What Is Wrong With The Catholic Church? Part Two

Monsignor Bernard Prince Sexually Assaulted Children under 14 for Twenty Years


 Why are men and women who have been abused by priests and nuns still fighting for monetary compensation?  I understand the legal ramifications and the fright that the church could be left penniless, but what does this have to do with the abused.     

Why does the church feel that it has the right to counter sue?  The abusing priest gets found guilty, so the church and the guilty priest sues the parents of the abused child for negligence.  The church says that the failure of the parents to protect their children from the priest makes them negligent.  The priest claims that  the parents are responsible for their child’s psychological problems, because they used to beat their child. Does this type of counter suing technique work? I guess if the aim of the church is to minimize its financial loss by brow beating the accused and delay the legal process until the abused gives up or accepts what ever the defence team offers, it is working. Is this hurtful and family destroying tactic bringing the abused back to the church? I would say the answer is no.    

Cases like John Caruso Vs. Rev. James Kneale, The Church Represented by Peter A. Mahoney almost drove this man insane in their attack and counter suit against his family.    

The Belvedere case and The Sisters of Mercy case drag on and on and go nowhere for the victims. 


Case has been going on now for 10 years


  the Sisters Of Mercy represented by Thomas O’Riley. So much time has passed that the nuns responsible for the acts of brutality and abuse are dying and with them the chance of closure and compensation for the victims.  The statement below by this lawyer is a sentiment that I agree with.    

[ They don’t want to pay out the money,’’ said Jack Lavers, a Newfoundland lawyer who has worked both sides of the liturgical legal landscape. “There are (cases) that do start and never seem to finish.”]    

Why does the church not do what is right?  What is just? What is christian?    


It would seem that the Catholic Church has learned nothing by its dwindling numbers and believes itself to be above the word of God.  Was Jesus Christ not angry with the priest when he went into the temple and saw the selling of things in the church / temple? Maybe the church needs to revisit and read again Mathew 21: 12, or Mark 11: 15?  Did not this same Jesus throw down these things and admonish the priests?  Did not this same Jesus Christ who this church professes to believe in and take his word as the truth caution about amassing personal wealth and giving into the temptation that money causes and the price for doing so? Maybe the church should revisit Matthew 19: 24, because right now it seems through their deeds and corruption of the church there will be more of the church hierarchy in hell then anyone else.  If it is true that you can not be forgiven until you acknowledge your sins and name them.  How can the constant denial and excuses by priests, nuns and church get them forgiveness by the lord God? Perhaps they should revisit Proverbs 28:13, or 2 Timothy 2: 19, 2 Timothy 2: 13.     

 The Catholic Church has become a business and as such has lost its’ compassion.  It follows the laws


To the glory of who was this place built


 of man above the  laws of God. The churches new sense of justice may work in the human world that you are innocent until proven guilty, but God is supposed to see and know all, so there will be no getting off on a technicality.    


All the amassed wealth of the church sitting in the vaults of Rome will not gain them entrance into heaven.  To who’s glory was the Vatican City built with its police, government and army. Why does the church need all of this and to who’s glory does all this proclaim?  The treasures amassed by the church while it’s followers suffer from starvation, lack of water, education and medical attention just to mention a few certainly could not be what the Lord intended for the church to do.      



Why would men of God need weapons?


Now we could rip apart the scriptures and for everyone I found you could find another, but you would have to agree that God has given mankind a way to talk to him and a way to ask forgiveness of our sins without the priest interceding for us.  We must simply accept the lord as our saviour first and acknowledge that our sins have been forgiven through his death.  This is the accepting of the new covenant between God and man.  God’s laws are very clear and I do not think that the Catholic Church is following them, do you?   


I for one would like to see the Catholic Church return to following the scriptures not only the


Why does the Pope need guarding?


 teaching of them but the practicing of the word of God by all members of the church.  How can the corrupt, the defilers of little children lead people to the Lord? How can the unclean seek forgiveness of others sins? There is no back door into heaven and all will be judged according to the laws of God. If I say that the bible does not apply to the hierarchy of the church and they are above the law of God; what follows is then the bible is not to be believed and therefore nothing in Christianity has any merit.     


With every dime in donations the Catholic church feels it is right and that you support their contention that they are special and need not comply to God’s laws. Give them nothing and I think you will start to see a change.  

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