Quebec Not Ready to Be Sovereign Nation

I wish some one would just come forward in the Quebec government and tell the truth just once.  Why are Muslim women being singled out and targeted for wearing their religious head-gear?  Two expulsions after the fact seem stupid and petty.     

The reason given  for demanding these women remove their head-gear by the government of Quebec is that their headgear impedes their ability to learn French.     

This seems like a heavy-handed way to punish Muslims for being different with different ways of dress.  It shows a lack of respect, an ignorance of Muslim culture and a general intolerance of others.  This type of behavior in this day and age is an abomination to the educated,civilized nations of the world.  Quebec should hang its head in shame as it slips back into the dark ages.       

Does the cross on a chain impede the learning of a language by the Catholic or Protestant Christian student?   Does the wearing of a Yarmulke impede the learning of a language by the Jewish student?  The answer to these questions is no.       

If no then I must ask what is the real reason for the push to deny these women their rights.  Why are they losing their right to freedom of religion, their right to freedom of expression, along with their right to an education that the rest of us enjoy?     

 All this is being done without benefit of due process of law.  Persons from the government show up one day,  give the woman the ultimatum and when she refuses to comply, they remove her from her course and the school.  I wonder if these people will be voting yes in the referendum if and when it comes.      

Quebec wishes to be a nation and deal with the rest of the world in trade, education and culture, but lacks the ability to be open to the beauty in anything that does not mirror its own self.  Quebec also wishes to be viewed as a democratic state that respects and is fair to all of its citizens, but then it pulls stunts like this and proves itself a bigot.        

Perhaps it is time that Quebec started to grow up and stop acting like a spoiled child, if it wants to be considered and adult.  Every time Quebec alienates itself from anything that is not French or Christian like the English or the Muslim they as a province move further away from being a sovereign nation.  The people of the world see Quebec as petty and out of step already, as demonstrated by the leader of France’s statement  not too long ago.       

Every time this sort of thing happens we as a province prove we are not ready to be a nation and play on the world stage. Do you think that the relatives of these people you insult today will wish to deal with you tomorrow? It is a sad day when the province decides to enact laws that are so prejudicial that they are void of any common decency.        

If the French culture and its language are so weak that it has to resort to these types of strong-arm tactics to keep them alive, then maybe they should be left to die.  I personally think that the French language and culture are strong enough to stand up and survive without these anti everything type of  laws and live without this type of heavy-handed bigotry.           

Is it not enough that our signs had to be smaller than yours?  Is it not bad enough that we get arrested for asking the time in English on the bus?  Is it not bad enough that we are losing our schools?    Is it not enough that you have made us second class citizens?   

You are not sovereign country yet and we the English-speaking Quebecers and the non catholic Quebecers are learning more everyday that we can not trust you  the separatists to be fair to us in any way.  This will make us keep you from your dream of sovereignty. 

 United we are more than you in numbers and with every act of cruelty our numbers grow. Unless you plan to take the right to vote away from us next you will need some of us to vote with you and I do not see that happening any time soon ,do you?       

Anyway do not take my word for any check on the net for this article and see what you think.  This sort of thing is becoming the norm in Quebec and I think it is disgusting.        

By CBC News,, Updated: April 12, 2010 2:38 PM       



25-year-old permanent resident of Canada

Niqab gets 2nd Quebec student expelled       

For the second time in the space of a few months, a Quebec woman has been thrown out of a French-language course after she refused to remove her Muslim veil.


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