Israelis, Nazis, or Taliban? A Rose is A Rose is A Rose

Who are you fighting for Israel

You are no longer the people who suffered at the hands of others; you are the people who are causing the suffering and pain of others and you are using the power and influence of true Jews, peaceful Jews; Jews that remember and sympathize, but no longer understand what you are doing and why you are doing it in the manner you are. Jews around the world are starting to be embarrassed by your actions and are ashamed at the acts of terrorism that you are committing in their names. These peaceful people are starting to distance themselves publicly from you, but I guess you will call them anti-Semitic as well when their financial aid stops and their condemnation of what I can only call the Israeli atrocities becomes louder.

Only fascist quiet its peoples protest in this manner

You are the Nazis of the Middle East. It was not so long ago that you as a people had a wall built to keep you separate from your loved ones, so it is not that you do not know the hurt and pain that you are causing, it seems that you just do not care. How soon you have forgotten the ghettos and the passes and the arm bands and the tattoos. How else can you justify your wall and your border crossings if not a lapse in memory? Did you ever stop to think that maybe just maybe if you stopped the pressure you might achieve peace? What am I talking about, with peace you could not justify holding onto what does not belong to you. With peace you would be obligated to stop occupying land that is clearly not yours. It would seem that you have all the reasons to not want the peace you claim to desire.

Grow up Israel

You nation of Israel are the little boy who taunts and strikes out at his bigger brother and then when his brother lifts his hand to retaliate runs and hides behind his mother and father for protection. Peeking through his mother’s skirt, smirking at his brother works for a while until his parents get wise. Understanding what the little fellow is doing the parents allows him to be taught a lesson. Now there is harmony and peace in the valley. Everyone understands that every action causes a reaction. It is time to grow up Israel; you are getting too old to peek out from your mommy’s skirt.

Once the world came together to save you Israel. Now they come together to protest your evil deeds

The world will not let you wipe each and every Palestinian out no matter how many times you say that is what is needed. The world did not say they would not allow genocide to happen to the Jews again, it said it would not allow the genocide of any people again and stand by while it happens. There is a difference and the world is starting to remember this promise as you and other nations around the world speak out and act on your beliefs in your actions of violence and terrorism against civilians. World policy and attitude towards you is changing Israel and you would be wise to recognize it is not in your favor.

No protesting allowed says Israel

The Palestinians have become the Jews of Europe during world war two, because of your oppressive actions. Your raids on civilians; your massacring of the innocent; your total ignoring of world law and your allies, gains sympathy for the Palestinian plight and a call to do something about you as a nation. Countries are starting to wonder if they made a mistake forcing you into this area. If not for your allies you would not be there and this problem would not be there. It is also very easily fixed as well this little problem of your swollen head. They could simply withdraw their financial and military support. They could do the right thing and force you to stop your acts of terrorism, or give you a little of the medicine you seem so eager to force feed the other countries in the region.

International waters means nothing says Israel

No, the condemnation of Israel is not anti-Semitic at all and should not be directed at all Jews; I would submit that you are a fanatical branch of a great race of people. You are the angry, hurt, vicious terrorist you claim to be defending yourself against. You are no longer Jewish in spirit and have little in common with your people around the globe. It is fast becoming clear that there are Israelis and then there are Jews and that the two should not be considered the same people. You are much like the Africans and the North American Blacks; you share a common ancestry, but all other customs and ways are different. You have evolved into a people whose sole aim is to expand your land base and to punish all who stand in your way. You as a nation Israel have forgotten the follies of domination and genocide; you as a nation Israel count too much on your allies feeling guilty enough to allow you to get away with murder. You Israel are your own worst enemy.

We were only defending ourselves says Israel

As the idea that Israelis are Israelis and Jews are Jews takes root you will find your support begin to dwindle in all of its forms. You are beginning to be shunned already. Peace seeking nations will no longer be able to call you friend, or back you. The holocaust is over and you can no longer justify and hide behind the atrocities of world war two. It has given you what you have gotten so far in terms of world sympathy and tolerance for your crazy behavior, but you are pushing the envelope. The support you got was not because you were a military might, but because your allies tried to give a peaceful people an equal shot at maintaining a homeland in a hostile environment. Israelis in my opinion have manipulated and perverted their circumstances to grab more land unjustly and do their best to keep hostilities going and try to make the other nation in the region look like the aggressors. This worked for a while, but the world is starting to see the truth and has begun to react.

They attacked us first says Israel

What will you say, or who will you blame when once again you find yourself surrounded by people who hate you and you have nowhere to turn. Who will you turn to when your ancestors living abroad turn their backs on you because your atrocities are so great they begin to disassociate from you, so they will not be tainted by you? You once held the world in shame because of what it allowed to happen to you, but the world in a short time is now looking at you in the same manner as the people who did the injustices to you. You may be the next nation at the Haig for war crimes and atrocities against your fellow-man. Keep right on the way you’re going and see how the world reacts. I do not think you will like what is coming Israel.

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