Quebecs Winners And Losers On Moving Day

There are definite winners and losers in this new push to have everyone moved out by midnight June 30th by landlords. As I have stated in other posts, I think that the law that made July 1st the official that moving day in Quebec was bad enough, but now with landlords trying to force their tenants to move out by midnight on June 30th because of the way the lease is dated, did in fact make it a more stressful day for most people and at a minimum at least double the cost for most.     

The Losers   

Some people can't afford to live anywhere

For most people in Montreal June 30th is the day most leases in the province expire. It is a chance to find a better apartment, maybe in a better neighborhood. For the city’s poor families however, it’s just another day of looking for something they can’t afford.    

The under privileged of course were the hardest hit.  They were moving by bicycle, wagon and even 2 wheelers. No longer able to afford a mover to move their furniture, or rent a truck at the rates they are forced to do it by hand. With the cost of rent escalating and landlords not repairing anything they must move. Any increase at all is devastating to the poor.  Leaky faucets   

and improperly sealed windows drives up utility bills, while landlords fix the outsides of their buildings to make them more attractive to large conglomerates and consortiums to buy.   This added problem of the 30th forced their move to go even slower than usual and had people waiting to move in. To move yourself can also be a very dangerous proposition.  Curving stairways and improper moving technique can cause physical injury and a lot of damage to your furniture. 

Single parent families who are often headed by Mom had a really rough time this moving season. I know because my daughter is a single mom now and can hardly afford to pay her bills and give her children the barest of necessities. For her moving was not even an option although she needed to move to give her children the room that they should have for privacy and personal space.   

 My daughter has 3 children and lives in a 4 ½ room apartment. My daughter is forced to sleep with her youngest child while her 2 oldest children share a room. Although she got as raise in pay that would have allowed her to get a larger place she could not afford to move, because of the moving rates being so high, the trap of the 30th midnight demand and the cost of changing hydro, cable, phone and mailing address.  All of these companies charge $50.00 or more for what they call shut down and reinstallation fees. That comes to $200.00 in fees on top of what it cost to actually move.   


Just can't afford a mover

The two parent working family   

trying to keep food on the table and a roof over their head, but are just making ends meet, got hammered financially by this demand to be out by midnight June 30th.  These people always try to comply with the rules and wish to avoid trouble and do what they think to be the right thing.  They were some of the ones who got their stuff loaded by the 30th of June and had nowhere to go.   

The children of all of these families mentioned above, with no choice but to move will suffer in clothing, food and in extra activities as their parents try to recoup their losses and keep their heads above water. While all of the government-owned monopolies rake in the bucks charging big money for fees that are not necessary and that you have no choice but to pay.  I do not understand why these rates are in place now. How was it possible to do all of this for free before and not now.  Greed is the reason for all of your suffering and the government is the first in line with the shrewdest methods to extort every last penny you earn. 

The Winners   

The big moving companies charge triple what they would on a normal day and if you did not book before June you will not get one in June. They claim it is a simple case of supply and demand, but I say rubbish it is a clear case of greed. This day is their cash cow and they milk it for all it is worth.  All of the major moving companies are either owned by the USA’s big 3 moving van lines, or are agents for them.  This means that all of your rates are decided in the United States, the land of grab what you can, at any cost and screw your neighbor way of doing business country. There is no competition in rates, because the big 3 get together and decide all of that policy stuff at their meetings, so that your only real choice is who you want to pay. Their profit 1st and customer care later attitude is what has driven up your rates to the point that the average person can no longer afford to move with them and has just about ruined the moving industry in Canada. The Canadian government made this possible for them when they deregulated the moving industry some 20 years ago.  When you are paying triple for your move look to United Van Lines, Atlas Van Lines and North American Van Lines, as it is these 3 world-wide van lines that control everything in moving. This is a big score for the big moving companies, who do not mind gouging their clients.   

The July 1st only movers made a small fortune gouging and ripping off people who thought they were getting a good deal at $30 per hour until they were told that this did not cover the extra men and waiting time.  When these extra charges are factored into the cost of the move, the hourly cost has been known to soar up to $200 per hour. Now for the people who complied with the landlords demand to get out by midnight June 30th and had no way to empty the trucks right away were forced to pay through the nose.  Things had to be left on trucks over night costing the person moving a small fortune.  The move cost could be extra $1000.00 cash non negotiable before delivery and they would be the ones moving in at 6 in the morning.  This is a big score for the July 1st only mover, who does not mind gouging their clients.   


This is a moving disaster waiting to happen

Truck rental companies   

like U-Haul, Ryder, Discount and Via Route have all hiked up their prices to bleed their clients.  They lessened the renting blocks to three-hour time blocks  and charge double the price per hour if you are late bring the truck back.   If you have moved at all you know that it is impossible to travel, load and unload your apartment, refuel and get back in 3 hours.  This is a big score for truck rental companies who do not mind gouging their clients.   

The companies that charge fees and the government to disconnect and reconnect your utilities, the change of address fees and cable disconnect and reconnect fees all add to the price of your move and are rarely added to the cost when the price of a move is discussed at a government level or by the press., most of which are government monopolies are profiting big time.  The charges as I have stated before are way too high and cause real hardship if you must move. At $50 and more per these fees this is a big score for companies and a government that does not mind gouging its customers and citizens.   

Is this really garbage

Let us not forget the garbage and the clean up that we will all be charged for by our municipalities.  picking up the trash is not free.  I wonder when I look at the things in the trash is it really garbage, or could we not afford to move it?  Were we forced to downsize and could not take these things? I will leave the cynical with this thought, because I have heard people talking like it is always the person’s choice what is left for trash on moving day. I know this not to be always true. 

When it comes to moving I know of what I speak. I have been in the moving industry for over 30 years. I started as a laborer and held every position in a major moving company up to branch manager. It used to be a nice, honest way to make a living before deregulation and we in the Canadian moving business became americanized. I would  say that when it cost $1000.00 to move across the street, that something is wrong. In the United States every thing is falling apart economically, because of their grab the profit now attitude and Canada follows along like a cow with a chain in its nose. I had to leave working for the big 3 and start my own little company. I will never be rich, but I sleep good at night knowing that I earn my living in a fair and decent way.

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