Mr. Woods / The Tiger Who Dared

Tiger Woods Average?     

 Has Tiger Woods been reduced to the status of the average player I see headlining the news? I say that Tiger Woods play will never be average.  At his best he is simply the best golfer in the world today and arguably ever.  At his worst he is still better than most.     




Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren

  Tiger has not recovered from being heckled and distracted by fans of golf and even the presidents of golf clubs and golfing events.  It must be hard to concentrate when you do not know who will jump out at you from the crowd.  It must also be hard to concentrate while being separated from your children by your estranged wife.  I do not put any blame on her, but I do think he will have to either divorce her, or she must return, but the limbo will not help him get back his game; a game where concentration means so much.     


An eight-birdie round means one thing: Tiger's back on the prowl at Pebble Beach.


What he accomplishes now as a player will be determined by the media and fans of golf and his ability to shut them out and concentrate.  He was wrong to cheat on his wife, but there can be no excuse for the blood thirsty manner in which he was dealt with by the press, his sponsors and fickle fans. I think win, or not his come back round yesterday of 66 answers that question about ordinary golfer.     



 Tiger certainly did not need the endorsement money, so who really lost out with the pull outs.  Companies forget who begs who to sign endorsement contracts, when they try to impose rules like they are doing in this case.  This may be true for an athlete in the beginning of his career, but an athlete does more for the company than it does for him when you are an athlete the caliber of Tiger Woods.  I do not know who they were trying to kid, but what a lousy sanctimonious decision to pull out in the public manner that they did. He was punished by cowardly sponsors, who are probably wishing they had not made such a foolish move.  The world is back in love with Tiger and they are out.     

The Press     

 I think the more important question is why the media and America went after Tiger Woods with such venom.  They did not just report the news, they sought to ruin his career and make sure his marriage had no chance of  reconciliation.  The American people turned on him like he did something so vile, so wrong that he deserved to lose everything he loved and valued both now and in the future.      

 The press coverage has not be this one-sided since the O J Simpson murder investigation and trial and for the same reason. The answer is a simple one and nobody will admit it, but America hates interracial unions, especially when that union is between a black male and a white female. There it is said loud and clear think of it what you will.   Yes he should not have cheated, but that was between him and Elin.      

 President Clinton had sex with Monica in the White House, lied when questioned about it and went right on being the president.  The press talked about his only being human and he lost nothing. This man is still going on diplomatic missions and is still speaking on the behalf of the country as an example of what a great American is. No press is screaming not to send him because he cheated on his wife.  No one is saying he is a bad example to children, or any other such nonsense, so what is the difference between the two of them?      

 Bill and Hillary are both white so Bill is allowed to be a man who made a mistake and Hillary gets praises for standing by her man and her marriage.  Monica gets a book deal and becomes the highest paid person ever in the  world for giving oral sex and being crude enough to talk about it in public.     

 Jessie James cheats on Sandra and breaks her heart the day after her biggest night of her life and it gets minor coverage compared to Tigers story and Sandra gets time to re-think her position on divorce.  Jessie and Sandra’s case is no different from Tiger and Elin’s except that one is interracial and the other is not. The press can now be open enough to suggest that maybe it was Sandra’s cool ways that made Jessie do it, or at least consider the possibility of her having some remote responsibility.  White on white, the man could be right is a saying that comes to mind from my upbringing. No such views were expressed by the press when it came to Tiger Woods and Elin’s story and coverage.     

 Michael Jordan cheats on his wife and it barely got press coverage. Denzel Washington cheats on his wife and gets the same low coverage. Morgan Freeman gets caught with girl young enough to be his granddaughter according to the press and hardly a God damned ripple in the press, because the country reverts back to the position that it is the couples business what goes on their marriage,  as long as it is of the same race where both parties are equal.    These are the facts  as I see them, black and white when it comes to relationships is still the most shunned union in America.     

The Tiger a Haters      

  The good old Christian boys wanted to take their game back and put a white golfer back in the top spot decide to cash in on tiger’s personal problems; the old case of great white hope. Are we to believe that none of them have had a prostitute or an extramarital lover?  What a joke they got to kill two birds with one stone.  they got to take their best shot at Tiger and they got to break up that cursed interracial marriage without looking like the bigots they are, at first look.  That Tiger’s wife was white and gorgeous did nothing to stop the fuel from being poured on the flames of racial indignation.  Every white man in America wanted her for himself and that a     


This picture of Elin is enough to drive every good old boy in America crazy and start a Tiger hunt.


black man had her fueled a lot of jealousy from the start; that he did not treat her right like a white lady should be treated( according to them)  made them want blood,  Tiger blood.   





Black women had to hate that this black billionaire married a white woman.  Another black catch lost to a white woman.  They thought he got exactly what he deserved for going outside of the race when there were plenty of black girls to marry. There is prejudice in every race and as was proven in this case by the attempt to totally destroy this man.     

  Black men could see it coming, there were no surprises. When it is an argument between a white woman and a black man the black man always gets the shitty end of the stick from all sides.  This goes back to slavery. No matter how he is tempted, threatened, by white women he must say no or die.  Her words are taken over his and refuse or not he often dies. When this happens the heat is turned up in every interracial relationship in America.  Differences in opinion become magnified and arguments for and against infect every household and the press keeps fanning the fire selling more ads oblivious to the destruction in human lives it leaves in its path.     



Tiger with his mom and dad


This happened to Tiger and his family, because prejudice is very much alive and well in every corner of America.  He dared to think that he was not black because of  his mixed heritage and at the first problem between him and his white wife all of America took the opportunity to explain to him the one drop of black blood rule and what it means and showed him just how black he is.      


 Where I Stand     

 Just for the record I happen to think people should marry for love and the color of your skin or your religion should not bother the rest of the world if it does not bother the couple.  That having being said this is still a dream and has a long way to go before it has a chance to become a reality.  America still believes in the highest levels to the lowest levels that interracial mixing is not a good idea and that their should be no mixing of blood.  They think that this mixing makes the lower have aspirations of being the higher and that people get confused to exactly where and who they are, like Tiger dared to. I am not black Tiger once said. I choose to honor all of my heritage, I am proud of it all.  Tiger, I think your way of thinking was and is right, but you are simply ahead of your time and I think America has proven to you by their actions just what and who you are and just how much they disagree with your point of view.     


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