What A Difference A Person's Death Can Make In North America ( Michael Jackson )

Michael Jackson

Once harassed out of the country by lawsuits and allegations of being a pedophile with multiple pay offs to parents of little boys accusing him of getting in bed with them.  The man was tracked from country to country and vilified in the American press and media. A once ambassador for the USA he was reduced to hiding in a foreign country for what? To become great again after his death? Is this all that is required by the  people of the USA  and Canada to be loved? Is the price of redemption in these two countries death and the cash generated by it?  Why does death and money make the people and media love you again no matter what in these two countries?  

Death seems to have absolved Michael of all his alleged sins. No one is 

misunderstood or pedophile?

talking or showing any pictures of him holding his baby out of the window anymore and saying what a bad father he was.  No one is talking about his suspicious behaviour with little boys anymore, or the ranch it supposedly happened at.   All of a sudden all you hear about are his charitable contributions and what a great father and person he was.  Was he really a pedophile or was he the victim of an over zealous district attorney looking to make a name for himself and a media guilty once again of creating the news instead of reporting it. 

Michael with his kids

Was he the pedophile or not?  If he was why the big about-face by everyone in the media?  Shows that would not play his music on the radio are now praising him and it has become hard not to hear Michael Jackson continuously during the day.  Did we not know he was a great entertainer before, or has his death made it more important and more of a money-making story than his being an alleged pedophile? 

To all of the haters of Michael Jackson now fans where is the righteous indignation? Where are the protests? What was it all about?  If none of this was true about the man being a bad father and a pedophile why has no one issued a public apology, or retraction and cleared his name? If it is true why is it no longer important?  I think something is morally wrong here and stinks to the high heavens of press and media manipulation

Michael's kids

This rise and fall of celebrities and politicians by media trial says something about the people of the United States and Canada and it is not very good.  Peoples lives and careers depend on how the media decides to write and tell the story and we follow along like sheep.  The media whips us into a frenzy and tells us who to love and who to hate and why.  What we believe is now told to us in the press.  The media are never wrong now, they do not apologise, they do not retract they just press forward. A story does not have to be true anymore it just has to generate money.  

The Jackson kids

So what of Michael Jackson now and his children? Do his children grow up to know that although their father was a great entertainer he was also a pedophile or will the media, the government and the legal system exonerate him once and for all publically?  I do not think it’s enough that Larry King is having a Michael Jackson moment bringing on guys who once danced with him seeking to gain a story.  If the United States has made a mistake about one of its highest profile citizens will it not fix it, so that his children can grow up without this cloud above their heads? 

United States of America and Canada, no matter what you decide hero or villain for Michael Jackson, you look so wrong.  The man was either unjustly accused and harassed in the past or you are saying that money talks and pedophilia has to take a back seat when someone is generating this much money for the media.  I think Michael Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers of all time and perhaps was one of the most misunderstood.  If the pedophilia stories are true then they should stand and not disappear in this new rush to generate money from his death, but if they are not then they should be retracted and the memory of him set straight. 

Maybe some of the money generated by him after his death should go to the clearing of his name and the forcing of those who besmirched his legacy made to pay.  Oh people of America  and Canada, what a fickle bunch you are; one day it is hate the pedophile and the next it is who cares he entertained us well.  I guess as long as there is a Tiger to hunt you can let Michael Jackson rest in peace the hero, the once accused pedophile that everyone seems to have no choice but to love.

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