Another Night Without Light / Hydro Quebec Will Not Budge


Hydro-Québec chief executive Thierry Vandal says the utility is focused on cutting costs and expanding its exports. Photo credit: Marie France Coallier,The Gazette


 Can you hear the people crying Sir? Do you care?    

Well they made it through the night, but that was the best thing.  No lights, no phone, no oxygen and a paid bill in your hand that is not worth the paper it is written on to Hydro Quebec.  500 lbs of beef starting to unfreeze in the freezer and there is nothing anyone can do about it. It has been a night of tossing and turning.  They could hear all of the noise in the neighborhood now that there was no noise in their house so they were unable to sleep much.  They could only pray that nothing bad happened because they had no phone by which to call for help, because Hydro Quebec and its new policies refused to out on power even though the bill has been paid in full.     

Day two starts with a cold shower great for waking up but not so great for the arthritis, but at least the electricity will be turned on at some point in the day, just a matter of time right? Guess again early check by cell phone tells this client that the $900. 00 they paid is not showing in their Hydro Account and therefore Hydro Quebec will not turn on their power and says they may not do it for at least 24 hours and that is just the way it is.  The hydro rep is informed again of the medical situation and the rep says, that although they sympathize with the client that they are only the messenger and that their policy comes from higher up.  The client offers to bring or fax the paid receipt to Hydro but the service rep says that is not possible to do anymore and that they should just wait patiently at home.    

The service rep on the phone then decides to tell the truth and says to the client,” all of the technicians are doing the shut offs right now; it is our busiest time of year for shut-offs.  Do you know that 250,000 people will be shut  off in the next few weeks and how much overdue money this will bring in for Hydro Quebec?  There is just no one to do your reconnect, so we give ourselves 48 hours before even processing your payment and all others that come in. The service rep went on to say that if they were not paid so well to work for Hydro Quebec they would quit.  Going home depressed over what Hydro Quebec had them doing to people was stressing them out.  I have little sympathy for the person who does not pay their bill and then cry when disconnected the person continued, but when a person does all that we ask them to do to rectify their overdue account and then I have to put them through a bunch of crap it bothers me.        

Turning back on the power means breaking the seal on your on your breaker box and flipping the switch to on. A three-minute job or five maximum.  I offered to do it for them and save them the time and was threatened with legal action.  One would think that since they charge $50.00 – $350.00 for this and how much are lives depend on electrical power, that they would have some one there 24 – 7 to handle it.        

The service person acknowledged the fact that Hydro Quebec was way out of line by keeping them this long without power after the bill was paid and that they should make a complaint, or take legal action. The client was advised to keep checking and as soon as the automated voice of Hydro billing said that her payment was showing to start harassing the reconnect people again.     

The payment was showing at 2pm today.  The call was made and the client was told some time tomorrow.  Another cold shower tonight followed by another night of spoiling meat, but we have the sympathy of the working people of Hydro Quebec.   Another night of praying that nothing bad health wise happens and your need to call for help because you have no phone courtesy of Hydro Quebec.   Another night of no oxygen machine because there is no power to run it and you bill is paid in full.    

They do have the sympathy of  Hydro Quebec though and that should count for something right? I think that this is stupidity at its finest hour.  To do this to anyone is not funny it is just irresponsible.  How many people do not survive the night I wonder and do you care over there at Hydro Quebec?

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