Help End Abuse Make The Call

Why is that no one seems to really care about anything until it happens to them? I mean people say they care and  then do nothing to change the world around them content to sit and let some one else handle it.

How many of you have heard a child screaming and the belt smacking, or the thud of punches landing and more screaming and discussed it while lying there in your bed and decided not to interfere?  Was it the fear of  retaliation that let you ignore a childs suffering, or the wife being beaten or do you believe that the parent had the right to hit the kid, or the spouse and just wish you did not have to hear the screaming?

How many of you have actually witnessed a child or an adult  being abused and said or did nothing?  Did you tell yourself that it was none of your business and hope someone else watching would call the police?  Did you use the excuse that if you got involved it would eat up your time going to court, or you would have to testify about what you saw? Did you say after all I don’t even know the kid?

How many of you have seen the police or a security guard abusing someone and did nothing? Was it that you fear the police, or just thought that the person deserved it?

Everyone thinks it will never happen to them, or theirs until it does.  When your child or loved one is raped it is the worst thing in the world and you scream the laws and the punishments are not strict enough.

When your child or some one you love gets beaten by authorities, or worse you say but they were never in trouble before how can this be happening and beg for anyone to come forward and fail to understand why no one will.

When some one beats your kid or some one you love  senseless and the crowd watches and no one intercedes you cry out why did they just watch? Why did no one help my child?

Is it then that you remember how you stood back and listened watched and ignored while others were being abused. Is this the moment you chose to get proactive? Is this the reason you decided to step up to the plate?

Why did some one you love have to suffer first?  You could have prevented it by caring enough to get involved back then. Maybe that rapists, the  bad cop, or that child abuser would have been removed from the street if you had only stepped up to the plate?

I say this because there are so many of you who are content to leave the reporting of a crime to someone else. The testifying to some one else. The getting involved to someone else.  No witnesses criminal gets off to do it again, it is just that simple and the next victim could be you or someone you love.

Are you still too busy to get involved? Are you still too scared to make the call?  If you will not do it for me or my love ones won’t you do it for yourself and your loved ones.

  Don’t let another person suffer abuse of any sort while you stand by and listen and watch from a safe place.  End their suffering and please make the call.


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