The Mule, The Carrot And The Quest For Power And Success

which one are we and is there any difference

There are no classes of people, no ladders of success to climb; there only mules and carrots; there is just us cattle to be herded and prodded into doing the nations work. Endless hours back-breaking work that has no other purpose than to keep up an illusion of prosperity. This is the illusion that  keeps us motivated; this is the illusion that  buys our consciences; this is the illusion that makes us less than we are and keeps us toiling endlessly for the powers that be. This is the illusion that fuels all of our prejudices; this is the illusion that fuels our patriotism; this is the illusion that fuels our need to kill and justifies our wars.  Billions of dollars are gambled everyday on what it will take to get us to turn

the wheel, or crack the whip. Billions of dollars are spent to keep us turning the wheel like we were meant to do it. Billions of dollars are spent each hour to keep the illusion of prosperity alive and this version of life alive, this way of life important to us, the every day worker, the mules.  If everyone stopped turning the wheel, who do you think would be the loser, the mule or the farmer?

Only bad can come out of this greed. All of our suffering comes out of this quest by any means necessary to gain superiority over our neighbour, to be the best, to have the most power, to control.  It has been proven over and over again that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The quest for power will make otherwise decent human beings forget about their families and turn their backs on their fellow-man. It is our humanity they need us to lose and even better forget. The only problem to them is that we think and therefore need to be persuaded to work, to forget what is important and they will spare no expense in doing just that.

We are a commodity, like oil and minerals, but we are the most valuable of all, because without us none of it matters.  We are bought and sold in board rooms across the world every minute of every day.  Governments sell our productivity; except for us there is no need for them.   We are the work force the engine that keeps our government in business. We are the mules with the carrot in front of our noses attached to the grind stone.  Too dumb to realize that they will never let us have the carrot. Creatures of habit we just keep plodding along turning that wheel and grinding out the hours and that carrot just stays out of reach.  In time they can take the illusion of the carrot away, because all we know is our work and the reason we live is to turn the wheel. We know no other way of life and so except our fate.  We are fed and watered at the end of the day and given a mate to lie with, but not even this is without calculation.  They know that by giving us a mate we will produce the next generation of wheel turners and teach them that there is nothing wrong with wheel turning it is good honest work. We will tell our children to work hard and in the end they may earn a wife like mom and get to have children and help your country be great.

Long ago the people who controlled things realized that living the way we wanted and bartering for things amongst ourselves was okay, but a person could not generate personal wealth from it, because to gain personal wealth one must sell something for more than it cost to make it.  Which basically means keeping the cost of the labour down while forcing the people who need your product the most to pay for it through the nose.  This is what the seeking of new lands was about, not to bring them, “the savages to God“, but to increase the labour force of your country.  To get for nothing or for very little a part of what that country produced.  Hello taxes; hello American way of life; hello new world order.

We are farmed like cattle or sheep by are governments and like all things some farmers treat their animals reasonably well and others treat their animals shamelessly, but all farmers  have one thing in common; when we are no longer productive we are disposed of in the manner that brings them the most profit.  From the minute we are born we are shown the carrot, because we are taught to be a success we must have more than our neighbour, to be average we must have at least what he has whether or not we need it to be happy is not important.  Thinking like that will make us a failure, a poor person, a person who does not produce for your country, your farm and we all know what happens to farm animals that do not produce.

We will be sent to places like schools to find out what we can best do for our country and to be taught how to serve our country to our fullest.  At times it may seem like the system is flawed because so many do not make it through to graduate, but this is no flaw.  The system was designed to sift out the animals with less conscience and more ambition that can be used to control the others. It is a way for our government to say that they gave us a chance to get what they have, but we were not up to the task, so get back to the wheel and be content. There are prize animals of all sorts on all farms, but in the end they all suffer the same fate when they lose their usefulness. They are slaughtered for profit and recycled to help nourish the next generation.

There will always be someone just above us and just below us, they are our dream and our nightmare. They are our reason to live. These two groups will keep us working and turning the wheel for too many hours a day. The system is designed to keep us lusting for what we do not have and keep us working hard with the threat of falling down to the level below if we do not produce.  I would be rather sitting under a tree eating fruit and working just enough to make my family and the other people around me happy, communal like.    I realize that this is no longer an option, because we the work force of the western world have gotten too expensive and there is little profit in using us, making us unproductive. We have aspired to want equality and rights.  A new source of cheap labour has been found in foreign countries again in the Far East and a new way of tapping this resource has been found.  The method is called out sourcing.  A more efficient way of managing the cattle called humans is being used.  Now there is no need to waste money on carrots all you need now is the whip called out sourcing.

The almighty carrot is dead. Forget about benefits, hospital dental and pensions;the home the 2 kids and the 2 cars in the driveway. Think about a billion people in China and India for example who work all year for less than your minimum wage weekly salary.  No more carrots, they are our government’s whip and governments are using them now.

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