Bend Over It Is July 1st \ Time To Move

It  is coming soon to Quebec. The only time  in Montreal when you can move without penalty. July 1st the day the official moving day of Quebec. Keep in mind that these prices change year in and year out.  Some may not be the same now, but the idea is true the prices on July 1st  for anything to do with your move are going to be double if not more, than any other day in the year. 

U haul normally rents a truck for $19 – $26 for a 6 hour day plus kilometers per hour for 364 days a year. On July 1st it raises its prices to $35 -$60 for a 3 hour day plus and inflated kilometer charge. They are not the only ones Via Route, Discount all do the same thing and so do all the rest and it all happens with the governments blessing.  These guys rent you a truck usually for 24 hours for $125 for 24 hours plus kilometers. On the 1st of July, it can go as high as $300 for 6 hours.

  I used to have to rent trucks regularly and ended having to close down on the 1st of July.  One because I found it the price way to high and so I could not stay competitive and secondly because I thought it was obscene for a company to stick it to me because they could. I mean imagine dealing at one price with some one for the fair market value of their product all year and then they stick it to you for one day a year because they can.  I decided not me and refused to rent until they came back down in price.  They are kind of like the guys who put up their prices during the ice storm.  Legally they had the right to do so, but morally they sucked big time.

So get a mover and not worry about renting a truck right? Wrong, because you have to reserve by April and nothing is showing for rent until May for July.  Moving companies go as high as $300 an hour with a 6 -8 hour minimum in what is called the rush and no guarantee when they will show up.  If you are moving into an apartment your truck will have to wait in line with the money meter clicking. Some landlords want you to sign a paper that if you are moving you will be out by midnight on the 30th of June when your lease is officially at an end, but where are you supposed to go. Are they proposing that you put your things in storage for a day and stay night a motel for the night with your family? Or try to leave your things in the truck overnight while staying in a motel overnight . Or are they saying now that moving day be June 30th across Quebec so the lease can be followed to the letter. All of these solutions do nothing to help the person moving keep the cost of moving down but are great for the landlords. 

Then there is the fly by night mover the guy who opens up just for July 1st grab all the business they can with their small trucks, mini vans and whatever other modes of transportation they have.  They cause delays by not arriving on time because there low price forces them to over book to make up in volume what they do not get in pricing. Most of these guys charge really low rate and then charge you for every man they bring hourly, each stair step after so many and for what they consider long carries and generally end up costing you more that a recognized mover.  Often the trucks or vehicle they use can not accommodate a large apartment or flat and so they have to do numerous trips causing both the new and the old tenant more money.  People have been seen moving into the wee hours of the morning and for a few days after.

Every year there are hundreds of people in Montreal stranded with no place to move into.  They end up in shelters until a place can be found for them and their family. They had to move because they just can’t afford the escalating rent and they could not find something within their budget. 

Landlords love this system because they can claim no time to paint, clean, or prepare your place before you move in, for you and especially them.  Very often they demand  that you take the place as is.  Everyone knows that it is not ideal to paint after the furniture is in place or install carpet, or tile a floor once the furniture is on the floor. 

 There is no opportunity for you to clean cupboards, or wash down walls before you move in either anymore because people will be living there until the hour you move in.  Landlords love this situation so much that they will not give you a lease that does not run from July 1st to June 30th. If by chance they have a property to rent and it is May they will give you an interim lease to June 30th and then a new lease to cover July 1st – June 30th.

Not bad enough? Cost of moving not high enough yet? Well just thank your phone company, cable company,  satellite company, utility company, and Canada Post, because they are going to take the cost of moving over the top. 

Canada post is going to charge you to tell everyone where you have moved to and to redirect your mail and if there is more than one person with mail to be changed they will charge for that too.  They are a minimal charge,but on top of everything else you have to pay could this have not been a gift?

Cable, satellite, phone and utility companies are just outrageous with their charges in fact I would go as far as to say criminal in my opinion. $50 or more per service to close at the old address and reopen at the new address a job accomplished usually by pushing a button on a computer is just criminal.  People have been left without food on their tables because phone and utilities are not a luxury, but eating could be.  If you let your phone or any other of the things that I mentioned go off totally until you get more money, the cost to reconnect is even higher.  This is a no win situation forced on us by the Government of Quebec and their greedy partners in crime.

This day is chaos and there is no way around it, because this is the law.  I have seen people fight in the street trying to move in and out of the same flat at the same time.  Each think that they have the right to move in peace and are trying to keep their cost down. Landlords are never usually around on moving day chosing to let you scrap it out on your own. 

I asked once where has our police presence gone?  Well on the 1st of July I think all cops are ticket officers and they are everywhere. They as well as the regular ticket patrol  and Burroughs’ security are out in full force. I have watched local security and police hassle truck drivers for double parking and parking in the wrong spot to turn a buck for the city.  I have heard each of these public servants order movers to throw some stuff off the truck and circle the block until my move was done.  This little practice by the police and ticket people and the Burroughs’ security can add hundreds of dollars to your move I can tell you that from personal experience.  No relaxing on the rules today your city needs your ticket dollar and the pickings are just too easy to pass up.

 It is truly a forced day of non co-operation sponsored by the government of Quebec your city and your Burroughs’. I tried to find out how many government officials are actually landlords and a funny thing happened, I got the computer run around.  It appears that no one wants you to know just how many of the people responsible for this nightmare are actually benefitting from it in one way or another.  There has been a big shift in what landlords   as well as movers and truck renters are allowed to get away with on moving day and this is just the start. I think it would be interesting to see how many government officials have stock in the larger moving companies, utility companies and in cable and phone companies. I smell a rat and that usually means the government.  

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