What Is Wrong With This Picture?

What is wrong with this picture?  Why is this woman and her husband crying over unproven allegations being used to damage them from the Conservative Government?  These are the same tactics used against Mr. Chretien, Mr. Martin and Mr. Dion as well as others by both her and her husband at one point or another with the same government that has turned on them both now.

Is she now saying that proof is required before you start to sling mud?  They are getting what they deserve in my humble opinion.  When you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.   Look how we desire our rights when it is us that is on trial.  In my opinion, Helena Guergis and her husband had the world by the tail, but that tail was and still is attached to the most ruthless, heartless, power-hungry jackal to ever preside over a federal government in the history of Canada.

If ever there was a man who put his being in power above the needs of the country in my opinion it is Stephen Harper.  He has fed his subordinates to the wolves whenever they got too popular, disagreed with him in public or he needed a scapegoat and Guergis and her husband backed him up.  They backed him up on every witch hunt up until their own and now they look for what exactly from the public, their party and their ex boss? It could not possibly be compassion or fair play from the Ice King, presiding over what they have helped to turn into the Ice Palace?

How can they want honesty and frankness from a man who stated that he had to re-invent himself to appear more human to the Canadian people.  In other words he told a lie and he is not the sensitive human being he would have us to believe he is and the nasty cold person keeps showing from under the facade. He is their monster. They made him and it is them who should help bring him down. They know his dirty tricks and they know his mission and I think they know it has nothing to do with the people or his country. In my opinion he just wants to be the boss of bosses forever and no cost is too high.  I do not think he is or would be able to do anything else work wise and maybe that is why he hangs on to the office he holds so desperately.

They can’t be looking for a public inquiry in any sort of official capacity; their ex-boss would sooner prorogue parliament again, as getting to the truth of anything that could put his party and him in a bad light, is not one of his strong suits.  Guergis and her husband are suffering as a result of something they helped to make, they backed Mr. Harper when he prorogued parliament and avoided questions on other issues of legality and fair play. It may take a little of their blood to make an anti Harper vaccine.

Can they see the need to follow the rule that states that a person is considered innocent until proven guilty now, I wonder?  Can they see the need to actually have proof before they publically ruin someone? Maybe now they can see how the Afghani’s are entitled to be treated fairly under the law? Maybe now they are getting a small glimpse of what a detainee must feel like?  Maybe now they can smell the rat; see the jackal for what he really is? 

I can tell them who will try to find out about the truth of their case.  It will be all the opposition party members in my opinion who they and their party slandered and tried to ruin at every turn with unfounded allegations and press leaks. It will be the public they sneered at and thought their selves to be above, that will want to know the truth.  Maybe now they have stopped laughing and are not looking so smugly.  Maybe now that they are feeling the hurt, shame, fear and frustration that come with trying to fight unfounded allegations and being tried in the press?  Maybe now they have found some compassion for others seeking justice, while being forced to watch their lives go down the toilet?

Do I feel sorry for them? The answer is yes because they have been duped like the rest of Canadians and I do have a heart.  They were programmed to believe that they were above it all.  Anyone  that was not as fortunate as they were, could not worthy of listening to and were a burden on the Canadian way of living. They were programmed to believe  that they could trust the jackal. 

In my opinion Mr. Harper is a politician that believes that everything and everyone are expendable in his bid to maintain power. Maybe they should expose him for who he really is so that Canadians can get on with life the Canadian way; with due process of law for all not just the inner circle of a political party. Let us go back to being Canadian not some cheap imitation of an American.  In their case I am sorry to say that, “you are reaping what you have  sown.”

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