A Rotten Deal For Seniors

By the way we treat our senior citizens you would not believe that we will all be there one day. That the government has no respect for them is no surprise, they have no respect for anyone or anything that cost them money.  That the senior of today has worked all their lives and defended this country and paid taxes is of little consequence when it comes to seeing that they live out the remainder of their lives in comfort, stress free and not abused. 

The government simply does what it does best, suck the senior who needs help dry like it does to any other citizen.  My mother-in-law who took a stroke 10 years ago  ended up paralyzed on one side and with no speech.  She had lost her ability to function and was bed ridden.  What they term in this business as a full load.  The lady had to be to be institutionalized.  She was put in a facility call St Margret’s and her husband was advised that if he did not say that he was virtually abandoning his wife by separating legally all of their assets the government assistance that his wife was entitled to would not kick in until he had no savings left . 

They had both worked all of their adult life and contributed in all ways asked of them by the government.  The father was a world war two veteran and she was his war bride and this is how his country repaid him.  It broke his heart. The government made it clear that they wanted her pension and all her assets before they would lift a finger to help.  This couple had  celebrated over 50 years of marriage, before her stroke and the government made him feel for the first time since they took their vows that he was not her husband. Why was this necessary and why does this  still go on?

If this is not bad enough the children of seniors can be down right cruel.  There children hit and talk abusively to seniors more and more.  The seniors are often robbed by their children and forced to hand over cash jewelry and are afraid to report this and too ashamed.

 In my line of work I have seen sons swear at their mother’s and it breaks my heart. In return for the abuse mothers have looked at me and told me how wonderful their sons are normally but how he just could not handle stress. I have been begged by these mother’s to not say anything or their sons would stay away.

I have heard of children placing their parent or parents in nursing homes and leaving them there not bothering to visit for months sometimes years. I watched an elderly man get dressed and wait in the lobby for a solid week waiting for a visit from his daughter.  The lady at the desk said he had been waiting there from morning until nightfall for two years since the day he moved in and   his daughter promised to visit him, but never did.  the receptionist said he was dying from a broken heart. 

The horror stories that people in nursing homes are hitting and being abusive to the residents have gone from a trickle to a fast running river.  Our seniors are being brutalized where they live, systematically robbed by the government and humiliated by their own children.

 These are our forgotten people . The people have given so much, but now are not worth fighting for.  They are what society calls a burden and feels has nothing left to contribute.  Society is so wrong. We need to reclaim our seniors and let them know that we appreciate all that they have done for us. We need to tap into their never-ending supply of knowledge and history. I have never met a senior that was boring or that didn’t have a story to share.  Wake up Canada! We will all be where they are one day. 

It is almost like we do not need them for anything any more so let’s not waste too much effort time or resources on them.  They will be dead soon enough anyway.  We need to turn this way of thinking a round. We need to protect them and show them some love.

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