Khadr Trial Moot / Trial Held In A Kangaroo Court

Definition of a Kangaroo court  

  • A mock court set up in violation of established legal procedure.
  • A court characterized by dishonesty or incompetence.

    boy soldier why was he not rehabilitated instead of incarcerated

    As this farce that is called a trial begins I begin to see the true arrogance of the western block of nations as seen by its opponents through their eyes.  Anything done to stave off the occupation of your land, or defend it against the bombing, the torture, and the total loss of its culture, or sovereignty as a nation is to be deemed a war crime. Yet the war that started from a lie is not. The moving  and torturing of thousands of prisoners, (your people) and detaining them against their will in a foreign land without even the benefit of a trial is not considered criminal at all, or not even outside of the standard parameters of war.  

    He has always been treated fairly?

    Are we to hold that the only persons to be deemed legal soilders are the ones on our side and all others are terrorists, because we do not feel what they are fighting for is just, or we do not like the tactics they use in their fighting?  Omar Khadr was 15 years old, severely injured when he was found, questioned and later detained.  His country Canada abandoned him to gain favor with the United States and its war against the muslims.  When has it become a war crime to kill an enemy soldier in battle? Omar Khadr is not accused of  throwing a dirty bomb laced with deadly germs that killed a civilian; Omar Khadr is accused of  throwing a hand-grenade, a weapon used by both sides in this war and it killed an enemy soldier. That special forces Sgt. Chris Speer died in this war is sad, but this is what war is all about and he will not be the first or the last to die on either side, but I fail to see how his death constitutes a war crime. If this makes Omar Khadr a guilty of war crimes then everyone who has fought in this war needs to be exactly where he is on both sides. 

    He has had all of his rights always?

    No one knew who Omar Khadr was before he was captured, now all of a sudden he is a spy.  At 15 years old he is a terrorist spy and can be held without trial under the terrorist act of the United States of America, not the world, but because the United States says so.  Does not the United States and its allies pay for information from civilians to rat out their leaders and their country?  So I would theorise that it is okay to spy for the United States and its allies against your country and your people for American dollars, but it is not okay to gather information about the United States and its allies to do what you think is best for your country out of a sense of patriotic duty? If this is not arrogant what is? 

    Abandoned by his country this little boy was left at the mercy of his hostile captors

    If Omar Khadr is guilty of war crimes why is he not being tried at the world court? Why has the United States  insisted on being Omar Khadr’s  judge, jury and the executioner of his sentencing?  The United States can not do this because it has refused to recognize the world courts authority in every case where the world court has ruled in favor of another country; no matter what the issue.  The president of the United States,(George W. Bush) declared that not one U.S. soldier, or one of its citizens could be charged, or tried with a war crime or a crime against humanity for anything they did in the war against terror. The  United States alone would be the only judge of its citizens or soldiers committed any violations of the codes of war or anything else.  With this statement by the then president George W. Bush, followed by the actions of the United States government and all of its agencies and businesses running the war on terror effectively put  itself  and its people above the law of the world and made them exempt from world prosecution based solely on their military power.   Do not take my word on it just look up The United States of America vs. the world court  and you will see what I am talking about. Any time they lost a decision in the world court they simply said that the court had no authority over them and then when challenged in the United Nations, they used their veto power to subvert justice.

    Why did the Bush Administration pull out of the Court? The United States seeks to immunize its officials and soldiers from becoming defendants in war crimes prosecutions. Although many people in this country cannot imagine the Court would prosecute U.S. defendants, the Bush Administration knows there are reasons for concern. (follow link if you wish to read whole discussion)  

    This is a quote from an article and are not my words. “Here is another example of Bush hypocrisy; excludes American from participating so that no American can be charged with a war crime, but he and his clan keep screaming about Iraqi war criminals!

    Read yet another article that says that what is happening to Omar Khadr is illegal yet the United States continues in this farce.  Follow the link and tell me the other side and send me a link.—World/Society/2010-08-03/article-1648107/Top-U.S.-court-asked-to-stop-unconstitutional-Omar-Khadr-war-crimes-hearing/1 

    Imagine at 15 years old being kept from your family and loved ones

    When all other prisoners have been released why was Omar Khadr made to stay?  Why did our government abandon this boy to the Americans? Why does the United States go on with a trial that its own courts and most others throughout the world call illegal? I think it is because his own country, (Canada) did not fight for him. I think it is because the United States is afraid that to release him is to admit to the world that indeed they are the ones committing the atrocities and war crimes. It is claimed that this 15-year-old boy was and is being treated fairly. Let us look at this for what it is.  At 15 years old and severely wounded boy forced endure hours of questioning non stop for days maybe even weeks at a time non stop by adults trained to break him, would you call this fair.  Being interrogated while under the influence of pain medication, was really fair.  No  contact with family friends for 8 years, made to feel alone and without hope, was really fair. To be kept in jails for 8 years without a trial, was really fair. Shall I go on? There has been nothing fair, or honorable about the Omar Khadr case from the start and there will be nothing fair or honorable with this kangaroo trial, by this kangaroo court.   

    Fair treatment of prisoners of war?

    The United States claims he was no soldier but yet he gets a military trial with military judge and jury.    He is on trial and captive because he is expendable, collateral damage. I am glad he has refused the deal to free him if he just pleads guilty. With his trial I believe that the policy of torture, abduction and violation of just about every international law that the perpetrators of this war on terror have engaged in will be brought out into the light of day.  Many a  leader who thought they had the right ideology for the world to follow has left a legacy of death and destruction for history to remember them by. George ‘W. Bush will be remembered as a president who went to war based on a lie and rolled back civil and moral liberties at home and abroad on a scale the size of Adolf  Hitler during World War Two.  His policies and his orders ruined nations, subverted justice and helped to bankrupt his own country. His laws turned the people of his nation against each other. Brother against brother, people afraid to voice their opinion for fear of being labeled terrorist. Time has been rolled back to the MacCarthy era. “You are either with us or against us”, tells me that there was no choice and when the people of the world have no choice and the people within your country have no choice then you are a dictatorship, fascist,  expansionist regime, but for certain not a democracy and certainly not worthy to sitting judgement of anyone.   

    Sign in picture needs no explanation and is right on the money

    Prime Minister Harper is a coward as well as President Barrack Obama for allowing this travesty to continue and in their failure to act and set things right, they in turn are writing their legacy in blood and adding their consent and approval to a mad man’s war and a drunk’s vision of what the world should be.  Their legacy is being written in the blood of children like Omar Khadr.  If you really think he is guilty of something do the right thing and give him to the world court.     

    I believe that a new world order is coming and that it is the strong now who will become the meek and that justice will be meted out soon enough. Be careful that the laws to which you subject your enemies today do not come back to bite you in your all-powerful asses.  There is no need to follow this trial; everyone knows he will be found guilty. There can be no other verdict. It was decided long ago that Omar Khadr was guilty and would be the sacrificial lamb. Get on with it, you have slaughtered the lamb and have been him roasting on a spit for 8 years.  I think he is cooked, eat your fill while he is still hot.  Cold lamb is tough and harder to chew and digest.

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