Hydro Quebec’s Refusal To Turn On Power After Being Paid In Full Could Result In The Death Of One Of Their Client’s Tonight

Hydro-Québec chief executive Thierry Vandal says the utility is focused on cutting costs and expanding its exports. Photo credit: Marie France Coallier,The Gazette

Attention Mr. Thierry Vandal

President and CEO, Hydro Quebec

I  just wanted to say on behalf of a friend thank you Hydro Quebec for turning off their power without final notice notification until 3 days before you turned it off.  They would have written to you personally, but their power is gone along with their phone and computer.   They told me that in the past they have always been able to work out payment schedule with you after the long winter, but not this time, because try as they might you would not answer your phones.  You kept them on hold for four hours, for three days in a row and when they tried to recall after hanging up in frustration they got a dead line.  Next thing they received in the mail was a bill from you telling them to pay $141.00 by may 31st 2010.  They think that because they have already paid $250.00 upon receiving the notice and received a bill saying next amount that must be paid is $141.00 that all is okay and so they go to work.  While at work your people sneak in and shut off their power.

Magically now that their power has been shut off they are able to reach you and the true story is about to unfold.  They were having a hard time reaching you because you have cut your phone staff and there by making it a no less than a 20 minute wait to speak with some one and although you sympathize with them there is nothing you can do until the bill is paid in full and the reconnect fee of $56.00 is paid as well.

Hydro Representatives assure them that as soon as the bill was paid their electricity would be turned on immediately.  They begged and borrowed the money, rushed to the bank and paid as told to do by your representative. They call Hydro Quebec call to let them know that the bill is paid in full and ask you to turn back on the power.  Now your Rep says whoa there it may take 24 to 48 hours to get your power back on.  They explain that this is not what they were told and ask why it takes so long.   It is at this point that the Hydro rep advises them to go back over to the bank and get them to post the money was received and then Hydro could see that they paid and there would be no problem turning back on the power immediately.

Back to the bank they run and ask the bank to please post the bill as paid right away so that Hydro can see it paid and turn back on their power.  It is now that the bank gets mad at Hydro Quebec and tells them that they post this info immediately and that it is Hydro who takes up to 48 hours to process this information and that Hydro should have advised them to pay at Western Union by quick payment if they really wanted to do the reconnect and they would have avoided all this crap.

Back on the phone with Hydro for the third time Hydro reps are now saying that they are sorry again and that if the 500  lbs of beef goes bad, or your oxygen can not go on there is nothing that they can do, because they just can not get it done any faster.  Why is it that when they want to cut off the power they can move heaven and earth to get the job done, but when it comes to putting the power back  on they take their time.

It is for taking your time turning back on their power and putting their life at risk, that they wish to thank you at Hydro Quebec.  They rushed to find a way to pay this bill all at once because they needed the power to work their oxygen machine.  They will not be able to cook take a shower or see after dark, or maybe not even be able to breathe for all that you seem to care at Hydro Quebec, but their bill is paid in full; no actually they now have a minute credit. I guess it is for this they wish to thank you.

Why all the lies Hydro Quebec?  I know what happened because I was there when all of the conversations took place between Hydro and them. I was there as they rushed from the house to the bank and back again twice for nothing. I was there as you at Hydro Quebec gave them all that bad advice and the run around.  The truth is Hydro Quebec had no intention of putting the power back on right away, but only intended to collect their money today and to that end they lied repeatedly.

It is hot and humid today and it will be difficult  for them to breathe without their oxygen. Fair warning over in Hydro Quebec world,” if anything should happen to them because that oxygen machine is off and their bill is paid; you at Hydro Quebec will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”  They have struggled paying their bills as times are rough for them as it is for everyone right now. They knew they had to pay that is why they made a payment of $250.00.  Hydro Quebec you should hang your head low, because you are low.    All of you who answered a phone in the recovery or collection department for Hydro Quebec today think about it, you may have just killed somebody.  How does that make you feel?


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22 Responses to Hydro Quebec’s Refusal To Turn On Power After Being Paid In Full Could Result In The Death Of One Of Their Client’s Tonight

  1. Terry says:

    just wondering, how do they turn power back on? from meter outside your house or at central?

    • archemdis says:

      Hello Terry, they do it from your hydro meter, because that is where the seal is put on. This is what the tech does, they break the seal and flip the meter switch back to on position. Have a great night!

