Quebec Sponsored Genocide

Before you get angry about what I am about to say, look up the word Genocide in the dictionary and say to me that this is not what is going on in Quebec and has been for a long time now.  This definition of the word genocide is taken from The New Merriam Webster Dictionary feel free to use any other dictionary you choose to, or trust more.    

Genocide: The deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.

 The Parti Québécois and the Bloc Québécois remind me of the Nazi’s of World War Two Germany.  In the beginning they won the hearts of the people telling a distorted version of the history of Quebec, but their goals seemed to gravitate towards equality for the French people in Quebec and I for one thought that this was fair and voted for Rene Levesque.  I have always been a believer in equality as I have suffered much the opposite all of my life. 

The leaders of the both parties remind me of Hitler, with his quest for a pure German people a Germany for Germans; a Quebec for the French and only the pure French. These political  parties instituted language police, changed the educational system, took away the freedom of choice by law in, language, education, business, how you deal with the government, street signs, business signs just to name a few. They have made Quebec distinct all right in a very unique dirty way.

While the rest of the world struggles to find a sense of equality and ensure equality for all, Quebec has become a province of bigots.  This province’s leaders deny just about every form of freedom to its non Québécois citizens. The so-called liberal Quebecers who do not believe this is right remind me of the German people of world war two times.  They turn the heads and close their eyes to the atrocities forced on the English by Pauline Marois, Lucien Bouchard and Gilles Duceppe of Ottawa.  What will they say in the end, I did not know like the Germans after the war?

The two French political parties have ceased to look for equality for the French in Canada or Quebec, but rather seek support to discriminate, and in fact eradicate the English from Quebec by any means necessary.  The rest of Canada allows this genocide by doing nothing to support or even back up the laws of Canada.  The leaders to the west worry about their elections and re-elections and try not to rock the boat. Like the rest of the world watched as millions of Jews lost first their rights, possessions, freedom and finally their right to exist, in this same fashion does the government of Canada do nothing, but watch.

What will shame Canada into acting on behalf of its other people in Quebec? Will you leaders claim that you were powerless, that the law was on their side?  What will you say to us when we ask you why you failed to protect us? Why have you abandoned us instead of forcing these modern-day Nazis to obey the laws of Canada.  Are you so blinded by the need to win the federal war that you can’t see the atrocities?  The loss of our rights and freedoms in Quebec is your fault.  You have allowed this to happen to us.  We are paying for your minority victories in Quebec with the loss of our rights; no not with just a few of our rights, but with the very loss of all we are, our very existence, language and culture.

At least in Nazi Germany it was the leader of the country who was controlling the horror of that situation making it difficult to put down. In Quebec and yes  with the help of the rest of Canada’s apathy it isn’t even the government of the day committing these atrocities, but the losers. The political party that could not get elected is making the rules and instigating the corrupt laws. The Liberal Party of Quebec did nothing to change the laws that were proven unconstitutional or stop the genocide of the English in Quebec, but allowed it.  In truth the Liberal Party now heading the government in Quebec has allowed itself to be bullied into strengthening the abusive laws and making new ones of their own to protect their political futures in Quebec.  The conservative party the head of the government of Canada ignores the plea of its people in Quebec and the New Democrat’s make nice speeches, but their only real accomplishment has been to split the Liberal Party vote and allow a mad conservative government an almost assured  minority victory in every election.

What really gets me though is that the French separatists hate to be told they are like the Nazis. What is it that bothers you about that name? Would you prefer if you were compared to the people committing genocide in Rwanda? What is in a name, genocide by gun or by gas chamber or by law, is genocide.  That there is still going to be English people left in Canada and the rest of the world does not make it right for you to wipe them out in Quebec.  I have told you to your face why you are like them and why you will fail like them.  When the oppressed goes beyond their victory of establishing their rights and freedoms and becomes the oppressor, denying others of their rights and freedoms they go too far.  When the fight ceases to be about equality of life for you and everyone in your charge you become a bigot, you become the monster you fought so hard to kill. 

A couple of questions, some food for thought if you will: Is the FLQ  an outlawed group in Canada and if not then why not? They are terrorists who have proven they will kill.  Are they secretly heroes in Quebec?  Why do we read their manifesto at government sponsored functions? Some one asked where did the FLQ go and the answer is they did not go anywhere they are still right  here in Quebec.  They have just gone under ground, but every once in a while they parade with their faces covered like the cowards they are. 

