No Matter The Party Name Bad Government Is Bad Government

The people who work in here often forget they do so at our request and they work for us.

I do not care what party you voted for, but are you not tired of the hypocritical goings on of parliament?  Why is when a bad is defeated it can be attached on the back of another bill important to Canadians with a take it all or loose the part you want and need? Is this practice good politicking or dirty tricks? Does doing this not have the government doing an end run to circumvent the will of parliament and therefore the will of the people?

If you make every vote a non confidence vote are you holding all political opposition and the people of Canada who do not wish to be in an election every year hostage if they refuse to vote in your favor on every issue?.  You certainly are not saying I know we have a minority government and will work with the other parties to get some things done.  What you are saying is we won and we do not care what the people of Canada want.  You will do as we say or learn to give us a majority.  The Conservatives have played dirty politics since Stephen Harper took power and seem to scheme to stay in power rather than effect good government, or do any real good for Canada. I think skirting an election that you are forcing with your policies should only be allowed once and then an election should be automatic.  If the Canadian people do not like this they should get out there and vote responsibly. They should get out there and vote for starters instead of whining after the fact.

If you are a the for example the official opposition party of a government like the Liberals and you are supporting bills that the public clearly does not want because you are afraid a no confidence vote will mean that you could be thrust into an election and you do not have anyone the Canadian people would vote for, are you not being as bad as the party introducing the bad bills.  I personally think you are worse for the country. You are guilty of the train of thought that says until the country is willing to vote for me or until my party gets its self together you will have to settle for bad government.  Being the official opposition is better than nothing. This has unfortunately become the Liberal Party’s way of doing business and has cost the Canadian people their rights and freedoms and democracy.  

The stopping of parliament every time the Conservatives finds themselves embroiled in a scandal can’t sit well with even the staunchest of the conservative voters and backers. The cost to the country in starting work on bills over must be staggering, not to mention that the committees can not sit nor does any of its work while the prime minister gives all workers a paid holiday on the tax payer. Lest I forget it is a blatant stoppage and blockage of the democratic system we pride our selves on as Canadians.  I think that when the government stops parliament in this fashion that both the governing party and all opposition parties should not be paid and if it happens more than once then a no confidence vote should be automatic if an agreement can not be reached.

Then there is the pure stupidity of having party representing Canada at the Federal level whose sole mandate is separation of its province from the rest of Canada.  If you say that is the law, then I say it is a bad one and needs to be changed.  I do not want to pay for that. Maybe that is ok at the provincial level as it is your voters who vote you in.  Decide there if you want in or out of Canada from your own province, but do not make the rest of Canada pay the tab for a party to hurt the nation and there should be a limit on how often you can do this to your people and your voters.  In or out for a province should be a question allowed maybe every hundred years. I think by doing this we would not be wasting time and money on referendums by the forced actions of a few separatists whether they be English, or French.

Maybe the answer lies in the voting for people not parties. Vote for leaders and MPs based on their ideology and credentials and allow them to vote on what is good for Canada without the party line and remove the opposition parties all together. Let them have no one else to blame but themselves and let the people be able to remove them by petitions and call for reelections based on prearranged numbers.  Maybe then you would see what the people want instead of Politian taking the approach that we are too stupid to know what is good for us and like children must be told and made to accept whether we like it or not.

 I say bravo for example to politicians like B.C. cabinet minister Lekstrom who quit over HST, but say they should not have to. We need to force from government members of parliament that do not hear the people.  We also need to get off TV. Our politicians act like children and I find them embarrassing enough that I keep my children and grandchildren from watching them.  God knows we should not be showing the rest of the world on a daily basis just how childish our countries leaders are.

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