      • Terry says:

        flip the meter switch? ahh didnt know there were such things. They were suppose to knock before doing it cuz my upstairs neighbor had dogs. Its odd though, usually they would put back a flat end screw like every other meters. Mine got 2 flat end of both side. Is there anything wrong with that?

      • archemdis says:

        This is the outside grey box we are talking about and they are supposed to have you there when they turn it back on, but I do not think they get much complaints about getting the power being turned back on without a knock. Can’t tell you about meter types, but if it is back on count your blessings( smile) Have a great day!

    • Terry says:

      ahhh ya, that make more sense lol. its a relief, though i wouldve stayed in the dark another day if didnt check. thx a lot for info archemdis 🙂

  2. James says:

    I wonder if anyone knows of a functional avenue to place complaints about service to Hydro Quebec. Thursday May 17 our service was ‘cut’ over the past week (day 5 now) over an clerical error at their end. Friday (18th) they claim they sent a technician, the tech could not access our meter/box , yet we have no calls or messages asking us to give them access. So that results in no power over the long weekend, our frozen and cold foods are spoiled. Calling them today (may 22nd) results in them saying that they did not schedual a tech for us, putting a request for a tech means they may arrive over the next 24 satarting tomorow (may 23rd).

    • archemdis says:


      They shut down the complaints department years ago. They are not interested in your problems all be it that it is they at hydro that caused them through their error. You could try your provincial representative, but they do not care either. Sorry but every time I have had to deal with hydro I run into a brick wall. Good luck I hope they show!

  3. Johnny says:

    DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I RECONNECT THE POWER MY SELF AND BREACK THEIR SEAL???? They cutt my power Thursday at noon, I rushed to the bank – everyone else in this would accepts credit cards BTW – and paid the bill in full by 1:30pm. I got the same run around, it takes 24 to 48 hrs to process. Get what – HQ waited until Friday at 5:00pm to process my payment, then they told me that their workers get off at 6:00pm and the power would probably not get turned back on until this Monday. They don’t care that it was -2C last night and is going down to -3 or -4C tonight, it is not their problem. To reconnect, it is a 2 min job. Has anyone out their reconnected their own power?

    • archemdis says:

      Do not do it please. You will go to jail!

    • mimchu777 says:

      welcome to the club we have had ours disconnected in april and we turned it all summer
      till they came to read the meter, then they cut it from the line then i paid it they take a little longer and they get pissed off but no jail they never saw me turn it on right?

      • archemdis says:

        I am glad to hear that you were not sent to jail, or fined, but it is no joke, you were indeed lucky they did not have you in court. It is indeed against the law to tamper with a Hydro box and turn you power back on. Now if you feel that this is a way to protest their actions and are prepared to pay the consequences go ahead, just make it a well informed choice and not onew based on luck. I know how hard it is to be without power, but I do not wish to see you go to jail or have to pay a huge fine. This would only add to your suffering and not really solve anything. Who else would be turning your power back on illegally they ndo not need to see you to know that it is you.

  4. Mike says:

    I think everyone in Quebec at HQs’ mercy shares your pain. Couple key things to keep in mind in battling the power providing giant that just might be of help: 1) take your own meter readings because if a Hydro Quebec worker cannot, literally, kiss the face of the meter they will NOT read it and estimate your usage based on the last three months. 2) You do have certain, although very limited, powers over them and, if you take readings each month, they will take YOUR calculations as correct as they only do readings an average of once every 2-3 months. 3) They will turn off power on the last weekday of October to be inside government legislation. Unfortunately these things are not of any huge help with most of the problems Hydro Quebec creates.

    Hydro Quebec does use a variety of misdirection techniques (lying), however this is only in order to avoid giving customers correct advice and answering direct questions. This happens largely because there is no check on their power, making them not only the sole energy provider, but also completely alone in determining their own quality of service, which, only permissible within government businesses, constitutes as a conflict of interest in the rest of the corporate world.

    Lastly, Thierry Vandal’s mission statement of “cutting operations to expand exports” seems to be a direct punch in the face of the Quebec people whom, will have to with poorer service and rising costs to cover Hydro Quebec’s own profit seeking agenda.

    Good luck in everyone’s fight towards responsible hydro provider.

