No More Gods Of Peace An Harmony

Spreading the word of God the crusader way

The tenets and values of religion have changed for the worst in my opinion as man created God in his own image. Every picture of God in christianity has him looking like a white male. Now why is that I wonder? Where did the Gods that people worshipped pre Christianity go to and why?  How were they allowed to exist by this God of the west?  If winning the war gives your God the right to exist and the other to vanish then is God a reality, or a thought? A  focus point if you will larger than ones self, to rally the troops? Something that can not be disobeyed; something you fear more than death itself; something that you can not see, hear or touch; something that knows everything you do and everything you say.  What better way to force people to obey your every command and relieve you of responsibility for your actions as rulers of the country.  This is why in the beginning ruling families had relatives as the heads of their churches responsible    


for telling the masses what God wished them to do. The threat that God would make your life of hell on earth seem like heaven in the after life, if you do not spread his word and fight for his cause could be counted on to keep the frightened masses in line and obedient. The fact that the high priests and priestesses were sons daughters and other relatives ensured that God’s cause and the king’s were always the same.    

Kings and rulers of nations have rewritten the word of God at every turn to suit their purpose. Henry the 8th did it because he wanted to divorce his wife to marry another. He split the church in two and proclaimed himself its head. The catholic church hides in its library, verses and manuscript and translations of God’s word it deems not for everyone. Popes and priests at one time married, but they have decided to show their faith to God and marry the church.  This act was supposed to help them keep their minds on Gods work, and off of the pursuits of worldly things. It has not worked instead of having wives they have turned to having sex with little boys and nuns.  Uncovered in a raid of a priest’s home were 500 cases of sexual abuse by priests that the church was investigating, but failed to disclose to the police. A representative of the church thought that it was not a large number and that the exposure of these now old men was an uncalled for    


hardship on these pedophiles. Muslims kill other muslims, rape and abuse their women. They have began killing their children for breaking faith or becoming to westernised and calling it honor killings. They are literally killing their children in the name of God.  Where is the God of peace and love to be found in our time?    

It would seem to me that the government and the church work hand in hand when it comes to war since man decided that he knew what God thought and that God made a good weapon. It would seem that every nation has marching orders from one God, or another.  All claim that their God is the one and only and take the position with their God leading them into battle they can not lose.  All wars are holy wars.  When we say our way of life we mean the Christian way of life although we may call it democracy to hide the same old crusades as before.  The Muslims call it a holy jihad or holy war with their God at the helm. Is there any God of modern times still calling for peace and oneness with the God of the earth, heaven and streams?   

I think I prefer to believe in this God. The God that told the African slave to meet its invaders in peace. The God that removed the occupying English from power in India through passive resistance.  The God that allowed the North American Indian to show their soon to be murders how to plant and survive the harsh climates of North America. These people were not stupid,or foolish they just could not know that in the name of God some people would kill them to get what was theirs. They could not have known that the newcomers did not want to share their land, but steal it. I like their religion, it stems from the heart and is filled with righteousness.   

Mongols fought the Muslims in religious war where countless people died on both sides in the name of God for endless ages. No this is not God’s work this is the word of God manipulated by the greed of man.    

Genghis Khan

 Muslims sought to spread their religion and so tried to conquer the world as they knew it to be wiping out or converting all.  God told the Jews to go forth and take all the land it could see in all directions and force out from the land the occupants of the land. It seems that one God or another is always inciting his followers to take what does not belong to him and this got me to thinking that maybe it isn’t God telling these people anything; maybe its these people making it up as they went along and using God’s name in vain, over and over again through the ages to take what is not theirs by force. these so-called leaders of one church or another.  The religious arm of  a country’s army. The explanation that makes killing of others okay. The way around thou shalt not kill. The higher authorities blessing and automatic absolving of all the sins you will have to commit while in the service of your country and your god.     

The high priest, the pope and the shaman alike, all being used by the king, the emperor, the emir, the sultan and the government as a conduit to the true source, the one God, the unstoppable force. this enables them to give credibility and a righteousness and a sense of predestined victory to the war before it begins .    

Does anyone truly believe that this scene makes anyones God happy?

  I refuse to believe this of God, so here is my dilemma. If god is a creation of man to give credibility to his actions, why must I believe? If this idea of mine is true then the Indians and aboriginals of every land had it right. All we need to do is be one with the land and treat people the way we would like to be treated.  If this is true then the only hell there is the hell we make here on earth.    

I am thinking now that God lives within you.  God is your conscience, your compassion, your humanity.  You know right from wrong before ever walking into a church, or reading the bible, or the Koran, or any other holy book written by man. God is in the air we breathe, the water that we drink and the food that we eat; God is truly all around us. I believe that God is a personal experience and as such touches each of us in a very unique and special way.    

The quest for more has taken us away from God and made us want more than we need. We have lost touch with the earth, water and air and have fouled the true house of God; the earth.  We have polluted his gifts to us and created our own hell.  We dig into the earth in search of things to pollute our water and our air; the things we can not live without.     


The price of progress has been a move away from godliness and a move towards greediness.  We have lost our compassion and given up our humanity to amass things. Lands, money, oil, houses, cars and power are what we live for and are what are important. The suffering and pain of others is no longer an important issue for us as God-fearing people.  We think that the wooden, or brick church is where God resides and listens to our prayers, but I fear we are wrong.  He is the wind in the trees, the stars in the sky and the water we cool down in. God is all the wonder in the universe and does not reside within any walls and is owned by no nation.  This is the God I will go back to believing in.  The God that sees no color and would never tell us to hurt our neighbor, or take what does not belong to us, is the God for me.    

I will leave the churches and the ministers to serve their governments and keep preaching the need to kill to advance God’s work and way of life. I am returning to the giving God; the righteous God; the loving God; the God of peace and harmony.

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