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Gordon Campbell

I have been a Liberal voter for as long as I can remember because I thought that they of all parties at least gave back something to the real poor and needy people of this country and showed a genuine sense of understanding to our needs.  I have been at conservative rallies and private fund-raisers and golf tournaments where they sit around and discuss how the poor on welfare should be treated like the people in jail and not allowed to vote.  Where they said screw the next generation if all goes well they do not have to worry about things like climate change, but if it does not how they themselves would be long dead and buried before the worst effects happened. I sat there while the sipped cocktails and said to hell with tomorrow we need to make money today and let the chips fall where they may and I knew that they were not the government that I wished to run the country.  The tournament of which I speak was held in Montreal and there were locals as well as out-of-town Conservative talking and giving speeches about how to put forth the party platform and how not to and it all added up to lie, be evasive, but what ever you do never tell the people what you really intend to do once you get elected if you want a chance at winning.  They were speaking to the fact that people want to be told what they want to hear even if it is a lie. If you promise to give them something that they need like taxes they will vote for the guy who says he can do it without raising them even if he is lying. This attitude by the Politian and the voters has gotten us into the mess we have now in Ottawa and in every branch of Canadian government.  

Who will be the next to fall

 Some politician has broken the golden rule and given power back to the people of B.C. and in doing so infected the whole Canadian people with thinking they want and even need honesty from their Politian’s during the campaign and follow through on those promises with accountability while they are governing the country.  Great for Canadians, but it is not politics as it has been done in Canada in a very long time if ever. Finally a government of Canada will be held accountable for the lies it told to get itself elected and the things it held back that it intended to do until it got elected.  I am for the people and if it means having an election every month until politicians get it, (That we are not stupid and want them to tell the truth or we will sack them with our new-found power) than that is what we should do in every riding, in every election in this country. I guess no one thought that the opposition parties would be stupid enough to test this great law and push it to this limit, but here we go. The people of B.C. have mistakenly been given the power to oust government ministers and the whole government before a term of governing is over for lying about their intentions or omitting things they intended to do after the election and this happens by all parties at every election; for Canada this is business as usual.  

I say mistakenly, because no politician in his right mind would have given this power back to the people if they were thinking 

Gordon Campbell Liar

clearly. We have the biggest lying bunch of government officials running the country right now and they must be spending hours trying to figure out away to take back the power they have urged the people of B.C. to use to bring down the ruling government, without looking like the hypocrites that they are. The people of every province and every city will want this type of government for its own.  All politicians are liars it is the nature of their business.  There hasn’t been an honest politician in a very long time, if ever there was such a creature and now over night politicians will be expected to do something they just do not know how to do, tell the truth.  

This action was used by a savvy opposition to hopefully use a disgruntled people to aid in the bringing down of a government over an unpopular tax bill.  This is unprecedented and opened up a whole can of worms and has the potential to change the way governments work and have always worked in Canada.  The opposition may have won a battle, but they have just lost the war. No taxation is welcomed with open arms by the people and from now on any government in B.C. that does not declare its intent to do so at election time in B.C. will meet with this fate. The people will never elect a government who says they want to take this power back or even modify it so how will a government try to do this when it could get them literally fired?  The reason people are not given this power to stop government after they have elected said government is because all governments hold back and tell lies to get elected.  What government would get elected if they told the truth about their plans to run the country?   

B C Protesters

Although I think that this is a great step in the right direction I think the beginning will be rough going.  Voters do not always look at the reality of situations when it come to running the country and this will mean that the good of the majority may be the new way to get elected and stay elected. Voters will be forced to look at the real issues and get involved in their countries politics and stop expecting the politicians to tell them what they need and what is good for them.  No longer will they be able to blame everything on their politicians because they will be getting exactly what they voted for. They will have to become responsible and not vote down the government over stupid things and use the power only when the matter is so grave that there is no other alternative. The voter will have to resist the temptation of power tripping and let the government do its job.  

As I said in the beginning it will be a rough transition. Politicians will try to do the normal things and hope that the people will go for it, but they won’t.  For a while things will seem not to be getting done, because voters will be flexing their muscles, but we must never go back to the old way. We must take the government back in every province, in every city and make the Politian’s tell the truth in every campaign and if they don’t, we must kick their lying butts to the curb.  Way to go British Columbia! Thanks for making it clear that bad government is bad government no matter what they call themselves and that we are the employers and that they work for us not the other way around. The government may be the directors of this country, but we are its stock holders and share holders and we are now expecting true reports and will tell them how we want our company run. We are taking our company back one branch at a time and we are prepared to fire all those too stuck in the old way of doing things to change and hire some people who have honest proposals to improve the running of our company or country called Canada.  

Some Canadian political leaders past and present

Liars of every party from the lowest to the highest in government life we the people of Canada your bosses will be expecting the truth from now on and the movement has been started it will spread across this great nation faster than the forest fires and the prairie fires and will be as impossible to stop until it has run its course and burnt out all of the fuel in its path. That fuel is you; the liar; the corrupt politician. We are like the great floods, the mud slides and the avalanche and there is nothing good in what we bring for you. We will sweep through your provinces, cities and townships and do what should have been done a long time ago; wipe out all of the corruption brought on by your lies and greed.  You have given us back the power of to demand the truth and a means to see that you give it and we will use it to get rid of you who are incapable of telling it.

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