We Need The Lie To Save The World From Itself

We of the human race need one thing more than food, or love; we need to lie and be lied to.  We are junkies craving it and we are the dealers and pushers all wrapped up in one neat package. We are both the suppliers and the users and we are killing each other over it every minute of the day.

There is not one person on this planet who has not told one or that has not used one and used the excuse that the reason we lied was to preserve the greater good.  Some say the lie is to save feelings or marriages; some say they lie to protect the church and God,or at least what god is supposed to symbolize; some lie to preserve a way of life  and it this that I wish to talk about today. I think that no matter the excuse, a lie is simply told to avoid the truth, or hide an ugly deed and will never succeed in fixing any problem. We must get rehabilitated as a people and go lie free if we intend to save ourselves and others.

We all scream foul when someone lies to us and we all can readily come up with a justification for the lies we tell.  I mean we have the white lie and the lie we tell to save someone else pain. We have the lies we tell our selves and the lies to save the world. We lie so much that we do not remember how to tell the truth.  From the moment we learn to talk we learn to lie.

When we are babies we learn early what behaviour will get reward and what behaviour will not and finally what behaviour will get us punished.  I think it is at this point that most of us are changed into liars for all time.  We begin to compromise ourselves to curry the favour of others.  Watch a baby manipulate and perform to get the approval of a parent. Listen to children and watch them go through their daily paces and tell me you do not see and hear the compromise of their dreams, or hear the survival lies. Husbands and wives lying to each other about everything from how good sex was, to the spending of the family monies, to still being in love.

Lying we have convinced ourselves is the ultimate sacrifice we make for others.  We do it to protect from one form of hurt or another; we do it to save the other person suffering and ourselves from shame. The other person who is so weak, or we feel so incapable of protecting or understanding the truth that we must tell them a lie. Lying has become an acceptable mode of behaviour when we do it; expected from others and acceptable under certain circumstances as the right thing to do. 

The government lies to us every minute of the day for our own good.  They start from the premise that you are not capable of understanding the truth and go on from there.  They lie about why they go to war and about how to show you are patriotic and we buy into it, because we lie to ourselves and pretend that we believe in what they are doing and we become kids again and they the grownups. We have to believe the lie, or face who we have become and so the lie begins to  feels right to us, because the truth of what we have become as a people, is just too much to accept and therefore must become the lie.

9/11 planes fall out of the sky and George W. Bush takes the country into war based on a lie and we the people eat it up. We as a people need to believe that our sons and daughters are not killing people based on a lie and to that end we rally around the lie.

We then go along with the lie that says if they did not do the bombing they are a threat because they have weapons of mass destruction and we must protect ourselves and now the rest of the world by putting down this dictator and his regime.  It no longer matters that it is a lie and that we know it is a lie, because we are saving the world. It is a lie, but if we admit it then what are we? What have we become? Why are we allowing our children to keep dying because of a few men’s lies?  Why are we killing other people for profit and telling the lie that we trying to save a people that most of the country hates? The answer is the truth is too hard to face and so we continue to lie to ourselves, to our children and to the world and people continue to die to preserve the lie.

Finally when no weapons of mass destruction are found and the world turns and says we are wrong we get mad and call all who will not help us enemies of democracy. We know we must tell the world what they need to hear and that is a convincing lie.  We create the guys who have helped others commit acts of terror in their countries and in other countries. The guys who are so vile that they commit acts of genocide in their own countries along with other atrocities  on their peoples. The world reverts to its childhood needing to believe that they have not allowed an injustice to another country and people like in the 2nd world war and accept the lie and once they do that they are drawn into the killing.  All this happens and continues to happen because a group of people told a lie to promote their agenda of world order and we knowingly allowed it.  You pick your reason and tell me in the light of all that has been proven that it was not all a lie. 

Next is the ultimate lie, which is that the ends justify the means.  It allows us to believe that although we are committing the same crimes, killing and hurting, torturing and kidnapping and imprisoning people without trial we are doing the greater good for all of mankind and are thereby absolved of any guilt.  In fact we can now refuse to be judged by anyone and that anyone who speaks out is a traitor and the enemy.  That they speak the truth does not matter.  The truth is not good for the country or the world. Too many have died by our hand, by our lie.  We must keep our people asleep in this dream of world peace, world order at all costs.  We remove ourselves from the world court and it jurisdiction with the lie that because we are needed to police the world we must be held to a higher standard than the rest of the world.  No matter what we do or how heinous the deed the world must believe the lie that we do it for them and not bite the hand that feeds them.  That we have become them does not matter we lie are children are out fighting to save the world, on a glorious mission of peace for which they should be honoured.

Where are the people screaming and cheering in the streets.  Where are there new schools and the better way of life we promised these people as we pumped their oil and kept it for ourselves as payment for devastating their country? Why can’t we see the progress that we promised? None of this is possible because it was all a lie.  The lie came when we took the position that we were above the world; The lie that said we knew what was best for the world; The lie that said that we could sit in judgement of the world; The lie that said that we could bend the world by the strength of our weaponry and that what they thought did not matter. No we never intended to change the quality of life for anyone we only wanted to sustain the life we were used to at another’s expense.  It is an old lie, a lie used from one generation to another.  a lie that has failed to accomplish anything since it was first used.

We as people are addicted to the lie, like a junkie is addicted to heroin and that addiction has made the truth moot.  We can no longer feel shame for our acts, because our lies will shield us automatically. The lie is found in everything we do and say. We have rewritten history to suit ourselves and teach it as the truth.  Why because the truth would bring us to our knees.  Like the picture of Dorian Gray our picture depicting our true soul stays in the closet allowing ourselves to look like the brave, humanitarians that we are not.  People are starting to peek into our closet though and the only truth left is coming into the light of day; no lie ever goes unnoticed and sooner or later it will be brought out into the open and the liar made to pay.

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6 Responses to We Need The Lie To Save The World From Itself

  1. We should have a meek forgiving spirit in us too.


    • archemdis says:

      Yes we should, but men do not always folow the direction that the creator would like them to go. I think that this bcomes obvious just looking at the state the world is in, the country is in, most cities are in. Scandal in every office of the government, wars on every continent and the intolerance of others seen and practiced everywhere by those claiming to be followers of Christ. We as a people need to stop talking about being christ like and forgiving and truly walk in the way of God. Too many of us talk the talk, but do not walk the walk!


  2. A lie is never good. This world will wax old ,and die just like we do, and the sun it circles day in ,and day out as well. The one who inhabits eternity around this planet,and in all living things, and in the soul that loves, and does good to whoever will come back in glory parting the heavens like a scroll,and change all things.


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