People Living In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones


Who's vote does this woman want?


I had to laugh at the absurdity of the Parti Québécois as led by Marois.  I remember when they were in power and the province faced one scandal after another and they had the transparency of the St Lawrence River.  The crazy woman even talks of ethics in the same breath as her party like what her party is fighting for has anything to do with ethics. 

  Even if non francophone voters were to believe all of her assertions for bettering the way things are done here in Quebec there is still one question that will stop her and her party from leading a government in Quebec every time and it is, for whom would she do all of this? Would all of Quebecers benefit or just the 10% separatists?  

There is definitely a credibility problem in Canada when it comes to politicians and politics.  Quebec however has a distinct problem; the Parti Québécois can be trusted to do exactly what they claimed to do from the start and that is to make Quebec so bad for any non francophone that no non francophone will  want to live here and go else where.  The non francophone know all to well now that anything that is said to the contrary is a blatant lie.  The non francophone also know what kind of rights and freedoms to expect should the Parti Québécois ever win again and that is none.   The non francophone can not ask a question in English from any government worker and expect to get a civil answer, although if they press for their right to do so under the rights granted to them in the law of Canada they risk the chance of being fined or could even end up in jail. 

The Parti Québécois has created a problem unique to Quebec politics and that hurts their own party.  It needs a majority vote to come to power, but the majority of the people do not want what they want.  They have crushed the lives of all of its non francophone constituents and alienated themselves from the very group that they need to win an election.  Someone in the policy making department of this party forgot that they needed the non francophone vote.  I guess  they forgot that it was the immigrants that they harass in government financed schools and in the metros and on the busses that got them elected the first time. 

Why do you think that it is that you are not given the opportunity to govern any more?  The non francophone voter trusted you once and let you govern and what a mess you made.  So bad was your mess that even your own French people became frightened of you.  You took away their freedom of language, education as well as the right to co-exist with their English neighbours and relatives at the same time you were denying the reverse to non francophone.  What a joke a laughing-stock of the free world this archaic minded political party has become. You are throw backs to the French Revolution shouting off with their heads.   

 What do you people think has been going on since the battle on the Plains of Abraham.  Your culture has intermingled with so many cultures that Quebecers are now a new people.  All the cultures that make up Quebec have intermarried and have children together, cousins and aunts, uncles.  What do you suggest that they do with them? They work together, play together and for the most part get along; why do you wish this to end?  

   Marois has the wrong idea when she talks about the roads and construction and day care issues and the need to end corruption in my opinion; the non francophone voter cares about them but given a choice of dealing with their very existence they will vote for bad construction contracts all the time.  

There is only one issue in Quebec politics for the non francophone in my opinion and it is political, social and cultural survival.  The French separatists can not win in Quebec because the instinct to survive has made all other things at election time in Quebec moot.  

 No matter where the voter places his trust, scandal will come; was not a whole bunch of monies stashed in banks to the west by the then governing Parti Québécois.  Was not Marois herself involved in a scandal of sorts over a piece of land her mansion sits on?   What kind of daycare would this professed separatist impose on our children?  All in French I presume like everything else.  I look a round and see people and children speaking French that would have never spoken french before and yet the separatists still say too much English spoken in Quebec, once again proving that there is only one satisfactory amount to Marois and her group and that is ideally none. 

No I think that in this day and age the non francophone is not going to vote in a political party that sole purpose is to get them out of the province to alienate them from family and friends and make their life a living hell. 

I noticed in her little speech she said when she becomes Premier not Prime Minister of Quebec has she given up on the separation theme or is she being coy? All I know is she can not be serious. 

I think the Parti Québécois is a dinosaur as far as political parties are concerned.  The people of Quebec need a new political party that understands the needs of all of its people.  A political party that understands that Quebec needs to go forward not backward if it is to survive. I think it needs brave new politicians that we can all trust to keep all of the many diverse cultures intact while making sure that what happened to the French people of Quebec never happens to anyone ever again.  It is time for a new generation of politicians to take center stage that are interested in creating a Quebec that all Quebecers can feel proud of and a part of.

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6 Responses to People Living In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones

  1. D.I.D. says:

    I too have an issue with the PQ and the Québec separatist movement, not (believe it or not) for their ultimate political goal but in the ways they go about doing it.

