Followers Of Quebec’s Newest Religion Riot In The Streets

I listened to people today(May 13, 10) saying that Quebec’s new religion was hockey.  In fact the Montreal Canadians were the religion.  Well I like hockey too but found this statement a little bit of a stretch.

The people doing the talking said that hockey was more of a religion then Catholicism  in Quebec.  Now I know that Quebec is different in a lot of ways than the rest of Canada, but is this not going just a little too far? This was said on the morning news on CTV Seamus O’Regan doing the interview and agreeing whole heartedly with his guest. He even offered a praise the lord.

Then I thought maybe this is what is wrong with Quebec.   Is there nothing that we can do without violence, threats, abusing the rights of others.

Police stand by impassively watching while stores are broken into by thugs wearing masks.  Then they seem more interested in beating up everyone guilty or not so that they appear to be doing something for the press.  Is this who Quebecers are? Are we nothing more than a  drunken mob unable to hold their beer, that will take any opportunity to loot and destroy the property of others and battle police?   No one spoke of the riots, the damage, or the looting of stores. No one talked of cutting of a police horse, or the assault on police officers and all the arrests that were caused as a direct result of 500 of these hockey worshipers celebrating the victory of the Canadians. Is this the direction Quebec and Montreal want to go?

This new religion has caused a whole lot of damage and has cost  tax payers millions of dollars and yet all levels of government and law enforcement pretend it is not so bad. Never mind blocking traffic and having curfews, I say ban the public from seeing live hockey.  Other events have been banned if they become too dangerous to the public and to the police.  Does someone have to die before the powers that be realize that hockey is just a damn game not a religion and as such it does not fall under any article of the charter of rights and freedoms.  If these morons who run around doing these acts of vandalism and  assault can’t be controlled then for the good of the many the sport should be confined to the tv set.

Going to the Bell Center to watch the greatest team in the world is a privilege not a right.  Every time something like this happens people a round the world see us as a bunch of backward asses, who riot and destroy because we are happy that our team won. When our team loses we go home quietly and the streets are safe.  This is not french passion this is stupidity in its’ purest form. It happens so much now that we plan for it. We make excuses for it.  We act like we are afraid to even talk about doing some thing about it lest the God of hockey strike us down dead.  We need to stop slapping these asses on the wrist and give them some serious jail time.

This is no isolated incident, remember April 22 2008? When is the law going to return to Quebec?    A place where the police force is not afraid of its people and can do its job without prejudices.  What is the problem do the police believe hockey is a religion too and are afraid to break some secret vows they have taken.  Are they afraid to be excommunicated or something? Since when has 500 people rioting become no problem, just a little thing?

Look in the news today all you who think the world speaks highly of Quebec, because it is not so.  You are being likened to those who riot after soccer games and kill each other. Is this the next stage in your religious growth?  We are becoming the laughing-stock of the world. Tourists come here to have fun not to be caught up in a riot and get roughed up by police.

The language issue for good or for bad has run out a lot of business from Quebec and deterred others from coming here and we say who needs them.  The tourist who does not speak french has a hard time getting around and some have stopped coming and we say who needs them. Now no one is safe after our teams win a game and our fans do what is acceptable in Quebec and riot.  Shall we just maintain mob rule and make this the official way to party in Quebec and say once again to tourists too afraid to come here, who needs you?

It is times like this that make me think that Quebec is not even  remotely ready to be on its’ own. If we can’t control a celebrating mob, what would we do when faced with a real threat?  I am so tired of everyone from local politicians to the cops to the hockey loving fans acting like this is normal behavior and can be tolerated as long as it doesn’t go too far.  Stop these asses before some innocent person gets hurt and if it means forcing people to watch from their homes on television until they grow up so be it.

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4 Responses to Followers Of Quebec’s Newest Religion Riot In The Streets

  1. D.I.D. says:

    Aw, don’t beat yourselves up over this. There are sports-crazed riots everywhere.

    Hockey is a pan-Canadian secular religion with its fair share of zealots everywhere in this country. When the Oilers won their one of three wins in the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2006 (although they did ultimately loose the playoffs), Edmonton was in chaos:

    Nor is this phenomenon strictly a Canadian and a Québécois phenomenon, there exists “soccer riots” across Europe due to the popularity of the sport there:

    … And of course, the infamous football riots in America:


    • archemdis says:

      I know, but when business owners get windows smashed and looted I think it is a bit much. I for one think we could do without this display. When people are getting hurt, a lline is crossed from strange to dangerous behavior and it should not be tollerated. In these countries you are talking about people actually died at soccer matches didn’t they? Anyway my friend when my children and grandchildren go to a game I would like to know that they will not be trapped between rioting fans and police. I am all for the chanting and singing and marching, but I draw the line at destruction of private property, looting and violence lol. Peace friend.


  2. chris says:

    french people are crazy. they blamed this on immigrants but its them that started it. they are all divorced and don’t care about their kids. what a disgusting race


    • archemdis says:

      Well I will not blame a whole race for the stupid actions of a few. Divorce is in every race and does not lead a person to loot and pillage. I saw quite a few different races taking part in the the rioting and heard a few different languages being spoken. Who started the riot that night should and does not remove any guilt from those who chose to join in. Any person for what ever reason who took part in what happened to those stores that night should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law regardless of who instigated, or who broke the first store front window. I think that the politicians are the ones who suck and do not give a crap. I would just like to see things get back to normal. I would be afraid to let my son or daughter go to a game right now. That imigrants get the short end of the stick in Quebec I will agree. Any one who is not French in Quebec gets the shaft. Thanks for commenting I will post your comment because I feel everyone is entitled to their opinion even if I do not agree with it on all points.


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