Stephen Harper / The Man Who Would Be King


Stephen Harper


I have decided to say this about our Prime Minister Harper; he is a man who would be king. The prime minister and his party have turned politics into a game of dirty tricks in Canada in an attempt to stay in power. They the Conservative Party of Canada have shown a blatant disregard for the well-being of Canadians and the democracy that we live by. Stephen Harper put a gag on his own party ministers refusing to let any of his cabinet speak about anything going on or planned in his government that was not checked through him.  Mr. Harper took a political party that took pride in the fact that everyone had a vote and were free to exercise it anyway they thought was for the good of Canada in a non-partisan way and turned it into a group of followers, who are afraid to voice their own opinion about anything. I liken him to a puppet master manipulating his marionettes and his party dancing to his manipulation of their strings.  The line until a little while ago to answer any question put to them was, “I can tell you what the Liberals did.”, as though they actually thought what the Liberals did in that situation was answering the question put to them.  


Cowboy Harper


I believe that Mr. Harper has weakened his party not strengthened it with his dictatorship like antics; I believe he has also weakened the country and divided this country into the haves and have not’s.  Mr. Harper and his party, have used the fear of the Liberal Party’s unwillingness to call an election, Jack Layton’s sole ambition to get the front page and the Blocs unwillingness to see the plight of all Canadians as their problem to enable him and his party to pass some of the most damaging legislation ever passed by any government designed solely to benefit the rich.   Mr. Harper has turned on everyone he used to get where he is.  When he needed the French vote he made nice with the separatists in Quebec; after the election he reversed his position and sought to distance his party from them and refused to honor any promises or considerations he had made to get the separatist vote.  In   Newfoundland he promised to treat Newfoundland with more respect and give them a fair deal in respect to the royalties made in the oil drilling off of Newfoundlands coastal waters in return for their vote; the minute he was sworn in he did the exact opposite, claiming he made no such deal.  


no kiss on cheek, no peck just a pat o the shoulder and a one-handed hug from Daddy


Mr. Harper is what I like to call a cold fish, “a person devoid of human qualities, like compassion, empathy, with no sense sharing and of what is right and wrong. This person is guided by the need to dominate, to be obeyed and to rule.  This person will lie, cheat, manipulate and destroy everything in his path to get to where they want to be and once there to stay there. People, careers, families, businesses, government agencies designed to help people, are all fair game in this quest for power and total dominance. If any of these can not be used to further gain control they are to be disposed of. Mr. Harper can turn on the charm and will give you anything while he needs you, but once he deems you a threat or no


Shake Daddy's hand son


more value, look out. Stephen Harper is like a black widow spider. The man had to be taught to show affection for his children at least in public for his image; now how much of a colder fish can you find?

 They have literally fired any head of an independent government agency that dared to say they may not be doing the right thing for Canada, or Canadians. They have sacrificed the well-being of Canada in order to make political gain. The Conservative Government under Steven Harper has tried to manipulate democracy to suit their party agenda. Mr. Harper and is ministers have slashed budgets in some cases to stop the work of arms length government agencies and have just fired the agency heads that do not follow Conservative party strategy.

The Prime Minister is careful to stay just on the outer most edge  of the law and is quick to say that he did all of this with all parties support when things go wrong like it makes a difference to people who lose their children to violence with guns and he fires the head of the gun registry program. Like it matters to starving and homeless people who can’t find a food bank that the slashes the Conservative government has made to programs designed to help them, was done with all party support? Does anyone think it matters to the homeless person freezing to death that the Conservative government has slashed the budget of these types of agencies and programs, with all party support? Like it matters to the kids trying to finish their schooling and get good jobs and he has cut the tuition aid programs and allowed the tuitions to go up.  Mr. Harper is a walking, talking, Oxymoron. 

Everyday there is a new outcry from the people of Canada saying please no more of this Mr. Harper and everyday he makes excuses and tries to say his decisions are not political, but the Canadian people are tired of his heavy-handed approach to dealing with the average everyday Canadian. If he is not careful he and his party will not be able to be elected to the post of bathroom attendant.

 I could go on like this all day and all year, but I won’t. Instead I have put down some shortcuts to sites that will give you an indication of how far Mr. Harper has gone and how far Mr. Harper is willing to go to achieve his goal of governing forever and the thwarting of Canadian democracy, its sense of compassion and its relationship with the rest of the free world. 

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Stephen Harper’s Hitlist: Power, process and the assault on democracy

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  1. John Baker says:

    As a Canadian living in the States all I can say is it could be worse we could be ruled by a nitwit like Obama.


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