The Facebook Wars

My granddaughter runs to her mother 2 weeks ago worried out of her mind because one of her best friends is no longer her best friend and wants to whip her butt.  Not only does she want to whip her butt, but she has enlisted 4 other girls to help her to do it.  Now dad who is now divorced from my daughter tells my granddaughter to kick some butt and to stand up for herself.  His best friend is the father of the other little girl and my guess is that dad does not want to jeopardize his friendship over this.  Well the argument between the girls escalates into threats of violence, name calling and talk of the girls who go to different schools making a road trip to the others school to settle the beef.  My granddaughter now has enlisted some of her friends to help her and it looks like a gang fight is scheduled real soon if a responsible adult does not intervene. 

It is at this point mom calls dad and asks if he could have like a family meeting with both sides of the arguing girls being there and put an end to this bad situation.  He agrees reluctantly to do it, but never does.  The date for the fight gets set.  My daughter finds out and decides to call the police and see if they can not convince all parties to end the argument or at least the threats of violence.  The police talk to all sides and the violence is averted. 

Why were these best friends arguing? They were arguing because some one said something on-line on Facebook and a friend of a friend picked it up and passed it to some one else and some one took offence.  There it was in black and white and it could not be taken back.  Unlike the phone of old you can never know who is listening in.  The gossiping and hurtful stories travels so fast that if you are not careful what started as a conversation between friends can be shred with enemies by remote associations. 

The end result was my granddaughter got labeled a chicken squealer for telling her mom.  The girl’s parents now call my daughter a rat for calling the police and my granddaughter is mad at her mother for interfering in her life.  I suggested that if my granddaughter was so foolish to use the internet this way that maybe she was not ready to be on Facebook and maybe she should spend less time on the computer spreading news.  Her mother reduced her on-line gossip time to an hour day and unlimited time for studies.  My granddaughter got away lucky the girl in the next story did not. 

This story starts as a result of online Facebook misuse again.  Little girls with nothing better to do start talking about the neighborhood girl no one likes.  Everyone knows that she can see what they are saying but nobody cares, because no one likes her. The girl’s best friend however is friends with everybody and a connection is made.  The girl gets her feelings hurt and issues a challenge on Facebook to anyone who wants a piece of her to meet her at the mall at the fair. 

The girl goes to the fair and so do about 10 people who have decided to take up the challenge.  Ten girls sneak up behind this girl and one of them taps her on the shoulder. As she turns to see who it is she is sucker punched in her face and she goes down.  A circle is made around her and she is punched and kicked repeatedly.  Grown ups stand and watch and some drunk even cheer as this little 13-year-old girl gets beaten senseless. 

Some how battered and bleeding this girl manages to break free and makes a dash for the bus catches it, boards it and begs the driver to shut the door and go.  He does neither and the other children enter the bus.  Passengers and bus driver alike watch as the girl is dragged off of the bus by her hair.  They do not see what happens next because it is at this point the bus driver just leaves. No phone call to the police nothing he just leaves that poor girl to the mercy of that mob.

Kids watching took videos of the whole thing, but it was a year or more ago and when I asked if I could get them my granddaughter did not seem too eager to ask around for them. Instead she told me that they had all destroyed. 

My granddaughter did not go to the fair that day, but she thought that the girl got what she had deserved and that scared me.  My granddaughter up to this year would not have seen violence as a solution to solve problems, but now she said she laughed when she first heard about it.  When I told her how disappointed of  her position on this I was she was not laughing anymore.  The smile came off  her face when I told her that they were all a bunch of cowards, with not an ounce of courage between them. She cringed when I told her that they could have killed that little girl and who knows what damage they did to her both physically and mentally. I told her she could call that group of thugs friends, buds, a group, but they really were a gang and had acted like a gang of hoods.

The girl lost 6 teeth that day along with a lot of her hair when she was dragged out of the bus. 

I do not know if her parents took those girls to court or reported the bus driver but I hoped they did. I truly believe that these young children are not ready for Facebook.  I have nothing against Facebook, just about young children being on it. 

All the participants in the beating of that girl should be in some place getting mental help and the adults that let this happen while they cheered should be in jail or worse. 

The bus driver should have been fired.  I know his boss has stated publically that bus drivers are not police, but he could have made the call like the bus driver did for the guy who asked for the time in the wrong language.

I did not know what to call this story it just had so much wrong in it.  We have to wake up people and get our selves straight.  That little girl could have been anyones child. 

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