Park Adrien D. Archambault

Now that is a back yard

Now that is a back yard

Park Adrien D. Archambault is a jewel in the crown of developement. In my opinion it has proven that developers can make a plan and keep nature in mind. I would prefer if it was just unkept un-sculptured animal habitat, but that is a dream not the reality of our present day situation.  I will be going back soon there was a lot I did not see that I wish to. I noticed the well-kept secret of Nun’s Island though, the new golf course. No one was allowed on the site to even turn cars around so I did not see anything. I can tell you though that it was supposed to open last weekend and it will have a driving range as well as the golf course.  I hope that it is as well thought out in terms of its impact on nature as the rest of the developement in this area.

All I can say is go there and see this wondrous park yourself. If I have just one complaint; it gets a little confusing to know which park you are in as there are entrances on both sides of the street and no signs except near the new golf course that is being built. I could have missed this hidden treasure. I just spotted a little crossing bridge through a little gap between trees and let my adventurous spirit guide me into this awesome blending of nature and real estate.  You will never hear it said from these lips that this type of thing is better than the real deal self-sustaining nature the way it always was and was always meant to be, because nothing for me gets better than that.  Development of these areas seems to be inevitable and acknowledging this fact I must be than that this is the way to go.

Again I thought that I was looking at a little pond and that I could see this little park all in a few minutes, but I was so wrong and glad to be. Just inside the path on the right side of the street stood a little bridge and one entrance way into the park, as I was to find out later. As I was crossing the bridge I looked down through a crack and saw a lone frog just sitting there as if he was just waiting for me to take his or her picture, so I did. Sitting there under this little bridge he made me think of the children’s tale of the troll and the goats, “Three Billy Goats Gruff.”  I smiled to myself fully caught up in my imagination and feeling young and glad to be here in this park and alive.

I took a picture of the pathways lined on either side by trees from a distance; the view was right out of the Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty fairy tales. For a minute I just stood there in awe, unable, or unwilling to walk through into the magic world that I just knew was just a few steps into the woods all I need do was follow the path. I started to walk into the wooded area and soon came to what looked to be a small pond surrounded by stone walls and tree that seemed to be trying to hide the buildings behind them. Frogs tadpoles and insects were the dominant characters in this play.  Little birds frequented this park, but if there were ducks they were not here this day.  This was the 1st time I saw evidence of snails in one of these parks although I am sure they were at the others as well.

I was walking as close as you could get to the water when I heard noises, like bubbles being popped, or air bubbles breaking the surface of the water, but when I looked the murky water offered little insight into what it could be. I thought if I just take some pictures of the surface of the water maybe one after the other the camera might catch what my naked eye could not.  The 1st picture revealed nothing, but then after a few there it was the mouths of what looked to be tiny looking gold fish. They were feeding close to the duck weed and lily pads and I could see their eyes now as well.  I used the same technique to see what was just under the water a little further out and caught on camera a fish big enough to be a medium size carp and knew why all the no fishing signs were posted in all of the parks on Nuns Island.

The people who lived on the far side of the pond had the better deal as their back yards were right in the park and totally private. How great it must be to walk outside of your home and show your children a tad pole sitting on a lily pad next to a frog on another lily pad and being able to watch the wonder on their faces.  I used to play in sheds in my backyard and became every kind of explorer and pirate both searching for and hiding treasure as i rummaged through old trunks and tried on old stored clothing and hats. we were not allowed in there though and had to sneak in through a hole in the wooden wall after climbing up the outside of the building to the second floor.  I can only imagine where my imagination would have taken me with all of these parks to explore. it was at the tip of this pond that I turned around and head out to see what I could see, or find a sign to tell me what park I was in from the street.

There on the path a little less awe-struck I saw that I was just below what was the residents on this side of the lakes back yard. I had missed it partly because it was over my head nd out of my vision and partly because the residents had vines growing on their fences.  The vines gave them some privacy from people walking and taking pictures like me as well as allowing their properties to blend in and become almost invisible. I had to smile to myself as I noticed in one picture the fake, plastic birds in one persons yard through the fence. with all the pretty real life this person was still holding on to the unreal, stuck in a time when perhaps their was no nature trail just outside their back yard. I smiled and knew that this was not the only sporting such things.

I crossed the street and walked for a little bit and was very happy to see that this part of the park was growing more naturally and was for the true nature love. the kind of person who does not mind fighting through a long branches and fighting off the buzzing insects. It was time to go, but I promised myself a returned trip as one day was not enough to see this park properly. this can only be part one to my evaluation of this beautiful scenic park. I will let you know what I think of the rest in part two of Park D Archambault.

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