    • archemdis says:

      Thank you for your comment Mike and yes Hydro Quebec is all of those bad things and more. The problem as I see it though is that real people die every year and syuffer needlessly while all levels of government sit on their hands and pass the buck about whose problem it is to deal with. Being it’s own judge and jury when in comes to making sure that it is not hurting Canadians and is delivering the best quality and services as well as being fair in it’s billing practices and things is not unique to Hydro Quebec. The Welfare Program is the same as is the UnEmployment Program cutting people off without even notifying them based on tips that can not be varified, leaving them penniless for a minimum of 90 days before they get a chance to prove they have been wronged. This means no medication for the sick, no food, no rent and in 99% of the cases the charges are dismissed and the person is reinstated. This is why the world is protesting in all of the finacial districts trying to bring awareness to the governments of the world’s unfair treatment of the 99% of the population and allowing big business, banks, companies like Hydro Quebec and the 1% of the super rich of the world, to get away with literally murdering us with their greed. Have a great night!

  5. cheryl caly says:

    hydro quebec is one of the worst companies out there. if i could afford to run solar or anything else i would and rid them for life. hydoquebec . it will come one day and you will be left out in the cold. just like your slutty sister bell canada(quebec).

    • archemdis says:

      Cheryl you are so right and this winter I wonder just how many people will suffer , or even die, because of their turn off before November policy. all governments say nothing we can do and it is a shame. I will be getting to Ma Bell soon but with the cell phone becoming more popular just about everyone can adfford some type of telephone and I hope that Hydro will soon become less of a necessity with newer technology becoming available as well. Have a great night and thank you for your comment

    • mimchu777 says:

      lol thats so true canadian tire had a windmill at one point actually it could run a cabiin yu connect staight to your fuse box, I am not to sure if they still have it but screw them we’ll figure it ou

      • archemdis says:

        Love that idea, but unfortunately the government of Quebec would still have to give you a permit and i do not think that they will. Love your way of thinking though. lol

  6. Jonathan K says:

    This is abuse of power. This why monopolies are such a tragedy, especially when they are crown coporations with the power to do as they please. Whats tragic is that in any other industry this would be taken as terrible customer service and we would have the option of giving our business to another more worthy corporation. Competition keeps companies in check. This behaviour deserves the filling of several class actions to protect our interest. We fund the government, yet they control our energy and use hydro quebec as a means of control. The laws should be drafted to protect us the consumers from such atrocities. If I had the means and the land I would without question install solar panels and flip the bird to the hydro. I remain disgusted by the 5 hours I’ve spent on hold to reach a person who can only tell me you should have pressed 1 not 2 alas I can not help you, I will transfer you. Are you kidding? I sickened by the fact that I went down to head office to pay my bill, and in true departmentalized highly segmented bureaucracy, I was forced to go to two different places within the same building to simply have the payment acknowledged not even posted on my account. I am very young man in my early twenties and let me assure you that I will hold a grudge and that if my life allows me to promote the change of such dictatorships I will. We the people created the company that treats us like cattle.
    Hydro the next time someone asks politely a question to your agents and she\he answers “you are becoming arrogant as such the call is being terminated” do not be surprised if someone who is not as sane as I am flips out and does something thatll make you reconsider your policies. Spare the world another heartless company, go back to your roots and remember who brought you to life and you keeps you alive.

    • archemdis says:

      I see that you do understand that these people have denied you access to them or any challenge to their authority. I just recently was made aware of a case where Hydro turned off some ones hydro by mistake, made them pay the bill inspite of the fact that Hydro knew that they were in error, so that Hydro could say it was paid in its system. Now Hydro is giving it back to them in the form of a credit. What if this person did not have the money? They were advised that as long as it looked like a debt not paid, their power would stay off even though they really did not owe any money. Have a great night!

  7. T says:

    this article is so true! at this time they sent me a disconnection notice after ive been paying them $55 a month since march which was my arrangement in the first place they are telling me otherwise. ive waited on speakerphone for over a hour and nobody came on the line. this is so frustrating i cant even write the whole story..SMH

    • archemdis says:

      Remember the government controls Hydro. They are a monster that can be stopped with your vote. I hope it works out for you, but I would start writing my government Miisters and giving them hell and get everyone I know to do the same.

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