Gay Pride Or Exhibitionism?

Lets reenforce the styreotype with our actions

Lets reenforce the styreotype with our actions

Gay pride parade hmm. Okay I get it a parade that symbolizes what there is to be proud of and why you’re not ashamed of being gay. Okay I think I can relate to that, but what does that got to do with the obvious lack of respect for others who are sharing the planet or space with you? Why have the parades gotten more for voyeurs and become an exercise in exhibitionism? Children watching or being on the street does not seem to bother these people, nor does breaking the law. I am talking about acting responsible here. Is this all there is? Is this what gay pride adds up too, because this is what the anti gay anti homosexual remembers.

 Is this what all the fighting has been for to be able to walk down the streets of cities naked or cross dressed?  Why is it anti gay to keep your private parts covered and not drinking to the point that you can no longer stand up. Gays have repeatedly stated that all they wish is to be treated like any other person; well I say that they should learn how to present their way of life in a normal fashion and show their accomplishments and do it according to law like everyone else is expected to do.  Disgusting is disgusting no matter what your sexual preference.  Respect is not a given it is earned and this type of behavior shows a lack of respect for others around you.

 There is no rhyme or reason for bigotry or stereotyping, but if you are trying to change the way people see you, then you can not do the stereotypical things that seem to prove them right.  The biggest problem I have with these types of parades like the Caribbean parade, the St Patrick’s parade and the St. Jean the Baptist parade is that in the end they just serve to separate one religion one race one culture from another. They serve to embellish stereotypical behavior rather than show anything of the culture of the people who are putting it on and the same can be said for the gay pride parade.

Drinking, fighting and civil disobedience seem to be the order of the day and in some parades we are seeing violence and even death.  Flaunting how different you are from the rest of society has never gotten anyone acceptance if that is truly what the gay community is looking for.  When you show a disregard for children when you’re celebrating how can this look in terms of the things that you are really fighting for, like being able to adopt children? People are already afraid that gays will somehow not be able to bring up children in a “normal way” and will try to impose their beliefs on the kids. I know this to be stupid but there are stupid people in charge of these things and this type of behavior does nothing to further your cause. When you show case stereotypical behavior people think this is who you are.

 All of these parades have not brought anyone together for any other reason, but to drink and partying. In this it would seem that all cultures seem to have in common the need to do to excess. The Blacks are no closer to the Irish, the Catholic no closer to the Protestant, the French no closer to the English for all of these cultural enlightening events. They have moved away from show casing the things that make us proud to be who we are and showing how we have contributed to our community. Instead they are turned into political rallies often taken over by the radicals of each parade group.

Police show up and march with the gays like this will erase what they did the day before and hope that this some how proves to the gays and straight people alike that they are not homophobic. I have gay friends who do not like the parade any longer and feel it does more to reinforce the fears that people have than  get rid of them. I take part in none of them since people started using them to loot and to harm other individuals. I have seen a 70-year-old black lady punched in the face by drunken Irish punks. I have seen black children shoot black children at the jump up and watched as they looted and fought riot police. I have watched the French turn the St Jean the Baptist day

Parades turn in to a pro separatist event and make Canada Day moving day.  No I think I will stay home during these things where it is safe and no one is trying to prove anything to anyone.

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