    My issue is not with the desire to preserve the French heritage of Québec, a geopolitical, cultural, and social community that many (myself included) consider a nation, my issue lies with their narrow ethnicly defined nationalism and the way they constantly insult English Canadian culture while at the same time claim any insult to theirs is another reason to separate.

    My issue is when they claim that Canadians are not a nation and have no culture, when I hold in my very hand and within my heart an anthology of English Canadian literature, when my father is an artistic painter whose works are reminiscent of the Group of Seven, and when much music has English Canadian origin (although we are rather unoriginal when it comes to trend-setting).

    My issue is when they claim to have been “economically colonized” by us, when the historic (and long gone) socioeconomic disparity between French-speaking Canadians and English Canadians can be explained by the former’s failure to unionize due to the influence of the clergy. Do the separatists honestly believe that the capitalist oligarchy of ‘Les Anglos’ would be any more sympathetic to an English speaking labourer than a French speaking one? Their delusions are damn endless! The only people who can rightfully claim to have been savagely oppressed by this nation are the First Nations.

    My issue is when they claim that there is no Canadian symbols outside those invented by Québeckers when in addition to “O Canada” there is “The Maple Leaf Forever”, when for every design for the Canadian flag that came from Québec there was at least
    as many designs submitted from the rest of Canada, and that in addition to Québecers in the drive for Canadian independence from the British Empire there were many nationalistic English Canadians. Heck, even old John A Macdonald flirted with that idea!

    My issue is when they claim that the sole objective of Confederation was their assimilation, when constitutional gaurentees and and the delegation of education and cultural affairs to the provinces was written into our constitution just for them!

    My issue is when they claim that the federation is nothing but a drain on them, when any rational human being can see the benifits of the common economic space, the cultural support funds, the common military, the federation’s reputation and international connections, and financial support in the form of gaurenteeing the payment of all provincial debts!

    My issue is when they whine about the beseiged state of their culture, when, due to the lack of a distinct language, English Canadian culture is at as great a risk if not more, yet they sneer at us and our plight in comtempt!

    My issue is when the separatists, in all of their utter arrogance, proclaim themselves and their fellow francophones to be a nation, while they deny the contributions of other groups to their nation, and debase Canada by refusing her the same acknowledgement!

    Many times in my exhasperation I have often simply wished that Québec would secede so that English Canadians would no longer have to deal with the border-line sociopathic abuse these loonies put us through.

    But deep down I know that I do not, because I love Québec; Québec and its ENTIRE culture (unlike the separatists) just like I love Canada and ALL of Canada. Although I would respect a referendum vote that would have Québec secede (although I wouldn’t want to be you in that situation, Arche.) I can’t say, even in my most enraged moments, that I would like it or truly want it.

    Sorry for being so angry here… I… just… had to get that out of my system.



    • archemdis says:

      I so understand the need to vent. This small minority of ignorant bigots have been the cause of Quebec losing everything that was good about this province and everything that could help it be a better place to live. The majority of Quebecers are not this way, but all of us have been forced to bare the shame and the ugliness that comes with the type of ranting and raving, that these little people of Quebec do. Feel free to vent here anytime you like, or feel the need. Peace be with you.


      • D.I.D. says:

        Thanks for your understanding, friend. I just pray that you are right and that the sensible majority of Québec can navigate through the web of lies and deception that the separatists have woven around them. Not that the so-called federalists are much better, mind you…


      • archemdis says:

        If they are not capable we will remind them lol. Have a great day!


  2. jay says:

    Right, this party is obsolete. But you have to acknowledge the work the PQ did (mostly under René Lévesque, about 30 years ago) to reform our democratic system – which also became obsolete, as Tony Tomassi and his buddies illustrate lately.

    Quebec faces so many challenges and most of our current politicians only care about themselves…


    • archemdis says:

      I have stated over and over that I have no problem with a person or political party that is about reforming our out dated system of democracy, or making Quebec better for all Quebecers, or Canada better for all Canadians. I voted for Rene Levesque myself the first time out. I could understand him and his desires. I grew up when they asked if you spoke English on job application forms and French was not a necessary language skill, although it did not hurt. I remember being able to graduate from school without passing French. Yes I understood the work that the party of old did, when their goal was equality not revenge. The selfless politian is a thing of the past, but that does not mean we have to give up. Corruption is still corruption, no matter what the goal of the party is and no party in my opinion has earned the right to use some one elses corruption as a weapon to win an election, because every party is guilty of it.


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