About Me Made Easy

I am a person who believes in speaking their mind. I write because it gives me peace of mind. I only write what I believe to be the truth in my opinion.

I like to write on the net because people are free to tune me in or out so the only person I become a boor to is myself.  I think that all politicians are liars and have their own agendas and when it gets to the point that it is even more offensive to me than normal I will speak about it in my blog.

I was born in Montreal, Quebec and still live here.  Montreal as a city was never perfect, but it used to be alive where now it is dead.  People from all over the world loved to come to Quebec. Its’ people were kind polite, warm and helpful.  Today they are forced to take a side in our civil war and can not negotiate our city if they do not speak french.

I liked our old city and province which had the flavor of the international, the fun-loving, the trend setting and a culturally diverse society.  A place to feel safe and welcomed when visiting.   A place where you could count on  getting help with a smile no matter where you were coming from, or what language you spoke, or what you happen to be wearing.    This is who I am, “Archemdis a proud Canadian, a concerned passionate Quebecer and a lover of Montreal. I long for our city’s glorious past and I am a speaker of my mind.

I would like to be read, but in my mind I need to say it more. To this end I will write what I feel needs to be said in the way I feel I need to say it and leave it up to you if you read it or not.

I like to remember this when I think not to participate in life, because I feel that I alone can not make a change in how things work out, ” One drop of water by itself  is just a drop of water that  can soon be dried up and made to disappear, but millions of drops can form a raging river not so easily dried up, or and ocean not easily crossed, but it all starts with one drop of water.”

God Bless and keep you all and keep you well. Like the singer said, “if you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.”


About archemdis

I try to say what is on my mind and not hurt others, but some things need to be said whether they hurt or not and I do just that. I try to listen as well as talk, but my opinion is just that mine. You need not take it as your own, just respect the fact that I am entitled to it, as you are yours. I do read all comments, but will only answer, or allow to be displayed those which adress me by name, refer to the post by name in the comment, or that have been sent through the proper channels. In this manner I can tell whether the comment was meant for me and that it is not just spam.
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