What is the Problem In The Catholic Church?

The pressure to be without a mate to share the physical nature of their humanity is driving priests and nuns to act contrary to their vows in some very disturbing ways.  Of course when you try to write or seek information about the biggest of these occurrences you are either blocked by the church or they put pressure to ban books articles or speeches. 

The word scandal says it all in my opinion. This word implies that the church has not been forth coming in dealing with its problems.  Since the book written about abuse was written in the year 1836 accusing the priests of sexually taking advantage of the nuns at Hotel Dieu nunnery in Montreal, Canada titled, “Awful Disclosures of Marie Monk” or, “The hidden Secrets of a Nun’s Life Exposed.”   Before Marie Monk, there was a woman named Rebecca Reed of South Carolina whose horrid tales led an angry mob to burn down her former convent.   Decade’s later ex-priest Charles Chiniquy spoke about many clerical abuses in Montreal.

In the Preface she implored,

Permit me to go through the Hotel Dieu Nunnery at Montreal, with some impartial ladies and gentlemen, that they may compare my account with the interior parts of the building, into which no persons but the Roman Bishop and Priests are ever admitted: and if they do not find my description true, then discard me as an imposter. Bring me before a court of justice — there I am willing to meet [her detractors] and their wicked companions, with the Superior, and any of the nuns, and a thousand men.

This, needless to say, never happened and Maria Monk is nowadays remembered only with derision and died in poverty in an almshouse in 1839 (although some sources say 1849).

Reports in recent years have detailed extensive and global abuse of nuns by priests, which the Vatican has vigorously denied.

Since the late 1980s, there has been one grim exposure after another of abuse and neglect of children in Church-run institutions on a massive, institutional scale, beginning with the Mount Cashel Orphanage run by the Christian Brothers in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and extending through one institution after another across the entire country.

Thousands of children over decades at Mt. Cashel and in similar facilities were subjected to foul food, severely beaten with belts and fists on a regular basis, and occasionally sodomized. A film, The Boys of St. Vincent’s, effectively dramatized the situation, but was banned in Canada after its first showing.

Then there are the so-called “Duplessis orphans”, some 3,000 children who were condemned to be treated as retarded simply for the higher rates the government would pay for their care.

The Sisters of Charity also figure in scandals in Ireland and in Australia.

The abused children of yesterday are the parents of today and they now keep their children from the church.  The churches ability to attract parishioners should say something about the faith and trust the congregation no longer has in its Priests and the churches ability or will to control and keep order in its house.

Women entering into the churches service are less and less and they were the backbone of missionary work done by the church.  This hinders the church greatly in their charitable work abroad and their by their ability to do Gods work,” the bringing of souls to Christ and seeing that every one in the world has heard the Lord Gods word.

Having been sexually abused or hearing about the sexual abuse nearly everyday in the media does not build up confidence in the church and encourage young men to take up the calling. Accusations that the pope himself ignored the abuses when he was a position to do something about it before he became pope does not inspire faith in the churches ability to assure its’ parishioners that the matter is being dealt with and that the church is on its way to recovery.

It would seem that the church feels it does not feel it have to abide by the same rules as it demands that its follower do thus alienating itself from the very people it hopes to serve.  Declining parishioners means declining cash flow, fewer donations and less money in the collection plates.

But by far the worst thing to happen by virtue of all the scandal is that a religion only exists because some one believes in it and the Catholic Churches ability to make people believe has been significantly diminished around the world.  In covering up the church has made people feel that the church either does not believe its parishioners or condones this type of behavior.  The church most recognize that without its followers they are nothing, except some guys with some very old books.  These are some of the places where I did my research and used material from and so would like to acknowledge and say thank you.  They are well worth reading.

The Nuns’ Stories: Vatican Condemned for Abuse of Nuns by Priests

Awful Disclosures — the entire text in .gif and .pdf format

Imposters — from the 1910 Catholic Encyclopedia

The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk — claims it was all nativist fraud and gives details.

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