They were seen in Verdun several years back at some political rally and demonstration and more recently on the Plains of Abraham reading that filth they had the nerve to call literature.

The place in Quebec where the French lost to the English.  The battle that so mortified the French and so shames them that they have now made it just about illegal, if not damn near impossible to re-enact it. They would try to rewrite history, but too many know of it already, so they hope that silencing any thought of it will let it slip away and be forgotten like the English language and culture. This will not happen it just makes the non francophone more steadfast in their resolve to keep the memory alive. The struggle to defeat you will rise up out of the destruction and chaos you are creating.

 In case you missed it the first time, The New Merriam Webster Dictionary‘s definition of genocide is as follows: 

Genocide: The deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.   

You have won, but are on the verge of losing everything that you have gained. Wake up Quebec let us go forward in a new era of peace and understanding.  Let us do away with intolerant behavior and the genocide of the English in Quebec and anything that is not Francophone.

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6 Responses to Quebec Sponsored Genocide

  1. jay says:

    One solution could be to stop voting for these Liberals mobsters and bring back the Equality party to speak out about your rights. I don’t agree the PQ is any close from racist and cruel but their vivid concern about the what I would call “la culture québécoise” and its survival may lead to what you’re talking about.

    If it was up to me, I would let people do as they please, French, English, it doesn’t matter. If Quebec doesn’t speak French in 300, I don’t care.

    From my own experience, most French Canadians talking against English Canadians are losers who never leaved Quebec to know what they are talking about. This therefore doesn’t apply to our politicians.


    • archemdis says:

      I think one party is as bad as the next. I will agree with you on this though, English and French and all people should be able to do as we choose with our lives. Thank you for sharing your views and opinions with me. My blog is always open to you and your thoughts. Have a great night!


  2. jay says:

    French schools are also closing, because of demographic decline. I didn’t think it was affecting English schools as well. About government clerks being dicks, it’s also a problem going beyond the language issue.
    And about the PQ, don’t worry, this party is reaching the end of its lifespan.


    • archemdis says:

      Jay of course you are right about demographics and about the problem being more than about language, but have you ever considered why there are not enough english speaking children to fill the schools where there were enough before? All through history though when some one wants to make you them and make you forget who you are and where you came from, they take away your language first. When they want to take away your culture, your link to your support system and history; the first they take is your language. I think it is because it is the thing that ties you to who you are and the most noticible thing that sets you apart from them, that can be changed the easiest. Look at what happened to our the Natives of this country, the African slaves. All of the changes in Quebec are happening by force not a one by choice. I think that the French culture is a lovely one, but not the only one. I believe that all people should have and be able to remember their roots and speak the language of their fore fathers don’t you? I do not like being forced to forget who I was. I regret that when I return to where my family orginated I can not communicate with the love ones that were left behind. You are right to say that what is happening in Quebec is so much more than learning to speak French. This is why I write about things that bother me about our laws and government. I hope to bring things into the light of day. To take away their right to say we did not know what was going on, or how our laws were affecting you. The rest is up to those who read what I write to make their choices in what to believe and who to believe. I know the Parti Quebecois is on their proverbial last legs, but I will not stop exposing this racist, cruel and seperatist political party until I am sure they are gone and we can return to a peaceful way of life in Quebec where all are welcome.


  3. jay says:

    If you were right, English would lose ground to French in Montreal, not the other way around. It’s so easy to work, eat, shop and live in Montreal without speaking a single word of French.


    • archemdis says:

      I do not know what Montreal you live in or where you shop, but I do know that when people get kicked off of the bus for daring to speak english there is a problem. When you have to show papers to be able to send your kids to english school that is a problem. When you have to request a government doccument in english instead of it arriving in the two official languages of the country, I find that a problem.
      I find things like the language police a problem. I know that English schools are closing at an alarming rate and the Parti Quebecois still screams too much english in Quebec, but you are entitled to your opinion. I am glad that you feel that none of these things matter and that we are gaining ground, but I beg to differ.
      I was not complaining about speaking french, I was complaining about non francophone people in Quebec losing all of their rights.


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