Is Canada Afraid To Say No To The United States Government?

Let me just say before I get started that I have nothing against the people of the United States, I was born there and I have family there. I am not anti-American, but I am anti cruel and anti greedy and anti heartless.  I hate bullies most of all and since I speak my mind on these things I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to speak out now.  These are my opinions and I am only one person, but I think we all know that this is how most people around the world feel about you whether they say it out loud or whisper it behind closed doors. Whether they say it to your face, or say it behind your back.  You are indeed feared for your military might, if that was your goal, but you have lost all respect and credibility to all who seek a peaceful coexistence with the rest of humanity. This post says as much about  the bully as it says about the coward.  When cowards stand up to bullies the power of the bully is diminished.  There can be no you without them.

What is the purpose of country amassing great wealth as a nation if it is not to share with its people and make all of there lives better. I would think that the same rules you place on how to get ahead in life domestically should be used by a nation as it seeks to get ahead in the rest of the world; like not stealing from others, not killing others, not forcing others to do things just to get ahead.  I understand that the people of the United States no longer have a government for the people, by the people, because no country does.  What you and I have is a government driven by big business and the only people being heard are the lobbyists.

 Enlighten me please, if the government is supposed to be doing what is good and best for its people why are they listening to the self-interest groups and the lobbyists?  What kind of people have we become that we can sleep at night when babies cry all night from hunger?  What kind of people have we become who can walk around people sleeping on the street freezing and feel nothing, but disgust for them being in our way?   What kind of people are running our government that they can make a photo opt out of a tragedy like a tsunami promise money and after the photo opt not deliver?

I have written about the lie we must keep telling ourselves because without it we would not be able to look in the mirror and not feel ashamed of our country and the things it does at home and abroad.  It is your leaders, Canada’s leaders and all world leaders who kill to gain assets and who have no moral compass that I speak to and if this kind of talk offends you then I guess I am talking to you too.

I am horrified at the countries like Canada who give in to the warrior nations every whim and allow the atrocities and the terrorism that is taken place in the world today.  The media have been stifled, or bought off.  Look at how President George W. Bush blocked all coverage of the news and only let out what he wanted to let out. By embedding news people and blocking out the signals needed by news people to make independent news coverage he gained control of the news and was able to justify his war. You in the   media fought to be the Presidents whore and told his lies to your people like it was the total truth; like you were not being forced fed a bunch of crap. 

 We were in a time when the press should have stood their ground, but they caved in and forever became the propaganda machine for any government or party to use at its leisure and it has never stopped. You are now nothing but a tool to use by government and your credibility is very low.  The only thing you do cover with vigor of old is gossip.  Why do you feel that who wakes up in whose bed, is now a need to know for us? What a joke you have become. The media became a tool of the government and ceased from that day forward to bring forth the news of the people. The news world seems to be not interested in the truth anymore but on the spin and how much revenue a story will generate. 

 It is the United States who has put themselves in the position of policing the world. Ronald Regan began with the New world Order, George Bush Senior kept the ball rolling with the Middle East and then finally his son George W. Bush put the icing on the cake after 9/11 with his call to war over a lie. 

I have pity for all those who think that what the United States and its allies are doing around the world is for the good of mankind. Good for a few nations who would like to divide the world amongst themselves maybe, but surely not a good thing for you and me. 

The United States wishes to be the boss of bosses and have its capos just like the mafia and its soldiers and, hit men all under one umbrella organization and the ball is already rolling. 

Why does Canada have to become the United States? Why does Canada want to become like the most hated country in the world? Why do we trust the United States judgment? Why is it a must, a given that they are right in all things? The government of the United States uses us like we are nothing and it would appear that they have convinced our politicians that without the United States we are nothing and that our very existence depends on their friendship, trade and protection. Their politicians and business leaders have played out the biggest con ever played and we swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

Is it because it does so much good work around the world that we feel compelled to help no matter what a few rogue countries think? The United States is the biggest ego out there, with the worst foreign policy going.  They are the self-seeking and expansionist regime.  They are almost singularly responsible for the crisis the world finds itself in now. They treat their people deplorably and their willingness to do just about anything to get rich has almost bankrupted the world, but in the United States of America we still trust.

The government of the United States has threatened Canada’s right to her water; the United States of America has threatened the legality of our northern borders; the United States of America has told us flat-out that they do not care what we have to say about what should be in the sky over our head when we opted out of their sky defense program. President George W. Bush said that they would send missiles across Canadian air space whether we agreed or not. His diplomat to Canada said the same thing and was constantly telling us what we should be doing and what was acceptable behavior if we were to remain friends with his government and our leaders ate it up and kissed some American butt. Now there is a glowing testimonial from them showing their respect to our sovereignty.

Was it not President George W. Bush who said about Canadian water, that he meant to have it one way or another? Implying that we either gave it or he would use it whether we gave it to him or not, the choice was ours? Are we afraid of the bully next door? Is this why we do the horrible things we do now?

When we were suffering from SARS in Canada did the United States of America not turn her back on us and try to bolster its tourism industry by claiming Canada an unsafe place to visit long after the threat of SARS was gone? 

When we won the soft wood lumber dispute in the world court did the USA pay back the money as ordered and would have expected us to do had the situation been reversed? Answer of course it did not pay. The United States feels it is above the law. 

Did the USA not use our mad cow crisis to their advantage long after the world saw our beef as safe? The answer is of course they did because we are not friends. The United States government has no friends. Nothing is personal for it, everything is just business.

Did they not after 9/11 tell us we were not really their friend because we refused to send troops to a war we did not believe in? Even after we took  their people in during their hour of need?  Did the President of the United States not say that if we were not with them we were against them?

