The Other Side Of The Coin / Thugs In Our Metro and Metro Stations

I gave it to the police and the metro security pretty good  for their treatment of people and their use of racial profiling and I stand by what I said.  That was one side of the coin and as everybody knows there are two sides to every coin.  The truth of the matter is that if young thugs did not roam the metro committing acts of violence, robbing and causing all kinds of trouble maybe people could feel safe and decent people would not be harassed, or at least on your account. 

Metros and bus waiting areas are not community centers and as such should not be used as recreation areas by youths.  Rowdy youths milling about  does not make the average citizen feel safe.  I for one would prefer if the metro and bus areas would be used for what they were meant as waiting places for people out of the elements while waiting for a bus or metro.

The youth of today have no respect for anyone and this is partly the reason for the aggressive behavior on the part of security and police.  The youth have a way of acting grown and challenging authority until they are in the process of getting arrested and  then miraculously they become children again screaming for their rights as children under the law.  My wife was knocked down trying to stop a youngster from being beaten and robbed and it was by black guys.

I also know who I see milling about making the most noise and being the rudest to the people passing and to those in charge of security and those just doing their jobs.  I say if you want to make noise and cause trouble, do not get angry and scream racial profiling no matter what your race may be, it is not of your type I am fighting for.  You are and should be made to move a long. It is because of you (the lawless) that all of us are pushed around and have a rough road to travel. I think that you trouble making youths of all races and creeds,you gang members should all be rounded up and dealt with within the law and to the fullest of its capacity.    

If you do not wish to be harassed then change your ways. The police and security see you thugs as the enemy because you are. They deal with you from a sense of fear knowing what you are capable of and they are right to do so if they wish to go on living. I speak out for the innocent refugee caught up in this war. The person who has done nothing wrong that must suffer insults and mistreatment by the authorities brought on because of your inability to respect the law or anything else and their growing sense of frustration in how to deal with you young thugs. 

You young thugs who holler prejudice when 10 of you are robbing some little white boy of his radio, or coat.  You thugs who stab Haitians and East Indians because they are not like you, but have the nerve to live in your area and go to your schools.  I speak out against the person who is supposed to maintain law and order, but lets their personal prejudices get in the way of them doing their job properly and lets 10 criminals like you get away while handing out tickets to university students not holding the rail on the escalator.  I speak out against the bullies on both sides of the coin who do not respect the law, or anybody not in their gang.

 Remember when you start to scream for the help of your race no matter what that race is, we are not proud of you who commit these horrible acts. You bring shame to your race and cause us much suffering and bad treatment and we should not and will not support you just because our skin is the same color.  Here are some words to remember and live by, ” Respect is not a given, it must be earned.”     

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