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Do you remember the reason the price of a bus ticket went from just under a dollar in Montreal to an even dollar? I will give you a hint, it had something to do with the looney and the bus driver’s need to make change.

The powers that be decided that it would be do easy for us to just put a looney into the newly designed turnstiles and on the busses it would eliminate the drivers for needing to make change at an even dollar.  The government also made the promise that this would be the last raise in fare for a long time to come.  The price of a trip on the metro has risen to a whopping $2.75.

  Now this is supposed to get us to take the bus and metro to work instead of our cars?  Then of course there are the bus strikes where we are supposed to feel sorry for the drivers and back them in their never-ending demand for money and benefits that will of course drive the price of a bus ticket up even higher.

Lately there is yet  another problem when taking the bus in Montreal. If you are an English passenger and end up with a separatist for a driver you could end up going to jail or being removed from the bus, if you need help and cannot ask for it in french.

Look out tourist the bus driver will not be able to distinguish you from the english Quebecers who he feels should know french by now, so you might end up in the police station too, until it is all sorted out.  Still feel like taking the metro or bus instead of your car? Here is what happened when a man asked a Montreal bus driver for the time.


Montreal bus driver celebrates 40 years of official bilingualism by throwing English-speaking passenger off her bus


After a passenger asked her for the time in English, a Montreal bus driver called the police and ordered all twenty passengers to get off her bus. Her supervisors defended the action because, while English and French have been Canada’s two official languages for exactly forty years, French and French alone is the official language of the province of Quebec.

Last week the driver of a no. 66 bus in Montreal expelled passengers when one of them asked her for the time in English

Last week the driver of a no. 66 bus in Montreal expelled passengers when one of them asked her for the time in English

The passenger, Muhammed Ahmad Munir, a Pakistani graduate student at McGill University who has only been in Canada for a few months, speaks English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Arabic. He has learned to say, “Bonjour,” but he still hasn’t mastered “Quelle heure est-il?” or any of the other French phrases required for negotiating the city’s public transportation system.

 Montreal bus driver refuses to speak English, calls police

Posted: September 04, 2009, 4:42 PM by Karen Hawthorne

Canwest News Service

MONTREAL — Muhammad Ahmad Munir received a quick introduction to Montreal’s language troubles Friday when he tried to board the No. 66 bus at 6:45 a.m.

The 32-year-old native of Pakistan came to Montreal a few months ago to enroll in a Master’s degree at McGill University.

“I got on the bus and I didn’t have a watch, so I asked the driver for the time,” he said. “She started talking in French and I didn’t understand what she was saying.”

After twice telling the bus driver that he didn’t understand French, she responded in English, saying: ‘I don’t speak English,’ Munir said.

“I then told her that she just showed me that she does speak English, and that’s when she really got angry.”

The bus driver phoned police, who confirmed to The Gazette they received a call from the driver about a passenger who was being aggressive, Const. Yannick Ouimet said.

When police came, Munir left the bus, and the driver told all the passengers on the bus to leave as well.

There were about 25 people on board, Munir said.

When reached Friday afternoon, Societe de transports de Montreal spokesperson Isabelle Tremblay said the incident is under investigation.

Linda Whitehall, who was waiting to get on the bus, said the driver must have phoned the driver of the next bus because when it came, the driver would not open the doors of the bus for anyone waiting at the stop.

Whitehall, who works at the Montreal General Hospital was late as a result of the incident, and was forced to take an alternate bus.
“I was so embarrassed,” Whitehall said. “This is the first time I have ever been embarrassed to be a Quebecer.”

Munir said he was upset about the incident, but doesn’t think it has turned him off Montreal.

“I know for the most part, people are not like this,” he said.

Montreal Gazette


Bela Kosoian was fined $100 for not holding onto the handrail while riding an escaltor at the Montmorency metro station on Wednesday. Laval police gave issued her an additional $320 ticket for obstrution.

Bela Kosoian was fined $100 for not holding onto the handrail while riding an escaltor at the Montmorency metro station on Wednesday. Laval police gave her an additional $320 ticket for obstrution.


Now if you need to take a  train you have to pay more still.   If you need to take a bus say to Chateauguay, or off Island this is another fare.  When asked why the need to keep upping the fare they tell us how lucky we are and  that prices a round the country are higher,but never answering your fares have to go up.

Are poor people who can’t afford cars supposed to walk to doctors appointments and such.  These  are the people need the metro, train and bus the most.  These people who are most affected by the constant increases of a monthly bus pass and are already not able to afford the price of same pass.  How are the unemployed supposed to look for work if they can not afford transportation?  I think no one in  public office gives a damn.

This is our great civic government in action. This is our great provincial government in action. This is our great federal government in action.

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