Wake up Canada how many different ways do you have to be told and how often do you need to hear it? We are not essential to the USA; we are not considered their equals; our friendship is based on how much we can be used by them.

 Soft wood lumber, steel, fishing industry, our national defense to what we watch on TV is controlled by the United States of America. 

With the Conservative party coming to power with Stephen Harper at its helm Canada lost even its pride.  All that can be heard from the conservative MPs’ is, we need the United States and let’s face it if the United States says it is so it must be.  Then there is when a question is put to them on Canadian policy they say, “of course we will wait and see what the United States is going to do.”

The way the United States operates in our business is a nasty, vile and corrupt way.  They are completely devoid of respect for us and they are protectionist.  We need to take our country back and if that means finding better trading partners or different trading partners then let us get busy. 

 If they intend to use military force to gain control of Canada then at least let us have some pride and go down fighting. I could not believe when then President Bush referred to Canada as a little brother that the United States loved, but every once in a while needed to be slapped and made to respect his betters.

If this is what they do to their neighbor and close friend and ally what do you think that they do to people they claim not to be friendly with?  This does not represent even a drop in the bucket of what this government does to Canada.  

They, the United States of America do not have Canadian interests at heart and seek to rape our nation of all of its natural resources at every opportunity.  What they can’t steal out right, they tax at their borders.  They have killed every industry we have and we just smile.   They tell jokes about Canadians not able to get mad and that we are not to be taken seriously in business because we do not have the killer instinct necessary to be a real threat.  They sign agreements like NATO, NAFTA, Free trade, and a host of others with no intention of keeping  any of them and when it suits them they just say we do not care what we signed give us a better offer, or we know we signed that agreement, but this is a National Security issue. I find it funny how their national security trumps our sovereignty.

 Our Conservative Government should be on trial for treason they have put this great nation of Canada in jeopardy.  Where once we were loved we are now hated. Where once we worked for peace; we are now a mercenary group used by the United States government.

 We have also decided to take on their attitude domestically as well.  We have decided under this government not to take care of our sick for free accomplishing for the United States what it has been pushing for since free trade.  We have decided to tax the hell out of poor people and take away services, like low-income housing so that we can have even more in common with our heroes to the south with street people everywhere you look. Cut welfare, cut unemployment be like us says the US A.  They the poor and uneducated deserve what they get and Mr. Harper says, “Yes master” and cuts the programs. We have become what people hate. Once a proud nation loved, respected and envied for our treatment of our people and others in need, we have given that up to become the puppet government of a rogue nation. why is it that other nations can afford to pay for free education, afford free hospitalization and medicine for its people? Maybe we should be following their lead?

We support things today like the killing of civilians, the torturing of prisoners, the blockading of countries. We send military support and have become in fact part of the killing machine.  We give money, soldiers supplies to help in the cause of world tyranny. 

Canada, do not follow the United States of America, it has squandered its natural resources and what it has not squandered it is hoarding for it self.  It cares only for what is good for the United States and will not even help its own people when they are distressed. Instead groups very akin to the Conservative party spring to life like the Tea Party. 

I say we need to take Canada back and start acting like Canadians.  I say it is time to find new trading partners who will respect us.  I think that we need to see the United States for what it is and that is and egotistical bully, who reneges on deals and should not be followed in its domestic or foreign policy.

The government of the United States of America is the driving force for the mayhem around the globe. It is driven by greed, power and the accursed American dream. The dream that says, to hell with your neighbor, because it is everyman for himself.

Canada needs to distance itself from the Government of the United States as soon as possible.  Could we defend our borders against terrorist’s attacks without them?  Think back, when did we start worrying about something like that.  Nobody ever wanted to kill us before we started being hit men for the United States of America.  Lately only the United States has threatened our sovereignty and treats us like one of their welfare states.

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4 Responses to Is Canada Afraid To Say No To The United States Government?

  1. Courtney says:

    I’m an American, and I completely agree that the US has been treating Canada like a rag doll. Our government is corrupt, greedy and selfish. America used to be such a respectable country, but at some point began to spin out of control. We need to let Canada control its own destiny, and stop using it as a prop in everything we do.
    This article was a wake-up call as to how we come across as a nation to the world. It’s a shame that we are the most hated country on earth. This is the reason why the founding fathers intended America to be isolationist. We’ve been conditioned that everything is in our reach and become monsters when it isn’t.


    • archemdis says:

      Good morning Courtney,
      I think that it is just a shame that Canada does not stand up for itself right now. You have a great powerful country and unfortunately other countries try to be like the USA for all of its good and for all of its bad. Canada needs to be a leader instead of a follower. I think that the world needs all kinds of people and governments to maintain a peaceful balance. The USA used to be one of its strengths, its protector and Canada used to be one of the voices of calm, reason, the resolver of issues when both sides were ready for peaceful solutions and there was a balance. Somewhere the USA decided that if you were not with me you were against me and Canada dropped the ball. I find it sad that all that we were loved and respected for around the world we have given up for puppy dog hero worship and that we follow spike around.,(the USA) shouting to anyone that will listen, “Spike is our hero, he is so big and strong” and our reward for this is a slap in the face that sends us collectively tumbling, What is worse is we just keep getting up and getting slapped over and over again, like this is our purpose in life. Thank you for your comment and have a great day!!


      • Courtney says:

        No problem! But in the over all American view, we still see Canada as one of our best allies, and we should start treating Canada like one, not slapping Canada down. The American government at the very moment is incredibly corrupt, but it’s beginning to clean up its act.


      • archemdis says:

        I agree and hope so too. There is too much hate and badness out here.


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