemorating the loyalists who died in that battle;
  • the church was erected on land given to Joseph Odell as compensation from the British in the form of land grant and title and settled as Odelltown, which is now a part of Lacolle, Quebec, Canada.





















Canada’s old buildings, offer anyone who visits them a different and equally important take of Canadian history. Standing in front of and going inside of one of these buildings, is like traveling back in time. The visitor becomes aware of another history. A history that demonstrates the ingenuity and capability of the early settlers to build structures and, provide for their families without destroying the air water and land that supported their very existence. Structures back then were constructed mainly from things found naturally in the area, such as field stone and lumber.  Many of these buildings and structures are still standing today and are over 100-200 years old.  Unlike today, early settlers built their churches, schools and communities in harmony with nature, a testament to their love and respect for the land and all other life around them.

The Odelltown Methodist Church is a wonderful example of what I have been talking about.  It is a beautiful old stone church. From what I could see the stables where the horses and wagons were left to await the  return of their owners are still standing and appear to be in great condition.  Today the church is only used for a once a year service.  I was disheartened to learn that the funds to restore the interior of this historical treasure ran out in the 1970s and the work was never completed.  To this day, the church has no electricity. 




















We should  be taking greater care when it comes to preserving those buildings and structures that represent the fight to make and keep Canada a sovereign nation and those that sacrificed so much and even gave the ultimate sacrifice.

We should also do it, because sometimes an old building represents more than can be understood by simply looking at the chipped paint, the cracking mortar and the boarded-up windows.

In closing: I am saddened and disheartened when I look at how progress has taken us away from living in harmony with nature. No longer do we even attempt to build our structures in harmony with nature. Man’s greed and lust for wealth has instead created an environment where:

  • the air is becoming too toxic to breath;
  •  great forests are burned into ash, by conditions created by climate change, or totally cut down by humans;
  • the water that is needed to sustain all living things is so polluted that it is killing everything that is in it;
  • what was once beautiful wetlands and jungles, have been replaced with prefab, brick and mortar jungles… only inhabitable by humans.

This too is part of Canada’s history that one can not truly appreciate by simply reading a history book, listening to politicians or watching the wild fires on television. To truly experience the beauty of nature and how easy it is to live in harmony with it, one must get out of the house and look at how it was done.














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Learning About Canada’s History By Going To Towns, Visiting Old Buildings and Talking To People

News coverage is all about 15 second sound bites. Sound bites that do not accurately relay or in put into context a single whole point. Instead news coverage offers news clips of speeches, events and interviews so reduced that they are completely out of context and no longer represents the whole truth.

News agencies do this for many reasons such as:

  • making a profit; (Saving space for inserting as many ads as they can squeeze in during a program.)
  •  promote whatever view-point the station as an institution has chosen to support; (Changing how the viewer perceives historical information, making a countries founders and leaders look good…often softening a nation’s short comings and rationalizing its intentionally cruel, immoral, sadistic past.)

People are too easy to accept as gospel what is seen and heard in the news or learned in school from teachers and school books .  People are no longer willing to challenge, or question what they hear or read. People we need to stop being so reliant on what they are told and read and start fact checking. I believe that occasionally, we all need to get up off our butts, turn the televisions off, put the school books down and explore our countries cities and towns. Once there we need to talk to the older inhabitants, look at old buildings and historical sites and learn about the untaught, all too often forgotten history of the nation we live in.

Child molestation and historical wrongs committed by members of the clergy…the cover ups of those crimes by the leaders of some churches, have over the years made me cynical  view of all churches and all religions. I have openly criticized religion’s influence over people, and its purpose, because of what I thought I knew to be the lack of the church’s commitment to the those in the community it was supposed to serve and it’s non-compliance to the tenets of the religion they would have followers embrace.

The molestation, the cover ups were and are deplorable and God will have to forgive these sinners, because I cannot. I have learned however that these horrible acts, were not and are not representative of all that the church was or is.

On a recent visit to Ormstown, Quebec I learned a couple of things I did not know  about small town churches, the work that they do and the people they serve, just by stopping to take a few pictures of some old churches and a few old buildings, reading the plaques donated by parishioners and talking to the local people.

I learned these things about  St-Paul’s Presbyterian Church shown in the picture below:

  • St-Paul’s Presbyterian Church  was added to this  community in 1831.
  • St-Paul’s Presbyterian and St-John’s Methodist churches in Ormstown merged to form St-Paul’s United Church and became a part of the United Church of Canada
  • This was not done with unanimous support. Some Presbyterians voted against the merger and built a new church down the street which is the present day Ormstown Presbyterian Church.
  • The church gave the community moral support, strength of conviction and a place to gather and socialize.
  • The good deeds and monies raised by volunteer groups within the church like the  Men’s Brotherhood, the Young People’s Guild and the Christian Endeavor Society, helped the less fortunate and the most vulnerable of the community, throughout the town’s history.










What is so often not covered in the news is the good that the church and religion do for the communities they serve, because the women’s guild bake sale raising $300.00 for sick children isn’t considered newsworthy. Consider though that just about every church has a women’s guild and they all selflessly raise money, looking for no reward, satisfied with knowledge that they have helped someone in need and the smile on the faces of those they have helped…is this not newsworthy? Should we not consider these things when we consider the value of the church in our communities?

As I was standing there taking a picture of  MacDougall Hall shown below and reading the plaque dedicated by some of its parishioners, I began to understand just how important the church was to the Ormstown community, and its raison d’etre.  I did some research on MacDougall Hall and other organizations like it. I began to understand that churches in small communities across Canada have dedicated and are still dedicated to:

  • leading their community into fellowship with Christ and His church;
  • making the world a better place for all people;
  • giving all men, especially in times of need, the help of Christian comradeship.











This is the part of  our rich Canadian history that is lost when the only history that we learn about and promote are the battles this country has taken part in, or the disgusting acts of some and not the good deeds of others.  Canadians are more than the battles that we have fought and the bad deeds of a few.  Our values as people can also be found in the workings of our churches and the services that they have historically provided in areas of  moral, social and religious support.

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