Oh Canada

me-5 Oh Canada, what kind of country and what kind of people are we evolving into? We seem to be losing our very humanity in a time when the world and our people need humanity the most.  Progress and quality of life seems to be based on how much money we have and how easily we can make more. The effort to cut cost by slashing social programs and humanitarian efforts is the new way for Canada. Getting where and what you got honestly has taken a back seat to just getting it done and getting there. In other words the how does not matter.  Who suffers does not matter and how much they suffer does not matter either.

 Oh Canada, I used to be so proud to hear people from all over the world talk of Canada’s great gift to the world. At one time trusted by all nations to say and do the right thing.   We were safe keepers of international law and fighters for the oppressed. Canada was at one time the conscience of the warrior nations, but not any more. We used to be the peace keepers of the world, brokers of peace without blood shed. Now we are hit men in a gang of rogue nations. We are torturers of women and children; we are religious and ideological bigots.

Oh Canada, we have allowed the fear other nations to infect our way of life; the fear of all that is different from them and the need to change it, to infect the way we think and act. This fear has us taking the rights away from some to be free and to practice their religion and wear religious garments while allowing others to do as they see fit. It is easy for us to find reasons to cower in fear now. Once the world had no reason to wish us harm, but that can no longer be said. We are cowards hiding behind a gun now, afraid to talk, or face and opponent on equal ground. There is no honor in what we do, but we do it anyway afraid not to now, because we have become the hated too.

Oh Canada, why have we become occupiers of countries practicing atrocities that we know to be bad? Why do we participate in torture, confinement and acts of cruelty that until 9/11 would have been unthinkable for us to even consider? I have tried to teach my children and grand children not to succumb to peer pressure and stand up and do the right thing, the moral thing and the just thing, but it is hard to teach this lesson and get them to accept it, when all they hear from their government is to take what does not belong to you if you need it and teach with force what you can not get someone else to accept with words.

My god people on the 65th anniversary of the bombing of Japan and the killing of millions of innocent civilians does it not jar us enough to see that this type of behavior does not work and is wrong? Should the Japanese still be looking for revenge for the bombing of their people and our support for it, or do we still think that the bombing was the right thing to do although we regret deeply their having forced the United States to drop it? No my grandchildren will be taught to do as I think and not what the government is doing and believes in.  I was taught that grown ups only hit when they can not find the right words to say and so get frustrated and resort to abusive behavior and violence.  This is where the mentality is with all the so-called great warrior nations of the west.

Oh Canada, now we are in the business of selling our charity, our humanity and our morality to the needy countries of the world and the price is their way of life, their values and their beliefs. Change or starve is our policy. Change or die of thirst is our policy. Change or be prepared to die is our message.

Oh Canada, we are no better in our treatment of our citizens new to the country or born here.  We have become a country of haters.  We like our partners to the south see a terrorist on every corner. We cower in corners and arrest people and ship them abroad to be tortured and even killed, because we are afraid and now live in fear of everything. We wait like children afraid of the dark when it is time to go to bed, in fear of the unknown.  We have become a nation of bigots and racial profilers. Blacks against Whites, French against English, Jew against Muslim and the list goes on and on.

Oh Canada, we are busy closing shelters for the homeless, shelters for the abused women and children, cutting back on what Medicare covers, raising tuitions and asking what is wrong with Canada?  There is scandal after scandal in the governments at all levels by all parties and we ask what is wrong with Canada? Our police are trained to believe that we are the enemy and so they taser us and use sound canons on us and we ask what is wrong with Canada?

Oh Canada, I received and e-mail the other day asking me to help defeat a law that would make it possible for a senior immigrating to Canada to be eligible for Canadian pension after 3 years instead of 10 years. These folks would deprive and old person food and shelter and the ability to afford the basic things in life; and I say no. I can not do this to someone and consider myself a good and moral person. What should these 63 year olds do if there is no one to support them, live on the street or starve, or both?  Would it not be more humane not to let them into the country if they do not meet the mandatory time left to qualify for old age pension?

Oh Canada, it is the need to address these issues at all that has shown the world how much we have changed as a nation and a people and none of it for the good. We as Canadians should be ashamed for our behavior abroad and domestically; for allowing ourselves to be bullied and cajoled into doing what we know to be wrong abroad and at home.

Oh Canada it is not to late to change, it never is. You need only start the process in motion and say no. No I will not kill innocent people today. No I will not stand by while people starve to death, or die of thirst. No, I will not try to change the world by killing others who do not believe as I do.

Oh Canada, say yes I will feed the hungry both at home and abroad. I will give medicine to the sick both at home and abroad. I will try to be better. Say yes I will shelter the homeless and give the thirsty something to drink.  Say yes to morality, compassion and all the things that made us good people in the past. Let us redefine again what it means to be a Canadian and show the world that it is indeed possible to live in peace and without fear if you just do the right thing..

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