Are You A Closet Bigot or A New Age Person?

I remember all of the stereotypical stories I was brought up with about mixed relationships of any sort. How one should stick to their own kind, because that is where you would find the mate who had the most in common with you and you would not create issues for your children. What issues you might be asking?  Well not knowing who they are; thinking they are better than they are; thinking they are something that they are not; putting them in a situation of not being accepted by either race,  just to name a few of the things. All of these things were taught to discourage the mixing of people; to keep a race pure; to keep your race separate, distinct and alive. I submit that this has failed in most cases and that people will always be attracted to what is different and interesting.  Love has a way of making it all worth while and ignorance and prejudice always seems to dull and fade when brought out into the light of day.

Here are some of the stereotypical things I was taught and heard as a child and as a young person.


Southern Belle by: mary Bear


White girls were to be avoided because they were brought up to think that anyone who was not white were inferior to them. They might not think that they believed what their parents and relatives said and even thought themselves not prejudice at all until the first bad argument between you. 

Then there were supposed to be the white girls who took pity on lesser races and to prove that they were not prejudice made the ultimate sacrifice and married you and reminded you of that sacrifice everyday of your life.

No matter what his circumstance the way for a white woman to go is to marry and stick to the white man. The white man is superior to all other men on the planet.  That only a white man is capable of treating a white woman in the manner she should be. To be with any other race is to marry or love some one beneath her station, making them both and all created from this union beneath the white man.

The 1st white woman I married had to have the house run according to her wishes and the marriage had to be her version of what a marriage should be and ended in divorce. I found this to be an issue with most women of all races not just with white women.  I did find that most women thought themselves superior to men as the moral species in the human equation and that this had nothing to do with race.  We left each other, because we stopped loving each other, or out grew each other, but never because she thought herself superior because of race.

I would conclude that white women are no better or worse if you will than any other race of women.  They love and suffer the same as every one else and have to struggle to stay free of the stereotypical baggage that has been handed to them from one generation to the next just like anyone else.

 Then there were the Eastern hemisphere girls who were rumored to live only to please their men.  They were supposed to be the women who were trained from childhood to obey and defer to their men in all matters. I looked for one of these types for a long time when I was younger and have to this day I have never found a woman like this that was not an abused woman.

These eastern girls were inaccessible to most races because they were also trained not to look at men outside of their race. To fall in love with someone outside of your race and go as far as to marry this person was frowned upon by the family and could result in much trouble for love struck girl.  Unfortunately this I found to be true in my time and in the present, although as the younger generation becomes more westernized it is breaking away from such prejudicial habits and following their hearts.

The men of the far and middle east have fortunes in inheritance and businesses to lose or gain weighing into the mix and for this reason tend to stick to whatever the family, or culture, or even religion demand that they do as far as matrimony is concerned, but privately I know they get the variety they desire in other ways as in the other races as well.

Black girls were supposed to be the sex pots good to have in bed, but you did not marry them unless you were black and you made damn sure they did not get pregnant.  They were the women that every man was supposed to lust after, but fear as strongly. Black women were said to be as dangerous as the animals in the jungle their ancestors hailed from. Their tempers were legendary and many a bad husband had been scalded in his sleep, or stabbed while awake for angering his black woman. Black women were supposed to great cooks, good housekeepers and willing lovers, all of which should have made them desirable wives, but for the fact that they would make you black children, by the one drop rule.  If it was a virtue to be white it was a sin to be black.

The one drop rule stated that if it could be proven that you had one drop of black blood in you that you and your offspring would forever be considered a black person no matter how light or white you appeared to be. It was said that to do this to a child was cruel so why would a decent person not of black heritage go there. With this train of thought the black girl and women have been seen as the girl you love, but never bring home to meet mama.


A woman once told me that this is why she could not have sex with a black man


Black men were supposed to smell, be lazy and shiftless and void of ambition.  They were to be avoided by all races.  They were supposed to be preoccupied with sex with the intelligence of a backward child.  They never took care of their families and were leaving their wives and children to fend for themselves while the bedded down with another woman and repeated the scenario over and over again.

 My Experience:

I found myself attracted to every kind of woman on this planet. White, Black, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, made no difference to me. Tall, short, thin, or heavy I loved them all. What I could not tolerate in a woman was a woman who was not clean, or a woman who was nasty inside. These faults were insurmountable to me.  I have been with both rich and poor and the deciding factor when I chose to be with a woman, always came back to her character; her honesty and a willingness to share of herself with me.  

I married  a white woman over 20 years ago. Although she and I never had a chance to have a baby she has taken care of my 2 children of mixed race, like they were her very own. This woman showered them with love; comforted them when they were sick and feeling down; protected them when they were threatened and fought for them when they were in danger.  There is a superior nature about her, but it is not that she is white; it is her love of children and the need to do for them no matter what their race, color or creed that is what makes her a superior person in my eyes.  

I have had long-lasting relationships with women of my own race and one such relationship resulted in a child being born.  We separated for the same reasons as in the relationships with the white women and as with them we are all still friendly and there is no evidence of hard feelings towards each other.   

From the richest families to the poorest; from the darkest in color to the lightest; from the Catholic to the Protestant, the Jew, the Muslim, the Hindu to the Buddhist I have found that the new age people are debunking these stereotypical prejudices and finding out that people are just people and love can be found in any mixture as long as bigotry is left out and the love is strong enough to with stand the prejudice of others.  The fight is not easy; the excuses and reasons for racial purity you will find do run deep into the core of all races.  It is as though people truly believe that the world would a horrible place if no pure race walked upon it as if there is one such race to be found now. 


Another murdered white supremacist with a thing for black guys


I also find it funny that those who profess this racial purity are the ones running around making all sorts of  babies out side of their race. They go to prostitutes for interracial sex all the while shouting their purity crap. I knew of a man who shouted nigger everyday and beat up blacks for fun, but slept with the same black woman every night and had children with her.

I have also found that it is the liberal who preaches equality while secretly advising his son and daughter to marry within the race, is a more dangerous person, than all  the other prejudice people combined.  It is this kind of hypocrite, who thinks that he or she is not being prejudice that is the real problem.  You can fight the bigot, who stands up and professes his or her beliefs, but often we work and befriend the closet bigot, making their daughters and sons think that what their parents and relatives secretly teach is okay. We often vote for the closet bigot allowing him or her to pass prejudice laws that of course they do not see as bigoted at all.

It is from this cesspool of pure race philosophy that the leaders of the world like Hitler are spawning from and where these stereotypes are kept alive.  All races and religions preach it and it is long pass time for this to stop.  Look in the mirror are you the closet bigot, or the new age person fighting to stop stereotypical bigotry?

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