Canada's Public Safety Minister Vic Toews Is Afraid Of His Own Shadow


A mean-spirited little old man with too much power


I have said it before and I will say it again this is a mean-spirited little old man, with too much power in his grubby little hands. I think he loves the American way of doing politics and looks for  the fear angle in everything he wishes to accomplish  to rally the people behind his ill-conceived plots and plans to make a name for himself before his mandatory retirement.    

Maybe he should have the fisheries portfolio or something like that where he could work hard kissing American butt, but not put people’s lives at risk.  This anti everything that isn’t American is in the wrong country representing the wrong people.  All Tamils are now criminal terrorists? Here is what this old fool and his leader the figure-head of Canada believe to be true as said by Public Safety Minister Vic Toews a member of the Harper cabinet. I am sure that the boss of both of them President Obama will be thrilled as always when Canada’s leaders do as they are told without whining.   

My greatest concern here is that there was a time when this treatment of people by even a conservative government would have been unheard of and the people of Canada would have rose up and made such a noise that the government would have been forced to do the right thing.  Now pools suggest that we would like the refugees to just stop coming here at all.  With the war on terror being forced down our throat we see everyone that does not look like us, or dress like us, or worship God like us as a potential terrorist, or not worthy to be Canadian.  

 The head of the conservative government Brian Mulroney welcomed Tamil refugees as refugees with open arms. Harper and his henchman Vic Toews treatment accept their coming ashore  only to satisfy a Canadian law.  They publicly set the wrong tone for any refugee that is allowed to remain in Canada by making it seem even though this fact could not be proven, they could still be terrorists and should be watched.  They the government have become masters of installing fear in the minds of the everyday Canadian where fear never existed before and the fruits of their labor are being seen in the intolerance of our youth for anything different from them. Wishing that refugees would go to another port is not the Canadian way. 

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has said the MV Sun Sea is part of a smuggling operation linked to the Tamil Tigers, a banned terrorist organization that lost a 26-year civil war in Sri Lanka last year. (Maybe Canada should try doing its own investigating instead of relying on the United States of America to tell it who is good or bad, terrorist or refugee. Can we do nothing on our own?)   

Last October, a vessel carrying 76 Sri Lankan Tamils arrived off the coast of Vancouver Island. All claimed refugee status. CBSA argued 25 potentially had links to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam but the allegations were never proved and, by this spring, all the migrants had been released.  (Where was the proof that held them so long and how often are people held like this with suspicion the only grounds where reliable proof used to be the standard?)   

The Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, speaking Friday in Victoria, said more ships — and more migrants — are headed toward Canada. ( So what? So far all Tamil people seeking and getting refugee status have been honorable. Is there another underlying issue the Canadian people should be aware of? Has the USA voiced its displeasure of how many Tamils we are letting into Canada?)   

“I don’t view this as an isolated independent act,” said Toews. “There are others who are watching this particular situation to determine the reaction of Canadian authorities and they will be making decisions based on the reaction.” ( Do you mean that others seeking to live in peace may try the same sort of thing if Canada shows it is back in the game of helping the persecuted, oppressed, but we do not want to encourage that?)

At least two other ships are believed to be heading this way in hopes of landing dozens, perhaps hundreds, of migrants from war-torn Sri Lanka seeking political asylum. (My God can Canada stand the strain of being invaded by a two ship armada of half-starved scared Tamil refugees? Is  Public Safety Minister Vic Toews secret strategy for keeping Canada free of terrorists to send all persons seeking refugee status back to be tortured or killed, or is it  to not let any of them step foot on Canadian soil at all?)  

Toews said he believes Canada is being tested (I agree with him there. Canada is being tested by the United States of America.  The American government is testing us to see if being their friend is more important to us then our reputation for being a humanitarian country.  A country respected for its position on the plight of refugees.)  

“What I am concerned about is that the generosity of Canada’s immigration and refugee laws are not taken advantage of,” he said. “There seems to be a deliberate attempt to thwart Canadian laws (The Tamils are not fleeing in ships, with the chance of never getting to their destination just to thwart Canadian laws on immigration you old fool. That statement alone shows you have no right to be in that portfolio unless your governments ultimate goal is to declare that there is no such thing as a Tamil refugee and the only Tamils with anything to fear from their government are the terrorists.)    

Toews has hinted that the people involved in human trafficking will face criminal charges and anyone who is linked to the Tamil Tigers will be turned away. (So if anyone takes money or anything of value for getting these people to Canada they will be considered being involved in human  trafficking and be subject to face criminal charges. By this you effectively cut off their transportation and leave them to the mercy of God and prove that you and your associates do not have any. You are indeed a vile little old man.  How does it feel Public Safety Minister Vic Toews to play God. To have the power of life and death over so many people.)   

Vic Toews outlines his governments plans to ensure that know refugee can find transportation to safety in Canada.  The government is aware that if they arrest the crews of ships from making money for helping these people that they will be left to start taking row boats again to escape their oppressors. Is this really what we as Canadians want to do? How else would they get here, or is the plan not to have them escape at all?   

Tamil migrant ship under escort off B.C. coast

 I know that Canada in an effort to pacify the United States anger towards us not going to war with them on the 1st call to battle after 9/11, put any organisation that supported any group from their former homeland that was fighting to end the oppression, torture, and murder of their families back home on the terrorist list and outlawed said groups and ceased their bank accounts. the Tamils were just fall out. Only the ultra right believe that the Tamils were or are a threat to the United State of America, or to Canada.  What has happened to justice in Canada? Oh yeah I remember since Harper and his henchman led by Public Safety Minister Vic Toews came to power we ceased to be governed by Canadian law and ethics instead we follow the laws and ethics of our neighbors down south.

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