G20 Summit

Should be jailed

I hear the rhetoric, I see the headlines and I have heard the police predictions of more violence, but have heard little of the reasons for it all.  The breaking of store windows does little to further anyones cause and in reality makes these people thugs that must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Then there are the police of Canada who when faced with this situation do not seem to have the ability to isolate rioters or differentiate between rioters and peaceful protesters.  Why were they being aggressive towards the peaceful protestors?   I will leave this question to the press who out of all of this , concentrated on the riot coverage like the government and the rioters wanted them to. I guess I can not blame them for this it is an easy sell.  No difficult questions to answer there just shoot and let the pictures speak for themselves.


Peaceful protesters

Some of the press got to feel first hand press what they only praised before from the sidelines. They tasted what it feels like to be harassed, pushed around and then thrown into jail for standing on the street.  The rioters were easy enough to distinguish by their black clothing so why the questioning of everyone I am sure the threatened press must be asking now.  Why was I allowed no phone and why was I threatened at least a few must be asking?  Sometimes I wonder if these anarchists are not working in league with the hosting government to distract attention for what is or is not going on at these summits?

The government has to spend 1 billion dollars to protect leaders from other countries for a summit to talk about how better to spend money. We have to have these summits to ask questions that we already know the answer to and to get bulls..t commitments that will never be followed up on and all for a photo opportunity for our government.  There is no other reason to hold these summits.  Tell me one thing that has actually come to pass because of one of these expensive meetings.

What is wrong with this picture?

No country’s people want them held in their country because they are a fraud.  These meetings are the final slap in the face of poor nations and the people who work tirelessly to help them often without pay; These meetings with the politicians sitting down to chef cooked meals and the finest of everything to discuss how to deal with debt and the helping of poorer nations is just obscene.

Why do we need a world meeting to feed people who are starving; why all the talk why not just do it? Why do we need a world meeting to provide drinking water to people who are dying of thirst; why all the talk why not do it? We talk because we know we will not do and it makes us feel like we tried.

What came out  of the last summit a collapse of the world economy. Obama saying he praises the cutting of the debts of the richer nations by 2013 is rich considering the state of his country’s economy. The protest show that the people of the world are tired of this let them eat cake attitude.

To go to war requires no summit, but to help others less fortunate than you does, what a load of crap. Why the need for all this security for heads of state getting together for such a righteous cause as saving the world?  I mean if it is so good for all of us that you leaders are meeting , who do you need to be protected from.  Now if you were a bunch of hypocritical, war mongering, murdering,egotistical, frivolous money spending idiots I could see the need for all the protection.  People are tired of this type of behavior and think that these types of meeting are a waste of time and money and might want a pound of your flesh. 

Cops look like they are having a good time

Question for the spokesperson and Mayor of Toronto who said with a smile that the fake lake was stupid and the conference was really high-priced, but the revenue was good for Toronto, “do you still feel that your city was lucky to be involved in the summit like you announced before the riots? I know you seek compensation for the damage of the rioters, but are you willing to share the revenue generated for having this function take place in and around your city?  You can not have it both ways. you arrested 700 people make the guilty pay for the damage, or did the real guilty ones get away, while you waited and directed your protection at the chained off already protected government people? Making the federal government pay is like you asking me and all of us who say these meeting should not be pay and we are saying no we will not pay.

Come to Canada for your vacation. Never a dull moment!

All of this and a fake lake too; how truly lucky we are to have a government that puts us in the spotlight of the world.  I can see the tourist ads now.  Canada a must go to when looking for an action packed vacation.  Take in a g20, or better yet go to a hockey game and get a to be in a riot, or arrested as a bystander. Go to Canada where police are trained to treat its population as though they were the enemy. Get the chance to feel what a taser feels like, or have a sound cannon used on you.  The best part is that this is all experience is free of charge and we will let you out of jail after a few hours when we realise you were innocent.  Come on what are you waiting for it is the greatest show on earth.  We are always working on new ways to enhance your short stay with us if this sounds too tame sign up for the jailhouse threatening session and police brutality treatment once you arrive at the police station.  Key words to use are,”I would like to see a lawyer, or you are violating my civil rights.” 

Our government chose to come into this meeting of world leaders hoping to show case Canada as a tourist attraction rather than look after the business that these meetings were supposed to be about.  They proved this with the fake lake for the press.  we ar tired of the phony ways Harper and friends.  Canadians are and have always been a generous people and love to help others.  We are just tired of paying for the $10 taxi ride to get the $0.50 worth of gum. We would rather pay the $0.50 bus ride and get the $0.50 gum and donate the rest to the charity of our choice.

Sorry could not find any pictures of the fake lake or summit, just the riots and protest was available. What do you think the foreign and world press covered most Mr. Harper?

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