Metro Security Saved Me So What's The Big Deal?

I wrote something a while back titled  Montreal Metro Security Think They Are Policemen . It was based on personal experience and 1st hand account of people I know that have been treated poorly by over zealous metro security.  Since this time a gentleman I do not know sent me a response to my article.   

He wrote, (they are there to serve and protect. they saved me my life. 3 people tried to mug me and they were there to save me so don’t say that they are useless. I respect them 100%)  

To which I replied,(Dear George, glad they were there for you, but does that rule out all of the rest of the things I talked about?
No one said they were useless in fact I said they go over board on certain things and that they have a tendency to use heavy-handedness.  Again I am glad to hear a positive story about metro security and to show you I have an open mind I will post it for all to see. Have a great day George and I hope you never have to experience being robbed again, but I hope that your mind can be opened to the fact that you are the minority and that the people complaining of abuses are increasing minute by minute. A little surprised that you did not comment on the racism or any of the other stuff. I will leave you with this thought George, “It only takes one bad act to wipe out a life time of good deeds.”  God bless you and the metro security that do a very difficult job and a special thanks to those who do it properly.)   

There were stories of  abuse which the George chose either to ignore or feels not worthy of comment and this does not surprise me.  It is a way of people these days to say the police are not bad they stopped a home invasion in my home and saved my whole family so just because they entered your home without a warrant and roughed up everyone what is the problem? I still respect them 100%.   

I was talking about what happens when security wants and begins to act with more authority than they are entitled to. I gave examples of it and in another story explained how they were not there when my wife was knocked down and another child was robbed.   

I have explained that I think that the whole language issue is a factor as well as racial stereotyping.  I think that is not enough that security or law or justice works for the individual. I feel that all of those things must work for all of us.  So to say that they saved me so to heck with you is not such a nice thing it is kind of selfish.    Read the other stories I wrote about they may  give you a look into the other world of metro security the titles are below.  

Where Was Security When This Went Down and Metro Bus or Walk  

Now here are some titles of what other people have had to say about all of this.  Read all of this and tell me you still respect them 100%   

// ‘Time to act’ on racial profiling in Quebec, commission finds  

Read it on Global News: ‘Time to act’ on racial profiling in Quebec, commission finds  


// ‘It’s time to act’ on racial profiling, commission says  



  1. Montreal cop cuffs, busts and fines student $450 for not holding

Just want to make sure. It’s not in Montreal, it’s in Laval, not the same …. I ride the metro in Montreal all the time, and I never hold the handrail years of living in Montreal I can personally attest that many of the old – guard …. 3) Do the police really think that they’re helping their cause by doing such – CachedSimilar


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