Things You Need to Know Before Taking Public Transportation in Montreal

Well finally the word is out there in Montreal’s metro.  Metro security officers can stop you at any time while inside or on metro property and challenge you for just about anything.

All challenges by the metro security must be responded to by you immediately and without question. Failure to comply to their request to see your pass for example will result in fines,because they will say that you resisted them in the performance of their duty. 

If the police are called in you could be arrested or issued more tickets by the police.  In this situation the police consider you guilty until proven innocent.

Any infraction of the rules could amount to hefty fines an it would seem that security has been told to up the pressure and ticket, ticket, ticket. Walking down into the metro and not holding on to the escalator rail could get you ticketed. 

After you have paid your fare security can ask you to produce your pass at any time that you are on metro grounds and you must comply without hesitation like a Palestinian at an Israeli border crossing.   

If you are in trouble on the bus or metro do not expect any help from any one except security if they are a round.  The spokesperson for the S T M, has stated publically that the drivers and other workers are not policemen and are only expected to do what they were hired to do.

 My 36-year-old daughter was harassed by the same lady three days in a to  produce her pass after the lady watched he pay her fare.  when she complained to a supervisor she was instructed to do as she was told or face the consequences.  My daughter asked what is this was all about and was told to be quiet.  My daughter was allowed to go without further interruption, but she was late for work 3 days in a row and almost lost her job.  

 Then I read how they were increase the Montreal police force in the metro to quell a string of gang robberies occurring in metro stations, on metro cars.  I just wonder if the metro security was not harassing decent people just for the fun of it and used the extra manpower to actually do some patrolling for these gangs could they themselves be able to catch the gangs robbing people on the metro.  Or like the bus drivers does their job description not extend to catching dangerous criminals, but rather ends at senior citizens, women and hard-working students and men and women?

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