This Should Be Called The Karla Homolka Bill

Stopping her from getting a pardon is worth the loss of democratic process!

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is a small-minded old man  trying to be more important than he is and is using this bill and his position to get his 15 minutes in the press at the expense of the law and the true sense of justice.  With his new law he has undermined the whole Canadian justice system and the whole Canadian government went right along with him.  What Canadian right will be deemed necessary to remove from Canadians next by the Conservative government, without having to prove it in a court of law and who will intervene on our behalf the cowering opposition parties?   

Punish her for the bad deal we made with her forever says the justice system

 Will boards now replace the courts in deciding all things?  It seems that if you have a problem to do with the government and its treatment of you must answer to one of their damn boards before you can have your day in court. They get to decide if you are at fault or not and after years of this, if you still have the stomach, or energy to fight they send you to court.  This law will keep the courts busy for sometime to come.  There is no reason for it except how it looks.  Canadians are no safer for it so for whom is the senate sitting several extra weeks?    How much is it costing the Canadian tax payer to see that Karla Homolka can not go on vacation, or get a pardon and is it ethical or right to keep singling her out as the worst criminal in Canada? What is she up to now and what has she been doing since her release that makes her such a threat.  If other countries do not want her in their country they can deny her access, what is the rush to do this law?    

Bernard Prince will only be spending 4 years in jail for his crimes of rape and child molestation.  Do we not care how his victims and their families feel?   The boys, all from devout Roman Catholic families, ranged in age from 12 to 16 years old. Why not make a law to change this weak sentence ?   Where is the Public Safety Minister on this issue? This sentence is where the problem is he will be out and only has to stay away from children under 14 years old not all children why is that?    

Is this guy still allowed to travel? Was he ever sentenced to do a day in jail

Is there not an honest politician anywhere in the whole of Canada?   For the love of God this is getting more stupid by the minute.   All of our geniuses have decided to get together and stop a group of people from getting pardons sounds good, but the question is good for whom?  At first glance it looks like it looks like our politicians actually heard the cries of its people and decided to fix a wrong, but when you take a closer look it was a grand standing self-serving farce.  We already have a law that says a person can apply for a pardon after 3 years after they have finished their sentence and their probation.  You want to extend that to 10 years fine, but to allow some panel to refuse it all together, just to make it look as though justice is being served is a very dangerous action to me.    

 This back door method of giving them a life sentence without keeping them in jail is down right dangerous.  It is always dangerous when you mess with someone’s rights, by creating a new law that denies the supposedly guilty person due process of law. There will be no longer a need to prove that a person like Homolka still represents a threat to anyone, the panel just needs to feel it to be so; use its instincts and job experience more or less.  The fact is a person will now get a pardon based on the publics opinion of whether they should be pardoned or not, or if it will make the justice system look as stupid and useless as it is right now.    

Graham James got 3 1/2 years in jail and was given a pardon for raping little boys. We would not be arguing about pardons if these murders and pedophiles were getting the sentences they deserve. If you rape and kill you should be incarcerated forever.  When will these  A. holes in government stop playing political games with all of our lives and security?  

Whydid he get a pardon and more important such a light sentence?

 Justice and the law are now not equal for all. We have begun to go down the slippery slope of making special laws for only certain groups of people.  The very nature of our justice system and what keeps it fair for everyone is that it is the same for everyone and this is about to change.   Our code up to now, says that you are free to go on with your life once you have paid your debt to society; this is no longer true.  I wonder what is truly behind rushing this bill through parliament.  What did the United States tell Harper, or, threaten him with now?  Is this their silly attempt at deflecting their stupid G8 choices?     

The four parties struck an 11th-hour rushed deal late Wednesday to ensure the passing of a pardon-reform bill that would effectively ban Homolka from receiving a pardon.  The senate stayed open just for this and all parties allowed this to pass because of fear that they would lose votes if they stood up and said hold on let us take a look at the consequences of this rushed law.  What is the purpose of the pardon?  If a person has committed crimes why do we pardon them at all and pretend they never happened?     

 If there is a life long consequence to doing a crime as an adult and it means other countries say you are undesirable to live or travel in their country than so be it, that is the price you should have to pay.  If it means you do not have access to certain jobs so be it. That is just the price you should have to pay. .  This approach is fair to all, but to single out only certain crimes and certain people is not fair to me at all. To hide it and put everyone in jeopardy is unfair. Is this how laws are to be passed from now on, with the Conservatives grand standing and the opposition cowering in the corner checking the polls?    

In a country that still gives only months in jail for  the rape of women and children, ignores spousal abuse, and at most only keeps murders in jail for 10 – 12 years decided that refusing people pardons for their crimes would make Canadians safer and that it had to be done right now. This is just another example of the blind leading the blind.  What the hell are you guys and gals thinking about on the hill?  Why couldn’t the pardons board just say no without all of this anti democratic B. S.     

All the parliamentarians got together and decide Karla Homolka and people like her should not be allowed to travel abroad and try to curtail her movement in the courts. The courts say no way, she has served her sentence under the law and is free  by law and can travel like any one else anywhere she chooses and is eligible to apply for a pardon the same as anyone else.   The jerks who are running this country right now afraid of public opinion decide to try to say that she is still dangerous to society and to the world and it would be safer for all concerned if she not get to move about unrestricted. If she is such a danger why is she out of jail? Is this not the law that should be fixed?    

What are the other crimes that we will deny pardons  and freedom of movement for in the future?  Now we will have a body of people who can literally deny travel and pardons without due process of law.  They need only decide that public opinion will be good if this person gets a pardon, so no pardon for him.  If we give this person a pardon it will make the justice system look bad, so no pardon for her.  If giving the pardon looks bad to the public or, the justice system then you must change sentencing and stop letting dangerous offenders out of jail.  Restricting their movement and denying them pardons and passports does not make them any less dangerous.  All this does is make a few headlines in the press and give the politicians a photo opts.    

  If the law needs to keep a person in wall-less jail and restricted from travel forever because they are a danger to society, why not make a list of crimes to which the perpetrators of such crimes stay in jail forever?  The answer is that would take something our politicians do not have, guts and integrity.      

Harper walking his pets, Liberal, NDP, Bloc and Senate

 I am not for the criminal, but what is left if we keep circumventing the law to get votes?  What is the next thing, who is the next target?  That the Conservatives tried this heavy-handed approach to this issue, is no surprise to me; that all parties and the senate went for it without one dissent is a travesty of justice. The way that this bill is being handled, shows the lack of back bone and the yellow streak that runs right down the weak spine of the opposition parties and the senate.    

I heard the Liberal counter part was angry because he was taunted by Vic about Homolka and thought it was a low thing  for the  Public Safety Minister to do; is this why he felt compelled to act or vote the way he did?     

 I wonder when all is said and done how many politicians will not be able to travel, or is fraud and misrepresenting your self to the Canadian people not on the list of unpardonable crimes?

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