When A Country Thinks It’s God And It’s People Kneel To Pray

At 1st glance the United States looks like a country trying its best if not misguided to keep stability in the world. On closer inspection however it is clear that for the past 100 years at least the United States of America has been causing all the trouble we see now in the world. It has alone waged more military interventions around the world than any other country. It has supplied weapons and military support to over throw legitimate governments there by interfering in the sovereignty and the right to self-determination of nations around the world for over one hundred years.

The United States has put into power more dictators and has given them more guns, more bombs, more money, that have caused more deaths to Americans and people around the world than any other country in the world. The need to control everything from world commodities, banking and even the worlds governments has the United States walking a tight rope.  I often wondered why the United States just did not add up to its claims of being a world protector and the answer was right in front of me. You can not be Christ and the Devil at the same time and not have the sense to change your appearance.

There is evidence that the United States has interfered in the governing and legal affairs of countries dating back as far as 100 years ago. On every continent, in too many countries to list and for no better reason than to manipulate the balance of power and make the world and everyone in over in its own image. With no exaggeration the United States of America has been suffering from a God complex; the United States of America thinks it is God and that all other nations and people are its followers, or should be.

It has kidnapped at least one nation’s leader and held him in prison on trafficking in illegal drug charges for over 20 years and then shipped him off to another country for more punishment. There is a reason that this is not done and it is a good one. Imagine Iraq decides that George Bush is a war criminal and kidnaps him a decides to put him on trial in Iraq for those crimes, how do you think the United States would react. Whether they are right, or wrong is not the question and would not be in the eyes of the United States if Iraq did it to them. Problems like this is what world court is for;that is what the United Nations is for.  The only reason that this type of action does not happen to the United States is because it flaunts its military might and the rest of the world must wait. What goes up always comes down; there will always be somewone stronger than you eventually and the worl waits. 

The world waits, cowering at the rumbling of the United states thunder that is followed by lightning. Deadly lightning that destroys whole villages and towns, schools and hospitals, the innocent as well as the guilty.  There will be no trials for the United States because they have sworn that not one U S soldier or politician or spy will face judgment in a court of any kind other than U. S because the United States has an important function and can not be tied down to the legal and moral opinion of other nations. It however holds onto the right to pass judgement on all other countries found guilty of violations of humanity.  The United States of America removed it self from the jurisdiction of the world court. 

When the United States does not get its way from the United Nation Security Council it acts without it as demonstrated after 9 /11.   The fact that the war was based on a lie seems to have faded into obscurity and the United States has deemed the fact moot. They refuse to pay their dues, but are allowed to take part. The security council has been deemed out dated because it refuses to turn the world into the one big democratic christian state that could be controlled by the United States and their war machine.

The United States is a bully not a God. The United States has no friends just a gang made up of nations, who are too frightened to do anything about them for now. Old allies now know the depth that the United States is willing to go to recreate the world in its own image and are distancing themselves from them. The rest of the world has caught on to the fact that the United States will kill any amount of people anywhere at anytime it deems necessary and all they have to do to die is refuse to give up their religion, culture or tribal customs; their way of  life. I think that the United States of America is on a mission and it is the ethnic and religious cleansing on a level around the world that has never been seen before in history and will probably never be seen again. They have made what others before them did look like a walk in the park.

Spying is what they do best and they have more agencies to do it than anyone else and spend more money at it than anyone else. There agencies do everything from kidnapping to torture and follow no moral or military code. The United States leaders should read their history and realize that no country can sustain this kind of military control and domination of the world.  The United States should heed the sounds of its economic walls making creaking noises. Remember the children’s poem oh high and mighty one, “Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the kings horses and all the kings men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again”. Remembering this poem may put you  this may save your life if you heed it and change.

When a country thinks that it is God and it’s soldiers think they are angels sent into foreign lands to do God’s bidding and that country’s citizens gets down on their knees and prays to their God for victory not peace, the rest of the world is in deep trouble.  You get what is going on in the world right now and that is chaos. The world turns to making war machines instead of peace machines. Humanitarian efforts take a back seat to the war effort.  All of the young brains are put to work to find more efficient ways to kill instead of finding ways to live.  Democracy is suspended and human rights becomes a thing that is talked about, praised, but is not practiced. All that is important is winning at any cost and making the rest of the world acknowledge that your country is God and that if they do not heed the word of God on their own they will be made too, when the jets and missiles rumble thought the air like the sound of thunder and drop their loads that light up the air like lightning and leave in their passing a destruction and cost to life and of life, a million times worse than the worst catastrophe in the lifetime of humanity. 

This is a country who once decided on its own that it had the moral authority to punish another country by using its atomic weapons to defeat its enemy and there by end a war it thought lost unless it did so. The millions of innocent people who died and that were crippled and that are still suffering the effects of this action were consider a reasonable price to pay. There was no war crimes tribunal for these people who ordered this crime against humanity. There were no sanctions, no apologies, because Gods do not apologize.  This country instead became a hero and not having to have paid for its first mass murder it did not learn anything and is at it again on a far bigger scale.  The prayer is the same, the angels are more powerful and the God is as self-righteous as ever.  How many will this God slaughter in the name of peace?  How many sons and daughters will this God’s worshipers allow to die on all sides?  How many innocent people are the angels willing to kill for this God before they realize that this country is no God? It’s leaders are not divine, but just corrupt people wanting to be Gods, but are in truth false prophets. The wages of sin are death and it does not matter how you dress it up it will kill you in the end. The most powerful nations have all fallen to the way side and been stripped of their glory for aspiring to be Gods of the world.  Don’t take my word for it follow the link and see who is responsible for the destruction of the world if you dare.

History of U.S. Military Interventions since 1890

The United States military has been intervening in other countries for a long time. In 1898, it seized the Philippines, Cuba, and Puerto Rico from Spain,

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