The Senseless Deaths of Women

Why is it that the people who are supposed to enforce the law do not respect the law in Quebec and the rest of Canada or do so little in the way of punishing the abusers that committing the crime is worth the slap on the wrist for the abuser.?  Rapist, murders, wife beaters and child molestors to name just a few, do the crime and very often do not have to do the time.

 There is a lot of noise made a round election time about women’s rights and child abuse and yet no matter what government gets into power all they seem interested in doing is putting minor children in jail until they are adults under stupid laws designed to make the government look like it is doing something.

Often these children get longer stiffer sentences than that of an adult committing the same crime. Let us deal with one abuse at a time though. Let us talk about the abuse of women. 

Women are literally dying in their homes and on the street because police either think they can’t uphold the restraining orders issued by the courts, or they have their own opinions as to how things should be and refuse to uphold the restraining order issued by the courts. 

There are a lot of reasons why women keep getting beaten and murdered every day in Quebec and the rest of Canada, but the legal system, from the police in the street to the lawyers and judges in the court and the politicians in government are at fault for the not taking this matter seriously.

There is still an underlying thought out there that some how the woman has brought the violence on her self and  secretly likes the violence and even feels more loved by her husband after it.  Then there is the train of thought that says women should learn to shut their mouths and be good little mates and stop saying and doing the things that get them into the trouble in the first place. 

Canada judge tells woman not to call police if battered again

Police think that these women with their inability to behave clog up their already busy day with constant calls against their husband.  They feel that what is the use of responding the guy will not be there when they arrive and after all he is just trying to see his kids, or win his wife back. Most of the police force is male and wouldn’t they try to do the same thing? Or have they already?. 

Women in this day and age are still considered window dressing for men, like a mans car, or his watch and his house.  All are meant to show how successful he is, but are his to do with as he sees fit.

Then there is the cultural excuse for violence against women.  In his country the abuse of women is tolerated and there for he should be given leniency or even forgiven.  I say hell no. Send a message loud and clear that violence against women will not be permitted and there will be no excuses for the violence will be heard.  That penalties will be hard and given with the very first action.  Ignorance of the law is not an acceptable defense in any other crime so why is it acceptable in abuse cases?

[ The 1996 rape of Haitian teenage girl in Montreal by two young Haitian men who were tried and convicted of the crime in 1998. The court handed down 18 month suspended sentences, which it justified by stating that the rape had to be considered in the context of Haitian culture. This sparked numerous protests, and eventually the sentences were modified (to 18-month prison sentences). ]

Police should be held criminally responsible when it can be proven that they could have done something and chose not to.  When bodily harm or death occurs as a direct result of them ignoring a court ordered restraint order, or a plea for help from a threatened women.

In how many cases has a woman been beaten or murdered by a husband who is known to police for just this type of crime. Some women have literally begged police for protection and have been turned down and ended up dead.

 How many times has a woman died with a court issued restraint order that the police told her it  was worthless, or could not be upheld?  I know this to be true because members of my family have been ignored by the police.  There are more and more of these beatings and deaths, not less and less.  

[ The 1996 massacre of the Gakhal family in Vernon, BC brings to the forefront once again, the issue of violence against women. How could it be possible that a man with well-known violent intentions could have been allowed to get anywhere close to the family who subsequently became victims of his wrath? Did this massacre have anything to do with the cultural background of the killer or his victims? Did the criminal justice system fail the victims? ]

[Serious concerns emerged after the killings about how Burnaby’s Chahal, 30, locked in a bitter divorce fight with Rajwar, obtained two guns — despite allegations of domestic violence.

Rajwar had told the RCMP about Chahal’s threats against her after the couple’s nine-month arranged marriage failed but, in fear of retribution, she asked police not to press charges. Another complaint she made to Vernon Mounties was misplaced.

RCMP said Chahal’s gun permits were approved because he had no criminal record.]

This happens all over the country but Quebec is by far one of the worse provinces when it comes to women’s rights and the protecting of women from violent and abusive  spouses.

Let us not forget the media always quick to ask what the woman did to get the husband so angry and always looking for the sensational spin to help boost their sales. They should take responsibility for these women’s deaths and hardships as well. 

[ The Gakhal family supported Rajwar. They brought her back into the family fold and attempted to protect her from her ex-husband. Their actions speak to the strength of the extended family, regardless of its cultural background. Interestingly, media accounts of this massacre fail to mention this, even though the family was victimized as a result of its actions. Instead, the focus is on arranged marriages and how these marriages tend to fall apart as a result of the pressures of contemporary western society. ]

[ Recent research reveals that 120 women in Canada are killed every year.  On average, 2 women are murdered each week by their partners. In January 1994, a Vancouver Police study found that there were 130 cases of violence against women in intimate relationships reported. More than 450,000 women are “slapped, punched, choked, beaten, sexually assaulted, or threatened with a gun or knife,” by their partners. These statistics reveal the staggering extent of violence against women.]

  I have found these things out from the internet and would suggest that you can further educate yourself by doing the same.

  “The information is free. Being informed could save a life and that is priceless.”

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