The Price Of Afghanistan Lithium Is American Blood

The price of Afghanistan lithium, gold and other minerals is American blood. How much is the United States of America‘s government willing to spend to get the mineral rights , or developement rights?  How much of our sons and daughters blood are you prepared to offer up to accomplish this mission?

Afghanistan has defeated every country that has tried to occupy it.  The British, the Russians have lost and lost big to Afghanistan and now it holds off the combined force of NATO on the backs of their camels, hiding behind bushes and fighting out of their caves.  A couple of smart bombs and the war should have been over said and over cocky, over-confident United States government.   The guerilla warriors of Afghanistan are kicking our collective asses.   These people have fought wars since the beginning of time and have watched their people slaughter each other long before the idea of the United States of America was conceived.  They have broken the backs of two super powers and this nation will have the hat trick of kick ass as soon as the United States can not justify this pointless war domestically and is forced by our people to pack up and go home licking its wounds.

 These guerilla fighters who believe in the fighting to the death of every man, woman and child have broken the bank of the Soviet Union forced it to go home and they will do the same to the United States.  The United States and its allies continue chasing the elusive prey blindly through the mountains and streets of little towns and this so-called rabble continue to hide and ambush and make the soldiers of NATO wish they were home with their wives and children.  All of the countries, who are there now, are not there to help Afghanistan and her people and the people of Afghanistan know it. The United States is simply continuing some pissing contest that George Bush Senior started and that his son George W Bush continued and invited the rest of NATO to join him in on.

 Nearly $1 trillion in untapped mineral resources are somehow found accidentally by American geologists all over Afghanistan and suddenly The United States can not withdraw their troops as scheduled in 2011.  Now the flip-flopping begins.  The war has taken a turn for the worst we must stay. Oops that is not quite correct the war is almost won we can not quit now. To hell with the war we have given all we have to this country and we deserve the contracts to get these metals out of the ground.  If the wrong government gets in they might want a fair price for their metals and award the rights to another country.  Corperate America neds us to pick a scenario that will help us as we get ready to mourn the death of a lot more of our children. Corperate America needs their blood; better yet corporate America needs their blood and our understanding.

 This find they say could fundamentally alter Afghanistan’s economy and the United States can not allow this much wealth find its way into the hands of Al Qaida. We the United States must see to it that the wealth is not squandered by these ill-equipped, uneducated people.  At the very least we need to ensure that we are repaid for every bomb that we dropped on them while they slept and for every bullet that we used to kill their families and loved ones; surely for this they owe us if nothing else?  How much will we now take for our services and what will be left for the Afghani people?  I think we look like ourselves again and not the humanitarians we tried to imitate.

We have again shirked your responsibility to lead by example and instead choose to lead by force.  What exactly do we consider we have invested in that country.  The devastation and flattening of their country,  is this why they should trust us now?   The Chinese have slipped through the back door and are locking up the mining rights, having spilled not one drop of their people’s blood to do it.  Just the terminology that is being used by your leaders like; It may be up to ten years before the country can be transformed into a mining state and sees it true potential in exploiting this natural resource.  Then there is this one, the United States is upset that China won a bid to develop these resources in a state of Afghanistan over the United States. The United States is angry since it does not want anyone else developing what they already deem as theirs.

 What about the other countries that need protecting oh great protector of the world? The Africans, Haitians, South Americans, or are we selling our protection to the highest bidders, or to those who have at the very least their natural resources to sell giving them a potential down the road to pay?  Dealing with us for and impoverished nation is like making a deal with the devil all that we require for short-term relief from them is their countries soul.

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