Lindsay Lohan and Company


Made by the press tried by the press


When I first wrote this Lindsay Lohan was on her way to jail and the press and the self-righteous were mad she did not get more time.  I thought then as  I do now that we the public need to take more responsibility for the outcome of these child stars. We are responsible for them being who and what they are.  Lindsay is out of jail and we await the going in of another. Not much has changed since I first wrote it except that I realized that I was talking about me as well as you and that I never gave a damn about them once they stopped entertaining me either.  When this story broke I guess it touched me and triggered a need to speak out. I guess I just did not realize my own part in this little talked about form of child abuse.  I am different now and I hope you will join me in being a little more aware of why and how the Lindsay Lohans get to where they are and maybe forgive them just a little for the strange things that they do.  In they past they have enriched our lives so much, can we not just give them back just a little Love nd understanding?  

 Have you had enough time to gloat, to speculate and to find your favourite inside source into the jail life of Lindsay Lohan? You are the people I do not understand. The gossip lovers who keep this ridiculous, hurtful industry going. The people who feed off of another human beings tragedy. Do not worry I am sure that the reports will be leaked to the gossip columns about how she spent her first night, if she was alone and if it was her choice. I doubt if she will get privacy even in jail. Some one will see this as an opportunity to make money from her pain, because you the gossips and haters of America provide that demand. My prayers are with Lindsay Lohan this night and hope that all goes well for her and I pray that this young lady has learned that you people will stop at nothing to get your story and make money. I pray that she does not get angry enough to not seek the help that she needs, for fear that all she reveals will one day end up in the press. I guess she will be filler for a Robert Shapiro book he obviously forgot that what goes on between him and his clients is supposed to be confidential? Are you people getting the point yet? Where in the world would a person with her celebrity go to find the one person in the world that would just help her without trying to make a name for themselves, gain 15 minutes of fame, or with the professional ethics and morals to follow their oaths and keep the doctor patient confidentiality that everyone else enjoys? When will these young people’s right to privacy trump the gossips right to know and the greedy person’s right to make a dollar at any cost?       

 God I love the press you drive a person crazy by following them, taking pictures and  reporting on their every movement and dare to ask what happened to these children, they had it all? You, the press make these children larger than life and in the beginning and say how cute they are like kittens that scratch, but when they become adults and they are not cute anymore, but still scratch you want to punish them or have them put down or caged.           

You, the press are responsible for  destroying these children’s personal and public images. My God you shoot photos of them getting out of cabs at angles showing what they are wearing or not wearing under their         


Britney Spears


skirts, publish the pictures showing their private parts and then say they are exhibitionist and do not have any respect for themselves. I ask how can you have respect for yourself when you are being set up by the press to diminish your character and make you seem like you are a slut, so they can sell ads. The system takes the self-esteem and sense of self-worth from these child stars and then tells them to respect themselves;what a crock. You try to get your cameras into their bedrooms, pay people to invade and intrude on their privacy and then wonder why they do not care what they do and who they do it in front of. Most of these kids have been used and abused by every adult who they have come in contact with.  No one cares about these kids except for how much money they can generate and how much can be skimmed off of them and how it can be done.  These children have been raised and taught to behave in the manner that they do since childhood.  Everyone profits from their talents and they are exploited in their innocence and finally deserted in their hour of need as adults.  Why should they trust, or respect the system that has pimped them since they were children and called them whores for doing it.             


Danny Bonaduce


To the press and the media and her parents; to her agents and career controllers I say take a bow. Stand up and take the credit for another child now an adult going to jail that was under your tutelage. Over the years you have ruined the lives of many children and gotten away with it. You have made the price of stardom their souls and you are the devil. I hold you responsible for the Lohans  and all those like her who have to go to jail, so that you can sell ads in your papers and for television spots. If they are guilty of  finding solace in sex, drugs and alcohol I would say look to their parents for fault, look to the press for sensationalizing it and to the agents and producers that promote and then abandon these kids.  Although I believe that we are all responsible for our own actions, I also believe that every child star  that falls has the press to blame. The  press will make you and break you.   What ever happens to Lindsay Lohan during her incarceration, the  press is responsible for. Let her blood be on your hands.           


Todd Bridges


Child abusers get very little time in jail if any; rapists get months in jail and killers and the like very rarely do a real life sentence, but let’s get tough on some one who is in need of help.  The girl needs to be put in a stressful position like I need a hole in my head. Why don’t we see if we can get her some drugs while she is in there, or maybe raped that would teach her a good lesson right? If she was getting treatment for her problems while inside that may have been something, but to just throw her to the inmates to have fun with is something different and in my opinion satisfied an angry judge, but did nothing to further justice. The only person Lindsay Lohan has hurt with her actions is herself and I think she needs psychiatric help not time in jail.         


Dana Plato


Three children from the same show end up not right and in trouble with the law and no one blinked an eye. One died and the cause of death was suicide and no one even wanted to know why. Who protects these children from the pimps of the industry? Who gives these children back their lives when the world of entertainment no longer needs them? Where is this schooling and counseling that these kids are supposed to get by law and if they are getting it why has no one noticed that it is not working and taken action to see that it does?. No I do not think that we should be so happy to see a young woman go to jail for hurting herself. We should feel sorry for her and  try to get her help. I can see that she is hurting and feeling alone while those of you who need the excitement of an Enquire type story wait impatiently and hope she will be raped, or worse in jail so you have something to read on the way to work, or talk about in the salon. Open your hearts and stop seeing people as rich this, or star that, they are just people like you and me. Stop letting your jealousy motivate your sense of justice. These kids have been betrayed         


Gary Coleman


all of their lives and denied a normal childhood and they alone must pay the price of never being taught the rules of life, but only the rule about how bad press is better than no press at all. Go ahead enjoy your movies and shows with kid stars acting grown, not caring what affect it is having on them and what price they must pay for your amusement  and remember this,” that you are no better than the people who buy clothing, or other products made in sweat shops that use child labor. ”          



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  1. It seems Miss Lohan was just trying to get column inches speculating about her and Knightley getting it on. Other Health Basic Treatment


    • archemdis says:

      What ever Miss Lohan has become is the result of you and all those like you who need your fix of celeberty gossip. Her parents and the media, the industry and the government who allows them to be abused and pimped from the time they show talent. You should try walking a mile in her shoes.


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