Mom Convicted Of Abusing Her Children Going To Jail For Only Four Yearss


Crown prosecutor Anne Gauvin makes recommendations of 4 years in jail to the judge

What is going on in Canada, Quebec and Montreal? I need to be locked up I am losing my mind or has the entire justice department gone crazy.  The government has come together to rush through a law and by doing so had to keep the senate working for an extra couple of weeks grand standing and making sure Karla Homolka does not get a pardon that she has not filed for, but no one said a word about the travesty of justice that just occurred in the Montreal courts.  


A woman was sentenced to 4 years for abusing her children in the vilest of ways for years and everyone was happy.  The defense lawyer wanted a couple of months so that the rotten woman could get help and get her children back. The crown said that the sentence sent a clear message not to abuse assault anyone especially children.  Are these to lawyers on drugs? Is the judge that thought he handed out a stiff sentence on crack cocaine? This non sentence gives the women less than half a year in jail for every child she abused and does not take into consideration for how long she abused them.   

This woman was convicted of burning her children with cigarettes, hitting them with baseball  bats and holding their heads under water in the St Lawrence river because she tought one of them had taken her weed. This woman showed no remorse for her actions and tried to convince the court that her children were lying .  This woman can not even be identified so that the public can no who she is because she is now shielded under the act that is supposed to protect her abused children.  Her oldest child is 22 and the abuse started as each child turned five and the she devil will do 4 years.  If you think that giving people like Karla Homolka  a pardon makes  the justice system look bad, what the hell do you think this sentence makes the justice department look like. If there was ever a case requiring that someone stay in jail for the rest of their natural life this was it.  

Defence lawyer Mary Raposo told the court the woman misses her children and is doing everything she can to get them back.She recommended a three to six-month sentence so that the woman can continue her rehabilitation.  

Mary, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are what is wrong in your profession.  You lawyers have no ethics. Knowing what this woman did to her children you would fight to get her children back to her abusive hands? What kind of heartless creature are you?  Fight for your client to get the mental help she obviously needs I understand, but get her children back? I just do not get how you sleep at night putting defenseless children at risk for a living.  I find you contemptible and worse than the mother of these children; she is sick, but what the hell is your excuse.  Please do not say that you are just doing your job, because that doesn’t wash.   

To the crown prosecutor Anne Gauvin, I say you are no better than your counter part.  If you are satisfied with this sentence you are the reason nothing changes for the abused.  Get the case over get some jail time and everyone wins is this your way of playing the game.  Make the deal, move on to the next case and if she gets the kids back hell it is not your fault; you at least kept her off the street for 4 whole years.  I think you should not give interviews if you think this sends a message or is a deterrent to abusers to not abuse. The weak sentence was your fault, because it was your recommendation to the judge. When you opened your mouth like the sentence met the crime you looked and sounded like an ass.   

To the judge having watched my daughter suffer while the court did nothing to help her help her children from an abuser father I expected nothing more from you. You judges have helped to make Canada the country to come to if you want to commit murder or child abuse and get away with a couple of years. Your court rooms are a joke and you all look like you would rather be some place else. You often seem to daydreaming and looking for a deferral or a request for a delay. I have sat in your court rooms while you allowed children to be returned to an abusive parent. I can’t sleep at night now for worrying how my grandson who was abused by his father and the court in its infinite wisdom decided that the boy should be raised by his father.   The court totally refused to hear any thing negative about the father and now my grandson does not have to take the medicine prescribed for him by a doctor for Attention Deficit Disorder and is being passed through school because of his age rather than because of his scholastic ability.  With the reading and writing skills of a grade 1 to 2 student he is proudly off to high school.  All the lawyers and judges were happy with this case too.  This sentenced was a joke and for you to say that you how shocked you were at how long this woman tortured her children and in such a brutal manner and then to hand down a sentence of 4 years makes you and ass as well.  

Where are all the politicians on this one? Why no up roar from the justice minister.  Oh that’s right you are all gone for a while now that  you have accomplished your mission and the Homolka law is won.  You do not need Karla to make you look like a bunch of idiots you do that just fine on your own.  


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