Is It Just Tough Love The Conservatives Are Giving Less Fortunate Canadians?

Never concern yourself with what this conservative government says to your face; it is what is said behind your back that determines what they will take away from you next.

What is wrong with the conservatives? Was every one of their MPs dropped on their heads as babies and suffering from various stages of brain damage? Are their supporter’s on crack or some other mind altering drug. This has got to be one of the biggest spending governments of all times. I would agree that sometimes you have to spend money to do good for your people, but this is not the case with this government.

While our taxes go up and our salaries our capped they try to sneak raises to themselves and have a field day with their expense accounts. They refuse to spend money directly on Canadians in health care, social assistance programs, unemployment benefits,  education or the arts, but they do cut the taxes to big foreign-owned  businesses especially American businesses. If you complain they just say the liberals were worse when they were in office as though that should comfort you while you do without. Like we are so stupid that we think that statement absolve them from doing anything for us either.

When the United States openly states that it has a buy American policy in effect tell me why it is that this Conservative Government keeps giving government contracts to the United States companies, like our winter olympics.  Why does our government make it tough for small Canadian business to get contracts and heap all of the contracts on big business without even tender bids for the most part. Is it because most big Canadian business thanks to the Conservative government is American?

Honesty seems to be another lacking of this government.  They dance around scandal after scandal thinking it ok to be corrupt because they claim the Liberal’s did it.  Have you ever noticed that when a conservative makes a mistake or a bad choice they say,” the Liberals did this and the Liberals did that.” They never take ownership of anything.  They simply refuse to answer any questions on misdeeds, mistakes from economic shortfalls to torturing prisoners of war. They simply maintain that their record is better than the Liberals.  If pushed too hard they simply shut the government down and wait for the climate of public opinion to change, at a cost of millions of dollars if not billions.

Their total disdain for the less fortunate Canadian is legendary and if this government wins another term in office the poor people of this country will have their own selves to blame.  This government despises you. Every last member of the Canadian Conservative Party thinks of you are what holds Canada down.  I have sat down with their leaders and their up and coming hopefuls and the young ones are worse than the veterans. They laugh at you at their golf tournaments and suppers and clink glasses together when they amuse themselves by telling and suggesting what to take from you next. They think you should not have the right to vote if you are on welfare.  They think that they do not have to worry about the state of the ecology because when things get really bad they will be dead and gone so why should they suffer economically now for something that will not affect them.   This is their closed-minded, self-serving attitude.

All governments lie, cheat and try to confuse their constituents, but most try to soften the blows by keeping the masses happy with the essentials of life, but not this Conservative government.  They want to hurt the poor anyway they can. It is as though they want to give the poor tough love. You were bad you did not listen so now you must pay. You must pay by slow death, because we will no longer let you have free medicine, or even access to a doctor. You must pay because we will no longer be providing low-income housing for you. You can just go live on the street and do not think you will be able to go to a shelter in minus 40 degrees, because they are closing down; we have cut their funding.    Seniors get used to eating cat food and learn to die quietly. Just because you have contributed to the country all of your life means nothing to us.  Get your butts into whatever senior home you can get into, or will have you and be glad you’re not living on the street with your children and grandchildren. Do not even think of protesting or we will take away your canes, walkers and wheel chairs.

The answer to long line ups and long waiting time for live saving operations like cancer for this Conservative government is to let the rich buy the immediate access through private clinics and hospitals and the rest of you die.  Two birds with one stone.  Get rid of the undesirable poor or at least cull their numbers and allow the rich, the smart, the good Canadians to flourish. If done right no one will even notice what we are doing and the rich will be quiet as long as only the very sick are done away with and the workers are to serve.

When the government acts this way to it poor what you get is  shelters, community centers, daycare centers, parks and good things closing down. Opening the door for gangs, drugs related violence and major increase  in  the crime rate. When crime goes up the need to police goes up and so does the cost.  One way of life depends on the other so why not try to lessen the hardship on the poor just a little, the benefits may be worth the cost to you rich.

All this being said they get away with it because we let them.  Did you ever try to do a follow-up on a Canadian news story.  It is virtually impossible to do because our press does not do follow ups. They report the news of today, or headline news.  Once the story loses its front page status it is forgotten and fades from the peoples minds as a result. Canadians are famed for their passivity. Being passive in our case is a fault.  We can never act on anything that hurts us bothers us, because it is not the Canadian way to make waves. I say to hell with this way of thinking. It is time for the Canadian people to make a tsunami and wash this arrogant, self-serving, anti poor people, Conservative party from office, as well as rinse the American tint that colors our way of life out our hair. 


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