Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Nigger is an acceptable word in the right context.

What can I say about the good Dr. Laura Schlessinger except that she is exactly what one would expect to find in the ultra right American conservative party. The closet people, hypocrites and racist; the haters. The people who claim that they are Christians and are trying to do what is best for America and the world and only they know what that is.  They are the people of  Sarah Palin; the watchers of our borders who feel that they are needed to keep us safe from too many fruit pickers, who might destabilize the economic structure of our country with their illegal fruit picking operations.

when you say stay away from pornograhpy is it so we do not see you posing?

The good Dr Laura Schlessinger is part of a group of people who enjoyed her premarital sex; took part in pornographic picture-taking and is an out of the closet practicing bigot.  The good Dr. Laura is one of those people who says, do what I say not what I do.  Dr. Laura showed none of the morality as a young woman that she now preaches on her shows. Dr. Laura tried to cover up her past pornographic stardom when confronted with her past transgressions. This talk show host did not take some cute  pictures for her boyfriend, they were down right filthy and left nothing to the imagination.  They showed she had no respect for herself, and that she has no right to give advice to anyone else now. I will not post those that left nothing to the imagination, because I am ashamed for her, but I will

however post the pictures that show that she did get right down to the buff, but does not show it all.

Not exactly praticving what you preach here good Doctor

Now what they are calling her racist tirade for which she later apologized is a prime example of being a closet  racist. Although she believes exactly what she said, she will back track now and do the closet thing and ask for our forgiveness and understanding, for being dumb enough to articulate her inner most feelings in public. I am not a racist, I just say and do and believe in racist things.  I believe that each race should be kept pure and if you step outside of your race you deserve what you get.

There is nothing wrong with calling Black people niggers, because that is exactly what they are and they know it.  Listen to their entertainers and comedians they refer to each other niggers all the time.  If it is said in the right context, like  a joke, or maybe a friendly greeting type of way it is okay.  We white people are tired of feeling guilty every time we call one of you Blacks a nigger; you really need to toughen up that skin a little.  You are not Jewish there are no laws prohibiting racial bigotry towards you.  There are no cute phrases like anti-Semitic to protect you from us, so grow up; after all a spade is a spade

Word to the wise, Black people do not like to be addressed as niggers, boy, Sambo, spade, or anything other than their given names; just like you. Calling a Black person nigger could result in you getting verbal abused, or worse result in physical injury.  If you hear Black people addressing each other as niggers, my advice to you is, do think that this is an invitation to do the same,  even if you are old friends. I can promise you they will not like it.  What I am trying to say is that the majority of Black people do not call themselves niggers in private , or in public, no matter what Dr. Laura Schlessinger tells you.

 The word is a reminder of a time when we were used like animals to do the masters bidding; white people’s bidding and it was not a good thing, or time.  A time when black women were used and raped at the masters discretion and our families were broken and taken away from us and sold for profit, by your ancestors; the word gives us no pleasure.

The memories the word nigger evokes are the same as the tattoos the Jews were forced to wear evoke. The sense of hatred and hurt for the suffering and pain inflicted on our ancestors lies just below that thin skin of ours that Dr. Laura alluded to. The same sense of ill feelings and betrayal that you must feel  good Dr. Laura every time one of these types of pictures shows up in public place like the web.  Do you understand now that there can be no right context. Have I captured you and  put you in the right context, Dr. Laura?  Does this depiction of you make you feel like laughing?

  Dr.   Laura Schlessinger, has moved on to new battles, like trying to keep the pornographic pictures of her off of the blog pages of America. People are now trying to show her for the narrow-minded, sanctimonious, two-faced liar that she  is. The woman who now that she has enjoyed all of her vices and has grown too old perhaps to participate in them with the same enthusiasm as in the past, now wishes to be remembered as an ultra right conservative christian lady and to this end preaches abstinence from premarital sex, say no to pornography and yes to racial intolerance.

I know you think that I am being too sensitive and over reacting to a word and in my protest against the usage of the word nigger I am denying Dr.Laura Schlessinger her right to freedom of expression. I think that if I do not do my part to stop this insanity the feelings I talked about earlier just under the surface of every Black person no matter how liberal-minded they seem to be, will begin to ooze onto the surface and all of you bigots will not like the end result.

Listen to this arrogant women for yourself there is a little something for everyone in this tirade. If you are like her a bigot you will see nothing wrong and can copy paste it to all of you bigot friends. If you feel like me you can copy paste it and send it out to all of yours and get this throw back to bad times off of the air.

Laura Schlessinger



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3 Responses to Dr. Laura Schlessinger

  1. Zack says:

    There is a very untold case.. that of reverse racism.. I have been verbally abused.. cheated.. lied to.. provoked.. been hit up on for money.. been beat up..etc by black men.. my woman has been raped by a black man. I don’t condone violence or the threat of violence against any race.. but when it becomes a pattern of behavior that fits a certain cultural stereoetype i can’t say that i disagree with a certain degree of cultural prejudice


    • archemdis says:

      Zack, if what you say is true then I am truly sorry for you and your family, but you now have a sense of what your people have been doing to mine for centuries. Talk about behavior fitting a certain cultural stereotype and not disagreeing with a degree of cultural prejudice and you have just justified with your argument what happened to you and your woman and to every crime perpetrated on a white by a black since slavery. How fortunate for you that the majority of black people seek only equality, dignity and respect from their fellow man. I think that when a crime is committed, it is committed by an individual and cannot be the cause of a few hotheads to do harm, or give blame to a whole race of people. I did not rape your woman, hit you up for money, but you attributed those tendencies for hatred and violence to me and all black people, simply because we were born black. I do not condone violence, prejudice, or racist behaviour by anyone, for any reason, because they are the acts of ill-informed cowards. White people have been saying for years, “I did not put you in chains, so what are you mad at me for? I do not owe you anything? I am not prejudice; do not blame me for what someone else has done to your people?”
      You should be glad that most people like me agree and are trying to move on! “People who commit crimes are just criminals and come from all walks of life and racial back rounds, so stop trying to make rape, hustling and all crime a Black thing, Whites, Chinese Christian, Muslim and every other race have been committing the same types of crimes since time began and if everyone thought like you there would not be anyone left to change things. Again I am truly sorry that you and your woman have suffered at the hands of black people, but it was not an attack by the black race and so you by your comment become simply an angry, ill-informed racist mad at a whole race of people for the actions of a few.


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