Canadian Justice Is A Joke

Canadian justice is dead.  When people across the country have no protection under the law it is a damn shame.  What will it take to get some justice in Canada?  Women beg for help, but the police say their hands are tied.  I know from my daughter’s experience that from the police to the judge’s no one cares about domestic violence.  Everyone involved claims to care, but in my daughter’s case the husband got away with strangling her in a full emergency room in a children’s hospital in front of witnesses who showed up and testified,  The strangling took place in front of her children and was caught on video.  By trial time the video mysteriously was unavailable.

The prosecutor commended my daughter for showing up told us she was going to get him punished and told us to wait.  After about 2 hours another person from the prosecutor’s office came out and said that because of all the witnesses the trial would have to be postponed for 6 months when a court with more time to hear the case and all the witness could be convened, but not to worry the restraining order forbidding him to be within 200 feet of her was still in force.

Well he did not respect the order and my daughter tried to complain to the police and they stated that they were too busy to come running every time an angry wife wanted to cause their husband grief.  She tried to explain that she had a restraining order and they all but laughed her off the phone.  Luckily for her she did not end up like the girl not so long ago dead because no one took an outraged husband threats seriously, or the pleas of a terrified wife seriously.

When she returned to the court for the trial they heard the witnesses and my daughter and said the video tape of the incident had been lost.  They postponed the trial after her side was said and told her it would not be necessary for to come to court for his part of the trial they would let her know what happened.

My daughter did go to court and after his lawyer said a few words her husband walked out of court a free man.  I guess no one thought that strangling your wife warranted punishment.  It sent her a clear message.  If she would have shot him or something like that I think she would probably have gone to jail, but what other recourse is there.

Just recently we find out that a man who convicted of raping a multitude of boys was given 3 1/2 years in prison and then was given a full pardon.    I live in Quebec and this is becoming the norm not the exception to the rule.  I almost took the law into my own hands and I am sure that I am not the only one who feels that they can no longer wait around while the cops, lawyers and judges sit on their hands and let our children be raped, beaten and killed and watch the perpetrators of these crimes get away with murder.

The surprising thing for me though is that the female lawyers and judges are the worst.  If something is not done soon parents with dead, raped and battered children will be occupying your jail cells and we will not care!

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