Hydro Puts Power Back On But How Many Still Suffer This Hour In The Dark Alone


Hydro-Québec chief executive Thierry Vandal says the utility is focused on cutting costs and expanding its exports. Photo credit: Marie France Coallier,The Gazette


Things are finally back to normal and nobody died this time.  Does this mean that all is well that ends well? I for one do not think so. Hydro Quebec got lucky. The person who turned on the power was very polite and professional. The person actually apologized for Hydro Quebec, asked if the client was feeling okay and enquired about the meat in the freezer.  The person went on to explain that they would have tried to make it yesterday evening, but did not get the call until 4:30 pm and was just finishing across town and they finished at 5:00 pm.  The client happy to just have their electricity back again thanked the hydro person for coming in the morning and bid them good-bye after they were done.  

I wonder the legality of the actions taken by Hydro Quebec. Not Hydro Quebec’s position, but the court’s position.  I think they are wrong, but who am I? I only know the danger that this person was in whether the law is on Hydro’s side or not it is wrong to intentionally with hold a government service upon which a life depends. I think that I need a hot shower; dealing with Hydro Quebec has made me feel dirty.    

How many people are treated in this manner and are now being punished and made to wait for power to be turned on.  How many people can not get their power turned back on because Hydro Quebec has put a priority on the shutting off of power to get overdue accounts settled, over the turning back of the power once the bill is paid? How many of the 250, 000 people in Quebec that will have their power turned off this week will lose groceries that they can ill afford to lose because of Hydro Quebec?  How many people will lose their lives, because no one at Hydro Quebec thinks to ask if the person is on a heart monitor or any other medical life-sustaining device before they hit the switch? How many people are suffering right now after Hydro Quebec knew their lives were in danger and hydro personnel still refused to help them out once they knew?    

All these cut backs to the service departments are to make Hydro Quebec money.  It would be nice if it meant a better deal for the people of Quebec, but this is not the case. The price for us goes up as the quality of service goes down.  Every time the wind blows to hard, or we get ice rain hydro has a problem with the wires above ground, but do they fix the situation?  The answer is of course not.  Let us do the great Canadian thing, the great Quebec thing, instead of making sure that our own are taken care of first let us make sure we can deliver the highest standard of service to another country, or abroad as is the plan of president and CEO , Thierry Vandal.  Bravo Canada; Bravo Quebec; Bravo Hydro Quebec for once again proving that you could care less about the people of this great nation and only care about making more money. 

I am glad that I do not do this job that requires me to hurt others to get ahead in life. I know I could not live with myself knowing that for me to make a living I had to cause pain and suffering to someone else every few minutes of my working day. I do not know how these people sleep at night.  My friend is so happy to have their power back on that I do not think they will take any legal action and I think that they are a big part of the problem.  Hydro Quebec counts on this type of reaction. Hydro Quebec hopes that if it is not because you are happy that you do not persue legal satisfaction then they hope that you do not have the money to spare on this type of thing.  This allows them to stay under the radar and do to others what they like.  I hope more decide to fight before someone actually dies.

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    • archemdis says:

      Thank you so much. We need to take this one step further and start writing and bothering our politicians. These are companies controlled by the government and all of the policies they are enforcing come from the government. If we are to freeze and live in the dark let us make sure that our politicians know that we are not happy. Pass this on and start writing and comlaining to your MP’s. We might see some changes as our actions start to affect their political party bottom line; votes and finacial support. .


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