Israel Set To Judge Itself What A Sham


We had no choice


They want the blockade removed. Are they anti Semetic?


Israel approves Gaza flotilla inquiry with Canadian observer and another international observer with a mandate to prove its innocence.  Why bother I ask to do this when you already decided what the outcome will be? Israel did not say it was looking to see the outcome after viewing all of evidence to determine who was at fault. Israel states that it is not at fault and wishes to prove it to the European Union and the rest of the world that it was not and the rest of the world is wrong as usual when trying to deal with Israel. The Israeli government seems to be saying, “Will trust me or your lying eyes?”

 That the flotilla was in international waters means nothing we are Israel the chosen people of God.  That we are starving and hurting the people of Gaza means nothing, we are Israel the chosen people of God. That unarmed civilians were murdered in the attack on the flotilla does not matter, we are Israel the chosen people of God.  We can not be accused of genocide or any other crime against humanity because the true God gives us our orders and he is the one and only God and all others are false and their peoples are forever cursed.  God has ordered that they be driven out of the land before us. They’re a plague, a splinter in the eye of the Lord God, to be driven out of the land even into the sea. 


We were out gunned


cache of weapons #1


 Israel also takes the position that if it was violating so many international laws surely the rest of the civilized world would have rallied together and stopped Israel’s rampage by now. Israel can not be judged by a world which gave it the power to do the things that it does.  Israel can not now be judged by the same countries who by their very silence have given their approval to the Israeli commitment of a Zionist State in this region. These very same nations that cry foul who set up Israel to be the strong-arm in this region, to keep the Muslims in check, dare to judge Israel now that the climate towards killing Muslims and their supporters has changed.

Cache of weapons #2


I find Israel explains everything the same as the question of who killed Christ the son of God, or who was responsible for his death.  They get outraged and start whining it was not me, or your version in your holy book is wrong.  Jesus was only a prophet not the son of God and we are still awaiting the messiah’s first coming.  Everybody else’s religion is wrong.  We did not nail Christ to the cross the Romans did. We did not stick the spear in his side, the Romans did.  We only chose the rapist, and murdering bandit to go free when given the choice of Barabbas and Jesus; so why do Christians keep blaming us for his death? We are innocent of any wrong doing in this matter it was the Romans.

  We did not attack them first we just boarded their ships at gunpoint and dropped out of helicopters masked and heavily armed onto their decks in the dark and shot people and unfortunately some died. They had crutches and galley cutlery and we the Israeli elite commandos scared for our lives and out gunned as well as out


International waters means nothing says Israel


manned had no choice but to defend ourselves.  How can you now knowing this information about the cache of weapons found on board, still see us the state of Israel as guilty of crimes against humanity? What else could we have done? If we did not kill them they would surely have killed us.  Well if you do not believe us we don’t care we answer to a higher authority than man. We do not care if they did not actually run the blockade; we knew what their intentions were and felt that a pre-emptive show of force was in order. At least we did not kill them all; does not that count for something?


Your all wrong


Well Israel wishes to inform you, the  new enemies of  this nation that we do not need you any longer, God through you has delivered unto Israel, what Israel needs to reclaim its land and heritage as spoken of in our bible.  What other proof or justification does Israel need to prove its innocence, or justification for its actions? As it is written so shall it be done.  If it were not for the European Union factor I think that Israel would not be even attempting this obvious farce at transparency. Israel’s motivations are biased and self-serving and make a mockery of the probe before it even begins. I think as I have said


Still more weapons


before that the world court needs to be convened.  The accused can never be allowed to be the judge, jury and the executioner of sentencing.  Sorry Israel go through with this self-seeking process if you must, but I urge the world to demand a real trial and not be used by this rogue nation, this terrorist state that Israel

 has become. 


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2 Responses to Israel Set To Judge Itself What A Sham

  1. Roland, -a reluctant iconoclast says:

    Please, please stop with ‘the Jewish thing’, -stop with ‘being’ Jewish… stop with being a ‘victum’… just look at the ‘facts’… it doesn’t matter who You are…. it only matters what IS…
    Here’s what is (like it or not)… Your Saul of Tarsus (our) Apostle and eventual Saint Paul, -a flunk-out student of Gamaliel and temple thug ) who “persecuting Christians”, -when there weren’t any ‘Christians’, -there was only followers of ‘the descendant of David and the Jewish messiah’… nevertheless, it was Saul of Tarsus (and his cohorts, Mark and Luke -who wrote all of the propaganda of the Greek and Roman Catholic ‘Church’.

    Does anyone really think, for an instant, that Saul of Tarsus didn’t mean to crucify ‘ descendant the of David and Jewish messiah’?


    • archemdis says:

      What is with the, “please please stop with ” the Jewish thing”, followed by it doesn’t matter who you are? You sound confused as to whom you are trying to address your comment to. Try speaking to someone the next time you wish to shout something out. The way you come across it would seem to me that you do not read, but rather look for key phrases about Israel, or Jewish people and then respond with your knowledge of the bible as you see it and your views on the Jewish race. The post was about Israel getting set to judge itself in the flotilla affair and the part about Jesus Christ was in reference to the way Iarael never takes responsibilty for their actions in my opinion. If you have any comments about what was actually written in the post I would be glad to hear them. I happen to think most Jewish people are hard working,fun loving, decent individuals. I think that Israel and Israelis have gone the wrong way and are now commiting the same crimes against humanity that were done to the Jews of Europe. Every family, religion and race have people we are not proud of, or that act poorly. I try to point the finger exactly where I want to touch.


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