Your House Or Mine?

Have you followed how Quebec operates when it comes to gambling, drinking, parking, or any other thing that it wants to get its little fingers on? It first makes it illegal to do for the average citizen than opens up its own.  This is the type of politics that is practiced in Quebec.


We should have seen it all coming with what the government did with parking in this city. How they forced the little guys out of business and then opened up their big lots.  The way they zoned off the city so you were forced to park in their lots or get tickets.  The government gives bonuses to its ticket givers to beef up productivity.  So now instead of going car to car and issuing tickets one by one the greedy little ticket man takes down all of the cars plates on the street that way if you leave before he can write the ticket he will just send it to you in the mail. They even changed the way they charged for the meter making you pay now for more time then you need and keeping the extra money.  Making  a person pay for what they are not getting would not be considered fair and good business practices for private business and would not be allowed by the government, but I am guessing that the government of Quebec feels it is above the law.   This is the type of politics that is practiced in Quebec.

Liquor Stores

The government owns and controls all of these too.  They say they do it for us, but I wonder.  It seems a little obscene for the government to sell us the liquor but take no responsibility for the problems it causes in the community.  The strain it puts on families of alcoholics and the tax payers and the country is high indeed, but the government continues to take profits from this business venture.  It kind of seems that the government of Quebec is living Al Capone’s dream to the fullest.  If this is true is the government of Quebec just another way of saying mafia? This is the type of politics that is practiced in Quebec.

Poker In Your House Or The Government’s Why Is One Of Them Okay And Not Other One?

From the daily numbers racket to poker in your house with your friends the government made them all illegal and then came up with their own government sponsored games.  They have the lotteries which are nothing more than a sophisticated numbers games and they operate and own casinos which has every card game and gambling machine in them. They are the law and with a stroke of the pen what was once illegal for you the citizen to do is now legal for the government to do. What was bad for you and not going to be tolerated is now handled with a disclaimer and commercials telling you to be careful.  Why would the government own and operate businesses that are clearly no good for its people or the country? This is the type of politics that is practiced in Quebec.

Pinball Machines and gambling under the table vs. Government Controlled Joker Poker Machines

I remember when pin ball machines were owned and operated by private people.  The government stepped in and said oh no you don’t, this encourages people to gamble and gambling is bad news.  It ruins people’s lives and the people then become a burden to their families and to the province and the country. Gambling eventually leads to crime and this is bad for everyone. Over night for the good of the people the government made the business of renting out pin ball machines illegal even though what you were gambling for with the machines was points not money.  There would be no reprieve the people with the machines were out of business.  Inwhat seemed like no time the government had a monopoly on gambling machines and it was now legal to play machines for money as long as you were getting your machines from the government.  The government turned a blind eye to the people spending their rent money and food money in their machines and suggested that they seek help for their addictions. After all no one was twisting their arms to gamble.  Isn’t it funny how they did not see it that way when it was in private hands?  The government is so hypocritical that it takes out ads denouncing the very addiction it has a 50% if not more stake in. This is a hypocritical way they do business.    This is the type of politics that is practiced in Quebec.

Bikes For Hire

Not to long ago a person had an idea to put bikes on the street to encourage people to ride the bike instead of their cars.  He had tried it in Ontario and was looking to expand to Montreal.  The government and him tell two different versions on how far the negotiations got and I guess we will never know who is telling the truth. He claims he did all of the things required of him by law and had a deal to bring his idea to Montreal. Just before he is ready to expand his business into Montreal what do you think happened?  His idea was not accepted for various reasons.  The government claims it had no deal with him and announces their own plan to supply and rent bikes all over the city.  Miraculously up came bikes controlled by the government all over the city.  They had stolen this guys idea, his dream, modified it and cut him out.  This is the type of politics that is practiced in Quebec.

This to me is corrupt and wrong.  The Quebec government is gone mad with greed and the need to have absolute control over every thing that makes money.  Keep your eye on the Quebec Government it has moved radically toward socialistic practices.  If you fall asleep you will be in a police state and the government will own all of the businesses worth owning.  Socialism is no stranger to the French, it is an old friend.  Look to your history and then across the ocean to Europe. Look to where the socialists governments are popping up and who has ties with them and who supports them and you will know of what I speak.

If you like the idea of the government owning all business and regulating the prices and profits that can be charged and made just sit on your butt and do nothing. If you don’t  like the idea of a socialist state then get off of your butt  and try at least to do something about it.

Lest you get the wrong idea I am not anti-French.  I am anti bad government, anti prejudice and anti corruption. I am also anti anything hypocritical especially where it concerns the government. If Quebec wishes to be a country it should learn first how to be a good and fair province to all of its people within its borders.

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