Helen Thomas Dares To Say Openly What Others Say behind Closed Doors


Helen Thomas says out loud what others hide inside


 Here we go again get the tissue out, someone has said something bad about the Israelis again.  Get ready to hear the wails of anti-Semitic rhetoric. Getting Helen Thomas fired will do nothing to strengthen American sentiment for you Israel. Only a change in your Zionist policies and arrogant attitude will do that. What should people be saying a lie?    

Does Israel not get it, people around the world are sick of your crying and their children dying while you do everything to undermine peace in the region.  You insult your friends and allies with your every breath and now you’re starting to see what insulting your biggest backer, benefactor and protector gets you and you do not like it.  So turn up the heat in the press that you own and control and try to muster some sympathy, but this time I doubt if anybody will take you too seriously, not after your boarding of the ships and what happened as a result of that boarding. I think you should have apologized for your heavy-handed actions, but that is just not the Israeli way, is it?   

Agreed, Helen Thomas should not have said what she said, but neither should the state of Israel keep  insulting the United States.  It was non diplomatic of her, but this is an accurate view of how the American people are starting to see the situation in the middle east.  Did you honestly think that you could just defecate on the United States and get away with it? Why do you expect respect and diplomacy when you do not use it?   

I spoke of the growing resentment of Americans with your constant whining about the past in an effort to rationalise your mistreatment and your constant aggression and then the begging for protection when the other side retaliates.  Your news papers make fun of the president of the United States and call him anti-Semitic and a Muslim extremist sympathizer and yet you look to him for support.  Your newspapers depict the president and his family in the most undignified ways and yet when you are about to get your ass kicked you run to him for support.  You can not have it both ways.    

You run around the globe telling every one that you no longer need the United States in your corner.  I think that Helen Thomas said what a lot of Americans are now beginning to believe and are saying behind closed doors if not in public yet. Putting you in that region and allowing you to run wild killing in the name of God was a mistake and it must be corrected. 

 The world thought that you were looking for peace and would try to live in harmony with the people living there already but you have dragged the world into a never-ending war, with you demanding more and more support. I am sure if the leaders of the world at the time your homeland was handed to you thought that you would have caused this much problem with your Zionist ideals, they would have left you spread across Europe and to your own devices. You have proven to be an ungrateful people devoid of compassion and full of hatred.    

For too long the people of the world have given you special treatment because of the holocaust. Tragic as it was you learned nothing from it at all. The holocaust was not the only atrocity ever committed on a race nor was it the worst.  The North American Indian was all but wiped out and they are still living on reservations.  How many African slaves died on their voyage to North America?  How many African-Americans died in the fields? Israel your people suffered greatly at the hands of Hitler, but you have been given back more than any other race of people who have suffered your fate.   

 That you have been able to use it to gain what you have for so long is a testament to your ability to control money, press and spin, but as you can see the gig as they say is up. The world is tired of feeling guilty. The world is tired of being black mailed. The world is tired of you taking revenge in the name of God. The world wants peace one way or another and you had better heed the signs.   

You have become builders of walls and religious ghettos.  You have become murders and torturers of women and children and you look to the world for support. You have become and expansionist regime, built with the blood, sweat and tears of others.  You have betrayed the people of the United States and the world, with your acts of terrorism. It is true Israel you may find yourself in front of the world court answering for war crimes. What you consider protecting your borders is very close to crimes against humanity.   

We who have sacrificed our friendships with nations we were once friendly with before your existence are tired of you. We have sacrificed the lives of our children to protect you and ensure your continued existence, are tired of you. We who have allowed you to squander our very blood for your quest of a Zionist state are tired of you. You make war with your neighbours and look to the world to save you, but it is you that the world is getting ready to straighten out.   

Saying what is on your mind will almost never make you a popular person, that is why so few of us do it. I think a lot more of us should practice it.  You do not even have to be in agreement with others to say what you want to say before you can say it.  This is why it is called your opinion and why we are supposed to practice freedom of speech in this country.  Funny how when someone actually says how they feel we all get upset and want their head, but when we are shouting our controversial views from the roof tops we claim our right to freedom of speech.  

I have heard many a Jewish person, Israeli leader call for the death of every Palestinian be it man woman or child, claiming every last Palestinian born is a terrorist. Is this not a call for genocide against a people?  Is this statement not at least a thousand times worse than Israeli’s should go back where they come from? Israel’s assumption that God has given them this land only holds true if you are a practicing Jew.  What about the other religions that do not say that. Should all of these people just roll over and give unto Israel their water, their land, and their homes because the God of Israel says so in the bible?  I guess I will be called anti-Semitic too, because I say out loud in the open what I think .  

I think the time has come for Israel to demonstrate to the world that it wants to live in peace and harmony with its neighbours. I think that it is high time that the world stops feeling it needs to do the politically correct thing instead of the right thing.  Maybe if more people actually said what they felt like Helen Thomas there would not be so many misunderstandings and states such as Israel would not get the wrong impression about what we stand for.  

Right or wrong, telling the truth about how you feel is a persons right.  By who’s moral compass do we sail the waters of truth to the land of lies, Israels?  Let us and them practice what we preach. There are moral guidelines in every religion and they all say the same thing for dealing with your neighbour,” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Do not covet thy neighbours wife, lands or riches,does that ring a bell Israel? 


Yes Helen Thomas was wrong to voice her opinion out loud to a press that you control, but she is not alone in her sentiment and sense of frustration. Every day with every new act of terrorism you commit, like the murdering of unarmed civilians in international waters, you become more indefensible to your allies. They become unable to justify protecting you to their citizens and when this happens they will be forced to let matters take their natural course.    

The world knows you are not the innocent victims any longer and so you begin to hear her rumble her discontent with your actions.  Check yourself Israel, the world is often slow to act, but when it does it is swift and will not quit until its enemy is vanquished. You would do well to make sure the enemy they come together for is not you.

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